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1[[quoteright:300:]]께Paul Faris is an illustrator and art director with twenty years of experience working with [[PhysicalPinballTables arcade pinball]] and [[UsefulNotes/ArcadeGame video games]].께Faris was originally a high school coach and teacher who created fine art pieces in his spare time. In 1975, at the age of 26, he was contacted by Creator/{{Bally}} to join their new in-house art department. After turning them down twice, he eventually agreed; Paul quickly established himself with a clean, attractive style and balanced composition, and was soon promoted to Art Director in 1977. At Bally, his artwork appeared on many of their popular games, including ''Pinball/EvelKnievel, Pinball/EightBall, Pinball/PlayboyBally, Pinball/{{Paragon}}, Pinball/{{Xenon}},'' and ''Pinball/{{Centaur}}.''께In 1985, he left Bally and started Paragon Studios, Inc., a small art gallery and studio in Wheaton, Illinois. He remained active in arcade gaming, however, developing pinball and video game artwork for Game Plan, Creator/DataEast, Creator/{{Taito}}, and Creator/SegaPinball.께In 2006, Paul Faris was inducted into the Pinball Expo Hall of Fame. Today he lives with his family in Illinois.께----!!Paul Faris' artwork has appeared on the following games:[[index]]* ''Night Rider'' (Bally, 1976)* ''Pinball/EvelKnievel'' (Bally, 1977)* ''Lost World'' (Bally, 1978)* ''Pinball/{{Playboy|Bally}}'' (Bally, 1978)* ''Pinball/{{Paragon}}'' (Bally, 1979)* ''Pinball/FutureSpa'' (Bally, 1979)* ''Pinball/SpaceInvaders'' (Bally, 1980)* ''Pinball/{{Xenon}}'' (Bally, 1980)* ''Pinball/{{Centaur}}'' (Bally, 1981)* ''Andromeda'' (Game Plan, 1985)* ''VideoGame/DoubleDragon'' (Taito, 1987)* ''Pyros'' (Taito, 1987)* ''Chase H.Q.'' (Taito, 1988)* ''Operation Thunderbolt'' (Taito, 1989)* ''Pinball/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'' (Data East, 1990)* ''Thunder Fox'' (Taito, 1990)* ''Pinball/BackToTheFuture'' (Data East, 1990)* ''Pinball/{{Batman|DataEast}}'' (Data East, 1991)* ''Pinball/{{Checkpoint}}'' (Data East, 1991)* ''Pinball/{{Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles|DataEast}}'' (Data East, 1991)* ''Pinball/{{Hook}}'' (Data East, 1992)* ''VideoGame/SonicBlastMan'' (Taito, 1993)* ''Pinball/WWFRoyalRumble'' (Data East, 1994)* ''VideoGame/TattooAssassins'' (Data East, 1995)* ''Zombie Raid'' (American Sammy, 1995)* ''Pinball/MaryShelleysFrankenstein'' (Sega, 1995)* ''Pinball/GoldenEye'' (Sega, 1996)* ''Pinball/VacationAmerica'' (Chicago Gaming, 2003)[[/index]]----!!Paul Faris' life and work demonstrate the following tropes:께* BadassBeard: He used to have one, but eventually shaved it off.* CreatorCameo[=/=]TheCameo: Paul Faris sometimes inserts himself and/or his family members into his artwork.** Both ''Lost World'' and ''Paragon'' depict Faris as the barbarian warrior and his wife as the accompanying maiden.** In ''Pinball/BackToTheFuture'', Faris' son was the model for Marty [=McFly=], as Creator/MichaelJFox wouldn't allow his likeliness to be used.** Paul's daughter served as the model for Christine in ''Pinball/ThePhantomOfTheOpera''** In an indirect example, Bally artist Creator/DaveChristensen drew Faris in the crowd for ''Pinball/CaptainFantastic''.* RatedMForManly: A recurring theme in many of his pieces.


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