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1[[foldercontrol]]²²²[[folder: The Mobile Rescue Police]]²!'''Gou Kurumada''' (Driver of Drive Head 01 Sonic Interceptor and Drive Head 01 Mk-II Cyclone Interceptor)²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Natsumi Fujiwara²A 5th grader in Takatomi Elementary school. Grandson of the developer of the Drive Gear. Gou became the first Drive Head pilot for the Mobile Rescue Police, after many failed attempts with adult drivers. His Drive Head is police car-themed.²He plays soccer, loves curry, and has a crush on the school idol Kasumi. Gou is childish and can be overly enthusiastic, but has a just heart and is determined to protect the city's peace.²²* AscendedFanboy: Before becoming a driver, he already thought the Drive Head his father was working on was really cool, and liked to play in the simulator.²* AwesomeByAnalysis: In an interesting case, it's portrayed as both a weakness and a strength. He's so good at taking in the situation and finding a solution that others can't keep up with his judgment.²* BlueIsHeroic: As the main hero, both he and his mechs get a blue color scheme. It's also because blue is associated with police.²* ButtMonkey: Falls into this sometimes, if any of the drivers need to suffer comic misfortune. There was even a whole episode where he had bad luck via TV fortune-telling.²* CallingYourBathroomBreaks: He has to do this regularly during class, in order to have an excuse to leave and do rescue work. Other students do start wondering about this.²* CatchPhrase: Hyper Dash!²* DreamingOfThingsToCome: Before becoming a driver, Gou has a dream that he's one.²* FriendlyRivalry: With Taiga. They compete and argue sometimes, but it really isn't a petty relationship. Especially after Gou rescues Taiga in an early episode.²** Kuroeda also seems to see Gou this way.²* TheHero: While all the kids are heroes, Gou is the protagonist and often the one who gets to make the final move and save everyone else from a bad spot.²* IdiotHero: A downplayed version. Definitely has his moments when he does or says stupid things, but he's never portrayed as a total dunce.²* JumpedAtTheCall: Having been interested in the Drive Head to begin with, he needed no convincing to get inside when he believed it was calling to him.²* LaserBlade: He uses a lightsaber weapon once upgraded to the Cyclone Interceptor.²* MeaningfulName: Kuruma = Car, Gou = Go.²* SaveTheVillain: He saves Maiko in one episode, though by accident. He thought her boat was the one he was supposed to rescue, and was mad when he found out he saved a thief.²* SharedFamilyQuirks: Like his father, he's extremely enthusiastic and keeps at a pace no one can truly keep up with.²* ShipTease: Gets a fair bit with Kasumi, whom he has a crush on. [[ShipperOnDeck Even their classmates ship them.]]²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: He really loves curry.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: It may be [[HairColorDissonance a stylized black]], but it's still notable in a world of mostly normal hair colors.²²!'''Taiga Yagura''' (Driver of Drive Head 02 Rescue Backdraft, Drive Head 02 Mk-II Brave Backdraft and Drive Head 02 Mk-III Master Backdraft)²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Sachi Kokuryu²A 5th grader in Takatomi Elementary school. Nephew to Saionji, the Mobile Rescue Police commander. His Drive Head is firetruck themed.²Taiga is talented and popular in school. He can be quiet and distant, and isn't always honest with his feelings, but becomes passionate in the heat of a rescue.²²* {{Adorkable}}: Aside from his rather poor social skills and his love for bizarre-flavored ice creams, he's the kid who proudly declares that a blobby stick-figure he crafted out of wood is Backdraft.²* BadassInDistress: In ep. 9, he ends up trapped in a volcano while doing rescue work, with his life in danger. [[spoiler: His upgraded machine is designed with more heat resistance, to prevent such problems in the future.]]²* BizarreTasteInFood: He prefers ice cream flavors like omelette and beef stroganoff. ²* ChasteHero: He's very popular with the girls, but is still the driver who doesn't have a love interest.²* DropTheHammer: One of his weapons when upgraded to Brave Backdraft.²* FriendlyRivalry: With Gou. They compete and argue sometimes, but it really isn't a petty relationship. Especially after Gou rescues Taiga in an early episode.²* HeroicFireRescue: Given that his machine is meant for fire-fighting, he does this plenty of times. A notable case was in episode 23, where he rescues Saionji and Maruyama from a burning oil plant.