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1[[quoteright:247:]]˛˛-> ''"Come on in and meet the dead guy who'll be crowding my head for the next week."''˛-->-- '''Gwen'''˛˛'''[=iZOMBIE=]''' is a Creator/VertigoComics ongoing series about Gwen Dylan, a woman brought back from the dead for mysterious reasons. The series started in July, 2010. Set in Eugene, Oregon, Gwen has to face a preponderance of supernatural threats alongside her twentysomething life. Drawn by ''Comicbook/{{Madman}}'' author Mike Allred and written by Chris Roberson.˛˛The iZombie mythology classifies supernatural creatures using the Egyptian concept of an oversoul (memories, rational thought) and an undersoul (passion, animalistic). Central character [[MrExposition John Amon]] lays it out thusly:˛* [[OurGhostsAreDifferent Ghosts]]: A roaming oversoul.˛* {{Poltergeist}}s: A roaming undersoul.˛* [[OurZombiesAreDifferent Zombies]]: A revived body with only an undersoul, with a hunger for brains. Gwen is an exception though.˛* [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Vampires]]: A revived body with only an oversoul, with a hunger for blood.˛* [[RevenantZombie Revenants]]: A revived body with both undersoul and oversoul intact (but requiring human flesh to sustain itself).˛* [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Werewolves]]: A person sharing their body with an animal undersoul.˛* [[DemonicPossession Possessed]]: A person sharing their body with (or controlled by) a human oversoul.˛˛The series ended in 2012 due to Vertigo canceling the comic, but giving the story enough lead time to close out properly. Creator/TheCW created a Series/IZombie TV series, ''[[InNameOnly very]]'' [[InNameOnly loosely based]] on the comic. [[Series/OnceUponATime Rose]] [[Series/PowerRangersRPM McIver]] is the lead character, and [[Series/VeronicaMars Rob]] [[Series/PartyDown Thomas]] is showrunner.˛˛----˛!!!This character provides examples of:˛˛* ActionGirl: Dixie, owner of Dixie's Firehouse, Ellie and Gwen's favourite hangout. There are rumors about her being a tough woman, but when the ZombieApocalypse happens in Eugene, we get to see just how tough she is.˛* AnthropomorphicTransformation: Ubasti, who is a leopard most of the time, is something between a leopard and a human once annually.˛* AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence: [[spoiler: Gwen in the final issue in order to save the world.]] ˛* AsianAndNerdy / BollywoodNerd: Scott's tech support buddies Tan and Patel.˛* {{Backstory}}: We get a little for everyone in the story who is known to Gwen and matters to her, but not Gwen herself because of her amnesia. ˛* BeethovenWasAnAlienSpy: Abraham Lincoln was a zombie secret agent. And so are the Dead Presidents, who only bear the names of the presidents.˛* CuteGhostGirl: Ellie, who was killed in the 60s and still retains the fashion even as a ghost.˛* DaddysGirl: Ellie, though this wasn't a very positive thing.˛* DatingCatwoman: Gwen and Horatio [[spoiler: who is one of a worldwide, generations old organization of monster hunters]].˛* [[DeadManWriting Dead Woman Writing]]: Inverted. Gwen keeps journals once becoming a zombie, but finishes her story [[spoiler: through possessing Francisco]] so "everyone" who wasn't there to see it all, knows how it turned out.˛* DrivenToSuicide: [[spoiler: Gwen, after Amon shows her just what happens if the EldritchAbomination gets to come to Earth]].˛* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: Played with. Gwen and Scott have Detective Chimp in common: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin it's a cartoon about a chimp who solves crimes.]] Scott's grandfather was the voice actor for the titular character, and often took a young Scott to the monkey house at the zoo. And while a chimp is not technically a monkey, [[spoiler: Grandfather ends up possessing a chimp after his human body's death]]. ˛* FillerStrips: Filler issues, actually. There are two issues whose art is not by Mike Allred, and the ArtShift is jarring in the difference.˛* FrankensteinsMonster: Francisco, in fact those with a keen eye will notice him and his girlfriend. Tricia (who likewise becomes a monster via vampirism and joins the Paintball Girls) in some of the background in the earlier issues.˛* FriendlyEnemy: Galatea and Amon. They took tea together a few centuries ago, but they bicker like old buddies despite their diametrically opposed views.˛* HollywoodNerd: Gwen's brother Gavin. He's tall, blond, tan, buff, pretty, well spoken, but a complete fanboy who started out trying to get into comics as an artist before the near-apocalypse left him with a different career path.˛* HulkSpeak: The newly awakened Francisco. But by the end of the series, he is slowly starting to put sentences together, with indication that Gwen's having [[spoiler: possessed him to finish writing her journals]] may give him full cognizance back.˛* InterspeciesRomance: Played with. Dixie ends up dating [[spoiler: Scott's grandfather Marty, who was technically human before his death, but who now inhabits the body of a chimpanzee]].˛* KnightTemplar: The Fossor Corporation drifts into this trope with its methodology and approach to hunting monsters.