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1%%²%%²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.²%%²%%²²-> [[Characters/PowerAcademy Main Index]] | Team Firehawk | [[Characters/PowerAcademyEveryoneElse The Other Students]] | [[Characters/PowerAcademyStaff Academy Staff]] | [[Characters/PowerAcademyAntagonists Antagonists]] | [[Characters/PowerAcademyOutsidersAndOthers Outsiders and Others]] | [[Characters/PowerAcademyFactions Factions]]²²The members of Team Firehawk in Roleplay/PowerAcademy. For the other students, see [[Characters/PowerAcademyStaff here]].²²!Team Firehawk In General²* ActionGirl: All of the female members, with Tala, Willow, and Dahlia of the [[DarkActionGirl Dark variety]].²* AppropriatedAppellation: The team name was initially an off-the-cuff adjective used dismissively by Alexei; the party ends up rolling with it.²* BadassCrew: As their reputation grows over the course of the series, these particular students are recognized as a group that is ''not'' to be trifled with.²* EnsembleCast: There's no real "main protagonist" out of the team, with each one getting their own important arc and development. The closest thing to a [[AudienceSurrogate point of view character for the audience]] would be Dawn, who's a total newcomer to the superhero business.²* LaResistance: Serves as this when Knight takes over Kragsmark.²* RagtagBunchOfMisfits: Particularly at the beginning.²* SlidingScaleOfBeauty:²** Level II (World Class Beauty): Alderon, Alice, Beth, Simon, Tala²** Level III (Common Beauty): Dahlia, Helena, Layla, Sam, Talan, Val, Willow²** Level IV (Imperfect Beauty): Corvus, Dawn (though she's Level II in Fogon's eyes), Fogron, Isaac²** Level V (Cool/Special Average): Gill²* TheTeam²* [[TechnicalPacifist Technical Pacifists]]: With Alderon, Dahlia, Dark!Simon, Tala, and (depending on the persona) Willow being exceptions that are willing to kill.²* TrueCompanions: What they develop into.²²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Valerie Ashen]]²!Valerie Ashen²->'''Power:''' [[AnIcePerson Cryokinesis]]²²Val was a [[AllOfTheOtherReindeer frequent target of bullies]] for her mutant traits--cryokinetic powers and azure hair--and nerdy interests growing up. Starting in her early teens, she was trained to be a crimefighter by her adoptive mother and fellow mutant, Lily (who later joins the Academy as a nurse). Taking a cue from the magical girl manga she loves, she took it upon herself to use her powers for the greater good, to protect the defenseless and give others the help she never received. When she arrives at the Academy, Val becomes a founding member of the [=ANGELs=] team, helping organize things as a de facto leader.²²* {{Adorkable}} / [[SociallyAwkwardHero Socially Awkward Heroine]]: Less so than Dawn, though.²* AllOfTheOtherReindeer: She was constantly picked on/bullied in her childhood for her powers and hair color, though this just reinforced her altruistic nature.²* BadassAdorable: Cutesy, girly, affectionate, adorably awkward...and undoubtedly capable of kicking ass.²%%** GirlyBruiser²* BiTheWay: Falls for Tala, but also describes Alderon, Simon and Warpen as attractive (the last one physically so, anyway).²%%* BigSisterInstinct²* BroodingBoyGentleGirl: Tends to favor dark and brooding (though not outright evil) people, like Tala or Simon.²* BullyHunter: She detests bullies, which makes sense given her backstory.²* CallingTheOldManOut: [[spoiler:During their final fight, she gives Slade an epic speech mid-battle detailing how he is, in no uncertain terms, an utter failure as a hero and a father.]]²* ChronicHeroSyndrome: Finds herself constantly sidetracked by people in need. A big part of her character arc involves her trying to avoid burning herself out.²* CoolSword: [[IncrediblyLamePun Literally.]] She often wields an ice rapier or dual ice daggers, forming them in her hands.²* CosplayOtakuGirl: To the point where she designs the outfits for her team.²%%* CovertPervert²* DangerouslyShortSkirt: If she can wear a miniskirt into battle, she usually will. She uses this as an homage to the MagicalGirl manga she enjoys.²* DualWielding: Often dual-wields ice daggers.²* {{Fangirl}}: Of manga and anime, as well as [[CutenessProximity cute things]].²* FunSize / WaifFu: Notably a little shorter than most of the other students, on par with Fogron and Sam.