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1[[quoteright:285:]] ²²Michael [=McElhatton=] (born 12 September 1963 in Dublin, Ireland) is an Irish actor and writer. ²²Although a frequent face on Irish television and stage, he's gained international recognition for his role as Lord Roose Bolton in the HBO series ''Series/GameOfThrones''.²----²!!Film Roles²* ''Film/{{Intermission}}'' (2003) as Sam²* ''Film/PerriersBounty'' (2009) as Ivan²* ''Film/TheHallow'' (2015) as Colm Donnelly²* ''Film/KingArthurLegendOfTheSword'' (2017) as Jack's Eye²* ''Film/{{Justice League|2017}}'' (2017) / ''Film/ZackSnydersJusticeLeague'' (2021) as "Black Clad Alpha" (the reactionary terrorists' leader)²²!!Television Roles²* ''Series/RipperStreet'' as Commissioner James Monro (2013)²* ''Series/GameOfThrones'' as Roose Bolton (2012-2016)²* ''Series/TheFall'' as Rob Breedlove (2013)²* ''Series/{{Chernobyl}}'' as Andrei Stepashin (2019)²²!!Video Game Roles²* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIV: Stormblood'' (2017) as Shadowhunter²----


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