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1%%²%%²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them. ²%%²%% Please list all movies by their full titles instead of "Episode #".²%%²%%²²!All spoilers regarding the Skywalker Saga and ''The Clone Wars'' are unmarked. Examples relating to Disney's EU and the new movies can be spoiler-tagged if deemed necessary.²----²Tropes specifically applying to the characters based on their appearances in ''Franchise/StarWarsLegends'' can be found '''[[Characters/StarWarsTheatricalLegends here]]'''.²²To return to the Character page for ''Franchise/StarWars'', go '''[[Characters/StarWars here]]'''.²----²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[header:Dathomir]]²[[quoteright:300:]] ²%%[[caption-width-right:300:some caption text]]²->'''Location:''' Dathomir System, Quelii Sector, Outer Rim Territories²->'''Native Species:''' Dathomirians²->'''Native Animals:''' Rancor²²A remote planet bathed in blood-red light from its star, Dathomir's population is naturally strong in the Force. The men of the planet (the Nightbrothers) are dominated by the females (the Nightsisters), who use the dark side of the Force in numerous rituals.²----²* EldritchLocation: While there have been numerous places strong in the Force and especially the dark side of the Force that can mess with people, particularly Force-sensitives, Dathomir is one of the few instances of a planet being like this. Not only is Dathomir a planet with a tremendous concentration of Force energy, due to the history of its people using dark side powers and rituals, it’s an entire world that acts as a dark side locus. Seriously, go to any part of Dathomir and it's like Halloween. It's implied in ''Fallen Order'' that [[GoMadFromTheRevelation prolonged stays turns outsiders insane]] as seen with Taron Malicos and a number of Zeffo settlers found in a tomb where their members murdered each other in ritualistic sacrifice. ²* SingleBiomePlanet: Actually, averted; the impression that Dathomir is one giant swamp/jungle is easy to take away from its appearance in ''[[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars The Clone Wars]]'', but that's just because all of the Dathomir-relevant episodes involve the Nightsisters, who live in that area. Even in the series, we visit the barren, rocky mountains where the Nightbrothers live.²----²²[[folder:Dathomirian]]²!!Dathomirians²* BizarreSexualDimorphism: The women look like extremely pale skinned humans, while the males look like their Zabrak ancestors.²* BlackSpeech: The Nightsisters use a rather creepy sounding language for their enchantments. ²* CanonImmigrant: The first Nightsister originated in the direct-to-TV movie ''Ewoks: Battle for Endor'' (but wasn't identified as one until later), and the culture (and the planet Dathomir) originated in the ExpandedUniverse novel, ''The Courtship of Princess Leia''. However, after the 2014 reboot, none of those appearances are canon any longer.²* CavalryOfTheDead: The Nightsisters have a "[[AnimateDead Chant of Resurrection]]", which allows the user the raise their dead in the graveyard.²* CrystalDragonJesus: Keeping with the "Space Witch" theme, the Nightsister religion has some parallels to Wicca, especially their worship of two dualistic deities, one female and one male (here presented as representing the light side and dark side of the Force, respectively). ²* DeathByAdaptation: In the ''Legends'' continuity, the Nightsisters survived past the Galactic Civil War (and ironically, were introduced into ''Star Wars'' lore in that era). Canonically, as of now (unless there are other Dathomirian cultures out there as was the case in ''Legends''), it would seem the Nightsister culture was killed off before the Clone Wars ended, with there being few survivors after the war.²* DomesticAbuse: Asajj Ventress can gather a dozen or so male Dathmoirians, torture them, beat them senseless, and kill most of them without any pushback from anyone in the social order.²* DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale: Thankfully subverted, the way the Nightsisters treat the Nightbrothers is ''horrifying'', and it is treated as such.²* DyingRace: As of the end of ''Fallen Order'', Shelish, Merrin and Darth Maul are the only known remaining members of the species, and it would seem the Dathomirian species is now on the verge of extinction. There is still a small but indeterminate number of Nightbrothers on the planet and some continuation of the Dathomirian species in Shelish's daughter, Deathstick, but with her father's species unknown, chances are that any remaining pure-blooded Dathomirians are going to be genetically thinned out over time. [[spoiler:And with Darth Maul dying two years before the Battle of Yavin ''and'' missing everything below his stomach, that's the only option available.]]²* EvilAlbino: The Nightsisters all have pale white skin.²* FanDisservice: You know those really revealing outfits the Nightsisters usually wear? Well, the Nightsister zombies in "Massacre" wear them too, showing off even more of their rotting flesh.²* FantasticSlurs: Calling a Nightsister a "witch" comes across as this, even if they don’t take offense up front.²* GenderEqualsBreed: Zigzagged. Played straight for the most part, as ''normally'' Nightbrothers resemble Zabrak and Nightsisters resemble humans[[note]]specifically they look like the HumanSubspecies Legends called Rattataki[[/note]], but it's mentioned that there are, at least, Nightsisters who look Zabrak as well.²* HalfHumanHybrid: [[ According to the other wiki]], they're the result of generations of cross-breeding between the original Human Nightsisters and [[RubberForeheadAliens Zabrak]]. Since Zabraks are a HumanSubspecies, this is easily justified.²* KillEmAll: General Grievous' attack on Dathomir in "Massacre" left the Nightsisters with only three survivors (aside from at least one who was offworld at the time). At the end of ''Son of Dathomir'', Mother Talzin is killed and it is implied that all of the Nightbrothers except for Darth Maul were wiped out. ²* KickTheSonOfABitch: The above mentioned slaughter of the Nightsisters, for the reasons stated under the SlidingScaleOfGenderInequality entry.²* LadyLand: The Nightbrothers are actually forbidden from sharing the home of the Nightsisters at all, at least as a group/for prolonged periods, and live in a different region of the planet altogether.²* {{Matriarchy}}: The Nightsisters in general have authority over the Nightbrothers, and both genders, despite living apart, answer to the same female clan-leader, or "Mother".²* PlanetOfHats: The Nightsister clan's hat can be summed up as "witchcraft-using Space Amazon".²* RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver: The general aesthetic of the Nightsisters. A few Nightbrothers (Maul, for instance) have this as well, but their style tends to be more varied.²* TheRemnant: ''Fallen Order'' reveals that there is at least one surviving Nightsister who escaped the purge as a child, alongside a number of Nightbrother warriors.²* SlidingScaleOfGenderInequality: Level 8. the males are completely subservient to the females to the point of which that if a female wants to select a mate/servant, she can beat them up to test their worthiness and then put them through a series of deadly challenges.²* {{Stripperiffic}}: Nightsisters attire tend to be rather revealing, while the Nightbrothers wear very little on their upper body, [[ShirtlessScene if anything at all]].