²* HairDecorations / GogglesDoNothing: Her goggles, worn as a hairband.²* AnIcePerson: Deconstructed; except in special conditions, she has to wear specialized gloves to keep from freezing whatever she touches. [[spoiler:Later, Talan makes a special pair of heat bracelets for her, which allow her to go without her gloves.]]²* TheKirk: When presented with two extremes, she often tries to find a balance between them.²%%* MartialPacifist²%%* NerdsAreSexy²* OfficialCouple: With Tala.²* PornStash: Of her two sketchbooks, one is filled with [[YaoiFangirl yaoi]] and is always kept in her room.²* [[RavenHairIvorySkin Azure Hair Ivory Skin]]²* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: With Layla.²* ShesGotLegs: Especially given her penchant for [[DangerouslyShortSkirt miniskirts]] [[ZettaiRyouiki and thigh-high socks]].²%%* ShyBlueHairedGirl²* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Girly Girl to Tala's Tomboy.²* TrickedOutGloves: Which she has to wear to keep from freezing everything she touches. [[spoiler:Until she receives the heat bracelets, that is.]]²* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Is arachnophobic.²* YaoiFangirl / YuriFan: As evidenced by comments about her sketchbook.²%%* ZettaiRyouiki: ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Talanous "Talan" Fairweather]]²!Talanous "Talan" Fairweather²->'''Power:''' Technopath; is a shapeshifter, but uses this power rarely²²Born to the rare breed of shapeshifters, Talanous learned he had technopathic abilities when he made a smashed TV repair itself. He's a hero in his own right, though it has been a long road for him; he started out as rivals with Swilium, and eventually found himself fighting more villains.²²%%* {{Adorkable}}²* AttractiveBentGender: When hit with a gender-flip ray, female!Talan looks and sounds exactly like Tala.²%%* BadassBookworm²%%* BewareTheNiceOnes²%%* BiTheWay²* BrokenAce: Despite Tala and Layla regarding him as [[TheAce near-perfect]], Talan has some serious demons haunting him, and [[HiddenDepths he's much more fragile than previously thought,]] revealed when his traumatic incident with Helena humiliated him nearly to the point of suicide.²* CainAndAbel: Subverted. He would have been the Abel to Tala's Cain, but she rebelled against her orders.²* CrushFilter: Whenever he looks at someone he's attracted to.²* CryCute: When recounting the traumatic incident Helena put him through.²%%* DeadpanSnarker²%%* DorkKnight²%%* GadgeteerGenius²* HurtingHero: At first glance, he ''seems'' like a well-balanced individual...but he's hiding a lot of angst over horrific things that happened in his past. [[CharacterDevelopment He slowly learns to move past it, however.]]²* {{Keet}}: Once he [[CharacterDevelopment comes out of his shell.]]²%%* TheLeader: A natural-born one.²* [[ManicPixieDreamGirl Manic Pixie Dream Boy]]: According to Lightning.²%%* NerdsAreSexy²* OfficialCouple: With Layla.²* PopCulturedBadass: The most prevalent example in the school, it seems.²* PolarOppositeTwins / RedOniBlueOni: Blue to Tala's Red.²* PowerArmor: Has a set based off of [[Franchise/MassEffect N7 armor]].²%%* PrettyBoy²%%* ScienceHero²* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: Sensitive Guy to Alderon's Manly Man.²* ShapeShifting: While he is part of the shapeshifter race, his natural abilities are downplayed in favor of his technopathy.²* ShirtlessScene: Tons of them; Layla even lampshades this.²* ShrinkingViolet: Starts out as this, then gradually comes out of his shell.²* SitcomArchnemesis: To Isaac.²%%* SpikyHair²* StepfordSmiler: See HurtingHero.²%%* SupportPartyMember²%%* {{Technopath}}²* TerribleArtist: As seen in his diary.²%%* TheTurretMaster²* WackyParentSeriousChild: He's lived with parents who make a habit of food fights at the dinner table.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Gill Barrows and his familiars]]²!Gill Barrows²->'''Power:''' Telepathic communication with bugs²->'''Unique Ability:''' Time Wanderer (Can summon his familiars to assist in combat or puzzles. Able to craft items and equipment.)