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1!!Sōhei Saikawa²!!!Voiced By: Creator/YasuyukiKase (anime), Shigeru Shibuya (visual novel), Actor potrayal: Gō Ayano²²* AbsentMindedProfessor: Saikawa has shades of this, notably being completely oblivious to Moe's increasingly unsubtle advances on him or his numerous eccentricities.²* DoesNotLikeSpam:²-->'''Saikawa:''' There are three things in this world I simply cannot eat. Red bean jam, roasted soy flour and...²-->'''Nishinosono:''' Watermelon.²%% * MustHaveNicotine²* ObliviousToLove: Saikawa, increasingly so as the series progresses. ²* ParentalSubstitute: Has shades of this with Moe. ²²%% !!Moe Nishinosono²%% !!!Voiced By: Atsumi Tanezaki (anime), Creator/SanaeKobayashi (visual novel), Actor potrayal: Emi Takei, Ai Uchida (young)²²%% * AllLoveIsUnrequited²%% * BoyishShortHair²²!!Shiki Magata²!!!Voiced By: Ibuki Kido (anime), Creator/SatomiKoorogi (visual novel), Actor potrayal: Akari Hayami²²* BlueAndOrangeMorality: If she isn't TheSociopath.²* CreepyMonotone: Magata's speech patterns. [[spoiler:The ''real'' Dr. Magata, however has a suave voice completely unlike the decoy]].²%% * MayDecemberRomance: Magata and her uncle.²* TheSociopath: Has shades of this. [[spoiler:She seemed cold and remorseless after killing her parents, and had no qualms about killing her daughter or her lover/uncle (if indeed she did kill her daughter rather than the daughter committing suicide)]].²* SplitPersonality²* SmartPeopleBuildRobots: Dr. Magata's Michiru, a small, cute robot whose purpose is to [[MundaneUtility lock and unlock doors.]]²²!!Michiru Magata²* AnArmAndALeg: [[spoiler:Done to hide her fingerprints and ensure that nobody finds out she really isn't Dr. Magata]].²* ArmorPiercingQuestion ''Who are you?'' [[spoiler:When Moe asks her this, it's when she realizes that she doesn't want to kill her parents, and that's she's just a regular girl who wants out. Naturally, she got offed by Dr. Magata for her troubles]].²%% * AlliterativeName²* DrivenToSuicide: [[spoiler: It's said in the penultimate episode that Michiru realized there was a certain freedom in death, but whether she killed herself or allowed her mother to kill her is left ambiguous. Moe thinks it was the former, but Saikawa says he doesn't know for sure]].²* UncannyFamilyResemblance: [[spoiler:Michiru looks almost exactly like Dr. Magata when she was 15, and that's why Dr. Magata managed to fool the world into thinking that Michiru was her]].²* WalkingSpoiler: This character's very existence is the main twist to the mystery of the show. No wonder all these tropes are whited out!²----


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