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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛Eric Kripke is an American writer, director, and producer born on April 24, 1974. He has been writing, directing, and producing since 1997. He is most well-known as the creator of the hit series ''Supernatural''.˛----˛!!Works that he has been credited for:˛* ''The Adjustment Bureau'': Associate producer˛* ''Battle of the Sexes'': Director, Writer˛* ''Boogeyman'': Co-producer, Writer˛* ''Boogeyman 2'': Writer˛* ''Boogeyman 3'': Writer˛* ''Deadman'': Executive producer, Writer˛* ''Ghostfacers'': Executive producer - 10 episodes, Writer˛* ''Haunted'': Director, Executive producer, Writer˛* ''Film/TheHouseWithAClockInItsWalls'' (2018) - Writer˛* ''Series/{{Revolution}}'': Executive producer - 12 episodes, Writer˛* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'': Creator; Director, Executive consultant - 46 episodes, Executive producer - 130 episodes, Writer˛* ''Supernatural: The Animation'': Writer˛* ''Tarzan'': Co-executive producer - 8 episodes, Writer˛* ''Truly Committed'': Director, Writer˛* ''Series/TheBoys2019'': Showrunner˛----


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