²* TrueBreedingHybrid: The Dathomirians are the descendants of generations of crossbreeding between human women and Zabrak men, eventually resulting in a self-perpetuating hybrid species combining the features of its ancestors.²* WitchSpecies: ²** The Nightsisters are this, using Dark Side-based Force manipulations of a style that resembles, and which they identify as, "magic". It seems every female Dathomirian is a Force-sensitive.²** It's implied that the Nightbrothers are all Force-sensitive too, as Asajj was confident that any Nightbrother she selected would have the Force affinity needed to develop as a Sith, but culturally they are forbidden from learning how to use their "magic".²[[/folder]]²²!Nightbrothers²²[[folder:Darth Maul]]²!!(Darth) Maul²->See his [[Characters/StarWarsDarthMaul separate page]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Savage Opress]]²!!Savage Opress²[[quoteright:300:]]²²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/ClancyBrown²->'''Appearances:''' ''[[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars The Clone Wars]]''²²-->''"You... beg? Weakling!"''²²Savage Opress was once a common Nightbrother whose fighting prowess impressed Asajj Ventress. Transformed into a monstrous warrior by Mother Talzin, Opress became Count Dooku's new assassin and secret Sith apprentice. His loyalty, however, remained to Talzin. The Nightsisters' leader gave Savage a new quest: to find his brother, Darth Maul, who had somehow survived his apparent death and was living in exile in the Outer Rim.²----²* AttackAttackAttack: When fighting Dooku with Ventress, he repeatedly tries to bumrush him with no deviation in strategy and gets blown the hell back by Force Lightning each time. Eventually, he relents demoralized [[EpicFail and almost]] starts ''sobbing'' he can't do anything to [[AuthorityEqualsAssKicking Dooku.]]²* AintTooProudToBeg: Savage pleads for forgiveness after failing to deliver King Katuunko to Dooku alive. Unfortunately for Savage...²-->'''Dooku:''' That is not the way of the Dark Side. [''[[ElectricTorture blasts Savage with Force lightning]]'']²* AlasPoorVillain: He and his brother were ruthless, but it's hard to not feel sorry for them when Sidious waltzes in and {{Curb Stomp| Battle}}s all their hard work and their lives into oblivion.²* AlienBlood: Whenever he's injured, he "bleeds" the Force magick that the Nightsisters used to enhance him. After he gets killed by Sidious, it bleeds out.²* AmbiguouslyEvil: Because of the Nightsisters' magick mutating his body and mind, it's unclear as to whether any of the evil acts Savage committed were done of his own volition, or if they were a result of the brainwashing. His final scene only adds to this ambiguity; he seemingly reverts to his former personality as he dies.²* AntiVillain: [[SlidingScaleOfAntiVillains Type I/Type II]]. Savage didn't choose to be evil and most of his evil acts were undertaken while he was brainwashed, leaving the degree of control he had over his actions ambiguous. Even the moral of his debut episode lampshades this particular quality:²-->"Evil is not born. It is taught."²* TheApprentice: Initially apprenticed under Count Dooku before Maul.²* AnArmAndALeg: Gets his left arm chopped off by Obi-Wan in "Revival".²* ArmorIsUseless: Downplayed. His ancient-looking armor is no match for a lightsaber, but it works well enough against blaster fire.²* ArtificialLimbs: Death Watch's medical droids build him a mechanical replacement for his severed left arm in "Eminence".²* AuthorAppeal: It's possible that his skin color scheme is a nod to Dave Filoni's favorite football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.²* AnAxeToGrind: His first weapon before he trades it for a lightsaber was an enormous enchanted vibro-axe. ²* BadassBaritone: Creator/ClancyBrown is at work.²* BastardUnderstudy: Initially apprenticed to Dooku, following his betrayal he finds a new master in his brother, Maul, whom he serves with UndyingLoyalty until his own death.²* TheBerserker: His lightsaber technique mainly consists of brutish hacking and slashing. Under Maul's tutelage, he starts to learn more finesse, but never really abandons his monstrous fighting style.²* BlackKnight: His black armour only makes the already monstrous Savage even ''more'' intimidating.²* BigBrotherInstinct: Towards Feral and later Maul. When he found Maul crippled and insane and being exploited by one of the natives on Lotho Minor, he was ''very'' upset by his condition.²* BodyHorror: During Savage's transformation, you can hear his bones cracking as they expand and his horns visibly extend from his skull.²* BoxingLessonsForSuperman: Dooku trains Savage in lightsaber combat and the usage of the Dark Side of the Force. His brother has been continuing his training.²* BrainwashedAndCrazy: The Nightsisters' ritual not only made Savage much larger and more powerful, it enslaved him to Ventress' will to the degree that he murdered his own brother at her command. He broke from the conditioning in "Witches of the Mist" since his sheer rage and hatred for Ventress allowed him to overpower her control.²* BrainsAndBrawn: He is the brawn to Darth Maul's brains.²* CainAndAbel: After he was made BrainwashedAndCrazy, he became the Cain to Feral's Abel when he snapped his neck.²* CurbStompBattle: His opponents often find themselves on the receiving end of this:²** In his debut episode "Monster", he took down two Jedi and their Clone Troopers without breaking a sweat.²** In "Witches of The Mist", he tore through King Katuunko's bodyguards, killed Katuunko, and easily shook off Anakin and Obi-Wan during their first attempt to stop him. However, he found himself on the receiving end of one both times he fought against Dooku (the first time was in a training duel).²** In "Brothers", the Junkers learned the hard way how powerful he was.²** In "Revenge", he effortlessly knocked out Obi-Wan with Maul only watching.²** In "Revival", Adi Gallia was quickly put on the defensive and her kicks didn't even phase him, which resulted in Savage killing her.²** In "The Lawless", however, Savage finds himself on the receiving of one when Darth Sidious effortlessly took him down.²* TheDarkSideWillMakeYouForget:²** He used to have a BigBrotherInstinct towards Feral, but after being corrupted by the Nightsisters' magick, he killed his brother without a second thought.²** Another example is presented in "Eminence" through the fact that he dismisses the concept of honor as a "weakness" despite the fact that he himself was once a very honorable person.²* DarthVaderClone: Just like his brother Maul (along with most of the antagonistic lightsaber-wielding characters in the Canon that are introduced throughout the Prequel Trilogy’s era), Savage shares a significant amount of similarities with Darth Vader (despite the fact that Vader was still a Jedi during the time that Savage was alive). Just like Vader, Savage was once a noble warrior who gets corrupted and twisted physically and mentally and willingly submits to the corruption to protect a loved one, only to kill said loved one due to their being twisted by the Dark Side. He also lost an arm to Obi-Wan Kenobi and subsequently served as TheDragon to a powerful Sith Lord. His appearance and demeanor are even quite similar to Darth Vader as they are both powerfully built, extremely strong, dressed in black armor, typically stoic yet short-tempered, and having a deep, intimidating voice. Finally, much like Vader, Savage reverts to his pre-DarkSide self as he is dying.