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1[[quoteright:183:]] ²²Rachel Caine was the primary pen name of Roxanne Conrad, an American author of SpeculativeFiction and other genre fiction, best known for her YA series, ''Literature/MorganvilleVampires'', and her contemporary fantasy series ''Literature/WeatherWardens'' and its spin-off series ''Outcast Season''.²²She wrote under her own name, as well as Roxanne Longstreet (her middle name), and wrote media tie-ins as Julie Fortune. She passed away on 1 November 2020.²²!! Works with a page on this wiki:²* ''Literature/TheGreatLibrary'' series²* ''Literature/MorganvilleVampires'' series²* ''Literature/WeatherWardens'' series²²!! Selected other works:²* ''Cold Kiss'' (as Roxanne Longstreet)²* ''Copper Moon'' (as Roxanne Conrad)²* The ''Outcast Season'' series²** ''Undone''²** ''Unknown''²** ''Unseen''²** ''Unbroken''²* ''Prince of Shadows''²* The ''Revivalist'' series²** ''Working Stiff''²** ''Two Weeks' Notice''²** ''Terminated''²* ''Sacrifice Moon'' (as Julie Fortune, a ''Series/StargateSG1'' tie-in)²* ''Stillhouse Lake''²* ''Stormriders: a Shadow World novel'' (as Roxanne Longstreet)²----²!! Tropes in her other works:²* OurZombiesAreDifferent: In the ''Revivalist'' series, a nanotech drug kills you but allows you to remain functioning. And as long as you receive regular doses of the drug, you can stay apparently healthy and normal. But without it, you quickly devolve to a mindless and infectious zombie-like creature.²----


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