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1Due to the unknown canon status and production completion of ''Project: Ragtag'', the characters of ''Project: Ragtag'' are being placed on their own page until further notice.²²----²²[[foldercontrol]]²²!The ''Ragtag'' Crew & Allies²²[[folder:Dodger Boon]]²!!"Dodger" Boon²!!!'''Species:''' Human (Alderaanian)²!!!'''Homeworld:''' Alderaan²²->'''Portrayed by:''' Todd Stashwick²->'''Appears in:''' ''VideoGame/{{Ragtag}}''²²A scoundrel and a pupil of Buck. When he was 17, he ran away from home so that he wouldn't be forced into Imperial service. After his homeworld was blown up by the Death Star, he went into service of Jabba the Hutt in an attempt to earn credits to buy himself off of the Empire's list of surviving Alderaanians.²²He would have been the protagonist of ''Ragtag''.²----²* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: His name isn't actually "Dodger". He's named that because he "dodged" the Imperial draft.²* {{Expy}}: Of Han.²* DramaticIrony: He ran away from home because he didn't want to become an Imperial. Now, he can't return home because the Empire destroyed it.²* TheHeart: His humor and friendship with Robie is what helps keep the crew together.²* SurvivorsGuilt: Has this after Alderaan is blown up by the Death Star.²* WhipItGood: Not only does he have a whip, but he also has a grappling line/light whip.²* YouCantGoHomeAgain: He's from Alderaan.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Robie Mattox]]²!!Robie Mattox²!!!'''Species:''' Human²!!!'''Homeworld:''' Coruscant²²->'''Portrayed by:''' Natalie Morales²->'''Appears in:''' ''VideoGame/{{Ragtag}}''²²A gunslinger with a laconic attitude. She was raised by the ''Wandering Star'' crime family on Level 1313 of Coruscant. Robie gets roped into helping Dodger kidnap Oona on a mission for Jabba.²²She would have been the protagonist of the sequel to ''Ragtag''.²----²* DeathByOriginStory: Her parents were killed, orphaning her until the ''Wandering Star'' crime family took her in.²* {{Expy}}: Of Aphra.²* FantasticRacism: She doesn't like droids, as artificial life creeps her out. This puts her at odds with Doc.²* TheHeart: Her humor and friendship with Dodger is what helps keep the crew together.²* OlderThanTheyLook: She may be an Aphra {{expy}}, but she's in her early thirties, while Aphra seems to be in her late twenties.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Lunak]]²!!Lunak²!!!'''Species:''' Gudon²²->'''Appears in:''' ''VideoGame/{{Ragtag}}''²²Dodger's mechanic.²----²* TokenNonHuman: Like Chewbacca and Zeb before him.²* TranslatorCollar: Wears a translation device.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Doc]]²!!Doc²!!!'''Model:''' Field medic astromech droid²²->'''Appears in:''' ''VideoGame/{{Ragtag}}''²²A rebel droid stolen by Dodger.²----²* TheCracker: Being an astromech droid and all, yeah.²* {{Expy}}: She is described as having a ball-shaped bottom (like a BB-series droid) but a barrel-shaped body (like regular astromech droids), making her sound like an expy of BB-8 and Artoo. Her head being able to detach and float around also sounds similar to probe droids.²* TheMedic: An interesting variation in that she's an astromech.²* RobotBuddy: Wouldn't be ''Star Wars'' without one.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Oona Sable]]²!!Oona Sable²!!!'''Species:''' Human²²->'''Portrayed by:''' Gillian Jacobs²->'''Appears in:''' ''VideoGame/{{Ragtag}}''²²A rich and spoiled young lady.²----²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Zanni]]²!!Zanni²!!!'''Species:''' Anzat²²->'''Appears in:''' ''VideoGame/{{Ragtag}}''²²A sneaky crook that Dodger reluctantly enlists the help of. As he didn't join the Jedi, he only has minimal skills in the Force and has yet to do any good with it, but he soon discovers his higher calling.²----²* CharacterDevelopment: He would've lessened use of his Force powers for trivial things and instead for more important matters.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Wil Nightstar]]²!!Wil Nightstar²!!!''Species:''' Human²²->'''Appears in:''' ''VideoGame/{{Ragtag}}''²²A scoundrel.²----²* AwesomeMcCoolname: Nightstar? C'mon.²* DarkIsEvil: "Night" is in his name, and it turns out that he's a bad guy.²* TheMole: Towards the end of the game, it turns out that he works for Korzan and he was the one that set off the superweapon on Mos Elrey. He then returns Oona back to her mother and destroys the intel the crew was going to the deliver to the Rebel Alliance so that the crew can't provide evidence of their claims about Korzan's superweapon.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Buck Freeborn]]²!!Buck Freeborn²²->'''Appears in:''' ''VideoGame/{{Ragtag}}''²²An older scoundrel that had mentored Dodger, along with many other orphans. He joined the Rebellion after discovering a horrible truth on Tatooine, making him a target.²----²* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Dodger is surprised to hear that he joined the Rebellion.²* RecycledInSpace: He's said to essentially be Literature/OliverTwist in Space.²* SacrificialLion: He gets killed by the testing of a superweapon on his hometown, Mos Elrey.²* TakenForGranite: He and the rest of Mos Elrey die this way thanks to Korzan's superweapon.²[[/folder]]²²!The Galactic Fringe²²[[folder:Korzan Sable]]²!!Korzan Sable²!!!'''Species:''' Human²²->'''Appears in:''' ''VideoGame/{{Ragtag}}''²²The mother of Oona, as well as being a Rang Clan underboss.²----²* AbusiveParent²* BigBad: Of ''Ragtag''.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Mammo the Hutt]]²!!Mammo the Hutt²!!!'''Species:''' Hutt²²->'''Appears in:''' ''VideoGame/{{Ragtag}}''²²An albino Hutt that runs a spice-mining colony.²----²[[/folder]]


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