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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²Bae Doona[[note]]per Korean naming conventions, the family name is "Bae", and comes first.[[/note]] (born 1979 in UsefulNotes/{{Seoul}}) is a UsefulNotes/{{South Korea}}n actress. She gained international renown for her roles in films like ''Film/SympathyForMrVengeance'', ''Film/TheHost'', and ''Film/CloudAtlas'' (her English-language Hollywood debut), as well as television roles like ''Series/Sense8'' and ''Series/{{Kingdom|2019}}''.²²----²!!Filmography:²²* ''Film/SympathyForMrVengeance'' (2002): Cha Young-mi²* ''Film/LindaLindaLinda'' (2005): Son²* ''Film/TheHost'' (2006): Park Nam-joo²* ''Film/AirDoll'' (2009): Nozomi²* ''Film/AsOne'' (2012): Ri Bun-hi²* ''Film/CloudAtlas'' (2012): Sonmi~451/Tilda Ewing/Megan's mom/Mexican woman²* ''Film/JupiterAscending'' (2015): Razo²* ''Series/Sense8'' (2015-2018): Bak Sun²* ''Film/{{Tunnel}}'' (2016): Se-hyun²* ''Series/{{Kingdom|2019}}'' (2019): Seo-bi²²!!Tropes applicable to her body of work:²* ProductionPosse: A recurring collaborator of Creator/TheWachowskis.²* RomanceOnTheSet: With Creator/JimSturgess, whom she dated for some time following ''Film/CloudAtlas''.


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