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1Allison Cara Tolman (born November 18, 1981) is an American actress. She's best known for her critically acclaimed role as Molly Solverson in ''Series/{{Fargo}}''.²!Roles²* 2014 ''Series/TheMindyProject'' as Abby Berman²* 2014-2015 ''Series/{{Fargo}}'' as Deputy Molly Solverson²* 2015 ''Film/TheGift2015'' as Lucy²* 2015 ''Film/{{Krampus}}'' as Linda²* 2015 ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'' as Edie Poovey²* 2018-present ''Series/GoodGirls'' as Mary Pat²* 2019-present ''Series/{{Emergence}}'' as Sheriff Jo Evans


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