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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:One of the ''less'' disturbing pages.]]²''The Crawling King'' is a {{Horror}} GraphicNovel made by Einar Baldvin, and published by [=SBI=] Press.²²Long ago, there was a mighty kingdom called Gyldenbrae. The kingdom has since fallen, but how? Well, there is a book that could answer that question. But here's another...²²Are you sure you want to read it?²²The Crawling King is presented in the form of an old book containing a number of legends, manuscripts, and first-hand documentaries about the people of Gyldenbrae, events that occurred there, and the various horrors that brought them to their end. The paper has even been artificially aged with coffee and burned with fire to complete the illusion of it being an ancient text from a long fallen forgotten Kingdom.²²The book was funded on Website/{{Kickstarter}} on September 15th, 2017. It was released in 2018.²²!!The Crawling King contains examples of:²* ApocalypticLog: The book contains a whole bunch of them, from individual citizens, to the entire kingdom.²* BodyHorror: In one story, a woman puts a ring on, and her skeleton exits her body through her mouth, before taking the ring, and leaving her a lump of flesh on the floor.²* CreepyCentipedes: Some of the illustrations could easily be contenders for this trope's page image.²* DemBones: There's plenty of illustrations of skeletons in the book.²* HandPuppet: One of the illustrations is of a hand puppet of a king.²* WhiteGloves: The person in the circus wagon has big white gloves on his hands.²* YouDirtyRat: One of the stories involves a giant rat [=WITH SIX LEGS=] emerging from underneath a tree.²----


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