˛* LongLostRelative: Gwen for her brother Gavin, and her parents. ˛* MadScientist: Galatea, who is convinced that if she can trap the EldritchAbomination in human flesh, she can force it to become her wish-granting servant. She is also quite adept at creating {{FrankensteinsMonster}}s˛* MeaningfulName: Trisha's and later Ellie's boyfriend, Francisco, ends up being a Frankenstein-type monster.˛* MonsterMash˛* MonstrousHumanoid: The "hounds of Xitalu", minor {{EldritchAbomination}}s that herald the arrival of the big one, possess human bodies, and transform them into these.˛* MyBelovedSmother: Inverted. It was Ellie's mother who believed she needed more freedom, while her father wanted her to stay close to home. The reasoning behind this was that Ellie was her father's "life". He was a shellshocked World War II veteran who basically only came to life whenever Ellie was nearby. He never allowed her to join school clubs or activities, never allowed her to trick-or-treat, and it took two years after graduation for Ellie to apply to college.˛* NobleDemon: Amon. He is a revenant, so must kill every so often to maintain his existence. But he tries always to only rid the world of bad people. When he goes to sacrifice Scott, he is extremely apologetic, and even goes so far to say he's honored that Scott considered him a friend. Averted in the end, in that Gwen was an innocent he convinced to become a Revanant so he would not have to sacrifice himself to save the world from the Big Bad, and had a way of surviving what he was going to make Gwen do.˛* NoBisexuals: Tan and Patel spend the entire series making "he must be closeted gay" jokes at Scott's expense. He starts off the series hopelessly crushing on Gwen, then jealous and sad when she gets boyfriend Horatio, only to end up married to Gwen's brother Gavin. His original romantic feelings for Gwen have been completely forgotten by all concerned.˛* OurVampiresAreDifferent: Not really, the turning process is pretty simple through a standard bite and drain. The body revives with an oversoul but the victim still retains their memories, along with a few cosmetic changes (fangs, pale skin, cat-like eyes, pointed ears, and grown fingernails that give their hands the appearance of claws). They also don't really need to drain their victim, about a pint of blood is all thats needed to sustain them.˛* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: Gwen's nerd friend, Scott, touched a dying terrier, and transforms on a full moon, but has no significant personality change or bloodlust during the transformation.˛* OurZombiesAreDifferent: Gwen is different from the usual zombie in that she retains her personality and looks (if not a little pale). She still does have the hunger for brains and has to eat some every so often, though only eats those of the recently deceased (gaining their memories in the process). If she doesn't do so, however, she will turn into a typical zombie.˛* PragmaticVillainy: The Paintball vampires use their business to lure in customers and feed on them but only enough to keep them going and never fully draining their victims so they become vampires. They also try to keep a low profile as best as they can.˛* TastesLikeFeet: Gwen's description of what brains taste like.˛-->'''Gwen:''' Like motor oil and someone else's vomit.˛* TooDumbToLive: Claire, who not only got herself bitten and became a vampire, but could never keep a low profile and just attacked whomever she felt like, getting herself staked in the first few opening issues [[spoiler: She got better via a mad scientist.]]˛* TookAThirdOption: Gwen, when faced with the arrival of the EldritchAbomination has a choice. Kill everyone she knows, loves, and cares about, or let the creature end the world. [[spoiler: Gwen deduces correctly that if it eats souls and she can eat them too, she can eat ''it'' -- so she does, becoming a higher being in the process, no longer able to live on Earth]].˛* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Gwen ''can'' eat regular food but it does nothing for her as a zombie. The only foods she does eat are coffee and chocolate, so much so that she asks for "the usual" whenever she shows up at Dixie's.˛* TranshumanTreachery: Self-admitted by the Paintball Girls leader Nemia, before she bites Tricia. [[ It should be noted that Tricia made the decision to become a vampire herself.]]˛--> '''Tricia''': W-Will it hurt?˛--> '''Nemia''': I'm not gonna lie to you. Yes, it will. But it's all right. (Lunges at the unprepared Tricia, fangs bared) ''After a while, you start to like it!''˛* TragicMonster: The Paintball girls who, according to the leader, were just college students making their way through school. However one of their own, Claire, a very impulsive and immature girl, went out with the wrong guy, who happened to be a vampire. She was turned and then returned back to the dorm where the girls were studying, attacking them and transforming them all into vampires.˛* TheUndead: Comes in many flavors here.˛* TheUnmasquedWorld: By the end of the comic, the existence of monsters becomes known to the public. Then again, it's kinda hard to hide it when a Cthulhu-like monster pretty much appears over the city.˛* ZombieApocalypse: A story arc saw zombies suddenly rise up and attack the city.˛----


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