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1[[quoteright:250:]]²²Jordan Danger Hinson (born June 4, 1991) is an American actress best known for ''Series/{{Eureka}}''.²²!Film Roles²* ''Film/GlassHouseTheGoodMother'' as Abby Snow²* ''Film/AVeryHaroldAndKumar3DChristmas'' as Mary²* ''Film/LivingAmongUs'' as Carrie²* ''Film/BeyondTheSky'' as Emily Reed²* ''Film/HigherPower'' as Zoe Steadman²²!Television Roles²* ''Film/GoFigure'' as Katelin Kingsford (TV Movie)²* ''Series/{{Eureka}}'' as Zoe Carter²* ''Series/{{Dirt}}'' as Christa Darby (1 episode)²* ''Series/CSIMiami'' as Hannah Radley (1 episode)²* ''Series/{{Hank}}'' as Maddie Pryor (1 episode)²* ''Series/KevinFromWork'' as Roxie Daly²* ''Series/LifeInPieces'' as Host (1 episode)


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