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1[[quoteright:250:]]²²->''"When the Hollywood thing happened, I thought at some point I'd get to the front of the queue: "Yes, hello, I'd like to play that role." But you don't. You just join a different queue."''²²Olivia Haigh Williams (born 26 July 1968 in London, England) is an English film, stage and television actress. Well-respected by critics, she can be seen frequently in film and television often in supporting roles.²!Film Roles²* 1997 ''Film/GastonsWar'' as Nicky²* 1997 ''Film/ThePostman'' as Abby²* 1998 ''Film/{{Rushmore}}'' as Rosemary Cross²* 1999 ''Film/TheSixthSense'' as Anna Crowe²* 2002 ''Film/{{Below}}'' as Claire²* 2003 ''Film/PeterPan'' as Mrs. Darling²* 2005 ''WesternAnimation/{{Valiant}}'' as Victoria²* 2006 ''Film/XMenTheLastStand'' as ComicBook/MoiraMacTaggert²* 2008 ''Film/FlashbacksOfAFool'' as Grace Scott²* 2009 ''Film/AnEducation'' as Miss Stubbs ²* 2010 ''Film/TheGhostWriter'' as Ruth Lang²* 2011 ''Film/{{Hanna}}'' as Rachel²* 2012 ''Film/AnnaKarenina'' as Countess Vronskaya²* 2014 ''Film/{{Sabotage|2014}}'' as Investigator Caroline Brentwood²* 2014 ''Film/MapsToTheStars'' as Cristina Weiss²* 2015 ''Film/{{Seventh Son|2015}}'' as Mam Ward²* 2016 ''Film/TheWhiteKing'' as Sophia²* 2017 ''Film/VictoriaAndAbdul'' as James Spencer, Baroness Churchill²* 2020 ''Film/TheFather'' as Catherine²!Television Roles²* 1996 ''Literature/{{Emma}}'' as Jane Fairfax²* 1998 ''Series/{{Friends}}'' as Felicity²* 2009-2010 ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'' as Adelle [=DeWitt=]²* 2010 ''Series/{{Terriers}}'' as Miriam Foster²* 2014 ''Series/{{Manhattan}}'' as Liza Winter²* 2021 ''Series/TheNevers'' as Lavinia Bidlow²----


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