²²[[FishOutOfTemporalWater Hailing from the 18th century]], Gill was just an everyday postman--one who could telepathically communicate with bugs. Eventually, his town found out about his ability, and ran him out of town, dubbing him a freak. His life was further changed forever when he discovered Tripp, the sentient time gauntlet. Following various adventures through time (gathering several bug companions along the way), Gill has eventually found his way to Power Academy in the present. [[TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture (Or future. Or yet another alternate timeline. Whatever.)]]²²* AllOfTheOtherReindeer: He was run out of his hometown for his ability to communicate with bugs (including both insects and arachnids).²* AnArmAndALeg: His left leg below the knee is hacked off in a fight with Ezekiel, later replaced with a cybernetic peg leg.²* TheAtoner: He views himself as responsible for his family's misfortunes and has set out to correct his mistakes.²%%* BadassBookworm²* TheBeastmaster: His main ability is relying on and coordinating his insectoid companions.²%%* BewareTheNiceOnes²* DeadpanSnarker: Not quite to Simon levels of snarkiness, but he's up there.²* DoomMagnet: Believes himself to be one.²* {{Main/Expy}}: Bears quite a resemblance to [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Homura Akemi]], in that [[spoiler:he travels from one timeline to the next, constantly reliving his life and trying to set right what once went wrong]].²* FishOutOfTemporalWater: Originally from the 18th century.²%%* GadgeteerGenius²** {{MacGyvering}}: Unlike the other inventors of the school, he tends to use random, mundane objects to great effect.²%%* GuileHero²%%* HeartIsAnAwesomePower²* IndyPloy: Frequently improvises during missions, including throwing together gadgets (as seen above).²* [[LukeIAmYourFather Willow, I Am Your Ancestor]]: Though she doesn't realize it.²* MyGreatestFailure: The death of his family, which he inadvertently caused.²* NearKiss: He and a female PC can have one if he decides to stay with Claire.²* NiceHat: His postman's cap.²%%* ScarfOfAsskicking²%%* TimeTravel²* TriangRelations: It's possible for him to have feelings for both Claire and a female player character (and vice versa). During his romance arc, he can be asked to make a decision for one or the other.²²!Zippy²²A scorpion familiar, often found at Gill's side. She often has a fitting snarky retort for whatever strange situation the group finds themselves in.²²%%* DeadpanSnarker²%%* {{Telepathy}}²²!Snare²²The result of Vilhelm attempting cybernetic modification on a giant spider, Snare is surprisingly upbeat. He's very friendly with the students--and at least tries to be so with the arachnophobic ones.²²* CyberneticsEatYourSoul: Defied; Snare maintains a relatively lively outlook on life despite his circumstances.²* DemonicSpiders: Demonic Spider: InUniverse.²* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: ''Giant cyborg jumping spider!''²%%* ThePollyanna²* QuintessentialBritishGentleman: Talks like one, anyway.²²!Daedalus²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Anna R. Kleiner and Wattzon]]²!Anna R. Kleiner²->'''Power:''' Apparently none, aside from quick reflexes and fast wits²²* {{Adorkable}}: Especially when working with machines.²* AudienceSurrogate: The closest thing to one the team has, considering her status as a temporal outsider.²%%* BadassAdorable²%%* BadassNormal²* FanserviceWithASmile: Works at the Maid Hall cafe.²* FishOutOfTemporalWater²* FunWithAcronyms: "ARK".²%%* GadgeteerGenius²%%* GuileHero: Guile Heroine²* IllGirl: Was suffering from a rare heart disease before her father, the CEO of Normco, found a cure.²* InTheHood: Wears a hood as part of her regular costume.²* {{Meido}}: Her miniskirted maid uniform at the Maid Hall cafe. In-story, a battle between the party and members of the Shadow Court ends up taking them right outside the cafe, right in the middle of her shift. She runs out to help them, and is surprised at how easy her uniform is to fight in.²* ParentalAbandonment: Both of her parents are dead. [[spoiler:At least, her mother APPEARS to be dead, and her father's still alive at this point in the timeline before he goes back in time.]]²%%* TokenWholesome²²!Wattzon²->'''Power:''' Atmokinesis²²* BrainJar: ²* LaserGuidedAmnesia²* ShockAndAwe: His most common form of attack.²* WeatherControlMachine: Essentially a sentient one.