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1[[quoteright:250:]] ²Kirby Howell-Baptiste (born 7 February 1987 in London, England) is a British actress. She started her career with multiple guest appearances, including recurring roles in ''Series/TheGoodPlace'' and ''Series/KillingEve'', before being cast as Taylor Harding in ''Series/WhyWomenKill''.²²----²!!Filmography:²* ''Series/{{Love|2016}}'': Beth²* ''Film/ADogsPurpose'': Maya²* ''Series/TheGoodPlace'': Simone Garnett²* ''Series/KillingEve'': Elena Felton²* ''Series/{{Barry}}'': Sasha Baxter²* ''Series/VeronicaMars'': Nicole Malloy²* ''Series/WhyWomenKill'': Taylor Harding²* ''WesternAnimation/InfinityTrain'' : Grace and her mother (voice)²* ''WesternAnimation/GlitchTechs'' : Audrey (voice)²* ''WesternAnimation/BigHero6TheSeries'' : Kobra (voice)²* ''Film/{{Cruella}}'': Anita Darling²* ''Film/{{Queenpins}}'': [=JoJo=]²----²!!Tropes applying to her career:²²* ThoseTwoActors: With Creator/KristenBell. Following a brief scene together on ''Series/HouseOfCardsUS'', they worked together on ''Series/TheGoodPlace'', Bell [[ had Howell-Baptiste in mind]] for ''Series/VeronicaMars'''s fourth season, and brought her on for ''Queenpins'' after her original co-star exited the project.


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