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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²British comics artist, best known for the Marvel series ''ComicBook/YoungAvengers'' and the redesigned costume of ComicBook/CarolDanvers in her new role as Captain Marvel. He is also a prolific poster designer for Pop music bands like Churches or Tegan and Sara. Reputedly learning how to draw rather late in life at the age of 21, [=McKelvie=] is currently a rising star in the comics world. He has a clean photorealistic style, a tendency to play with page layout, and a love for fashion that shows in the varied clothing of his characters, sometimes bordering UnlimitedWardrobe.²²Has a VitriolicBestBuds relationship with writer Creator/KieronGillen (just look at their Twitters), with whom he works on ''ComicBook/{{Phonogram}}'', ''ComicBook/YoungAvengers'', and ''Comicbook/TheWickedAndTheDivine''. His other [[ProductionPosse frequent collaborators]] are artist/colourist Matthew Wilson and letterer Clayton Cowles.


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