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1[[quoteright:219:]]˛˛Anna Akana is a Website/{{YouTube}}r and short film creator/writer/director/actor. She currently has over one million subscribers from her comedic life advice videos and her short films. In 2013, she starred in WebVideo/RileyRewind. Her [=YouTube=] channel is [[ here]].˛˛Her works include:˛˛* WebVideo/RileyRewind (2013)˛* H A L L U C I N A T I O N (2014)˛* Afflicted Inc. (2014)˛* Emergency Call (2014)˛* PREGNAPOCALYPSE (2014)˛* Miss 2059 (Pilot released in 2014 as Miss Earth; Official series runs 2016-)˛* Command Center (2015)˛* Loose Ends (2015)˛* Hipsters (2016)˛* ''WebAnimation/TheTransformersCombinerWars'' (2016) as Victorion˛* ''WebVideo/YouthAndConsequences'' (2018)˛* ''WesternAnimation/BigCityGreens'' (2018) as Gloria˛* ''WesternAnimation/{{Amphibia}}'' (2019) as Sasha˛˛----˛!!'''Tropes which apply to Anna Akana and her videos''':˛* ActuallyPrettyFunny: After Anna learns that the expression "Over my dead body" dates back to at least the 1800s, she decides to look up what passed for a joke back then. She finds one amusing {{Pun}}[=-=]centric anecdote, which she acts out for the viewers. [[spoiler:A child sees his mother making bread, and calls her "very lazy", explaining that making bread " neither more nor less than ''loafing''!" As punishment for the insult, the mother denies him hotcakes for the next few days.]] Anna then calls this "comedy gold" by that period's standards.˛* BlandNameProduct: "How to feel pretty" features ''Vague'' magazine and ''[[VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto Grand Theft Otter V]]''.˛* BrainWithAManualControl: The ''Command Center'' shorts feature Anna in charge of some policemen who work inside a young woman's head, and try to help the young woman make rational decisions.˛%%* BrainyBrunette˛* BreakupSong: In "Screw You", Anna calls out [[YourCheatingHeart a boy who cheated on her with other women]], then boasts that she found someone {{bigger| is better in bed}} and better.˛* ButICantBePregnant: ''PREGNAPOCALYPSE'' begins with Anna and her friends panicking over suddenly developing baby bumps without having sex beforehand. They soon discover that this happened to every female in the world, regardless of age or species. Things go FromBadToWorse after [[spoiler:Anna gives birth to a baby ''alien'', which gobbles her up when she tries to touch it.]]˛* ComebackTomorrow: Anna recalls in "Too late for a comeback" when a grouchy old lady at the gym interrupted her training session, by demanding Anna and the trainer to move out of her way. Anna laments failing to come up with any retorts until after the session, until she decides they might have pissed off the lady even more.˛* ComicalOverreacting: Anna often uses this in her videos to demonstrate how not to behave.˛* ComingOutStory: In "how I came out[[note]]as bisexual (although she notes in the video that she has a preference toward men, and did not explore her attraction to females until she engaged in a threesome with two other women)[[/note]] (and what my parents think)", which is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin.˛* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: According to ''Curse Of Eve'', God created neckties and high-heeled shoes to torture Adam and Eve after they ate the ForbiddenFruit.˛* CoolGuns: Anna loves to show off her prop gun.˛* CrossCastRole:˛** She often takes on male roles in her advice videos, although sometimes she gives them to her brother or her boyfriend instead.˛** She plays Wrestling/{{Batista}} in Creator/MaxLandis' ''Wrestling Isn't Wrestling'', in which several young women portray male Wrestling/{{WWE}} Superstars.˛* DespairEventHorizon: In her video on religion, she stated that her little sister's bullying-induced suicide essentially broke her, disconnecting her from things such as the devout Christianity she was raised on, which made her go atheist at the time.˛* DoubleVision: Anna often plays multiple roles at once in her advice videos.˛* DownerEnding: "Emergency Call". [[spoiler:A terrified Anna desperately reaching a 911 operator from a dark room trying to hide from a killer is eventually found, and the operator is ultimately unable to do anything but listen to Anna's tortured screams in horror.]]˛* ExactWords: "''VideoGame/PokemonGo'' Ruins Lives" eventually culminates in Anna making a DealWithTheDevil for him to bring her a Pikachu. [[spoiler:He doesn't let her ''catch'' it.]]˛* GenderFlip: "All Female Cast", written in response to the controversy surrounding ''Film/Ghostbusters2016'', demonstrates sexist men's worst fears for all-women remakes of ''Film/RushHour'' and ''Film/{{Entourage}}'', until the men admit that [[Film/BrokebackMountain one movie]] might actually [[GirlOnGirlIsHot prove interesting]] if given that treatment.˛* GenerationXerox: "I'm Mean to People I Love" includes a re-enactment of Anna shooing away company so she can concentrate on her work. She then wonders if she inherited this tendency from her {{Workaholic}} father, queuing a flashback of him shooing her away to concentrate on "[[VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft work]]". Anna's delivery and dialogue for her father sounds exactly the same as that she used for her present self (except he at least calls little Anna, "Sweetie", before she leaves).˛* GenreShift: "Things Only Cat People Understand" begins as another advice video, [[spoiler:until Congress marches in with a giant robot suit, and Anna must prevent him from taking over the universe.]]