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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:The first Arista logo...]]²²[[quoteright:350:]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:...and the second...]]²²[[quoteright:350:]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:...and the logo for the 2018 relaunch.]]²²Established in 1974, Arista Records soon became a leader in the music industry, but it already had a lot of history behind it.²²Clive Davis, who had run Creator/ColumbiaRecords throughout TheSixties, had recently been ousted and was looking for a new job. Meanwhile, Creator/ColumbiaPictures[[note]]no relation to the label until Creator/{{Sony}} bought them both in 1989, with Arista joining them in 2004 via Sony Music's merger with BMG[[/note]] wanted to revitalize its ailing music division, Bell Records; while Bell's British branch was doing okay with GlamRock-based acts like the Bay City Rollers, in America their biggest assets were fading pop acts Series/ThePartridgeFamily (whose show had been canceled) and Tony Orlando and Dawn (who had [[ChannelHop switched labels]] to [[Creator/ElektraRecords Elektra]]). Davis was appointed head of Bell, changed its name to Arista[[note]]named after UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity's secondary school honor society, which Davis had belonged to[[/note]], and got to work. Davis and his staff dropped most of Bell's acts but helped turn three they did keep, Music/BarryManilow, Melissa Manchester, and the aforementioned Bay City Rollers, into hitmakers. Meanwhile, Arista established its credibility quickly; one of Davis' first signings was Music/PattiSmith, and well-known acts like Music/TheKinks, Music/TheAlanParsonsProject, Music/LouReed and Music/GilScottHeron soon joined the label. ²²A financially troubled Columbia sold off Arista to the German label Creator/AriolaRecords in 1979. However, Arista continued successfully; Davis and company rejuvenated Music/ArethaFranklin's career, helped Music/TheGratefulDead get their only Top 10 single, and turned Music/WhitneyHouston into a superstar. Arista also began a CountryMusic branch, Arista Nashville, in 1989, with Music/AlanJackson as the first signing. However, the company's reputation took a hit with the revelation that the alleged vocalists of Music/MilliVanilli, one of Arista's best-selling acts, had been lip synching to the real singers all along. Embarrassed, Arista immediately dropped the band and deleted their releases. ²²A gradual decline began in 2000 when Arista's then-current owner, Bertelsmann Music Group, deposed Davis, who formed J Records. His replacement L. A. Reid signed some successful acts (Music/AvrilLavigne, Music/{{Pink}}), but exceeded his budgets; his tenure only lasted until 2004. Meanwhile, BMG merged with Creator/SonyMusicEntertainment and Davis was put back in charge, but things were never the same.²²In 2011, [[Creator/RCARecords RCA Music Group]], the Sony division that oversaw Arista, eliminated the label after a corporate restructuring and moved its roster to RCA, which was being run by none other than Clive Davis. While the name was still used by Arista Nashville and the [[UsefulNotes/{{France}} French]] division, Arista France, that was the end of Arista as an American rock/pop label... until July 2018, when the Arista brand was revived under the leadership of former [[Creator/MercuryRecords Mercury]] and [[Creator/IslandRecords Island]] head David Massey. Clive Davis, still running RCA [[CoolOldGuy at 86]], gave Massey his blessing.²²!!Arista performers with Wiki/TVTropes pages:²[[index]]²* Music/AceOfBase* (plus Latin America/Japan)²* Music/{{Adema}}²* Music/AirSupply²* Music/TheAllmanBrothersBand²* Music/{{Babyface}}²* Music/DavidBowie[[note]]1993-1998; American distribution for his albums during this period was handled by Creator/VirginRecords.[[/note]]²* Music/BoyzIIMen²* Music/BrooksAndDunn²* Music/JakeBugg²* Music/{{Caravan}}²* Music/EricCarmen²* Music/TheChurch*²* Music/SeanCombs²* Music/CrashTestDummies²* Creator/RodneyDangerfield[[note]]A 1980 reissue of his 1970 Bell Records album ''"I Don't Get No Respect"''[[/note]]²* Music/DiamondRio²* Music/{{Donovan}}*²* Music/{{Eurythmics}}*²* Music/TheEverlyBrothers[[note]]Arista released a GreatestHitsAlbum compilation in 1984[[/note]]²* Music/{{Foreigner}}²* Music/ArethaFranklin²* Music/KennyG²* Music/GaryGlitter²* Music/TheGratefulDead²* Music/DarylHallAndJohnOates²* [[Music/JeffHealey The Jeff Healey Band]]²* Music/{{Heart}}[[note]]Arista released ''Dreamboat Annie'' and ''Magazine'' in Europe[[/note]]²* Music/WhitneyHouston²* Music/JenniferHudson²* Music/AlanJackson²* Music/TheKinks²* Music/TheKLF*²* Music/AvrilLavigne²* [[Music/{{Eurythmics}} Annie Lennox]]²* Music/BarryManilow²* Music/MilliVanilli*²* Music/{{Ministry}}²* Music/TheMonkees[[note]]Inherited from Columbia Pictures' 1966-71 label Colgems, and distributed by Arista until 1994, when [[Creator/RhinoRecords Rhino Entertainment Company]] bought the entire Monkees franchise[[/note]]²* Creator/MontyPython*²* Music/TheNotoriousBIG²* Music/OutKast²* Music/TheAlanParsonsProject²* Music/BradPaisley²* Series/ThePartridgeFamily (reissues)²* [[Music/{{Gong}} Pierre Moerlen's Gong]]²* Music/{{Pink}}²* Music/IggyPop²* Music/SuziQuatro*²* Music/LouReed²* Music/RunDMC²* Music/{{Santana}}²* Music/GilScottHeron²* Music/CarlySimon²* Music/SimpleMinds (Europe only)²* Music/{{Monica}}²* Music/PattiSmith²* Music/SocialDistortion²* Music/AlStewart*²* Music/StrayCats (outside the US & Canada)²* Music/{{TI}}²* Music/{{TLC}}²* Music/PamTillis²* Creator/LilyTomlin²* Music/LouisTomlinson²* Music/CarrieUnderwood²* Music/{{Usher}}²* Music/VanillaIce²* Music/SteveWariner²* Music/BrianWilson²* Music/{{Yes}}²[[/index]]²²[=*=]US & Canada only²----


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