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Layla "Lightning" Ulrich]]²!Layla "Lightning" Ulrich [[spoiler:(aka Subject 003)]]²->'''Power:''' [[ShockAndAwe Electrokinesis]]²²A cute and cheerful girl with electric powers, Layla showed up in Val's life seemingly out of nowhere to help her fight evil. Her motives seem to consist of having fun first, saving the world second--though not necessarily spaced apart. Though she was orphaned at a young age, "Lightning" is always there with a smile, ready to offer moral support or zap an enemy or two.²²What she doesn't know, however, is that [[spoiler:her life as she knows it is a lie. The real Layla is dead, having been killed in a plane crash years before. Her distraught mother sought to bring her back in some way, creating three clones. "Lightning" is the youngest of the three, considered the closest to the real Layla. When Vilhelm tried to repurpose her, Blaze and Hydro as super soldiers, their mother helped them escape; the group decided that "Lightning" would be the one to live a normal life, and her memories were thus altered.]]²²%%* ACupAngst²* AmbiguousDisorder: Has some tendencies that would suggest ADD and/or OCD.²* ArtificialHuman: [[spoiler:Revealed to be one.]]²* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: [[RunningGag Ooh, a Butterfly!]]²%%* BadassAdorable²* BadassInDistress: Eris kidnaps Layla as a hostage at one point.²%%* BigEater²* BreakTheCutie: Basically, her entire backstory and revelation thereof. Even so, she tries to remain as cheerful and positive as ever.²* CloningBlues: [[spoiler:Briefly, but is brought out of her angst by Talan.]]²%%* CloudCuckooLander²%%* CuddleBug²* TheCutie: Especially in Talan's eyes.²%%* DangerouslyShortSkirt / WhoWearsShortShorts: Alternates between the two.²%%* FragileSpeedster²* FunPersonified: [[spoiler:Her backstory and resulting brief HeroicBSOD]] notwithstanding, she's one of the most lighthearted characters in TheVerse, thanks in part to her cheerful, cutesy and hyperactive demeanor.²* GeniusDitz: Though Layla is often flighty and naive, she's far from stupid. She's good with technology, for instance--as long as she's well-grounded. [[spoiler:She also has advanced scientific knowledge imprinted into her mind.]]²* '''GenkiGirl:''' Talan even jokes that she radiates energy.²%%* GirlishPigtails²** MegaTwintails: Her hair is just past shoulder-length when taken down.²%%* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold²%%* LivingEmotionalCrutch: For [[BrokenAce Talan]].²* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Talan perceives her as one, but subverted in that she has interests and a life beyond Talan. It turns out she's far from perfect.²* MixedAncestry: Had an Austrian mother and Swedish father, and speaks a bit of both German and Swedish.²* OfficialCouple: With Talan.²* RedEyesTakeWarning: Subverted; she has red eyes but is a hero and a total sweetheart.²* ReplacementGoldfish: [[spoiler:Her creator/"mother" considered her the closest to the original Layla, according to Hydro.]]²* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: With Val.²* SheCleansUpNicely: Downplayed; she generally looks cute/pretty without having to dress all fancy. But when she makes the effort for formal events, she looks elegantly phenomenal.²%%* ShockAndAwe²* SingleTargetSexuality: Once she gets together with Talan, she more or less becomes Talan-sexual. She even jokes about wanting to date [[OppositeSexClone Tala]].²* {{Squee}}: Does this very frequently.²* StepfordSmiler: [[spoiler:Very temporarily, when her backstory is revealed during her personal quest. She tries to remain upbeat to avoid appearing weak in front of the others...but she doesn't keep it up for long, breaking down into tears during a lull in the action.]]²* WalkingTechbane: If she's not well-grounded, Layla tends to inadvertently fry any piece of advanced technology she interacts with, given [[ShockAndAwe her powers.]]²* YoungerThanTheyLook: [[spoiler:Physically and mentally 17 (later 18), but chronologically 9.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Alderon [=DeRain=]]]²!Alderon [=DeRain=]²->'''Power:''' [[{{Necromancer}} Necromancy]]²²The friendlier of the [=DeRain=] brothers, Alderon has spent much of his life training in the underworld to become the Angel of Death. Although he starts out fairly neutral, he soon becomes firmly heroic, [[DarkIsNotEvil using his powers to fight evil.]] More relevantly to the plot, he has brought Helena (the evil version, that is) back from the dead to keep her from taking over the underworld, and views himself as responsible for setting things right by defeating her.