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1[[foldercontrol]]²[[folder:The Main Trio]]²!!Dr. Vic Frankenstein²->Voiced by: Creator/DavidWarner²[[quoteright:185:]]²²The resident MadScientist of the show's main segments.²----²* BadBoss: He frequently threatens to cause serious harm to Igor and Phil whenever they disobey him or bungle things up.²* BigThinShortTrio: He's the thin guy with Phil being the big guy and Igor being the short guy.²* MadScientist: He's a mad scientist.²* MyBrainIsBig: His cranium is large and he is a scientist.²²!!Igor²->Voiced by: Creator/WayneKnight²[[quoteright:350:]]²²Dr. Vic's hunchback assistant, who isn't shy about the contempt he harbors for his boss.²----²* BigThinShortTrio: He is the short member of the group with Dr. Vic being the thin and Phil being the big.²* TheIgor: Just in case the name didn't indicate it, he's a hunchback assisting Dr. Vic Frankenstein in his experiments.²* ServileSnarker: He's Dr. Vic's assistant, but doesn't usually have anything nice to say about his boss.²²!!Phil²->Voiced by: Creator/BradGarrett²[[quoteright:329:]]²²Dr. Vic's dim-witted and clumsy creation.²----²* BigThinShortTrio: He's the big guy with Igor and Dr. Vic respectively being the short guy and the thin guy.²* TheDitz: He isn't very bright.²* FrankensteinsMonster: He is obviously yet another interpretation of the Frankenstein monster.²* HulkSpeak: He quite often refers to himself in third person and doesn't use complete sentences.²* ManChild: He tends to act like a big kid, like when he wants a Darla Doily doll for his birthday.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:The Deadmans]]²!!Dedgar Deadman²->Voiced by: Creator/MattFrewer (season 1), Creator/JessHarnell (season 2)²[[quoteright:277:]]²²The father of the Deadmans, a family of zombies.²----²* AlliterativeName: His given name and his surname both begin with the letter D.²* GoodParents: He and his wife Stiffany both love their children and want them to do well in life.²* HappilyMarried: He and his wife Stiffany are happy together.²* PunnyName: His name is a play on "dead" and the name Edgar.²* TooDumbToLive: Quite often, he gets himself and his family into predicaments that would've killed them if they weren't already dead.²²!!Stiffany Deadman²->Voiced by: Valery Pappas²[[quoteright:236:]]²²Dedgar Deadman's wife.²----²* BeehiveHairdo: Her hair is styled so that she kind of looks like a red-haired Marge Simpson.²* GoodParents: She and Dedgar care about their children and aren't shown to be abusive.²* HappilyMarried: She is clearly happy with her husband Dedgar.²* PunnyName: Her name is a play on the name Tiffany and how the word "stiff" can be slang for corpse.²²!!Fred Deadman²->Voiced by: Creator/BillyWest²[[quoteright:276:]]²²Dedgar and Stiffany's son.²----²* OddNameOut: He's the only member of the Deadman family whose given name isn't a pun on being deceased.²²!!Ashley Deadman²->Voiced by: Creator/KathSoucie²[[quoteright:212:]]²²Dedgar and Stiffany's daughter.²----²* PunnyName: Her name is a play on "ashes to ashes".²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Melissa Screetch]]²!!Melissa Screetch²->Voiced by: Creator/NancyCartwright²[[quoteright:308:]]²²A bratty girl who is the subject of cautionary tales Igor reads to Phil whenever he catches the monster misbehaving.²----²* BrattyHalfPint: She's a girl who tends to act selfish and troublesome.²* EvilRedhead: She has red hair and is very ill-behaved.²* GirlishPigtails: She's a young girl with pigtails.²[[/folder]]


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