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1Lim Dall-young (Hangul: 임달영, Hanja: 林達永, alternately romanized as Lim Dal-young, Im Dal-young) is a South Korean manga/manhwa author with works in both Japan and South Korea. Lim had collaborated with many South Korean illustrators and publishes his works in both South Korea and Japan.²²His works include:²²* ''Manhwa/AflameInferno''²* ''Manga/BlackGod''²* ''Manga/{{Freezing}}''²* ''Manhwa/TheLegendOfMaian''²* ''Manga/OnihimeVS''²* ''Manga/ThePhantomKing''²* ''Manga/RebirthTheLunaticTaker''²* ''Manga/SaiTaker''²* ''Manhwa/UnbalanceXUnbalance''²* ''Manhwa/ZeroTheBeginningOfTheCoffin''²* ''Manga/ZeroCircleOfFlow''


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