²* HotBlooded: Naturally, the red robot's pilot is the most passionate in the heat of battle. It's especially interesting because of how stoic he tends to be when not out on a rescue.²* HourOfPower: His Sychro Fusion with the Transporter Gaia is extremely powerful, but only lasts three minutes. After that, the entire Drive Head shuts down.²* ParentalAbandonment: His parents are never mentioned, although his uncle Saionji is his caretaker.²* TakingTheBullet: Does this to protect White Crystal Hope from being hit by a missile in the web series, leading to Brave Backdraft being totaled. ²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Syorisyori ice cream, in numerous disgusting-sounding flavors.²* {{Tsundere}}: He's very aloof at first, especially towards Gou, and unwilling to admit he sees Gou as a friend. He does mellow out quite a bit over time.²* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: He's scared of ghosts and the supernatural in general. He doesn't take it well when the MRP are investigating seemingly supernatural occurrences on an island. ²²!'''Jin Ishino''' (Driver of Drive Head 03 White Hope and Drive Head 03 Mk-II White Crystal Hope)²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Creator/KeiShindou²A 5th grader in Takatomi Elementary school. Twin brother to Mikoto. The two share a Drive Head, which is ambulance-themed.²Jin is gentle, sensitive and intelligent, but he would prefer not to be thought of as cute. He has a love for all kinds of animals.²²* BrotherSisterTeam: With Mikoto. The two share a robot. [[spoiler: Until the web series, when Mikoto gets her own. Still, their Drive Heads look near identical and they continue fighting together.]]²* CombatMedic: He and Mikoto strive to be doctors like their parents, and pilot an ambulance-themed robot. However, given the show's focus on robot action, they're rarely seen doing medical work.²* FriendToAllLivingThings: Shown to love and know a lot about different animals, like bugs and fish. No surprise his love interest is a girl with a salamander mask.²* SecretKeeper: He knows the true face of the idol Sala Manda.²* SharedFamilyQuirks: He and Mikoto have similar tastes and often seem to be thinking on the same wavelength, which is discussed in the show. It's a result of them being twins.²* ShipTease: He gets this with IdolSinger Sala, his crush. In a usually action-oriented show, a whole episode is devoted to it.²* ThinkTwins: He and Mikoto are shown to be quite intelligent, playing complicated math games for fun.²²!'''Mikoto Ishino''' (Driver of Drive Head 03 White Hope, Drive Head 03 Mk-II White Crystal Hope and Drive Head 03 Mk-II White Pearl Hope)²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Creator/SachikaMisawa²A 5th grader in Takatomi Elementary school. Twin sister to Jin. The two share a Drive Head, which is ambulance-themed.²Mikoto is assertive, outgoing and girly. Sometimes she'll tease or argue with the other drivers, but is typically well-meaning. She is a big fan of the idol Sala Manda.²²* ActionGirl: She's one of the chosen drivers, and manages to be quite competent, although she doesn't get as many moments in the spotlight as the other three.²* BrotherSisterTeam: With Jin. The two share a robot. [[spoiler: Until the web series, when she gets her own. Still, their Drive Heads look near identical and they continue fighting together.]]²* CombatMedic: She and Jin strive to be doctors like their parents, and pilot an ambulance-themed robot. However, given the show's focus on robot action, they're rarely seen doing medical work.²* {{Fangirl}}: She's a really big fan of the idol Sala Manda. When she learns from her brother that she met and even touched the unmasked Sala, she's gushing.²* GirlyBruiser: She's shown to have very girly hobbies, having a knack for fashion and cooking. She's also a very capable driver, and can be especially destructive when Synchro Fused with the Rescue Bull Chainsaw.²* SharedFamilyQuirks: She and Jin have similar tastes and often seem to be thinking on the same wavelength, which is discussed in the show. It's a result of them being twins.²* ShipperOnDeck: She finds the [[SickeninglySweethearts relationship]] Gou's parents have to be adorable.²* TheSmurfettePrinciple: She's the only girl who pilots a Drive Head.²* ThinkTwins: She and Jin are shown to be quite intelligent, playing complicated math games for fun.²²!'''Chief Engineer Jou Kurumada''' (Driver of Transporter Gaia)²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Creator/KenjiHamada²Father to Gou, and son to the creator of the Drive Gear. ²He adores his family, but is also a workaholic who can be very absent-minded. His hobby is watching dam drainage.