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1%%²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries have been commented out.²%%²²->"''The day when you finally understand me... will never come, because you'll never unmask me."''²--> --His alleged catchphrase ²²-> "''Me? I'm... nothing but an [=OutCast=].''"²--> --His [[NamesTheSame similarly named OC's]] much more well-known catchphrase ²²An author in Website/FanFictionDotNet that is mostly known for his ''The Data Fragment'' trilogy, [[OnlyOneName Chisaku]] has took upon a following of fellow "[=OutCasts=]" that appreciates and sees his rather grim and dark writing style as a breath of fresh air in the sea of harem and yuri fics that "...populate 85% of the ''Neptunia'' community." ²²He has made a plethora of {{Original Character}}s for his fics, but his main one is [[NamesTheSame Chisaku]], the protagonist of the TDF trilogy.²²[[ Here's a link to his profile.]]²²On May 13, 2018, Chisaku released ''[[ [=ReWritten=]]]'' as a reboot/revamp for his series and subsequently deleted all previous fics related to ''The Data Fragment''. As of August 3, 2018 however, ''[=ReWritten=]'' has not seen any further updates/releases.²----²!!His works gives some examples of:²²!!In general²²* AffectionateNickname: The big C calls Noire "Princess".²--> '''Noire:''' [[InsultOfEndearment Don't call me Princess!]]²%%* DarkAndTroubledPast: Guess who?²* DarkIsNotEvil: Chisaku's trademark piece of clothing is his black trench coat. And let's not forget the goddesses of the Land of Black Regality, Noire and Uni, [[PhysicalGod especially in their transformed states.]]²* GratuitousJapanese: It might seem that way at first (especially during ''The Data Fragment''), up until you learn the he's ''actually'' Japanese! He even drafts his fics in Japanese!²--> '''Random follower''': Are you really Japanese?\²'''Chisaku''': Yes, I am. My English isn't perfect, if anyone can pick up on it ;;=;; ²* PhysicalGod: Being a ''Neptunia'' fanfic, it was inevitable. ²** [[spoiler: Chisaku becomes one by the end of ''The Hollow Shell''.]]²* OnlineAlias: [=TheDarkLightTactician=] for Chisaku, Lizoto for John, and [=ShadowKnight=] for Donte.²%%* PrecisionFStrike²%%* {{Tsundere}}²²!!''The Data Fragment'''²²* {{Intermission}}: Who can ever forget Noire's La-Station segment?²--> '''Chisaku''': That's the worse pun I've heard in years!²* MacGuffin: The eponymous Data Fragments.²²!!''The Hollow Shell''²²* AliceAllusion: An allusion of an allusion? Huh. See DarkerAndEdgier.²* ChildhoodMarriagePromise: Nanami to Chisaku.²--> '''Young!Chisaku:''' That's no good, we're family! We can't marry our own family!\²'''Young!Nanami:''' Well, we're cousins! So, it should be okay!²* DarkerAndEdgier: From it's mildly dark beginnings to an homage to ''Alice Human Sacrifice'' in the first couple of chapters? Yeah! ²* SempaiKohai: [[spoiler: Enemy-turned-quick-ally]] Asashin calls Chisaku "Senpai."²* SplitPersonality: [[spoiler: Zion, the manifestation of Chisaku's anger, frustration, and bloodlust.]]²* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture: In the "OVA/Special/Final Chapter/Whatever the fuck that was" has Chisaku [[spoiler: as the god of the Oculus Rift-based nation Oculote, him and Noire dating, and the Candidates having their own landmasses during some undisclosed time in the (possibly near) future.]]²* UnfortunateNames: One of Chisaku's best friends, Hinata Daigo, would like you to call him "John" instead.²--> '''Chisaku''': What's so bad about your name, ''Hinata Daigo''?\²'''John''': It sounds weird.²----


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