²* {{Dehumanization}}: He's typically referred to by terms such as "monster", "animal", or "creature". Obi-Wan calls him a "thing" at one point.²* {{Determinator}}: He's half-dead before he finally runs from a losing fight in "Witches of the Mist".²* DiesWideOpen: Savage's eyes remain wide open as he passes away.²* DifficultButAwesome: He primarily uses a double-bladed lightsaber like his brother Maul, even before he knew Maul was still alive. Unfortunately for the heroes and just like his brother, Savage was a badass with it and avoided slicing off his own limbs even before then, though even he admitted he was still weaker than Maul.²* TheDogBitesBack: He pays back Dooku and Ventress for their abuse and torture by throttling them both. Had they not escaped, he would have done a lot more.²* DoubleWeapon: He wields a double-bladed lightsaber.²* TheDragon: He briefly served the role as to Dooku and more briefly to Ventress before settling with Darth Maul after finding him. He isn't too happy about it at first, wanting them to be a BigBadDuumvirate, but accepts this role when he proves to be the weaker of the duo.²* TheDreaded: Not overly so, but the Jedi and Dooku both recognize Savage as an extremely dangerous menace.²* DrivenToVillainy: He was never given a choice in becoming Ventress' pawn against Dooku. By the time he gets any agency, he's already been brainwashed by the Nightsisters' magick.²* DumbMuscle: This is his main flaw since while he's not stupid by any means, his first solution to anything is to hack it in two with his lightsaber, which is a liability chessmasters like Count Dooku and Darth Maul have a hard time controlling.²* DyingAsYourself: As he dies, the Nightsister magick leaves his body and he presumably reverts to his original form and personality.²* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Subverted between him and Feral since Savage was actually good back when Feral was alive. His relationship with his brother Maul is this though.²* EvilCounterpart: It's never given any focus in-universe, but (as outlined in "DarthVaderClone", above) Savage has quite a few things in common with Anakin. His relationship with Maul can even be seen as a twisted mirror of Anakin and Obi-Wan's relationship and his fear of losing Feral is what drove him to willingly become Ventress' servant, similar to Anakin's own actions with Padmé Amidala. Ultimately, turning to the Dark Side causes Savage and Anakin to lose the person they love most, brother and wife respectively.²* EvilIsBigger: The Nightsisters' ritual changes him from a normal-sized man into a hulking, seven-foot tall monster.²* EvilMakeover: One of the more extreme cases: the Nightsisters' ritual causes Savage to get much bigger physically, elongates his horns, and gives him inhuman strength.²* EvilMakesYouMonstrous: Quite literally in Savage's case; the Nightsisters' magick turn the previously noble Savage into a nigh-unstoppable, rampaging brute who is called "monster" by nearly everyone who encounters him.²* EvilSoundsDeep: His voice gets deeper following his transformation. It helps that he's voiced by Creator/ClancyBrown. Even his lightsaber has a deeper hum than anyone else's.²* EvilVersusEvil: With his enmity towards Ventress, battle with Dooku, and involvement in Maul's conflict with Darth Sidious and the Death Watch, as well as his conflicts with Black Sun and the Hutts, Savage spends more time fighting other villains than he does fighting the heroes.²* {{Expy}}:²** To Darth Maul, both in and out of universe. At one point, Obi-Wan even mistook him for Maul. They are, in fact, brothers.²** [[WordOfGod Katie Lucas herself]] has compared Savage to [[Literature/{{Frankenstein}} Frankenstein's Monster]].²* FamilyThemeNaming: Savage and Feral and Savage and Maul respectively.²* FamousLastWords: "Brother, I am an unworthy apprentice. I'm not like you. I never was."²* {{Foreshadowing}}: Like Maul, Dooku, and Grievous, Savage can be seen as an aspect of Vader. Particularly his unnatural strength, tendency to Force Choke his victims, and how his [[LoveMakesYouEvil fear for his brother's fate turned him into the monster that killed his brother]], echos Vader's turn to the Dark Side.²* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Given less emphasis than Maul, but Savage's eyes emit a slight glow that is emphasized whenever he stands in shadows.²* GutturalGrowler: Not as extreme as some examples of this trope, but it's definitely present.²* HairTriggerTemper: He's not usually very emotive, but Savage is easily provoked to violence.²* HandicappedBadass: He's no less badass after losing an arm than he was before.²* HeroKiller: He killed two Jedi in his debut episode (with [[CurbStompBattle ease]], no less) and, in "Revival", Adi Gallia, a Jedi Master and member of the High Council.²* HiddenDepths: Savage is quite a bit smarter than he looks, which makes him all the more deadly an opponent.²* HornedHumanoid: He deserves special mention for weaponizing them in battle.²* IfYoureSoEvilEatThisKitten: His last test of brainwashed loyalty is to kill his brother. He hesitates, but ultimately obeys.²* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: Sidious skewers Savage with two lightsabers simultaneously.²* InstantExpert: It might be a side-effect of the Nightsisters' magick that transformed him, but he's a frighteningly quick learner given that with only the first levels of his training complete, he is able to fight Obi-Wan and Anakin on equal footing and Force-choke Ventress and Dooku simultaneously.²* ItIsDehumanizing: While no one calls him "it", nearly every character who refers to Savage calls him a "creature" or a "monster", rather than referring to him as a person.²* ItIsPronouncedTroPay: His first name is pronounced "Sa-vahj" and his last name is just like "oppress". This gets [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] in "Revenge" when a bounty hunter is looking at Savage's bounty profile and mispronounces his name.²* TheJuggernaut: Battles with him tend to consist of his opponents retreating almost constantly. He has been driven off a few times, but usually only when he's outnumbered. Obi-Wan chopping off his arm marks the first time that anyone has actually stopped him, and it only forced Savage to abandon the fight. Only [[AlwaysABiggerFish Darth Sidious]] was able to be his better for a duel and take him down.²* KickTheDog:²** He tried to strangle a waitress in "Brothers" for what appeared to be no reason. [[AllThereInTheManual Supplementary materials]] suggest that he did it because she tried to touch the talisman Savage was using to track Maul, but that hardly makes the action any less cruel.²** In "Shades of Reason", he knocks a bystander over a ledge, causing her to nearly fall to her death, just because she was in the way of Savage's getaway.²* KnightOfCerebus: Even more so than Cad Bane. Starting with his debut episode "Monster", ''The Clone Wars'' became a lot DarkerAndEdgier even though it was already rather serious.²* KnowWhenToFoldEm:²** In "Witches of the Mist", after being riddled with blaster bolts, Savage manages to overpower the droids attacking him and opts to quit while he's ahead, fleeing into the galaxy.²** In "Revival", he and Maul wisely decide to cut their losses after Savage loses an arm and Hondo's pirates turn on them.²* LightningBruiser: Savage lives up to his name, being incredibly strong, fast, and durable.