²²* AngelicBeauty: Angel of Death, anyway. A couple of generic students even compare him to a standard angel.²* AntiHero / AntiVillain: He starts out as purely neutral, but ends up as the former.²* TheBeastmaster: Can summon the undead to do his bidding and assist in battle.²%%* BewareTheNiceOnes²%%* {{Bishonen}}²%%* CainAndAbel: With Swilium.²%%* CoolSword: His katana.²%%* CovertPervert²* DarkIsNotEvil: He incredibly kind and friendly--more than one would expect the Grim Reaper to be.²* EatingTheEyeCandy: Male variant; he tends to get distracted by attractive guys' looks when first meeting them. He's also the subject of this, with various women (and some men) ogling him [[WalkingShirtlessScene once he becomes]] [[OneWingedAngel the Angel of Death]].²%%* EvenTheGuysWantHim: See above.²* EveryScarHasAStory / ScarSurvey: He and Alice have a mutual case, when they share the stories about their scars to each other. [[{{Fanservice}} Doubles as a nice]] ShirtlessScene twofold.²* {{Familiar}}: His skeleton wolf, who can be summoned into combat.²* GoodScarsEvilScars: Has scars across his right arm and left eye.²* TheGrimReaper: Training to be one. [[spoiler:He succeeds.]]²* HealingHands: Has some healing abilities, though not quite as potent as Beth.²%%* HeroicNeutral²* IfItsYouItsOkay: [[PlatonicLifePartners Alice]] and [[LastHetRomance Tala]] are the only girls he would consider dating.²* InTheHood: Before [[WalkingShirtlessScene he got his wings]], that is.²%%* InnocentFanserviceGuy: Once he gains his wings.²* LongHairedPrettyBoy: Lampshaded as part of his physical appeal.²* MrFanservice: Constantly goes around shirtless, is well-built, has long pretty hair and is [[DarkIsNotEvil rather dark and mysterious but friendly and approachable]]? All apply to him here.²%%* MysticalWhiteHair²%%* {{Necromancer}}²* NiceJobBreakingItHero / IDidWhatIHadToDo: He brings Eris back from the dead, but only to prevent her from taking over the underworld--which would be even worse.²%%* NotSoStoic²* OneWingedAngel: Gains large black wings upon becoming the Angel of Death.²* OutOfClothesExperience: While training in the Underworld to become the Angel of Death, he did so sans clothing.²* PlatonicLifePartners: With Talan.²* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: Manly Man to Talan and Corvus' Sensitive Guys.²* ShirtlessScene: Has plenty of them. Eventually...²** WalkingShirtlessScene: Once he becomes the Angel of Death and gains his wings, he gets rid of his shirt, noting that it gets in the way.²* TheSmartGuy: Especially when it comes to magic and the underworld.²* StraightGay: Played with. He loves cute things, and while off-duty he slips into a few ValleyGirl speech patterns around friends, but otherwise doesn't go for camp.²%%* TheTease²%%* TheWorkaholic: At first.²* WingedHumanoid: Has large black raven wings as the Angel of Death.²%%* YaoiFanboy²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Bethany Knight]]²!Bethany "Beth" Knight²->'''Power:''' Limited reality-warping; uses it to heal people and teleport²²Beth is the daughter of Jonathan Knight, head of Knight Research, but not biologically. She was born from Jonathan's reality-bending when he was lonely, based off of a woman he [[spoiler:apparently]] had an affair with. She's ostensibly his little angel, but he ignores her more often than not. In fact, she's nothing like him in terms of personality [[ArchnemesisDad and morality,]] and wants to use her powers to help others. One day, she runs away, taking a large sum of her "father's" money with her, eventually coming to the Academy.²²She specializes in using her reality-warping abilities to [[TheMedic heal]] people. The same healing magic can be used to attack, a fact which she's constantly (and painfully) aware of.²²* ActionFashionista: Nearly always dressed in stylish clothes, usually with a skirt and heels, and willing to fight in them.²* ArtificialHuman: Born from Jonathan's reality-bending when he was lonely.²* BadassAdorable: Though she's more "beautiful"/"sexy" than "cute," she still has her adorable moments nonetheless.²* BarelyThereSwimwear: During the BeachEpisode.²* BewareTheNiceOnes: One of the sweetest people at the Academy, and despite her support-focused powers, one you don't want to mess with.