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1[[quoteright:240:]]²[[caption-width-right:240:[[ ''trash harpy | little shit girl | queer tranarchofeminist | luxury cartel'']]]]²²->''"i hate videogames"''²²Porpentine is an American video game designer who mainly creates hypertext games/InteractiveFiction. She is a self-described queer [[UsefulNotes/{{Transgender}} tran]][[UsefulNotes/PoliticalIdeologies archo]][[UsefulNotes/{{Feminism}} feminist]]/SlimeGirl, produces a variety of other content including erotic photography, and writes for several gaming websites.²²Her games can be found [[ here.]]²----²!!Porpentine's works include:²* ''Howling Dogs''²* ''The Sky In The Room''²* ''All I Want Is For All Of My Friends To Become Insanely Powerful''²* ''VideoGame/{{Cyberqueen}}''²* ''Cry$tal Warrior Ke$ha''²* ''Parasite''²* ''Naked Shades''²* ''Bloody Princess Farmer''²* ''Ultra Business Tycoon III''²* ''[mutant]heat''²* ''Their Angelical Understanding''²* ''With Those We Love Alive''²* ''Vesp: A History of Scaphic Sapphism''²* ''Psycho Nymph Exile'', a novella²----²!!Porpentine's work includes examples of:²%%* AcidTripDimension²%%* ActionGirl²* AuthorAppeal: Slime, lesbian relationships, BDSM, {{Shout Out}}s to older video games.²%%* BizarreAlienBiology²* BodyHorror: Porpentine delights in uncomfortable bodily imagery: ''With Those We Love Alive'' involves making an object with your blood, bone, or skin, in ''Cyberqueen'' the protagonist is mutilated and made into a cyborg type being by the ship.²* CastFullOfGay: Porpentine works tend to revolve around trans and/or sapphic women.²%%* CrapsackWorld²%%* CyberneticsEatYourSoul: ²%%* CyberPunk²%%* {{Cyborg}}²%%* {{Dystopia}}²* FantasticDrug: A mysterious green substance mixed with a material called melter makes the protagonist of ''With Those We Love Alive'' and Sedina have a drugged night involving hugging furniture, running through and becoming one with the grass, and seeing the inside of your 'weird psychic meat shit.'²%%* FeministFantasy²%%* GreyAndGrayMorality²* HiveQueen: Ichne in ''Vesp,'' of the "pheromone control" variety. ²* ImprobablyFemaleCast: You'd be hard-pressed to find a single character who is unambiguously a man.²* InteractiveFiction: Most of her games are made in Twine and are text-based adventures.²* LoveTriangle: One features in ''Vesp'': Diopa Guyander has to decide between her therapist Chelica Setay and her provider Ichne Famescori.²* MegaCorp: You work for one in the game-within-a-game of Ultra Business Tycoon III²%%* MindScrew²* SlimeGirl: Porpentine's self-imagery. A slime kid also appears in ''With Those We Love Alive'' and the protagonist can spend time with her. ²%%* SurrealHumour²* TransTribulations: Many of her works (''Parasite, Vesp,'' and ''How to Speak Atlantean'' for example) revolve around being transgender, hormones, and/or living in a transphobic society. Most if not all of the games' protagonists are transwomen.²* TranshumanTreachery: The main character of ''Vesp'' feels that humanity has little to offer her and desires to be a wasp. [[spoiler:She helps Ichne orchestrate a wasp gathering that consumes a section of the city for a while]].²* UnwillingRoboticisation: Notably in ''Cyberqueen.''²%%* WretchedHive


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