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1[[quoteright:292:]] 께Christopher J Morris (born 15 June 1962) is an acclaimed English actor, writer, producer, composer and director whose best-known work is probably the satirical current affairs programme ''Series/BrassEye'', in which he fooled a Member of Parliament into asking the House of Commons to ban a fictional drug and tricked pudgy rocker Music/PhilCollins into representing a fake anti-paedophile campaign called "Nonce Sense".께Morris's career began as a radio presenter on Greater London Radio, but he was soon at work on satirical news show ''On The Hour'', which he co-wrote with occasional collaborator Creator/ArmandoIannucci and a number of other writers. He also starred in it as stern anchorman "Christopher Morris" and various other characters. This was then adapted for television as ''Series/TheDayToday'', with Morris reprising his roles. That was followed by semi-spin-off ''Series/BrassEye'' and the dark "ambient comedy" for radio, ''Blue Jam'' (later adapted for television as ''Series/{{Jam}}'').께His penchant for pitch black humour and fearless parody of public figures made him something of a televisual ''enfant terrible'' for a time, particularly after the 2001 ''Series/BrassEye'' paedophile special was attacked for supposedly making fun of paedophilia and child abuse (it was ''actually'' satirising the media's then-preoccupation with sensationalised paedophile stories, and the subsequent bouts of civil unrest that they caused). In one notable case ''The Daily Star'' published an article attacking the "paeodphile comedy" opposite [[ a photograph of then-15-year-old singer Charlotte Church]] [[{{Hypocrite}} in which it commended the size of her breasts]].께It didn't exactly help him that once, in a fit of pique at Creator/Channel4 bureaucracy, he inserted a subliminal message in a ''Series/BrassEye'' episode attacking Channel 4 bigwig Michael Grade (the words ''Grade Is A Cunt'' were displayed onscreen for [[ a single frame]]).께However, his comedy of late seems to have taken a calmer route, with 2005's ''Series/NathanBarley'' being a relatively conventional sitcom satirising shallow media halfwits in London's Hoxton area. However, despite extensive publicity it was a ratings disaster and alienated some members of Morris's fandom, who derided it for attacking easy, harmless targets and - perhaps more damningly - for not being particularly funny, though in recent years it has been vindicated for predicting the rise of social media.께As of 2010 he is back to his old tricks: his first feature film, ''Film/FourLions'', is a comedy about Islamic suicide bombers.께He also once recorded a spot-on parody of Music/ThePixies called [[ "Motherbanger"]], which was handed out with free copies of the ''NME'' in 1992.께Selected filmography:께* ''Series/TheDayToday'' (producer/writer/actor, 1994)* ''Series/BrassEye'' (producer/writer/actor, 1997-2001)* ''Series/{{Jam}}'' (producer/writer/actor, 2000)* ''Series/NathanBarley'' (producer/writer, 2005)* ''Series/TheITCrowd'' (actor, 2006-2007)* ''Film/FourLions'' (writer/director, 2010)께----


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