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1%% Zero Context Example entries are NOT allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. ˛%% Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.˛˛[[quoteright:350:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:350:The X-Men, HotterAndSexier than usual]]˛"X-Women" is an ComicBook/XMen story written by Creator/ChrisClaremont and illustrated by Creator/MiloManara. As the title suggests, it is starred only by female members of the X-Men: Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, Rachel and Emma Frost. The story is HotterAndSexier than usual even for the superhero genre, which is saying something. ˛˛The team is having a vacation and enjoying themselves in Greece, until Rachel is kidnapped and taken to Madripoor. The other girls follow her to rescue her (and Emma Frost, who was also captured), and lost their powers in the process. The villain intended to tap into their combined psychic power to control the populations of India and China and make them start a war, and then earn millions by selling weapons. They manage to free them anyway, and leave her to the local authorities. ˛˛!!Tropes˛%% * BareYourMidriff: Kitty, Storm and Rachel had those suits at one point or another. ˛%% * BeachEpisode: According to the HowWeGotHere, that's how the adventure started. ˛%% * BroughtDownToBadass: Even without mutant powers, the X-Women can still kick ass. ˛%% * CultureBlind: Subverted: Kitty is completely surprised that Storm can sing "[[Music/CreedenceClearwaterRevival Proud Mary]]" in a complete Music/TinaTurner style. ˛%% * DangerouslyShortSkirt: Rachel has to wear a short short one. ˛%% * DistractedByTheSexy: Rachel made up with a random guy in a bar, who then fired to her and kidnapped her. ˛%% * HotterAndSexier: The story is HotterAndSexier than usual even for the superhero genre, which is saying something. ˛%% * IntroDump: The story starts with Storm, Psyloche, Rogue and Kitty storming a base, and Claremont introduces everyone. ˛* ScrewTheRulesIHaveSupernaturalPowers: While playing with jet-skies in the sea, Kitty phases alongside her jet-sky across all the inner chambers of a nearby ship, scaring the hell out of everyone. ˛* ShesGotLegs: Under no circumstances will Psylocke wear long pants. ˛* {{Understatement}}: Without time to explain things by talking, Rachel dumped her memories of the last days into Kitty, all at once. "I'm afraid this is gonna hurt". Kitty was in pain for days.˛* WhoWearsShortShorts: Rogue wears a short that is so short that it not completely covers her ass. Coupled with a mini top.˛* YaoiFangirl: ComicBook/KittyPryde phases through a yacht and ends up catching two men in bed, in the middle of making love. Needless to say, she exits the boat and ends up falling in the water giggling and blushing.˛----


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