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1[[quoteright:185:]]˛˛Chie Shinohara, born on February 15th, is a mangaka mostly known for her work of ''Manga/RedRiver1995''. She has received the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo works twice by now, once in 1987 for ''Yami No Purple Eyes'' and in 2001 for ''Red River''.˛˛* ''Manga/RedRiver1995''˛* ''Manga/AoNoFuuin (The Blue Seal)''˛* ''Manga/PurpleEyesInTheDark''˛* ''Ryouko no Shinreijikenbo (A Record Of Ryoko's Psychic Events)''˛* ''Mizu ni Sumu Hana (Flower Blossoming In The Water)''˛* ''Manga/KiriNoMoriHotel''˛* ''Kioku no Ashiato (Footprints of Memories)''˛* ''Manga/YumeNoShizukuKinNoTorikago (Dream Drop In The Golden Birdcage)''˛* ''Manga/ChieShinoharaTheBestCollection''˛˛----˛!! Tropes associated with Chie Shinohara˛˛* {{Bishonen}}: Majority of the men she draws, even the ones who are described as being 'plain'.˛* EarnYourHappyEnding: Her characters have to really work themselves to the bone to get one.˛* ShownTheirWork: Shinohara has travelled the world a lot and studied foreign cultures, history and similar, which shows in her works. Particularly noticeable in ''Red River'', which are based on the writings of King Mursili II; Kail from her story.˛----


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