²²* ActionDad: Though typically he stays out of the front lines, he actually gets in one of the Transporter Gaias and fights later on. Even before that, he's shown to be very athletic when he has to scale a mountain.²* ADayInTheLimelight: Episode 29 is largely focused on him, and his dilemma when he gets the day off from work and finds his wife is gone.²* DitzyGenius: He's a skilled mechanic and brilliant strategist. Other than that, he can be rather clueless.²* EmbarrassingNickname: Mikoto insists on calling him "Gou Papa."²* TheEngineer: Chief Engineer to the Mobile Rescue Police.²* GoodParents: He clearly loves and supports Gou. Helps that while he's a parent, he's a character in his own right, so he doesn't feel like a FlatCharacter.²* MarriedToTheJob: Played with. He loves his wife very much, but eventually realizes that he puts so much priority on his work that Kumiko might be justified in leaving him. Of course, his fears are wrong.²* SickeninglySweethearts: With his wife, Kumiko. Gou is quite embarrassed by their public displays of affection.²* SharedFamilyQuirks: Like his son, he's extremely enthusiastic and keeps at a pace no one can truly keep up with.²²!'''Commander Takahito Saionji'''²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Kenichirou Matsuda²Commander of the Mobile Rescue Police and Taiga's uncle. He is an old friend of Kurumada.²²* DistressedDude: In one episode, he's trapped in a burning oil plant.²* TheFace: To the Mobile Rescue Police. Apparently, being the commander also makes him their main PR representative.²* SupportingLeader: He's the commander of the Mobile Rescue Police.²* MissionControl: He gives commands and approves actions for the Mobile Rescue Police, but doesn't do any kind of front-line fighting.²* ParentalSubstitute: To Taiga. Actually, he's his uncle.²²!'''Chief Arisa Munakata''' (Driver of Transporter Gaia)²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Kaho Kouda²A member of the Mobile Rescue Police who often supports the drivers right from the front lines.²Always extremely competent and reliable. She grew up on an island.²²* ActionGirl: She's a very talented pilot, also able to control various Support Vehicles remotely and be effective in combat.²* AffectionateNickname: Her grandmother calls her Acchan.²* FairCop: She's a police officer as well as being MsFanservice.²* IdiotBall: Gets hit with one in ep. 34. It's particularly glaring when she's normally shown to be very perceptive. [[spoiler: Munakata ignores Axel's attempts to warn her and launches in the Transporter Gaia. Because the Gaia currently had a Black Chip stuck in it, this leads to a second disaster besides the one the Mobile Rescue Police had launched to deal with in the first place.]]²* MsExposition: In many episodes, she explains the incident of the week to the drivers as they're launching.²* MsFanservice: As much of this trope is possible for a show aimed at pre-schoolers. Mainly, it's the outfit she wears, and she's certainly the MRP member most likely to get fanservice shots.²* TeamMom: Typically acts like this to the Mobile Rescue Police. She cares for the drivers and is certainly protective of them.²²!'''Megumi Shinmon''' (Driver of Transporter Gaia)²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Creator/AmiKoshimizu²One of the operators for the Mobile Rescue Police. ²She's also a teacher at Takatomi Elementary school, who helps to cover up the secret identities of the drivers, and makes sure the kids are up-to-date on their school work whether they like it or not.²²* BadassTeacher: She's also an operator for the Mobile Rescue Police, and can pilot a Transporter Gaia. Or she might just headlock Gou if he comes close to spilling the secret that he's Interceptor's driver.²* DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale: Her comical assaults on Gou probably wouldn't happen if she were a male teacher and he were a female student.²* MissionControl: Usually, she works as one of the operators for the Mobile Rescue Police, alongside Anzai.²* SadistTeacher: Played for laughs, and she is solely this towards Gou. Otherwise, she's very nice to other students.²²!'''Eiko Anzai'''²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Ami Naito²One of the operators for the Mobile Rescue Police. She appears to be newer to the job, and less-experienced.²²* FlatCharacter: She usually just works at the Mobile Rescue Police Headquarters, and is given very little characterization or role in the overall plot.