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1[[quoteright:280:]] ˛%%[[caption-width-right:280:some caption text]]˛˛James "Jamie" Dornan (born 1 May 1982) is a [[UsefulNotes/NorthernIreland Northern Irish]] model, actor, and singer, known primarily for starring in the [[Film/FiftyShadesOfGrey film adaptation]] of EL James' erotica novel ''Literature/FiftyShadesOfGrey'' as Christian Grey.˛˛He's also known for his roles in television, namely Sheriff Graham Humbert / The Huntsman on Creator/{{ABC}}'s fantasy series ''Series/OnceUponATime'', and Paul Spector (opposite Creator/GillianAnderson) on Creator/{{BBC}}'s {{crime drama}} ''Series/TheFall''.˛˛----˛!! Selected filmography:˛˛* ''Film/MarieAntoinette'' (2006) as Axel von Fersen˛* ''Series/OnceUponATime'' (2011 -- 2013) as Sheriff Graham Humbert / The Huntsman˛* ''Series/TheFall'' (2013 -- 2017) as Paul Spector˛* ''Film/FiftyShadesOfGrey'' (2015 -- 2018) as Christian Grey:˛** ''Fifty Shades of Grey'' (2015) ˛** ''Fifty Shades Darker ''(2017)˛** ''Fifty Shades Freed'' (2018)˛* ''Film/{{Anthropoid}}'' (2016) as Jan Kubis˛* ''Film/{{Robin Hood|2018}}'' (2018) as Will Scarlet˛˛----˛!! He provides examples of:˛* ActorAllusion: Ana makes a joke about Christian being a serial killer, as a nod to ''Series/TheFall''.˛* BestKnownForTheFanservice: [[invoked]] By virtue of starring in an erotic film like ''Fifty Shades of Grey'', but also because his career had its roots in modeling. ˛* DeletedRole: He filmed a two-minute cameo in ''Burnt'' adding backstory for Sienna Miller's character. Test audiences disapproved of it and it was cut.˛* DyeingForYourArt: Prefers to have a beard but shaves it to play Christian Grey - something he had to do every morning. Also had to drink five protein shakes a day and do rigorous ab and core workouts to give himself abs. He also had to learn how to walk differently, since he prefers to walk on his toes rather than heels.˛* EnforcedMethodActing: For ''The Siege of Jadotville'', he and the other actors were put through a boot camp to be given military training. Jamie was also put in charge of the other actors to get him into the mindset of playing the leader.˛* FakeAmerican: Puts one on to play Christian Grey. It slips quite a bit but has improved slightly by the time of ''Fifty Shades Darker''.˛* FakeNationality: As a Czech in ''Anthropoid''.˛* MaleFrontalNudity: Oddly averted in ''Fifty Shades'', given the source material.˛* MrFanservice: Epitomized by his role in ''Fifty Shades'', which involves him in various states of dress.˛* TheOtherMarty: Charlie Hunnam dropped out of ''Fifty Shades of Grey'' and Jamie replaced him.˛* RetroactiveRecognition: That's [[ him]] in ''Film/MarieAntoinette''.˛* StarMakingRole: [[invoked]] ''Film/FiftyShadesOfGrey''.˛* ThoseTwoActors: With Sam Keeley in ''Anthropoid'', ''The Siege of Jadotville'' and ''Burnt'' (though his scene was cut from that).˛* WhatCouldHaveBeen:˛** There was talk of Graham returning for the ''Series/OnceUponATime'' Season 3 finale, where Emma would glimpse him from afar in the past but be unable to reach out to him. Due to scheduling conflicts with ''Fifty Shades of Grey'', it was cut. ˛** He originally auditioned for a police officer in ''Series/TheFall'', and ended up cast as Paul instead.˛----


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