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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛''Angel Love'' is an eight-issue comic book series created by Barbara Slate and published by Creator/DCComics in 1986. It tells the story of the lead character Angel Love, a rollerskating waitress at a New York restaurant who is an aspiring cartoonist. Her circle of friends include Cindy, another rollerskating waitress, Wendy, her aspiring actress roommate, and Everett, her musician neighbor. Despite the cute cartoonish artwork, ''Angel Love'' deals with serious issues such as drug use, abortion, critical illnesses, and incest, making the series [[AudienceAlienatingPremise confusing to market]]. The series ended with a special that concluded the events that the final four issues were dealing with, the story arc of Angel finding her long-lost sister Mary Beth.˛-----˛!!''Angel Love'' provides examples of˛* AlliterativeName: '''M'''aureen '''M'''c'''M'''eal.˛* ApologyGift: In the special that closes out the series, when Lola decides she's had enough of Everett when he skips out on her and leaves a goodbye note for him, he shows up at her door with an apology gift: a necklace with a gold musical note pendant. She likes it enough to forgive him.˛* BagsOfLetters: In one issue, where Wendy is seeking out somebody she could date through the personals, Angel opens her mail slot and ''[[ExplodingCloset dozens of letters]]'' [[ExplodingCloset all addressed to Wendy just pour out of it!]] Angel takes them to Wendy and dumps them all on top of her.˛* BigApplesauce: The main setting of the series.˛* {{Blackmail}}: How Angel gets Mary Beth to save their mother, by threatening to expose her Maureen [=McMeal=] identity. Angel keeps her promise of silence, but the information is still leaked to the press, causing Mary Beth to drop out of the political race and out of Angel's life forever.˛* BlindDate: Wendy has one with ''a child''!!!˛* ClingyJealousGirl: Everett's girlfriend Lola.˛* DeadpanSnarker: Everett's got a pretty sharp tongue. Luckily for him, Wendy's antics give him a lot of material for him to work with.˛* TheDitz[=/=]DumbBlonde: Wendy Thornball.˛* ExplodingCloset: Angel's apartment mail slot explodes with letters that were all addressed to her roommate Wendy when she put out a personal ad looking for a date.˛* FairyCompanion: Halo, the fairy that comes to life when Angel draws her.˛* FoodSlap: Angel gives one to a customer who tries to hit on her while upsetting the woman he's currently with.˛* FunctionalAddict: Don the bartender snorts cocaine and appears to have his life under control, but Angel sees that drugs have control of him. Angel refuses to take drugs and eventually refuses to date him until he cleans himself up.˛* GoodGirlsAvoidAbortion: Cindy becomes pregnant, and is considering an abortion. Angel is against her friend having one, but Cindy is so adamant to have an abortion that Angel joins her at the abortion clinic for moral support...until Cindy suddenly decides not to have an abortion and to marry her boyfriend instead.˛* InterruptedIntimacy: Angel Love does this to Everett and his girlfriend Lola twice whenever she enters her own apartment.˛* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: Everett resembles Music/MichaelJackson of the early 1980s.˛* NoSparks: An entire issue is dedicated to the title character trying to see if there's any chemistry in the relationship she's having with a guy she's been seeing or not.˛* ObfuscatingDisability: Rose the bird. She ''does'' get injured by a cyclist while Wendy teaches her how to fly but continues to have Wendy pamper her long after her foot heals. ˛* OnlySaneMan: Between being a CloudCuckoolandersMinder for the ditzy and gullible Wendy and being the rational side to Angel and her questionable decisions with her love life, Everett's got it rough.˛* ParentalIncest: Angel finds out that her sister Mary Beth left home and changed her name to Maureen [=McMeal=] due to the shame she carried of Angel and Mary Beth's father sleeping with Mary Beth, and is even ashamed that she actually enjoyed it.˛* ReleasedToElsewhere: Inverted in this series: Angel was told by her mother that her father died and went to heaven. In truth, as revealed by Angel's sister Mary Beth (later renamed Maureen [=McMeal=]), Angel's father left the house after the mother discovered that he was sleeping with Mary Beth, and is possibly still alive.˛* TalkingAnimal: Angel Love's apartment has ''talking cockroaches''.


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