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1[[quoteright:250:]] 께Christophe Guy Denis Lambert (born March 29, 1957), known professionally as Christopher Lambert, is an unlikely action star and French actor, novelist, and producer from...Great Neck, New York? Like his best-known character, he's from "lots of different places": his father was a UN diplomat. He has since starred in numerous fantasy, sci-fi, and thriller movies.께In the U.S., he is best-known for his raspy voice and chuckle (''[[MemeticMutation Ah! Ah! Ah! ....Sorry.]]'') His other strength is his eyes; Lambert was often praised by critics for doing '[[TranquilFury more with less]]' doing his close-ups.께Lambert's breakout role was as Franchise/{{Tarzan}} in ''Film/GreystokeTheLegendOfTarzanLordOfTheApes''. His most famous role is the [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot immortal Scottish samurai]] Connor [=McLeod=] from the ''Franchise/{{Highlander}}'' franchise. The cheesy '86 original came and went in theaters; but it found life on VHS thanks to its strong performances from Lambert, Creator/SeanConnery and Creator/ClancyBrown. (Lambert is always quick to credit the stylish direction of Russell Mulcahy.) Lambert wasn't as fluent in English back then, so he had to rely on his own aloof charm and reading all of his lines phonetically. His notoriously-poor eyesight was mitigated by Lambert doing all of his own stunts. His fight scenes had to be heavily-choreographed (moreso than usual) to avoid injury.께He reportedly wasn't as enthusiastic about ''Highlander'' sequels and spin-offs, having been burned by ''Highlander 2''. (He tried to get Clancy Brown back, but that fridge-sized man thought the script was shite and had [[Film/TheShawshankRedemption other fish to fry]]). Still, he endorsed the ''Highlander'' [[Series/{{Highlander}} TV series]] and [[PassingTheTorch showed up again in the pilot,]] along with starring in one of the theatrical releases based on that show. 께Apart from ''Highlander'' and ''Mortal Kombat'' (and some cameos in action comedies), he has mainly made B-movies. Nevertheless, he cultivated a rep for being a 'thinking man's' action hero [[TookTheBadFilmSeriously who rises above the material.]]께Lambert also did a big favor for the production crew of the first MK film by flying out to location in Thailand on his own dime because the budget couldn't afford for him to be there and he wanted the film to succeed. Fun fact: Raiden was meant to be played a bit more serious in the original film, but the filmmakers loved Lambert so much they kept his [[ThrowItIn ad-libs and joking around]] in the film, even encouraging him to [[HarpoDoesSomethingFunny goof off a bit more.]] He later sat out ''Film/MortalKombatAnnihilation''. Bullet dodged by Chris Lambert, but his absence was keenly-felt. A quarter-century later, he lent his voice and likeness to ''VideoGame/MortalKombat11'' as part of the movie skin pack. It's the ''Mortal Kombat'' movie reunion you never knew you wanted. Fans will miss pitting Dimitri Vegas vs. [[Creator/RondaRousey Ronda "Sandy Hook" Rousey]] to see which one is more wooden. (Vegas has an excuse, he's a DJ.)께Of course, he has done a variety of different stuff in his native tongue, usually romances. The thing which attracted him most to the Connor character was the romantic element.께He was married to Creator/DianeLane for six years and Creator/SophieMarceau for two years.----!!Selected Filmography:께* ''Film/GreystokeTheLegendOfTarzanLordOfTheApes'' (1984) as [[Franchise/{{Tarzan}} John Clayton/Tarzan]]* ''Film/TheSicilian'' (1987) as Salvatore Giuliano* The ''Franchise/{{Highlander}}'' franchise (19862000) as Connor [=McLeod=]** ''Film/{{Highlander}}'' (1986)** ''Film/HighlanderIITheQuickening'' (1991)** ''Film/HighlanderIIITheSorcerer'' (1994)** ''Film/HighlanderEndgame'' (2000)* ''Film/KnightMoves'' (1992) as Peter Sanderson* ''Film/{{Fortress|1992}}'' (1992) as John Brennick** ''Fortress 2'' (2000)* ''Film/{{Gunmen}}'' (1994) as Dani Servigo * ''Film/MortalKombat'' (1995) as Raiden** ''VideoGame/MortalKombat11'' (2019; 2020-released DLC skin)* ''Film/{{The Hunted|1995}}'' (1995) as Paul Racine* ''Film/MeanGuns'' (1997) as Lou* ''Film/{{Resurrection|1999}}'' (1999) as John Prudhomme* ''Film/{{Beowulf|1999}}'' (1999) as Beowulf* ''Film/{{Absolon}}'' (2003) as Detective Norman Scot* ''Film/SouthlandTales'' (2006) as Walter Mung* ''Film/GhostRiderSpiritOfVengeance'' (2011) as Methodius* ''Film/HailCaesar'' (2016) as Arne Seslum* ''[[Film/{{Kickboxer}} Kickboxer: Retaliation]]'' (2018) as Thomas Moore께!!Works featuring this actor, that don't have pages of their own provide examples of:께* HandicappedBadass: His eyesight has steadily worsened since the '80s and he's physically unable to wear contact lenses, but still takes very physical roles.* SignatureLaugh: Christopher Lambert seems to have a signature laugh across multiple characters. As Connor Macleod (of clan Macleod) from ''Highlander'', he frequently used a dry, raspy "heheheh" sort of laugh, and then later used the same laugh as Lord Raiden in ''Mortal Kombat''.-->'''''[[ The Screamsheet]]''''': Basically, Raiden from Mortal Kombat is actually Connor [=MacLeod=], somewhat aged and with immense magical power after claiming the Prize. Using his magic power, most of which is derived from the lightning-like quickening, he realized that he can pose as Raiden and do some good in the world (you didn뭪 really think that the actual Chinese god of thunder would appear as [[ButNotTooForeign some old European guy, did you?]]). Thus he turns his attention to supernatural matters and protecting the world from Shang Tsung.** WebVideo/{{Mozinor}} has the "Boîte à Lambert", basically a moo box-like device producing said SignatureLaugh.----


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