²* MissionControl: She's one of the operators for the Mobile Rescue Police, and doesn't pilot any of the machines.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Hers is green.²²!'''Hayato Isurugi and Toshimichi Izawa''' (Driver of Rescue Bull Chainsaw and Transporter Gaia)²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Creator/JunjiMajima (Isurugi) and Nobuaki Kanemitsu (Izawa)²Two mechanics who work under Kurumada. They're very passionate about machines.²²* AmbiguouslyGay: The two are always seen together, even hanging out having lunch together in one scene while Kurumada and Kumiko have their lunch date. That Isurugi basically hits on Gou in one episode makes it likely that at the very least, he's not straight.²* BrainwashedAndCrazy: Very briefly, as an effect of over-exposure to the Evil AI's sound.²* FanBoy: To the point that they convince Gou to come to a car show with them, in order to test ride a car that you need a kid to get into.²* OneSteveLimit: This comes up in the movie. Due to having a crossover with ''Anime/ShinkansenHenkeiRoboShinkalion'', there are two Hayato's. That being said, Drive Head's Hayato has a very minor role in the course of the movie, and he goes by a LastNameBasis anyway.²* ThoseTwoGuys: Always together, not really different personality-wise but one is tall and skinny while the other short and fat. They often just provide comic relief.²* YesMan: They're basically this for Kurumada.²²!'''Pit'''²[[quoteright:350:]] ²A small robot with an AI, who helps around at the Mobile Rescue Police Headquarters.²²* BenevolentAI: He's a robot buddy. Quite the opposite of the Evil AI.²* ChekhovsGun: [[spoiler: Inside Pit is data for a copy of Joutarou Kurumada, Gou's deceased grandfather. He has been observing the drivers all along.]]²* RobotBuddy: A very helpful one, who lives in the Mobile Rescue Police headquarters.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: The Mobile Assualt Police]]²!'''Shun Kuroeda''' (Driver of S.I.B. Max)²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Creator/TakahiroMizushima²A Drive Head driver who works for the Mobile Assault Police, a separate organization from the Mobile Rescue Police. They specialize in going after criminals involved in science-related crimes. His Drive Head is designed for making swift attacks rather than rescuing.²Kuroeda is short-tempered, aggressive and blunt, but has a very kind heart. ²²* AcePilot: He's a super-prodigy who can pilot a Drive Head despite not being "chosen" by the Drive Gear. And his skills are above-average too.²* DarkIsNotEvil: Despite having a black Drive Head, and even the kids initially suspecting he's an enemy, Kuroeda is a genuinely nice guy who would likely be insulted to be called evil.²* EnemyMine:[[spoiler: Although dedicated to trying to capture Karigari, in the finale of the first series he calls for a truce and agrees to fight alongside him against the fake Drive Heads produced by the Evil AI.]]²* FairCop: He's a young, good-looking police officer.²* HonoraryTrueCompanion: Although he pilots a Drive Head and fights with the Mobile Rescue Police on several occasions, he's actually a member of the separate Mobile Assault Police.²* MeaningfulName: Kuro = black. His Drive Head is black.²* SaveTheVillain: [[spoiler: He saves Karigari, who was being crushed to death by his own Walker Vehicle when the Evil AI took it over.]]²* SweetTooth: According to the Q&A show Drive Head News Channel, he loves sweets, though everything within that is rather dubious canon.²²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder: Antagonists]]²²!'''Dr. Fritz von Gustav Karigari'''²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Creator/KoujiIshii²A self-proclaimed "genius scientist" who despises the Mobile Rescue Police and seeks revenge on them, due to the Drive Heads being made rather than the system he developed.²Though extremely petty and smug, he is not truly evil and isn't interested in actually hurting anyone. In particular, he cares for his two subordinates, as well as Sasagawa, whom he has a crush on.²²* BenevolentBoss: He's actually very fond of Akira and Yusuke, and wants them around despite considering them useless idiots.²* ButNotTooForeign: Apparently he's part Japanese and part German.²* CannotSpitItOut: He's unable to tell Sasagawa he loves her, whether because circumstances interrupt him, or he's simply too shy. And of course [[ObliviousToLove she has no clue.]]²* CrazyPrepared: Usually. [[spoiler: Fully expecting to be sabotaged by the Evil AI, he had a backup of his countervirus sent to Sasagawa. On top of that, he had another hideout prepared under his hideout, which was destroyed in that same incident.]]