²* LoveMakesYouEvil: In Savage's case, his brotherly love for Feral and Darth Maul is the driving force behind his evil acts (submitting to the Nightsisters to defend Feral and being party to mass murder out of loyalty to Maul).²* MadeOfIron: Obi-Wan had to kick his leg at least a half-dozen times to injure it, and Obi-Wan can kick people across a room if he needs to. He can even take numerous blaster shots and survive without any serious injuries and Dooku fried him multiple times with Force lightning when he and Ventress attacked him and all it did was knock him down for a few seconds every time.²* MagicEnhancement: His transformation by the Nightsisters' magic had drastically increased his already formidable strength, endurance and reflexes, and presumably made it easier for him to connect to the Force.²* ManchurianAgent: He was used by the Nightsisters to act as a sleeper assassin, serving as Dooku's apprentice until Ventress arrived to kill the Count.²* MeaningfulName: Oddly zig-zagged, for a character whose name is only marginally less subtle than "Mr. I'm-A-Bad-Guy". Savage Opress only really lives up to half of his name; he's a savage, certainly, but of the more NobleSavage variety and he doesn't really oppress anyone.²* MistreatmentInducedBetrayal: Ventress treated him like an animal and tool to be used and made him kill his own brother Feral. Dooku was a harsh taskmaker whose idea of punishment for failure and "encouragement" during training was a sustained blast of Force lightning. Was it any wonder Savage finally said "screw it" and Force-choked ''both'' of them during their battle? {{Averted}} with Maul, however, as while his brother could be cruel at times during training, he always looked out for Savage in combat and never unnecessarily belittled him and Savage served him loyally all the way to his death.²* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: It seems to be a family tradition. With a surname, however, his name is even ''less'' subtle than his brother's.²* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: He and Maul deliver a brutal one to Obi-Wan in "Revenge".²* NotSoAboveItAll: Bizarrely for his character and allegiances, Savage seems to like money. When he comes across a massive fortune of credits, he is incredibly overjoyed to the completely indifferent Maul.²* NoSell:²** He doesn't even twitch at several blows from Adi Gallia, and Obi-Wan's physical attacks were only marginally more effective (Obi-Wan deliberately kicked the same point over and over for a cumulative effect).²** In "Monster", he took a ''blaster bolt'' to the chest and [[TheJuggernaut didn't even slow down]].²** Ventress' attempts at striking him physically during their duel in "Revenge" didn't do anything more than mildly annoy Savage.²* NobleDemon: Before his transformation, Savage was a noble warrior who cared about his brother, even giving himself up to Ventress to protect Feral. Even after his transformation, Savage displays a great deal of loyalty to Darth Maul, a brother he's never even met, even strangling a local creature for taking advantage of Maul's condition instead of helping him.²* ObviouslyEvil: A [[EvilIsBigger colossal]], [[BlackKnight black armour clad]], [[PerpetualFrowner perpetually scowling]] monster with [[SpikesOfVillainy horns]], SupernaturalGoldEyes, and a ''[[HairTriggerTemper nasty]]'' temper. The [[EvilSoundsDeep deep voice]] doesn't help matters.²* OffWithHisHead: How he kills a whole group of Black Sun Vigos in "Eminence".²* PerpetualFrowner: Savage smiles a grand total of ''five'' times in the installment (although three out of those five were smirks). Every other expression is either neutral, shock or most commonly a belligerent scowl.²* PosthumousCharacter: In ''Rebels''. While he's long dead, his impact on Maul is what led him to seek Ezra as an apprentice, driving their arc.²* TheQuietOne: Savage is far less talkative than his brother (who ironically received next to no lines back in ''Film/ThePhantomMenace'').²* SatelliteCharacter: Savage's character is defined by how he interacts with others. His relationship with Feral, his service to Ventress and Dooku, and his search for and connection to Darth Maul more or less sum up his character development. The only acts he does on his own are to rebel against Dooku and Ventress and the subsequent rampage. Even then, he follows up by going to Mother Talzin to find out what he should do next.²* ScarsAreForever: One of his horns is cut off and another damaged in "Witches of the Mist". Both remain broken for the remainder of the installment.²* ShouldersOfDoom: His armor has ''huge'' pauldrons.²%%* SiblingTeam: With Darth Maul.²* SiblingYinYang: With Maul; where his brother is cunning, charismatic, and manipulative, Savage is, while far from stupid, not much of a thinker, and is bluntly straightforward. In addition, Savage is neither as cruel nor as ambitious as Maul. Quite the opposite, in fact; when Maul first attempted to claim the role of master to Savage's apprentice, Savage argued that they could share power, seeing no need for dominance between them.²* SpikesOfVillainy: Which he's put to [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice good use]].²* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: In-universe, Savage Opress was originally "created" by Asajj Ventress and Mother Talzin as an apprentice to overthrow Count Dooku -- a role that Darth Sidious feared Asajj would fill, only that she'd kill ''him'' and rule by Dooku's side. On a meta-level, this is subverted; his character originally seemed to be created in order to fill the gap that Darth Maul created, but instead allowed the character to serve as a focal point that would allow for Darth Maul's canonical return -- all of which was done by the end of the Nightsisters and Brothers arc.²* TheStoic: Apart from sheer rage, Savage expresses next to no emotion.²* SupernaturalGoldEyes: After his transformation, his previously grayish-green eyes turned to Sith-yellow, signaling that the Dark Side has corrupted him.²* SuperStrength: Even before his transformation, he was able to crush stones with his bare fists, but following the Nightsisters' ritual, this was turned UpToEleven. During the Devaron massacre, he threw a clone trooper several meters into the air with a ''single upwards strike of his axe''.²* StudentAndMasterTeam: With Maul.²* TattooedCrook: Savage has the traditional Nightbrother ritualistic tattoos, and he becomes an outlaw after the events of "Witches of the Mist".²* ThisWasHisTrueForm: As Savage dies, he returns to the form he had before the Nightsisters transformed him.²* TookALevelInBadass: Both his transformation and his TrainingFromHell by Dooku had this effect on him.²* TragicVillain: Savage only wanted to protect his brother, but that was twisted by the Nightsisters to turn him into a monster.²* UnskilledButStrong: Savage has little formal training and, as Dooku says, "no technique", but he's so strong that he can destroy a dozen Separatist droids with a single Force wave and a blow from him sent Dooku flying across a room. He gradually becomes more skilled with training from Maul.²* UnstoppableRage: In "Witches of the Mist", once he had enough of being abused by both Ventress and Dooku, he enters into one of these, starting with simultaneously Force-choking both of them.²* UnwittingPawn: He's fairly gullible, which has allowed others to manipulate him to their whims.