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1Ponycan USA (short for Pony Canyon USA) is the American division of the Japanese anime and music producing company Creator/PonyCanyon. It was established in 2015. It began to release titles for Pony Canyon in the USA, which will be released via Right Stuf.²²!Titles licensed and/or distributed by Ponycan USA²[[index]]²* ''Clean Freak! Aoyama kun''²* ''Anime/CuteHighEarthDefenseClubLove'' (Home video rights. Streaming rights shared with Funimation) (Sub-only release).²* ''Manga/{{Days}}''²* ''[[Manga/DenkiGaiNoHonyaSan Denki-Gai]]'' (sub-only release)²* ''Anime/{{Etotama}}''²* ''Anime/GarakowaRestoreTheWorld'' (sub-only import)²* ''Anime/{{Kuromukuro}}'' (Home video rights. Streams as a "Creator/{{Netflix}} Original" with an English dub paid for by them)²* ''Lance N' Masques''²* ''Anime/TheLostVillage''²* ''LightNovel/RokkaBravesOfTheSixFlowers'' (sub-only, English dub was produced at a later date)²* ''Anime/SanrioBoys''²* ''Literature/SoundEuphonium'' (sub-only)²* ''Manga/WelcomeToTheBallroom''²* ''Anime/YukiYunaIsAHero'' (First title released in North America, also first (and so far, only) dubbed series).²[[/index]]²²----


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