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1[[quoteright:250:]] ²²David Russell Strathairn (/strəˈθɛərn/; born January 26, 1949 in San Francisco, California) is an extremely prolific American actor, perhaps best known for his Oscar-nominated role as Edward R. Murrow in ''Film/GoodNightAndGoodLuck''. He's also a solid character actor, with roles in film, television and theatre, from small indie projects to big franchises.²----²!!Film²* 1983 ''Film/{{Silkwood}}'' as Wesley²* 1987 ''Film/{{Matewan}}'' as Sid Hatfield²* 1988 ''Film/DominickAndEugene'' as Martin Chernak²* 1988 ''Film/EightMenOut'' as Eddie Cicotte²* 1990 ''Film/MemphisBelle'' as Colonel Craig Harriman²* 1992 ''Film/ALeagueOfTheirOwn'' as Ira Lowenstein²* 1992 ''Film/BobRoberts'' as Mack Laflin²* 1992 ''Film/{{Sneakers}}'' as Erin 'Whistley' Emory²* 1993 ''Film/TheFirm'' as Ray [=McDeere=]²* 1993 ''Theatre/LostInYonkers'' as Johnny²* 1994 ''Film/TheRiverWild'' as Tom Hartman²* 1995 ''Film/DoloresClaiborne'' as Joe St. George²* 1995 ''Film/HomeForTheHolidays'' as Russel Terziak²* 1997 ''Film/LAConfidential'' as Pierce Morehouse Patchett²* 2005 ''Film/TheNotoriousBettiePage'' as Estes Kefauver²* 2005 ''Film/MissingInAmerica'' as Henry²* 2005 ''Film/GoodNightAndGoodLuck'' as Creator/EdwardRMurrow²* 2006 ''Film/HeavensFall'' as Judge James Horton²* 2006 ''Film/WeAreMarshall'' as Donald Dedmon²* 2007 ''Film/{{Fracture}}'' as District Attorney Joe Lobruto²* 2007 ''Film/RacingDaylight'' as Henry Becker/Harry Stokes²* 2007 ''Film/TheBourneUltimatum'' as Noah Vosen²* 2007 ''Film/MyBlueberryNights'' as Arnie Copeland²* 2008 ''Film/TheSpiderwickChronicles'' as Arthur Spiderwick²* 2009 ''Film/TheUninvited2009'' as Steven²* 2010 ''Film/TheWhistleblower'' as Peter Ward²* 2012 ''Film/TheBourneLegacy'' as Noah Vosen²* 2012 ''Film/{{Lincoln}}'' as William Seward²* Film/MonsterVerse as Rear Admiral William Stenz²** 2014 ''Film/{{Godzilla|2014}}'' ²** 2019 ''[[Film/GodzillaKingOfTheMonsters2019 Godzilla: King of the Monsters]]''²* 2015 ''Film/TheSecondBestExoticMarigoldHotel'' as Ty Burley²* 2015 ''Film/TheDebt'' as Nathan²* 2016 ''Film/AmericanPastoral'' as Nathan Zuckerman²* 2017 ''Film/{{Darkest Hour|2017}}'' as Franklin D. Roosevelt²* 2020 ''Film/{{Nomadland}}'' as [[TheDanza Dave]]²²!!Television Roles²* 2004 ''Series/TheSopranos'' as Robert Wegler²* 2010 ''Film/TempleGrandin'' as Dr. Carlock²* 2011-12 ''Series/{{Alphas}}'' as Dr. Lee Rosen²* 2015-16 ''Series/TheBlacklist'' as Peter Kotsiopulos (aka The Director)²* 2017-18 ''Series/{{Billions}}'' as "Black Jack" Foley²* 2018 ''Series/{{McMafia}}'' as Semiyon Kleiman²* 2018 ''Series/TheExpanse'' as Klaes Ashford²* 2020 ''Series/{{Interrogation}}'' as Henry Fisher


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