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1''Between The Lines'' is a newspaper comic by Max Garcia. The strip only runs in the [[UsefulNotes/AmericanNewspapers New York Daily News]]. It is a one-panel gag-a-day strip in the style of ''ComicStrip/TheFarSide'', but ''horribly'' abuses BlackComedy, even more than The Far Side, to the point where it sometimes seems like ''Webcomic/SaturdayMorningBreakfastCereal'' toned down ''just'' enough to be a newspaper comic. The strip started February 27, 2011 and has not stopped since (except for a hiatus that occurred between the dates of May 28, 2012 and June 11, 2012). A small StripArchive is on [[ this]] Website/{{Facebook}} page, and [[ a blog]] (started by [[Tropers/ShiningArmor87 a troper on This Very Wiki]], who also started this page) is dedicated to {{MST}}ing it.²²In April 2013, the strip was snydicated on [=GoComics=] under the bizarre title [[ Sunny Street]], and Max started [[ a blog]] where he talks about various, unrelated, subject matters.²²NOT to be confused with [[Webcomic/BetweenTheLines the webcomic]]. Or [[Series/BetweenTheLines the TV show]]. Or ''Series/BetweenTheLions''.²²!!Tropes featured:²* BlackComedy: Every other strip.²* ButterFace: A strip has a man with margarine for a head looking at one with a canister with this trope name on her head, only for her glasses to come off and reveal it as "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Face".²* FakeRabies: There was a depressing strip where a dog had just finished eating some honey offered to him by a cat. The owners then think he's rabid, and the last panel shows the dog's tombstone as the {{cat|s are mean}} [[KarmaHoudini smirks smugly]].²* GISSyndrome: While Max has always used Google images, they've become a replacement for backgrounds starting in 2014.²* HighOnCatnip: One strip shows a cat buying a sack of catnip from another, shady-looking cat, in the style of drug-dealing.²* ICallItVera: One strip has a brutal thug taking out a knife labeled "Kindness", with a crowd of people laughing and one saying "Yeah right! ''What'' are you gonna kill us with?²* PrisonRape: Strongly implied in one strip showing a tooth looking at another one who just dropped his toothpaste in a prison shower.²* RefugeInAudacity: Some of the ''really'' unfunny BlackComedy gags could count.


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