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1[[quoteright:330:]]²Bobby Deol (born Vijay Singh Deo) is an Indian film actor who appears in UsefulNotes/{{Bollywood}} Films. Bobby Deol is the second son of legendary actor Creator/{{Dharmendra}} and Prakash Kaur. He is the younger brother of Sunny Deol. At 2007's IIFA Awards, Deol broke into tears when he was called upon the podium by his father Dharmendra, after his father received the "IIFA Lifetime Achievement Award". Notable movies from him include ''Humraaz'', ''Gupt: The Hidden Truth'', ''Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya'' and ''Soldier''. In spite of attempts to mold him into an action star, like his father and brother, he is often considered to be better at comedy and the emotional melodrama that Bollywood loves.²----


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