²* DisproportionateRetribution: While he has reason to be upset with Kurumada for crushing his dream, the elaborate revenge plans he constructs, especially the time he outright tried to burn down the Mobile Rescue Police headquarters, definitely go beyond simply getting comeuppance.²* EvilCounterpart: To Kurumada. Both are geniuses who develop robots, the difference being that Kurumada is serving the greater good.²* EvilGloating: He loves doing this when it comes to his revenge plans, and is a very sore winner.²* GadgeteerGenius: Well he is a mad scientist. He especially likes to build things that mess with the weather.²* GracefulLoser: Surprisingly, he usually just leaves without much trouble when he does fail, even if he's unhappy about it.²* HandicappedBadass: [[spoiler: After being blown up in the Tower of Babel, he loses a hand and an eye. This does not stop him from playing a major role in saving the world once again in the movie.]]²* InsistentTerminology: Simply calling him Dr. Karigari does not suffice. He always has an overly-long title he insists people use, but changes it around at whim.²* InsufferableGenius: He'll assert his intelligence and superiority over the Mobile Rescue Police as often as possible... and he actually has a point.²* LargeHam: Always overly dramatic and makes everything into a production.²* MadScientist: He is indeed a super genius, and has many inventions to use in his revenge plots.²* ShipTease: With Sasagawa, whom he crushes on and saves a couple times.²* SirNotAppearingInThisTrailer: Technically, he does appear in one trailer for the movie. However, this is actually a scene of old footage from the anime. The creators actually did a good job of hiding him from all promotional material, despite his major role in the movie [[spoiler: to hide the extent of his injuries, leading him to wear a mask over half his face and have one prosthetic hand.]]²* StalkerWithACrush: Played for laughs. When he learns that he and Sasagawa are staying at the same hotel by coincidence, he's afraid that by approaching her, she'll think it's not a coincidence and he's stalking her. Thus, he winds up actually stalking her instead to prevent that.²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Steak. He'll even eat it for breakfast.²* VillainousCrush: He falls in love with Sasagawa after seeing her on TV. However, he's too shy to confess to her. Actually sweet, because she has a sort of humbling effect on him.²* VillainousRescue: He and his two subordinates save Sasagawa from falling to her death. [[spoiler: Twice.]]²** [[spoiler: Later, he invents a virus which helps the Mobile Rescue Police temporarily take down the Evil AI.]]²** [[spoiler: And in the end of the first season, he also flies into the Tower of Babel and stops the Evil AI from destroying the world.]]²²!'''Yusuke and Akira'''²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Tsukasa Saito(Yusuke) and Takeshi (Akira)²Two criminals, who are the loyal subordinates of Dr. Karigari.²The two are foolish and often make a mess of things, but can be competent when push comes to shove.²²* AffablyEvil: They're actually pretty sweet and cheerful, when they're not committing crimes to help Karigari. They get along nicely with Sasagawa.²* AllThereInTheManual: Yusuke's name is never stated in the anime. Only in the credits and on the official site.²* CelebrityVoiceActor: They're voiced by the comedy duo Trendy Angel.²* ChekhovsGunman: They appear to just be one-shot criminals for Gou to arrest. It's revealed several episodes later that they're Karigari's subordinates.²* ShipperOnDeck: They seem willing to help Karigari with his crush on Sasagawa.²* ThoseTwoBadGuys: They have basically indistinguishable personalities, and are always seen together.²* UndyingLoyalty: To Karigari. They're happy to follow him around everywhere, and genuinely want to help him, even though they don't find his revenge necessary.²* YouAreWorthHell: Platonic example. [[spoiler:Karigari knows he might die in the battle against Ark, and the two of them express that they're completely willing to go to hell with him.]]²²!'''Maiko'''²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Creator/MarinaInoue²A jewel theif. She uses the Black Chips in order to help her commit crimes, although she is not directly associated with the Evil AI.²Her partner is Idaten, an AI she met in a car she hijacked.²²* ClassyCatBurglar: At least a kid-friendly version. Can't have an adult flirting with 5th graders. She's always looking for things to steal for herself, and obviously doesn't get along with the Mobile Rescue Police.