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1''Herman'' is a newspaper comic strip that ran from 1975 to 1992, when the cartoonist, James "Jim" Unger retired. Like ''ComicStrip/TheFarSide,'' it has NoContinuity and is often bizzare.˛˛----˛!!''Herman'' provides examples of:˛˛* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture: Some strips in the mid '80s show people talking about 1992 as if it had come and gone.˛* AlienAbduction: One strip shows a man with a serial number clipped to his ear and a radio collar around his neck screaming "Aliens!"˛* AliensInCardiff: Space aliens are a common sight in this world.˛* AgonyOfTheFeet: A man with his feet in a pail of hot water is told by his wife "I told you not to buy size 10."˛* AmusingInjuries:˛** A man with a crispy arm is told that his X-Ray is overexposed.˛** A man with a cast is asked if he really did get rid of his pet crocodile like his wife said.˛** A knight with a tipped over cauldron is informed that he just dumped boiling oil on the window cleaner.˛** An X-Ray technician, more tumor than doctor, is given his retirement watch.˛** Arrow-riddled knights are a bit of a favorite.˛* ButtMonkey: Herman is more this character type than any one character. If a small child starts tapdancing in your entree, and their mother scolds them for spoiling their good shoes instead of your night out, congratulations, you're Herman. [[MakeItLookLikeAnAccident If your husband buys you a Zebra coat and takes you on Safari,]] congratulations, you're Herman.˛* BlackComedy:˛** A woman brings a clearly dead daschund to the vet and says "He won't eat!"˛** A man with a charred stump for a neck is shown next to a doctor who angrily demands to know the expiry date on the nitroglycerine pills (medicinal nitroglycerine is distinct from the explosive stuff).˛** A man with a crab claw grafted onto his wrist is told to come back if he starts walking sideways.˛** Two involve expensive things left inside a surgical patient, a Rolex watch and a pair of scissors respectively, and them being told the doctor's going in after them.˛** One (under AmusingInjuries) involves [[TheTopicOfCancer a tumor-raddled x-ray technician]], and one (under ThePlague) involves a man with [[BodyHorror flesh-eating disease]] being given useless advice by his quack doctor.˛* DreadfulMusician: Several strips involve this sort. One shows a man with a broken fiddle complaining to a policeman that someone kicked down the door and unloaded a gun into his violin.˛* DrumBathing: A rare western example. The tiny size is LampShaded. A police officer is trying to give a man bathing in a drum a public nudity citation, whereupon the bather cheekily informs the cop that there's only one chair so he can't come in.˛* EverythingsLouderWithBagpipes:˛** One strip shows a kid telling a piper that it'll "likely stop screaming if you let it go."˛** Another strip shows two men robbing a bank. One is holding bagpipes, while his partner threatens that he'll start playing if their demands aren't met.˛* FarSideIsland:˛** One strip shows a castaway complaining that he owes $3,000 on a library book he's never gotten to read.˛** One shows a castaway talking to himself on a tin can telephone.˛* FirstGrayHair: One shows a bald woman staring into a mirror in shock, and her husband telling her "I told you not to pluck grey hairs."˛* TheGrotesque: 99% of the characters are fat and jowly. If they're old, they're often covered in warts to boot.˛* HintDropping:˛** One strip shows a kid yelling through a megaphone at his dad as he writes "The old skinflint forgot my allowance again" in his journal.˛** Another has a housewife holding a sign that reads "It's my birthday," while her oblivious husband tells her to quit whistling.˛* {{Mondegreen}}: A common joke is to have such a misunderstanding.˛** A cobbler brings out a pair of model ships while his customer angrily enunciates "Booooots!"˛** Another has a cowboy with a cat in his arms being berated "I said 'Round up a ''posse.''"'˛** The King yells at a man with a spanner "You don't listen too good, I said 'Bring me a ''wench!''"˛* LethalChef: Food usually consists of slop with lumps in it, clots of char, or burgers with horns ("Elk burger? What the heck is an elk burger?" Cue waiter carrying a hamburger sporting antlers.) One strip even has Herman trying to [[ToiletSeatDivorce use his wife's awful cooking as grounds for divorce.]]˛* MissFanservice:˛** An early strip shows an old woman complaining about how some young ladies at the beach are dressed: Bikini tops and skintight bellbottom jeans.˛** Another shows a tycoon hiring a SexySecretary with the warning that if she lets his wife see her, she's sacked.˛** Yet another has a neanderthal ask his mate that if his daughter (a human woman as attractive as Unger can draw) is a mutant, why does he have to keep the other males away from her with a club.˛** Another shows a woman in a bikini and an inner tube, [[ThongOfShielding with all the men behind her with their eyes juuuust over the waterline.]]˛* ThePlague: ˛** Usually connoted by someone covered in boils talking to a doctor.˛** One shows the doctor loading a gun and saying "I'm sure you agree that we don't want an epidemic."˛** Another has the doctor give Herman a bottle of pills by way of a 10-foot pole and telling him "Don't touch the stick."˛** A patient is told that if they aren't painful, they're nothing to be worried about.˛** The old joke of "The good news is, they're naming it after you" is cartooned.˛** A man rotting into a puddle of sludge is told to "Take two asprin and call me in the morning."˛* ShoutOut: One strip shows a man in a fishing boat who caught [[Myth/KingArthur the Lady of the Lake, who is still holding onto Excalibur.]]˛* UglyGuyHotWife: A pair of chimps at the zoo wonder "What does she see in him?" while contemplating such a pairing.˛----


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