²* UseYourHead: A rather effective tactic when you've got six-inch spikes growing out of your head.²* VillainousBreakdown: In "Witches of the Mist", Ventress' endless put-downs and the beating he was taking from Dooku push Savage over the edge, and he spends the next several minutes as a roaring beast, brutally attacking everyone in sight.²* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: Savage's suffering at Ventress' hands turned him into a brutish, uncontrollable monster. Upon joining with Darth Maul, Savage managed to get some direction, but he is no less destructive.²* WouldHitAGirl: Or choke one, for that matter. And impale another... twice.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Feral]]²!!Feral²[[quoteright:300:]]²²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/DeeBradleyBaker²->'''Appearances:''' ''[[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars The Clone Wars]]''²²-->''"There are only two of us left, brother. But only one will survive."''²²Feral was the brother of Savage Opress and Maul.²----²* AintTooProudToBeg: He had no qualms about begging Savage for his life. [[BrainwashedAndCrazy Savage]] doesn't listen.²* CainAndAbel: The Abel to Savage's Cain, but only after the Nightsisters get through with Savage.²* ForgottenFallenFriend: After Feral's death, Savage only mentions briefly that all of his kin are dead, then never says a single word about Feral again.²* HornedHumanoid: He is a Zabrak.²* TheLoad: He is clearly no match for Ventress and Savage looking after him is a hindrance at least once.²* NeckSnap: This is how he dies.²* NiceGuy: He seems perfectly nice despite being ineffectual in combat.²* ShootYourMate: As a test of Savage's brainwashed loyalty, Ventress forces Savage to kill him.²* TheUnfavorite: Out of Mother Talzin's known biological sons, she didn't seem bothered when Asajj Ventress ordered Savage Opress to kill Feral after he was brainwashed to prove his loyalty, despite her support for her other two sons.²* WeHardlyKnewYe: He dies in the same episode he is first introduced.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Viscus]]²!!Brother Viscus²[[quoteright:300:]]²²->'''Voiced by:''' Stephan Stanton²->'''Appearances:''' ''[[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars The Clone Wars]]'' | ''ComicBook/DarthMaulSonOfDathomir'' | ''[[VideoGame/StarWarsJediFallenOrder Jedi: Fallen Order]]''[[note]]mentioned only[[/note]]²²A Nightbrother warrior loyal to Mother Talzin.²----²* TheDragon: He becomes this to Darth Maul in ''Son of Dathomir''.²* DroppedABridgeOnHim: A "force echo" in ''Jedi: Fallen Order'' reveals that [[spoiler:Taron Malicos killed him [[KlingonPromotion to assume leadership of the Nightbrothers]].]]²* FacialMarkings: Just like all Nightbrothers, he has facial tattoos.²* HornedHumanoid: He is a Zabrak.²* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: ''The Clone Wars'' left it unclear whether he was killed in the massacre of the Nightsisters or not. ''Jedi: Fallen Order'' confirmed that he survived, [[spoiler:for a while at least]].²* WorthyOpponent: He considers Count Dooku to be one, although he himself can't put up much of a fight against the Count.²[[/folder]]²²!Nightsisters²²[[folder:Asajj Ventress]]²!!Asajj Ventress²->See her [[Characters/StarWarsAsajjVentress separate page]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Talzin]]²!!Mother Talzin²[[quoteright:300:]]²[[caption-width-right:300:''"Where one sees failure, others see opportunity."'']]²²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/BarbaraGoodson²->'''Appearances:''' ''[[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars The Clone Wars]]'' | ''[[ComicBook/DarthMaulSonOfDathomir Son of Dathomir]]''²²-->''"Our loyalty is reserved only for each other."''²²The leader of the Nightsisters, whose true motives remain obscure.²----²* AbusiveParents: It goes unmentioned at the time, but the reveal that she is Maul's actual mother means that Savage and Feral are her sons as well. The former she brainwashes into a living weapon and the latter she watches get murdered right in front of her without raising a finger to stop it.²* AffablyEvil: She seems to be genuinely polite to others and caring towards her people, although her inscrutable motives make it impossible to tell whether she's this or FauxAffablyEvil.²* AmbiguousSituation: She collaborated with the ages-old Frangawl Cult from Bardotta and said cult refers to her as "Great Mother" as if she were another deity of theirs or a messianic figure. Aside from her collaboration with them to harvest the Living Force from the Dagoyan Masters for her use, it's unclear if the cult actually reveres her or they're separate parties collaborating with each other for their own separate agendas.²* AmbiguouslyEvil: She's certainly sinister, but the only time she has actually opposed the heroes was during the events of "The Disappeared", where she collaborated with a non-Dathomirian Force cult to harvest the Living Force from people for use. By the end of ''Son of Dathomir'', she seems to have settled as a sinister manipulator, but one who is largely focused on her own goals, with little interest in the galaxy-spanning events of the Clone Wars.²* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: She is by far the most powerful of the Nightsisters, as expected from the Clan Mother and shaman, and held off ''[[WorldsGreatestWarrior Mace Windu]]'' in magic sword-to-lightsaber combat for a short time, only being interrupted when Jar Jar sabotaged the ritual she was going to use to maintain her physical form. She's even powerful enough to take on [[InvincibleVillain Sidious]] (again, briefly).²* BeamOWar: In ''Son of Dathomir'', she engages in a Force-lighting contest with Darth Sidious, with Dooku backing Sidious and Maul begging her to let him help. She refuses and thus loses, [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes sacrificing herself to save her son]].²* BlackEyesOfCrazy: Her iridescent irides (which are typical of the Nightsisters) are surrounded by black sclerae.²* BlatantLies: She claims to have no control over the Nightbrothers. Obi-Wan points out that the galaxy knows the Nightsisters call the shots on Dathomir.²* CastFromHitPoints: ''Son of Dathomir'' reveals that she wastes away some of her physical body every time she uses her magic, and restoring Darth Maul's body and sanity took a heavy toll on her body. When her plan to have the Frangawl cult harvest Queen Julia's life force was foiled by Jar Jar Binks and Mace Windu, she was left without a body and aided Maul as a spirit. It took possessing and feeding on Count Dooku's body to restore hers, only to be KilledOffForReal shortly after.²* TheChessmaster: She effortlessly sets various individuals and groups against each other throughout the Nightsisters trilogy. In ''Son of Dathomir'', she's practically playing chess with Darth Sidious to see who can OutGambit the other. [[DoomedByCanon Darth]] [[ForegoneConclusion Sidious]] ultimately wins.²* ChronicBackstabbingDisorder: She provides "help" to Asajj Ventress, Count Dooku, Savage Opress, the Jedi Order, and Darth Maul. However, she is serving her own agenda and frequently she's pitting them against each other behind the others back all the time; indeed, half the time they are asking for her help is to counter something that was the result of her machinations in the first place. ²* ColdBloodedTorture: She inflicted this on Count Dooku through the use of a VoodooDoll. She continues when she possesses him and absorbs his life force in ''Son of Dathomir''.