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1[[quoteright:275:]]²²Natalie Dormer (born February 11, 1982) is an English actress from Reading, Berkshire, best known as Margaery Tyrell in ''Series/GameOfThrones'' and Cressida in both parts of ''Film/TheHungerGamesMockingjay''. She studied drama at the now-defunct Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and first appeared in ''Film/{{Casanova}}'' with Creator/HeathLedger. Her first major role was as UsefulNotes/AnneBoleyn in ''Series/TheTudors'', which got her noticed both in Britain and abroad. ²----²!!Stage roles²* ''Theatre/TheComedyOfErrors'' as Adriana (2003 Cliveden Open Air Theatre Production)²²!!Film roles²* ''Film/{{Casanova}}'' as Victoria (2005)²* ''[[Film/WE2011 W.E.]]'' as Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (2011)²* ''Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger'' as Private Lorraine (2011)²* ''Film/{{Rush|2013}}'' as Nurse Gemma (2013)²* ''Film/TheCounselor'' as The Blonde (2013)²* ''Film/TheHungerGamesMockingjay'' as Cressida (2014–2015)²* ''Film/{{The Forest|2016}}'' as Sara and Jess Price (2016)²* ''Film/PatientZero'' as Dr. Gina Rose (2016)²²!!Television roles²* ''Series/TheTudors'' as UsefulNotes/AnneBoleyn (2007–10)²* ''Series/{{Silk}}'' as Niamh Cranitch (2011)²* ''Series/TheFades'' as Sarah Etches (2011)²* ''Series/GameOfThrones'' as Margaery Tyrell (2012–2016)²* ''Series/{{Elementary}}'' as Irene Adler (2013–14)²* ''Series/PicnicAtHangingRock'' as Hester Appleyard (2018)²* ''Series/TheDarkCrystalAgeOfResistance'' as Onica (2019)²²!!Video game roles²* ''VideoGame/MassEffectAndromeda'' as Dr. Lexi T'Perro (2017)²----²!!Tropes related to her works:²²* ActorInspiredElement:[[invoked]] Her part in ''{{Film/Casanova}}'' was made more comedic, once the director realised how well she handled comedy.²* CatSmile: There is no shortage of [[ images of her]] pulling this off in RealLife.²* ChronicallyKilledActor: ''Series/TheTudors'' = [[OffWithHisHead beheaded]], ''Series/TheFades'' = DeadToBeginWith, ''Series/GameOfThrones'' = [[NotEnoughToBury blown-up to smithereens]], ''Film/TheForest2016'' = DrivenToSuicide by extreme paranoia and stress ([[PlayingTheirOwnTwin at least one of the twin characters she's playing survives]]), ''Series/PicnicAtHangingRock'' = [[DrivenToSuicide Commits suicide]].²* DyeingForYourArt: [[invoked]]²** Shaved part of her head for her role in ''Film/TheHungerGamesMockingjay''.²** Dyed her blonde hair brunette for the part of Anne Boleyn -- ''against'' the creators' wishes, believe it or not! Dormer flatly refused to play Anne as anything other than the brunette she was in real life.²** Subverted with ''Game of Thrones'', as she just wore a wig there.²** ''Film/TheForest'' she dyed her hair black to differentiate Jess from Sara (she kept her hair blonde while playing the latter).²* FakeAmerican: As Private Lorraine in ''Captain America'', Irene Adler in ''Elementary'', Cressida in ''Mockingjay'', and the Blonde in ''The Counselor''. [[invoked]]²* {{Jossed}}: [[invoked]]An UrbanLegend said she was descended from a Jane Dormer, who served as lady-in-waiting to UsefulNotes/MaryTudor. Natalie has denied this, saying she's never traced her heritage.²* KilledByRequest: [[spoiler: She had been wanting to leave ''Game of Thrones'' to commit to other projects, so she was told that Margaery would be killed off in the Season 6 finale]].²* MsFanservice: A good amount of her roles qualify.²* PlayingTheirOwnTwin:[[invoked]] In ''Film/TheForest'' she plays twin sisters Jess and Sara.²* [[PromotedFanboy Promoted Fangirl]]: She was a fan of ''Film/TheDarkCrystal'' since seeing it in theaters and jumped at the chance to partake in [[Series/TheDarkCrystalAgeOfResistance the prequel series]]. ²* SeparatedAtBirthCasting: There has been some note that she looks [[ very much]] [[ like her]] on-screen grandmother in ''Series/GameOfThrones'', Creator/DianaRigg, did in her youth. [[invoked]]²* TypeCasting: Three of her television roles feature beautiful women that should not be trusted, Anne Boleyn, Irene Adler[[spoiler:/Jamie Moriarty]], and Margaery Tyrell. [[invoked]]²----


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