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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛˛˛Natalie Alyn Lind (born June 21st, 1999 in Toronto, Canada) is an American actress who's been in the business since she was a young child, with a guest appearance in her mother's show, ''Series/{{One Tree Hill}}''. ˛˛Her mother is actress Creator/BarbaraAlynWoods while her sisters are Creator/EmilyAlynLind and Creator/AlyviaAlynLind.˛˛----˛!!Filmography:˛˛* ''Series/OneTreeHill'' (2006) as Alicia˛* ''Series/ArmyWives'' (2008) as Little Roxy˛* ''Series/{{Flashpoint}}'' (2010) as Alexis Sobol˛* ''Series/{{iCarly}}'' (2010) as Bree˛* ''Series/CriminalMinds'' (2010) as Kayla Bennett˛* ''Blood Done Sign My Name'' (2010) as Boo Tyson˛* ''November Christmas'' (2010) as Grandniece˛* ''Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace'' (2011) as Marisa˛* ''Playdate'' (2012) as Olive Valentine˛* ''Series/TheGoldbergs'' (2013 - 2020) as Dana Caldwell˛* ''Mockingbird'' (2014) as Friend˛* ''Series/MurderInTheFirst'' (2015) as Daisy˛* ''Series/{{Gotham}}'' (2015) as Silver St. Cloud˛* ''Series/ChicagoFire'' (2016) as Laurel˛* ''Series/{{iZombie}}'' (2017) as Winslow Sutcliffe˛* ''Series/TheGifted'' (2017 - 2019) as Lauren Strucker˛* ''Series/{{Daybreak}}'' (2019) as Mavis˛* ''Series/TellMeAStory'' (2019 - 2020) as Ashley Rose Pruitt˛* ''Series/BigSky'' (2020 - present) as Danielle Sullivan˛----˛!!Tropes:˛˛* FormerChildStar: Lind has been in the business, along with her sisters, since she was a kid.˛˛----


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