²* ColdHam: She has her moments and her VoiceOfTheLegion only serves to aid her hamminess. After all, she is voiced by the [[Creator/BarbaraGoodson same woman]] who played [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Rita Repulsa]] and [[{{Franchise/Disgaea}} Laharl]], although Talzin is rather subdued compared to those two.²* CompositeCharacter: She replaces the ''Legends'' character Kycina as Darth Maul's mother.²* CoolSword: She wields one forged from the ether during her duel with Mace Windu.²* CrypticBackgroundReference: Apparently, she and Dooku have a history with each other, but the only things revealed are that Dooku had helped Talzin once and apparently gave a lock of his hair to her as part of some sort of deal.²* CrystalBall: She has one, which she used to track down Savage at Obi-Wan's request and to find Maul. She also tried to use another one for taking harvested Living Force.²* DeflectorShields: She used a magical version during the Battle of Dathomir.²* DemonicPossession: She does this to Count Dooku in ''Son of Dathomir'' so she can absorb the Living Force from him to restore her own body. She gets out with her body restored (and without killing Dooku) during her duel with Sidious.²* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Despite her AbusiveParents tendencies, Talzin loved Maul enough to use part of herself to reconstruct him and, shortly after regaining her body, she sacrificed herself to allow Maul to escape from Darth Sidious, Count Dooku, and General Grievous.²* EvilSoundsDeep: Her normal voice is accompanied by an [[VoiceOfTheLegion almost demonic reverberation]].²* EvilVersusEvil:²** She aids Ventress in her battles with Dooku.²** She similarly aids Maul and the Shadow Collective against Sidious, Dooku, and Grievous.²* FacialMarkings: Her face features some rather creepy black markings.²* FemmeFatalons: Her nails are quite a bit longer than those of the other Nightsisters.²* FlamingSword: In an event where she decides to fight physically, as shown in "The Disappeared", she can conjure a sword of green fire capable of matching blows with a lightsaber.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: Her having parts of her phasing in and out of reality and her goal to harvest the living Force from Queen Julia in "The Disappeared" was a sign that she was losing her physical form.²* HiddenAgendaVillain: She seems to have ''some'' kind of agenda, but exactly what it might be remains unknown until ''Son of Dathomir''. She wants to get back at Darth Sidious for stealing her son Darth Maul.²* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: In ''Son of Dathomir'', General Grievous kills Talzin with two lightsabers through her chest.²* [[IntangibleMan Intangible Woman]]: She escaped Grievous and his Separatist droids by turning into green mist.²* KilledOffForReal: She escaped death at General Grievous's hands at the end of "Massacre" by disappearing into thin air. Then she lost her physical body after using her magick one too many times, leaving her as a spirit. After she restored her body, she's impaled by Grievous in ''Son of Dathomir'' while trying to hold off Darth Sidious and her body crumbles like ashes.²* KnowWhenToFoldEm: When her plan to take Queen Julia's lifeforce was thwarted, she fled the scene rather than continue her duel with Mace Windu.²* LadyOfBlackMagic: She wears a rather elaborate dress, her motivations and goals remained a secret, and while she's also [[ShockAndAwe able to conjure green Force lightning]], use magical {{Deflector Shield}}s, and form {{Flaming Sword}}s, she mainly uses more "subtle" techniques, such as transforming Savage Opress into a hulking, nigh-unstoppable avatar of primal anger, torturing Count Dooku from millions of lightyears away with a VoodooDoll, [[LifeDrain harvesting Living Force]], and later possessing Dooku. She also possesses a VoiceOfTheLegion.²* LargeAndInCharge: She towers over all the other Nightsisters by a head at least. That includes Ventress, who's 5 feet 10 inches tall. In fact, she's barely shorter than Savage after his transformation.²* LukeIAmYourFather: ''Son Of Dathomir'' reveals that she is Darth Maul's biological mother. This is downplayed in that the revelation is made to Count Dooku and the audience; Maul has known that for quite some time before the revelation. ²* MagicKnight: In addition to her magic and witchcraft, she's also really skilled with a blade to the point she could match [[MasterSwordsman Mace Windu]] for a short period of time.²* {{Magitek}}: She used her magics to create Maul's cybernetic legs. It also cost some of her physical form.²* MamaBear: In addition to being very protective of her clan, the third issue of ''Son of Dathomir'' reveals that she is not very happy with Darth Sidious for [[spoiler:taking away her son, Darth Maul, and then leaving him to die]]. Further, she sacrifices her life to give him a chance to escape.²* ManipulativeBitch: Throughout the Nightsisters and Brothers arc, with Count Dooku being the primary target, though she arguably manipulates Ventress, Savage, and the Jedi as well.²* AMotherToHerMen: She cares for the Nightsisters that she leads like children and is upset when they are killed by Separatist forces. To a lesser extent, this applies to the Nightbrothers as well, at least in the case of Savage and Maul (both of whom are her biological sons, although there is some suggested ParentalFavoritism since she didn't seem as concerned about Feral's execution).²* NoBodyLeftBehind[=/=]NoImmortalInertia: She's killed minutes after she regains her body, which then crumbles into dust as her magic bleeds out of it after she dies.²* OneBadMother: She's the Clan Mother of the Nightsisters and biological mother of Maul in addition to being an extremely dangerous witch.²* PayEvilUntoEvil: Her sadistic ColdBloodedTorture of Count Dooku was in retaliation for his genocide against the Nightsisters.²* RelatedInTheAdaptation: In the ''Legends'' continuity, Darth Maul's mother was a Nightsister called Kycina. In the Canon, Talzin is Maul's mother instead.²* TheReveal: ''Son of Dathomir'' reveals that she is Darth Maul's mother.²* {{Revenge}}: As revealed in ''Son of Dathomir'', her goal all along was to pay back Sidious for betraying her and taking her son from her, whom he later left to die.²* ShockAndAwe: She can conjure green Force lightning.²* SicklyGreenGlow: Her spells tend to have this effect.²* SquishyWizard: As mentioned above, she is really powerful, but prefers to focus on supporting her sisters through her magic rather than getting physical unless absolutely necessary. Most notably, she tortures Dooku with a voodoo doll, threatening to destroy him if he does not withdraw his Separatist forces. But when Grievous interrupts, she turns intangible and escapes. When she's preoccupied with protecting Darth Maul while he escapes, Grievous finishes her off for good. That said, this seems to be simply a preference, as shown in "The Disappeared" when she doesn't hesitate to challenge [[MasterSwordsman Mace Windu]] to a sword fight and actually holds her own for the brief period seen, which hints [[CastFromHitPoints that the only thing holding her back was the degradation of her body from the overuse of her magics]] and being so close to her goal of draining Queen Julia made her decide it was worth the risk.