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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛''El Marvo'' is a Luchador ComicBook by Ben Errington, Luke Kondor, Dan Butcher, Will Robson, and Vincent Cyril.˛˛In the distant future, Nuclear War and diseases have ravaged the planet once known as Earth. These days, all that's left is a nuclear cesspool the locals have taken to calling "Muck". Muck is ruled over by a tyrannical dictator known as Sokrates. While the locals worship him, he's content to squander their resources on buying mutants and weapons to add to his army.˛˛And then [[MaskedLuchador El Marvo]] wakes up.˛˛He has no memory of why he was put there, but soon he realizes what he needs to do. So, gaining some teenage sidekicks, El Marvo becomes the hero the people of Muck need to save them from Sokrates' reign.˛˛The comic was [[ funded]] on Website/{{Kickstarter}} on February 21st, 2017. It was released on July 8th, 2017.˛˛----˛!!El Marvo contains examples of:˛* AfterTheEnd: The world was reduced to a radioactive cesspool by nuclear war and disease. Now it's known as "Muck".˛* AlliterativeName: Go Get 'Em Girl's civilian identity is '''M'''adeline '''M'''oonshine.˛* BadassLongcoat: Knuckle Duster wears one that has a [[InTheHood hood]].˛* BaldOfEvil: 8-Ball has no hair on his head, and serves Socrates as second-in-command.˛* BigBad: Sokrates, who rules over all Muck with an iron fist.˛* EyepatchOfPower: 8-Ball, Sokrates' second-in-command, has an eye patch covering one of his eyes.˛* GrapplingGun: Knuckle Duster uses one to descend an elevator shaft in Issue #1.˛* InTheHood: Knuckle Duster wears a black [[BadassLongcoat long coat]] that has a hoodie.˛* MaskedLuchador: El Marvo, of course.˛* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: No one knows 8-Ball's true name.˛* ProtagonistTitle˛----


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