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1'''[[ Colorland Animation]]''', established in 1991, is an animation studio located in Hong Kong. It is mostly used for Australian series.!!Shows worked on by Colorland:* ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresInOdyssey'' (With Creator/HanhoHeungUp and Creator/VisionArt)* ''Bamboo Bears''* ''WesternAnimation/BlinkyBill''* Burbank Animation [=DTVs=]:** ''Anastasia''** ''Anna and the King''** ''Camelot''** ''Canterville Ghost, The''** ''D4: The Trojan Dog''** ''Easter in Bunnyland''** ''Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors''** ''Jungle Girl & the Lost Island of the Dinosaurs''** ''Little Drummer Boy, The''** ''Little Mermaid, The'' (1998)** ''Mu Lan''** ''Prince of the Nile: The Story of Moses''** ''Silent Night: The Story of the First Christmas''** ''Three Little Pigs, The''* ''Camelot: The Legend''* ''[[WesternAnimation/WhatACartoonShow The Cartoon Cartoon Show]]'' (one short: "Lucky Lydia")* ''A Chinese Ghost Story'' (ink and paint)* ''WesternAnimation/TheCrampTwins'' (season 2) (digital paint)* ''Deadly!''* ''[[WesternAnimation/DotAndTheKangaroo Dot in Space]]''* ''Dr. Dog''* ''Fairy Tale Police Department'' (with Creator/FilCartoons)* ''Series/{{Fantaghiro}}'' (animated adaptation)* ''WesternAnimation/FlipperAndLopaka''* ''Gladiator Academy''* ''[[WesternAnimation/GumNutz Gumnutz: A Juicy Tale]]''* ''Karasu Tengu Kabuto: Ogon no Me no Kemono'' (Finish & In-Between Animation, for Creator/NakamuraProductions)[[note]]this serves as their only Japanese production[[/note]] * ''WesternAnimation/LittleElvisJonesAndTheTruckstoppers''* ''WesternAnimation/TheMagicAdventuresofMumfie'' (season 1 only) (digital ink and paint/compositing)* ''Master Raindrop''* ''Nicholas'' (with Creator/SMECMediaAndEntertainment)* ''Oh Max!''* ''Papawa'' (with Creator/TopDraw and 2 Minutes)* ''Prince of Atlantis, The''* ''WesternAnimation/SkippyAdventuresInBushtown''* ''WesternAnimation/StainesDownDrains'' (with Flux Animation)* ''Tabulaga''* ''ComicBook/{{Titeuf}}'' (2011 film)* ''WesternAnimation/{{Toonimals}}''* Tundra Productions direct-to-videos:** ''Animated Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The''** ''At Jesus' Side''** ''Ben Hur''** ''In Search of Santa''** ''Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys''** ''WesternAnimation/RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer1998''** ''Stellaluna''* ''WesternAnimation/WheelSquad''* ''The Wild Soccer Bunch''* ''Yolanda: Daughter of the Black Corsair'' (1999 series)!!Tropes associated with Colorland:* AllCGICartoon: "Master Raindrop".


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