²* TheSvengali: Until the reveal of Maul being her son, it was not quite clear why she helped Ventress, but the fact she aided Savage as well made it clear that she wasn't acting out of the goodness of her heart.²* TokenWholesome: Her wardrobe is rather conservative, especially compared to the other Nightsisters.²* VillainTeleportation: She uses this to escape Grievous in "Massacre" and flee the scene after her plan with the Frangawl cult was foiled.²* VoiceOfTheLegion: She speaks with a [[EvilSoundsDeep deep]], creepy, demonic echo, complete with a Transylvanian-esque accent.²* VoodooDoll: She used one to [[ColdBloodedTorture torture Dooku]] during the Battle Of Dathomir.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Daka]]²!!Old Daka²[[quoteright:300:]]²²->'''Voiced by:''' Kathleen Gati²->'''Appearances:''' ''[[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars The Clone Wars]]''²²-->''"Then I will begin the chant of resurrection."''²²The oldest and wisest of the Nightsisters, according to Talzin.²----²* CrystalBall: Just like Talzin, Daka has one that she uses in her spell to summon the undead.²* EvilSoundsDeep: She has the same reverberation to her voice as Talzin.²* EvilVersusEvil: She raised an undead army to help the Nightsisters fight Grievous and his droids.²* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: Grievous impales her with a lightsaber.²* {{Necromancer}}: She can summon an [[NightOfTheLivingMooks army of Nightsister zombies]], and is apparently the only one possessing the ability.²* NoOntologicalInertia: Her zombies can only stay "alive" for as long as she maintains the spell. The instant she's killed, they drop like flies. [[KillEmAll Then the Separatist droids kill the rest of the clan.]]²* OrcusOnHerThrone: Despite seemingly being more powerful than [[TheChessmaster Mother Talzin]] herself (given Talzin having to rely on her to cast the reanimation spell), she seems content with remaining subordinate to the latter.²* SupervillainLair: She has a hidden cave near the back of the Nightsisters' fortress, which can only be opened by magic. The droids just [[DungeonBypass blow down the wall]] with a rocket launcher.²* SquishyWizard: Again, like Talzin, she is extremely powerful magic-wise but utterly helpless once Grievous barges into her lair. She can only flail briefly before he stabs her.²* VoiceOfTheLegion: Much like Mother Talzin.²* WickedWitch: She's a very old, heavily wrinkled, long-nosed, creeply looking (and sounding) woman with a sickly skin tone who can reanimate the fallen Nightsisters.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Karis]]²!!Karis²[[quoteright:300:]]²²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/CatherineTaber²->'''Appearances:''' ''[[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars The Clone Wars]]''²²One of the best Nightsister warriors of Mother Talzin's coven.²----²* DarkActionGirl: As is normal for a Nightsister warrior. She is considered one of the best warriors among Mother Talzin's coven, alongside Naa'leth, who she is sent with to help Asajj Ventress kill Count Dooku.²* FacialMarkings: Like all Nightsisters, she has tattoos in a unique pattern on her face.²* FamousLastWords: After being crushed by a pillar, Karis uses her last breath to encourage Ventress to fight for Dathomir.²-->'''Karis:''' Go and lead us to victory...²* InTheHood: She wears a pointed red hood.²* LaserBlade: She uses a green lightsaber during the attempted assassination on Count Dooku.²* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With Naa'leth.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Merrin]]²!!Merrin²[[quoteright:300:]]²%%[[caption-width-right:300:some caption text]]²->'''Voiced by:''' Tina Ivlev²->'''Appearances:''' ''[[VideoGame/StarWarsJediFallenOrder Jedi: Fallen Order]]''²²The last surviving Nightsister following Count Dooku's genocide, living quietly on Dathomir and driving off anyone who disturbs her people's isolation. However, her worldview is shaken upon her encounter with former Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis.²----²* BadPowersGoodPeople: She has access to Dathomir magick, including necromancy, but is a good person.²* BigDamnHeroes: During Cal and Malicos' duel, she intervenes half-way through on Cal's behalf and helps him defeat the Dark Jedi with her distractions.²* BiTheWay: In addition to her ShipTease with Cal, one of her in-ship dialogues has her talking about a fellow Nightsister that she was very close to when she was younger, to the point of hoping they would be together when they grew up.²* BrutalHonesty: She isn't one to mince words.²-->'''Cal:''' Thank you for [[BigDamnHeroes helping me with Malicos]]. Thought I was a goner for a minute.\²'''Merrin:''' Yes, you would have died.²* ChildProdigy: An ImpliedTrope. Despite being very young compared to most Nightsisters, she has access to skills only seen with [[TeleportersAndTransporters Talzin]] or [[{{Necromancer}} Daka]].²* DarkIsNotEvil: She is an Nightsister, wielding all those sinister powers and being very creepy specially when introduced, but is revealed to have been misguided and ultimately is a good person.²* DarkMagicalGirl: She is a textbook model for this trope - a girl who is very powerful in dark magick with a tragic background (as the SoleSurvivor of her people's genocide), she is led on and manipulated by an EvilMentor who is only seeking to exploit her for her talents. After the truth is revealed, she teams up with TheHero and ultimately joins his side.²* DeadpanSnarker: Once [[spoiler:she joins the ''Mantis'' crew]], she shows some significant shades of this. For example, after explaining to the group the intense training regimen she underwent to properly control her magick:²-->'''[[spoiler:Greez]]:''' Oh, yeah! It's like that time I ate 10 pounds of Umbaran flank steak to get into a high-end cantina.\²'''Merrin:''' Yes. My magick is just like eating steak.²* DefrostingIceQueen: Her first introduction to Cal is not just cold, but outright murderous. As she realizes she was just a pawn of [[FallenHero Taron Malicos]], she loses her rage and hate progressively, giving way to sadness [[spoiler:and eventually joy once she is in the ''Mantis'' crew]]. Noticeably, she turns from calling Cal her enemy, to her ally, to implicitly considering him a close friend.²* DishingOutDirt: Capable of manipulating the land of Dathomir to either raise platforms or even bury someone alive. It seems to be limited to Dathomir itself, however, and not present on other worlds.²* EleventhHourRanger: [[spoiler:Merrin joins Cal and the crew of the Mantis very late in the game after Malicos is defeated having realized she and Cal aren't so different as survivors of [[ThePurge mass purgings of their kind]] and out of a desire to join him as they both try to move forward for the sake of finding their places in the galaxy.]]²* FacialMarkings: Has an symmetrical tattoo across her brow and cheeks.²* FishOutOfWater: She has had virtually no information about the galaxy beyond Dathomir until Cal came, due to her people's isolationism and Malicos' manipulations. As such, when she is told "the Empire" is after what Cal, she asks ''what'' Empire, not having the slightest idea about the state of the galaxy. She also can't speak Binary (meaning she can't understand [[RobotBuddy BD-1]]), but that isn’t as odd, as other characters in the franchise have the same difficulty, including Greez in ''Jedi: Fallen Order'' itself.