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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²²Mary Catherine [=McCormack=] (born February 8, 1969 in Plainfield, New Jersey) is an American actress.²²She is best known for her roles in ''Series/MurderOne'', ''Series/TheWestWing'', ''Series/InPlainSight'', and ''Series/TheKidsAreAlright''.²²She is married to producer Creator/MichaelMorris, and they have three children.²²!Film Roles²* ''Film/MiracleOn34thStreet'' as Myrna Foy²* ''Film/PrivateParts'' as Alison Stern²* ''Film/FathersDay'' as Virginia Farrell²* ''Film/TheAlarmist'' as Sally²* ''Film/DeepImpact'' as Andrea Baker²* ''Film/TrueCrime'' as Michelle Ziegler²* ''Film/MysteryAlaska'' as Donna Biebe²* ''Film/TheBigTease'' as Monique²* ''Film/TheBrokenHeartsClubARomanticComedy'' as Anne²* ''Film/GunShy'' as Gloria Minetti Nesstra²* ''Film/{{KPAX}}'' as Rachel Powell²* ''Film/FullFrontal'' as Linda²* ''Film/DickieRobertsFormerChildStar'' as Grace Finney²* ''Film/{{Madison}}'' as Bonnie [=McCormick=]²* ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooWrestleManiaMystery'' as Ms. Richards²* ''Film/TheCrash'' as Sarah Schwab²* ''Film/{{Drone}}'' as Ellen Wistin²²!Television Roles²* ''Series/LawAndOrder'' as Rickie (1 episode)²* ''Series/MurderOne'' as Justine Appleton ²* ''Series/KStreet'' as Maggie Morris ²* ''Series/{{ER}}'' as Debbie (6 episodes)²* ''Series/{{Traffic}}'' as Carole [=McKay=] ²* ''Series/TheWestWing'' as Kate Harper (48 episodes)²* ''Series/LawAndOrderCriminalIntent'' as Mary Shannon (1 episode)²* ''Series/InPlainSight'' as Mary Shannon²* ''Series/TheNewsroom'' as Molly (1 episode)²* ''Series/HouseOfLies'' as Denna Altshuler (recurring)²* ''Series/{{Divorce}}'' as Kathy [=DeSantis=] (1 episode)²* ''Series/{{Chelsea}}'' as herself (8 episodes)²* ''Series/AngieTribeca'' as Abigail Liukin (3 episodes)²* ''Series/WhenWeRise'' as Roberta Kaplan ²* ''Series/FallingWater'' as Taylor Bennett (8 episodes)²* ''Series/WillAndGrace'' as Janet Adler (2 episodes)²* ''Series/ForThePeople'' as Chloe Daniels (1 episode)²* ''Series/TheKidsAreAlright'' as Peggy Cleary²* ''Series/IntoTheDark'' as Lilith (1 episode)²²²-------------


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