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1[[quoteright:225:]]˛˛->''"Every time a famous type decides not to vaccinate their baby, the horns on Jenny [=McCarthy's=] head grow half an inch more and her evil powers get stronger."''˛-->--'''[[ Michael K.]]'''˛˛Jennifer Ann "Jenny" [=McCarthy=] (born November 1, 1972) is an actress and model from UsefulNotes/{{Chicago}}. She first became famous as ''Magazine/{{Playboy}}'' magazine's 40th anniversary Playmate. Her credits include ''Film/JohnTuckerMustDie'', ''Film/DirtyLove'', ''Series/SingledOut'' on Creator/{{MTV}} and her own sitcom on Creator/{{NBC}}. She was in a relationship with Creator/JimCarrey from 2006 to 2010. She is the cousin of Creator/MelissaMcCarthy.˛˛She has become well-known for her outspoken support for the anti-vaccine movement, which proposes the belief that certain common childhood vaccines cause autism, and that this cause is being covered up by the pharmaceutical industry/government. It should be noted, of course, that this theory is based on a preservative containing small amounts of mercury in some vaccines that was removed over a decade ago, and which has no scientific underpinning whatsoever. This has earned her a great deal of criticism, including [[ a website]] tracking her "body count" (their words).˛----˛!! Tropes associated with her works:˛˛* GenkiGirl: If ''Donnie Loves Jenny'' is anything to go by, where she appears as energetic, enthusiastic and hyper.˛* MotorMouth: Her characters then to talk constantly and very quickly.˛* MsFanservice: She has no qualms about removing her clothes off in roles, one example being that her first claim to fame was that she appeared on ''Playboy''.


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