²* GoodCostumeSwitch: She wears a hooded, jewelry-encrusted [[RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver black-on-red]] robe during Cal's first visit to Dathomir, when she attempts to drive him off due to her mistaken belief that the Jedi killed her people. [[spoiler:When he returns to find her questioning her choices and willing to join him, she's switched to a plain-looking red-on-black tunic.]]²* HandBlast: Can throw balls of magical ichor at her foes like hand grenades.²* HeelFaceTurn: She is initially an protege to a Dark Jedi that crash-landed on her planet who used her to exploit the planet's magick. After meeting Cal, she comes to realize she's been manipulated, helps him defeat her master, and leaves Dathomir to join his journey.²* InkSuitActor: He is modeled after her English voice actress.²* InsistentTerminology: Greez calls her a witch upon meeting her for the first time and she immediately tells him to refer to her as "Nightsister" instead.²* LastOfHerKind: At the very least, she is the last surviving Nightsister still living in Dathomir. Seeing that Cal finds a potential means to bring about the next generation of Jedi, as he himself says, just serves to make her sadder, as she knows "nothing will bring back [her] people."²* {{Necromancer}}: Shows herself capable of performing the resurrection incantation not unlike Daka, which she uses to turn her fallen sisters against intruders.²* NotSoAboveItAll: [[spoiler:While she is usually no-nonsense and all business, when Greez seems especially nervous and offers to cook the crew of the ''Mantis'' steaks, she notes that she likes them rare, even stopping him from walking away specifically to tell him that. Evidently hanging around the ''Mantis'' has an effect on her, as she later jokes that she needs a sacrifice for a cloaking ritual, and that one of Greez's arms will do nicely.]]²* NotSoDifferent: To Cal. Both of them survived a Sith purge that annihilated their people, and were left alone to fend for themselves as a result. [[spoiler:While she points out that Jedi and Nightsisters don't mix well together, they go along with each other as survivors.]]²-->'''Merrin:''' [[spoiler:Nightsisters and Jedi do not travel together but... survivors. We adapt.]]²* OddFriendship: As she herself notes, Nightsisters and Jedi do not go well together, yet [[spoiler:she travels with two Jedi (one former) by bonding with them as survivors]].²* TokenHeroicOrc: Perhaps due to growing up alone, without the rest of the power-hungry cult to indoctrinate her, Merrin is the only Nightsister who explicitly takes wholly sympathetic actions while remaining one of the brood (Ventress having changed after leaving), ultimately leading to her [[spoiler: joining forces with a Jedi and setting forth to do good in the galaxy.]] Even before [[spoiler: changing sides]], she only fights to protect her home from a threat she has been led to believe is evil, rather than out of vindictive malice or ambition like the others.²* ShipTease: Seems to develop an interest in Cal beyond mere friendship. She inquires about Cal’s relationship with Cere as without mentioning Greez, and the two later share a hug for which she awkwardly apologizes (on account of his injuries).²* TeleportersAndTransporters: Can use magick to teleport from one area to another.²* TookALevelInKindness: Not that she is a bad person by any means, but the longer she spends time around people who aren’t [[EvilMentor Taron Malicos]] or from Dathomir, the nicer and more relaxed she becomes. By the end of the game, she outright gives Cal a hug when he recovers from his injuries.²* VampireVords: Despite not actually being a vampire, her pale skin and {{necromanc|er}}y, along with living on Dathomir in a place not too far removed from {{Uberwald}}, helps give her distinctly Slavic accent this feeling.²* VoiceOfTheLegion: She can pull this off, at least during a scene when she sees Malicos is revealed to have lied to her, seemingly connected to the stronger of her rituals, such as mass use of her necromancy or [[spoiler:a ritual to render the ''Mantis'' invisible]].²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder:Naa'leth]]²!!Naa'leth²[[quoteright:300:]]²²->'''Voiced by:''' Cara Pifko²->'''Appearances:''' ''[[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars The Clone Wars]]''²²Another Nightsister warrior in Mother Talzin's coven.²----²* DarkActionGirl: As is normal for a Nightsister warrior. She is considered one of the best warriors among Mother Talzin's coven, alongside Karis, who she is sent with to help Asajj Ventress kill Count Dooku.²* EnergyBow: One of her weapons is a Nightsister energy bow, which fires arrows made of pure plasma.²* FacialMarkings: Like all Nightsisters, she has tattoos in a unique pattern on her face.²* LaserBlade: She uses a green lightsaber during the attempted assassination on Count Dooku.²* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With Karis.²* UnderestimatingBadassery: She believes that Count Dooku will be easier to defeat than he actually is. When she, Asajj, and Karis are defeated, Naa'leth is stunned.²-->'''Naa'leth:''' He is stronger than I imagined!\²'''Asajj:''' I warned you.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Talia]]²!!Talia²[[quoteright:300:]]²²->'''Voiced by:''' Angelique Perrin²->'''Appearances:''' ''[[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars The Clone Wars]]''²²A Nightsister warrior who serves Mother Talzin.²----²* DarkActionGirl: As is normal for a Nightsister warrior.²* FacialMarkings: Like all Nightsisters, she has tattoos in a unique pattern on her face.²* KnifeNut: She wields a long and wicked looking knife.²* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: She is not seen being killed alongside the rest of her tribe in "Massacre", but since it is stated that all of the tribe was killed, it can be assumed she was KilledOffScreen.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Shelish]]²!!Shelish²-->See her entry on the [[Characters/StarWarsAnoatSector Anoat Sector]] page under '''Jhas Krill'''.²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder:Nightsister Ghosts]]²!!Nightsister ghosts²²->'''Voiced by:''' Anna Graves (possessor of Sabine Wren), Meredith Salenger (possessor of Kanan Jarrus)²->'''Appearances:''' ''[[WesternAnimation/StarWarsRebels Rebels]]''²²The spirits of fallen Nightsisters that were summoned by former Darth Maul and Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger to use their magic to see the future.²----²* BigNo[=/=]RapidFireNo: Sabine's Nightsister ghost, when Ezra pushes a possessed Sabine out of the altar's range.²* DealWithTheDevil: The participants that use their magic in a ritual for their own use must provide the same number of bodies or more for the spirits to use to return to the world of the living. Often it is the participants themselves, but non-participants that are brought in for the trade or just happen to be around work just as well (though don't expect the spirits to not attack the participants after possessing the others, since they still go after Maul and Ezra after getting Sabine and Kanan's bodies).²* DemonicPossession: After they complete their side of the deal, they go after whoever they can possess as your payment.²* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Per typical of Nightsister magik possessions, the possessed get green eyes with ichor flowing out of them.²* SealedEvilInACan: Maul unleashes them from their altar by using their magic to see the future.²[[/folder]]²²----


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