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1[[quoteright:250:]] ²²Lilly Aspell (born 23 October 2007 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, UsefulNotes/{{Scotland}}) is a Scottish actress of Scottish and Irish descent.²²²She's most well known for portraying the young Diana of Themyscira (who [[TimeShiftedActor grows into]] Creator/GalGadot's Franchise/WonderWoman) in the Franchise/DCExtendedUniverse. ²²She is also the niece of two time Irish [[UsefulNotes/EquestrianSports Grand National]] winning jockey Leighton Aspell.²----²!!Filmography:²²* Franchise/DCExtendedUniverse as young Diana of Themyscira²** ''Film/{{Wonder Woman|2017}}'' (2017)²** ''Film/WonderWoman1984'' (2020)²* ''Film/{{Extinction|2018}}'' (2018) as Megan²* ''Film/HolmesAndWatson'' (2018) as the newschild²* ''WesternAnimation/{{DC Super Hero Girls|2019}}'' (2019, episode [[Recap/DCSuperHeroGirls2019S1E49AwesomeAuntAntiope "Awesome Aunt Antiope"]]) as young Diana of Themyscira (voice)²* ''The Pursuit of Love'' (TBA)²----


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