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3Elleston Trevor (17 February 1920 21 July 1995) was a British novelist who wrote under various pseudonyms, including Adam Hall and Simon Rattray.
5As Adam Hall he wrote the ''Literature/{{Quiller}}'' espionage novels.
7As Simon Rattray he wrote a series of novels featuring AmateurSleuth Hugo Bishop. (These have also been published under the Adam Hall name in some markets.)
9His best-known work as Elleston Trevor is ''The Flight of the Phoenix'', the basis for the 1965 [[Film/TheFlightOfThePhoenix1965 film of the same name]]. Under the same pen-name he also wrote ''Squadron Airborne'', depicting a week or two[[note]]time enough for many of the named characters to die, including at least one who had only arrived in the middle of the book[[/note]] in the life of an RAF fighter squadron during the Battle of Britain, ''The Big Pick-Up'', about a squad of British soldiers retreating to Dunkirk in June 1940, and ''Bury Him Among Kings'', a UsefulNotes/WorldWarI novel about the SiblingRivalry between two brothers fighting in the trenches.