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1[[quoteright:214:]] ˛[[caption-width-right:214:The man himself.]]˛˛->''"I never asked for this."''˛˛Elias Toufexis (b. October 27, 1975) is a Canadian film, television, and video game actor. His breakout role was as protagonist Adam Jensen in ''VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution'', but he has become a mainstay in science fiction films, television, and video games throughout TheNoughties and into the TheNewTens.˛˛He currently lives in Los Angeles, has never been able to escape the association with Jensen, and has been ridiculously good-natured about the entire thing.˛˛Also has a [[ Twitter]].˛˛-----˛!!Notable Roles:˛* ''Series/{{Alphas}}'' as Cornell Scipio˛* ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII'' as Federico Auditore da Firenze˛* ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedOdyssey'' as King Leonidas˛* ''VideoGame/{{Contrast}}'' as Johnny Fenris˛* ''VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution'' and ''VideoGame/DeusExMankindDivided'' as Adam Jensen˛* ''Series/{{Eureka}}'' as Adam Barlowe˛* ''VideoGame/FarCryPrimal'' as Takkar˛* ''Series/TheExpanse'' as Kenzo Gabriel˛* ''VideoGame/IAmAlive'' as Henry˛* ''Interview with a Time Traveler'' short film as Paul˛* ''VideoGame/LastYearTheNightmare'' as Slasher˛* ''Rainbow Six: Vegas 2'' as Gabriel Nowak˛* ''Series/StarTrekDiscovery'' as Cold˛˛-----˛!!Associated Tropes:˛* ChronicallyKilledActor: To the point that [[ he makes jokes about it on Twitter.]]˛* GutturalGrowler: What makes his voice so distinctive, and netted him the role as Jensen. Even [[ his own website]] notes it as his most recognizable trait.˛* IcyBlueEyes: Is often noted for them. [[WhatBeautifulEyes It's easy to]] [[ see why]].˛* ItIsPronouncedTropay: It's "too-fexis", not "toh-fexis".˛* SelfDeprecation: Is perfectly aware his voice does not fit his face. [[ At all]].˛* SerkisFolk: Has portrayed numerous characters using full motion capture, such as Adam Jensen, Federico Auditore de Firenze, and [[spoiler:the Hybrid]] in ''Series/TheExpanse''.


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