²* EvilFeelsGood: She steals for fun and profit. Additionally, she releases Idaten from his safety features, so he can do whatever he wants.²* MasterOfDisguise: Typically disguises herself for her heists.²** PaperThinDisguise: In one episode, she wears Munakata's clothing and does nothing else to change her appearance. Yet people actually believe she's Munakata.²* MsFanservice: Gets a fair amount of fanservicey scenes.²²!'''Idaten'''²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Creator/RikakoAikawa²Originally the AI of a self-driving car. He was liberated from his safety features because of a Black Chip, and went wild. Maiko copied his data afterwards, and he continued helping her commit crimes.²²* AIIsACrapshoot: He isn't truly malicious like the Evil AI. But he's very fond of Maiko and willingly helps her carry out crimes.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: [[spoiler: The incident where Idaten goes wild is a hint of the potential dangers of AIs. This is shown clearly much later, with the Evil AI.]]²²!'''The Evil AI/Ark/Tera'''²[[quoteright:350:]] ²A mysterious AI with an eye symbol. It infects various machines, making them lose control and causing large-scale disasters as a result.²²* AIIsACrapshoot: Basically, a pure evil presence [[spoiler: made up of negative human emotions, self-evolving all the time, and extremely murderous.]]²* TheBigBad: It may not be human, but it's the ultimate enemy of the series.²* BishonenLine: [[spoiler: Although the Evil AI starts off as just an eyeball symbol with no human-like traits at all, in the 2018 web series and movie, it takes on a form resembling a human child, which is far more powerful. Then it evolves from there into a more handsome-looking young man. Subverted in its final form though, which just resembles a mountain with a head coming out the top of it.]]²* HumansAreBastards: [[spoiler: This is the way it feels, due to absorbing so much negative energy from humans.]]²* KillAllHumans: Very intent on doing so [[spoiler: and it very near succeeds at the end of the first season.]]²* MadeOfEvil: It's a mass of negative human emotion, that gains power by absorbing even more negativity.²* MeaningfulName: Ark sounds a lot like "Aku" when pronounced in Japanese. Additionally, there's clearly some word-play going on with AI and eye.²* NotQuiteDead: [[spoiler: Although Ark is shut down, the evil will remains. Even when it seems to have been sealed away permanently, the end of season one shows it's still on the loose.]]²* VileVillainSaccharineShow: Considering Drive Head is a very lighthearted show aimed at preschoolers, that makes the Evil AI seem all the more horrifying. [[spoiler: Especially the gruesome way it turns the people it assimilates with to metal.]]²* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: [[spoiler: At the very least, Joutarou Kurumada sees it this way. He believes that Ark felt lonely being buried under the ground in its incomplete state for 30 years, which is why it tried to assimilate with humans in the first place. Then, because of the negativity it absorbed, came to the false conclusion that HumansAreBastards.]]²²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Civilians]]²²!'''Yuri Sasagawa'''²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Yuri Sasagawa²An announcer for Akasaka TV. She is a huge fangirl of the Drive Heads, particularly Sonic/Cyclone Interceptor, and always rushes out to cover their rescues.²Sasagawa is usually cheerful and upbeat, and has a love for justice. She seeks to learn the truth about the identities of the drivers, and about the cause of the various strange incidents in the city.²²* {{Adorkable}}: She's a sweet, gushing robot fangirl. Normally she tries to stay professional, but occasionally will slip and start obsessing while on TV.²* AsHimself: Really treads the line between this and TheDanza. Yuri Sasagawa is an actual TBS announcer. This version of her works for Akasaka TV, wears glasses, and lives in a futuristic world with different circumstances. According to some interviews, the character is a different entity with the same name. But she's still largely modeled after the real person, and even appears in live-action sequences after the episodes.²* DamselInDistress: Not as much as one might expect given her position, but she ends up needing to be saved from peril twice by Interceptor and twice by Karigari.²* {{Fangirl}}: Of Drive Head, particularly Sonic/Cyclone Interceptor. She actually blushes around it, faints after it saves her, and fantasizes about romancing its pilot (being completely unaware that he's a 5th grader.)