˛* IAmNotPretty: Anna recalls in "How to feel pretty" when her attempt to compliment a friend's appearance resulted in the friend stating, "I don't ''feel'' pretty", provoking a FlatWhat from Anna.˛* InherentlyFunnyWord: Anna admits in "How to Get Fired From Phone Sex" that the word "penis" makes her giggle.˛* IronicNurseryTune: Her song "Against the Darkness", a rap from the perspective of her talking to her late little sister, ends with her coldly narrating a grim variation on the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" nursery rhyme that instead has the spider drowning itself in the rain from the water spout. [[NightmareFuel It's very disturbing.]]˛* KindheartedCatLover: Anna has five cats which she seems to spoil rotten, and often features in her videos. However, she refuses to call herself a CrazyCatLady.˛* MamaBear: Exaggerated in ''You Wouldn't Understand'', in which Anna becomes enraged at anyone who presents anything that could prove the least bit dangerous to her baby (eg, a pesticide-ridden lemon peel, a sharp plastic knife).˛* MagicalGirl: The "[[ Metro Manners]]" {{Public Service Announcement}}s star Anna as Super Kind, who uses the power of music... and NewPowersAsThePlotDemands to punish monstrous "Metro Menaces" who act inconsiderate on the subway.˛* MixedAncestry: Her background is a blend of Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Irish, German, Spanish, French, and English ethnicity. ˛* MusicalisInterruptus: Anna's Epic Rap Battle between a scientist and her clones runs shorter than an ''WebVideo/EpicRapBattlesOfHistory'' video, [[spoiler:because an Anna from an alternate universe barges in, and shoots everyone.]]˛* NestedStory: In "The Creepiest Night of My Life", Anna recalls when she tried to become a "cocktail waitress", and the man she served grabbed her hand, and ordered her to tell him a story. The tale she delivers to him in the flashback has the same beginning as the video itself.˛* OpenMindedParent: When Anna admits to her mother that she masturbates, she expresses disgust with hearing Anna's description of how she does it, but doesn't actually tell her to stop doing it. ˛* {{Overcrank}}: Several of Anna's videos have slowed-down dialogue, such as "When It's Okay to Speak Up", in which Anna gives a slow-motion TheReasonYouSuckSpeech to a boy rudely interrupting her "alone time". ˛* ParodyCommercial: Anna made one for "Rape Prevention Leggings", camoflauge-patterned leggings promoted to render the wearer's bottom half, including her vagina, invisible to rapists.˛* PolarOppositeTwins: ''Miss Earth'' and ''Miss 2059'' stars Anna as beauty queen Victoria Young, twin sister of intergalactic competitor Arden Young (played by Anna in ''Miss Earth'', and Nikki Soohoo in ''Miss 2059'').˛* PublicExposure: She's posed for a few nearly naked photoshoots, sometimes with BodyPaint.˛* SeamlessScenery: She's quite fond of doing this in her videos, the most prominent examples being "When I've Wanted To Die" and the "Intervention" music video.˛* SigningOffCatchPhrase: "Stay awesome, Gotham." ˛** Copyright issues with Creator/{{DC Comics}} temporarily made her change it to, "I'm Anna Akana. You stay awesome."˛** After her cameo in ''Film/AntMan'', Anna remarked that she might have to change her catchphrase to something Franchise/{{Marvel| Cinematic Universe}}[=-=]related. On the spot, she came up with, "I'm Anna-Man. Stay [[{{Pun}} Marvelous]]", which didn't stick.˛* SkewedPriorities: "''VideoGame/PokemonGo'' Ruins Lives" demonstrates some of the dangers of placing catching Pokémon as the utmost importance.˛* SpeechBubbles: Sometimes Anna uses these to emphasize the important parts of her videos. Other times, she uses them for a more comedic purpose, such as translating her cats' meows.˛* SplitScreenPhoneCall: "When You're Unfriended" has one in which [[spoiler:the split disappears near the end of the scene, allowing the callers to share an actual hug.]]˛* TheTalk: Anna recalls in "3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Having Sex" that her mother's version consisted only of scare tactics warning her not to have sex before marriage.˛* ThemeTuneRollCall: "I Have Six Cats" consists mostly of Anna naming and describing her cats.˛* ToiletSeatDivorce: Inverted in "The Little Things", which ends with [[spoiler:Anna proposing to her then-boyfriend/roommate Ray William Johnson, who always put the toilet seat down for her.]]˛* TwinSwitch: Anna admits in "The Twin Fantasy" that she used to fantasize about pulling this, even though she doesn't have a twin sister.˛* UnusualEuphemism: "Am I An Adult Yet" uses "zigazig ah", a phrase from the Music/SpiceGirls song "Wannabe", as a euphemism for "penis".˛* VocalEvolution: When Anna impersonated her Filipina mother in 2012's "Appreciate Art (TV is Awesome)", she [[NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent didn't bother with the accent]]. In 2018's "3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Having Sex", Anna impersonates her mom with convincing Filipina inflections.˛* VanityPlate: Anna has experimented with various idents over the years.˛* WhatTheHellIsThatAccent: More recently, Anna ends her video advertising the sponsor of her video while speaking in another accent. It isn't uncommon for someone to complain about her accent. Although there was one interesting example where some said her Japanese accent didn't sound very Japanese and she did it again in a Japanese school girl outfit.


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