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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:350:Ever wonder why they called him the student prince?]]˛˛Alan Tang Kwong-Wing (鄧光榮, 20 September 1946 – 29 March 2011) was a Hong Kong actor, producer and director known by fans as "The Student Prince", due to his role in the movie, ''The Student Prince''.˛˛Growing up in UsefulNotes/HongKong's Wongkok district as the youngest of four siblings, Alan Tang started his career after spending some time as a model on magazines. After establishing himself as a cinematic icon, Tang acted in over 60 films in his heyday in Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as in the States (with ''Film/DynamiteBrothers''). Decades after his career took off, his nickname, "Student Prince" still remains as such among his fans.˛˛He started partaking in action films in the 90s, mostly in the booming HeroicBloodshed genre at the time, and gets to co-star against regulars of the genre like Creator/ChowYunFat, Creator/AndyLau, and Creator/SimonYam (they played enemies, twice). Besides acting, Alan had a hand in producing some of Creator/WongKarWai's films as well, including ''Film/DaysOfBeingWild'' and ''Film/AsTearsGoBy''.˛˛Tang tragically died of a heart attack at age 46.˛˛----˛!!Films starring Alan Tang:˛˛* ''Film/TheStudentPrince''˛* ''Film/InvincibleIronPalm''˛* ''Film/ImpetuousFire''˛* ''Film/EastMeetsWatts''˛* ''Film/GanglandOdyssey''˛* ''Film/GunNRose''˛* ''Film/FlamingBrothers''˛* ''Film/ReturnEngagement''˛* ''Film/TheBlackPantherWarriors''˛----


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