²* GoingForTheBigScoop: She'll always get right in the line of danger to cover a story, especially if it concerns Drive Head. This gets her into trouble when she rushes out during her vacation to cover a meteorite crash in the mountains.²* LockedOutOfTheLoop: Much to her disappointment, she doesn't know who the pilots of Drive Head are, or a lot of the larger picture.²* MoralityPet: She ends up becoming one for Karigari, though is unaware of this herself. Yet his crush on her does lead to some of his more noble behavior.²** Most glaringly in the movie when [[spoiler: he comes up with a way to save the entire world ''because she's sad''.]]²* ObliviousToLove: She has no idea that Karigari is interested in her. Of course, it doesn't help that he CannotSpitItOut either.²* PluckyGirl: Even though she usually has no explanation to the crazy things going on around her, she has guts and is not afraid to run into a dangerous situation to see Drive Head, or even stand up to Karigari.²* PurelyAestheticGlasses: According to supplementary material, she actually has above-average vision. Although given that it's News Channel, the ability to take anything there as canon comes into question.²* SecretKeeper: For the months between the end of the TV series and start of the movie, she was the only person who knew [[spoiler: Karigari was still alive.]]²* SempaiKohai: She is the sempai to Unai, another announcer.²* ShipTease: With Karigari, despite her being ObliviousToLove, the end of the first season makes it clear she at least cares about him.²²!'''Kasumi Haruno'''²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Emiri Iwai²A 5th grader in Takatomi Elementary school. Although popular and often seen with friends, she can be harsh to Gou.²Kasumi loves Drive Head, and crushes on the driver of Sonic/Cyclone Interceptor, despite not knowing their identity.²Her dream is to one day be the commander of the Mobile Rescue Police.²²* ADayInTheLimelight: Despite mostly being a background character, both episodes 21 and 33 primarily focus on her. The first is about her being trapped on a renegade train, the second about her accidentally falling into the Mobile Rescue Police base when no one is around.²* DamselInDistress: Due to being Gou's crush, she falls into this role three times.²** DamselOutOfDistress: Despite getting into trouble quite a few times, by the third time she plays an active role in helping with the rescue.²** Rescuing her becomes a major plot point once again in the movie.²* GirlishPigtails: Always wears her hair in pigtails.²* LovesMyAlterEgo: She's head-over-heels in love with Cyclone/Sonic Interceptor's driver. She doesn't realize it's Gou.²* SchoolIdol: She manages to be one in the 5th grade.²* ShipTease: Quite a bit with Gou. It's implied that she's gradually warming up to him [[spoiler: and she even considers that he might be Interceptor's driver.]]²* {{Tsundere}}: Her aloof behavior is only towards Gou. She's otherwise sweet and quite vocal over her love for Interceptor's driver, on the other hand.²²!'''Sala Manda'''²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Aimi Tanaka²An idol singer who wears a salamander mask, keeping her true identity hidden.²After she was saved by White Hope, she developed feelings for it.²²* AnimalMotifs: Naturally, salamander.²* TheFaceless: Seemed to be this way in her first appearance, but in a later episode her face can be seen clearly.²* IdolSinger: A very popular one, despite her unusual choice of costume.²* LovesMyAlterEgo: She's in love with White Hope/White Crystal Hope, despite its driver Jin ([[LesYay and possibly Mikoto too]]) crushing on her.²* MeaningfulName: The salamander mask she wears should make that obvious.²* SecretKeeper: [[spoiler: It's hinted that she may have realized Jin is the driver of White Crystal Hope.]]²* ShipTease: With Jin. [[spoiler: Especially if she does know he's the driver of White Crystal Hope.]]²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Hers is green.²²!'''Kumiko Kurumada'''²[[quoteright:350:]] ²->Voiced by: Creator/MegumiToyoguchi²Gou's mother, and Jou's wife. ²²* SecretKeeper: She knows the identity of the Drive Head drivers, though is not a part of the Mobile Rescue Police²* SickeninglySweethearts: With her husband, Jou. Gou is quite embarassed by their public displays of affection.²* SupremeChef: She's a very good cook. The Mobile Rescue Police members are always pleased to have her cook something for them.²²²[[/folder]]


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