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1%%²%%²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExamples are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.²%%²%% Please follow Administrivia/ExampleIndentation when listing examples.²%%²%%²[[WMG:[[center:[- ''LightNovel/TheRisingOfTheShieldHero'' '''Main Character Index'''\²[[Characters/TheRisingOfTheShieldHeroMainCharacters Main Characters]] ([[Characters/TheRisingOfTheShieldHeroNaofumiIwatani Naofumi Iwatani]]) | [[Characters/TheRisingOfTheShieldHeroAllies Naofumi's Allies]] | [[Characters/TheRisingOfTheShieldHeroThreeHeroes Three Heroes and Allies]] | [[Characters/TheRisingOfTheShieldHeroAntagonists Antagonists]] | [[Characters/TheRisingOfTheShieldHeroOther Other Characters]]-]]]]]²²!All spoilers regarding the Final Arc characters will be left unmarked. Administrivia/YouHaveBeenWarned!²²This is the character page for ''LightNovel/TheRisingOfTheShieldHero''.²[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:[[ Art of all major characters by light novel illustrator Seira Minami.]]]]²²Some characters have two names listed. Names displayed in parentheses are the characters' nicknames which the story and Naofumi use almost exclusively.²²----²[[index]]²* [[Characters/TheRisingOfTheShieldHeroMainCharacters Main Characters]] [[note]]Raphtalia, Filo, Rishia Ivyred, Atla, Fohl[[/note]]²** [[Characters/TheRisingOfTheShieldHeroNaofumiIwatani Naofumi Iwatani]]²* [[Characters/TheRisingOfTheShieldHeroAllies Naofumi's Allies]] [[note]]'''Melromarc Kingdom''': Mirelia Melromarc, Melty Melromarc '''Naofumi's Village''': Kiel, Wyndia, Gaelion, Imia, Ratotil Anthreya, Sadina '''Other Allies''': Elhart/Old Man, Raph-chan, Elrasla Grilaroc/Granny, Slave Trader, Van Reichnott, Eclair Seaetto/Female Knight[[/note]]²* [[Characters/TheRisingOfTheShieldHeroThreeHeroes Three Heroes and Allies]] [[note]]Ren Amaki/Hero of the Sword, Motoyasu Kitamura/Hero of the Spear, Itsuki Kawasumi/Hero of the Bow, Mald, Elena Haven, Rino, Lesty[[/note]]²* [[Characters/TheRisingOfTheShieldHeroAntagonists Antagonists]] [[note]]'''Melromarc Kingdom''': Aultcray Melromarc, Malty Melromarc/Myne Sophia '''Three Heroes Church''': Bisca T. Balmus '''Glass' Home''': Glass, L'Arc Berg, Therese Alexanderite, Kyo Ethnina, Kizuna Kazeyama '''Other Antagonists''': Idol Rabier, The Spirit Tortoise, Tact, King of Faubley[[/note]]²* [[Characters/TheRisingOfTheShieldHeroOther Other Characters]] [[note]]Rifana, Fitoria, Ost Hourai, Final Arc Characters[[/note]]²[[/index]]²----


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