²* BroodingBoyGentleGirl: Gentle Girl to Simon's Brooding Boy.²%%* BuxomIsBetter²* ClarkKenting: Normally wears a pair of glasses.²* CruelMercy: [[spoiler:After her final fight with Jonathan, she decides to spare him, saying that killing him won't solve anything. In response, Terminus kills him instead.]]²* DaddysLittleVillain: Defied; she wants nothing to do with Jonathan or his company. Though he treated her as [[DaddysGirl his little angel]] for a brief time, he generally ignored her.²* DarkIsNotEvil: As she puts it to Simon, "I'd like to welcome you to the club of 'Using Evil for Good.'"²* ElegantGothicLolita: Some of her alternate outfits.²%%* EvenTheGirlsWantHer²* FlorenceNightingaleEffect: She first notices her attraction to Simon when she helps him heal after a tough battle.²* FriendlessBackground: Sam was her very first real friend.²* GildedCage: Her entire life until she ran away.²* HalfHumanHybrid: Half-human, half-[[HumanoidAbomination Creator]].²* HairDecorations: Wears a pink bow in her hair.²%%* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold²* HeadTurningBeauty: She can't walk down the halls of the Academy without turning at least one head. [[LampshadeHanging This is not lost on her peers at all.]]²%%* IJustWantToBeNormal²%%* IJustWantToHaveFriends²* LightFeminineDarkFeminine: Light to Tala's Dark, considering the two grew up in similar circumstances.²%%* LonelyRichKid²* TheMedic / CombatMedic: Can use her reality-warping powers, inherent to her as a half-Creator, to heal people. Her powers are primarily focused around support, but if the circumstances call for it, she can supercharge her healing magic into a concentrated beam to deal out damage.²%%** HealingHands²* MsFanservice: Just look at all the fanservice tropes. Though she's uneasy about her father literally creating her to look this way, she owns her sexuality nonetheless; she loves how she looks and enjoys showing off.²* NightmareFetishist: Non-sexual variety. When meeting Gill's familiar Snare for the first time, she finds him adorable and even stops to pet him.²* OfficialCouple: With Simon.²* RealityWarper: Though not as powerful as her father in this regard, being a HalfHumanHybrid. [[spoiler:However, it turns out she's the only one who can possibly defeat him for good.]]²%%* TheRunaway²* ShesGotLegs: Many of her outfits show off her long legs.²* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: Simon first catches her attention when he comments on something other than her figure.²* [[SonOfAWhore Daughter of a Whore]]: Subverted. Though Sabrina was a lady of the night, Jonathan simply used her as a template when creating Beth.²* StatuesqueStunner: One of the taller party members, just below Alice, Simon, and Wendy. She's roughly the same height as Lily.²* SupportPartyMember: Beth uses her reality-warping powers mainly for non-destructive ends, such as healing and teleportation. Partly because she doesn't want to become like her father, and partly because [[spoiler:she knows just how much destruction she could wreak if she doesn't control her powers.]]²%%* TheTease²* WhiteMagicianGirl: See above; played with in that her powers come from a malevolent origin.²* WillfullyWeak: Despite sharing a lot of Jonathan's powers, she purposely limits herself power-wise, since she doesn't want to abuse her powers and end up like him. [[spoiler:She temporarily cuts loose when fighting him, though.]]²* WorldOfCardboardSpeech: [[spoiler:During the final fight with Jonathan, Beth gives him one of these before proceeding to cut loose and utterly kick the crap out of him.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Tala Hardgreaves]]²!Tala Hardgreaves [[spoiler:(real name Fairweather)]]²->'''Power:''' ShapeShifter; specializes in turning her arms into various weapons²²Talan's twin sister, though the two were separated at birth. While her brother was raised as a hero, Tala was brought up by her villainous foster father, Wardson Hardgreaves, to be a powerful living weapon. She definitely succeeded in this regard, but because of his overly controlling tendencies, she found herself miserable and friendless. Once she met Talan (and had a brief romance with his friend Alderon), she has begun to question her loyalties. Tala is much more antiheroic than her brother, caring only about kicking ass and having fun doing so.²²She makes frequent use of her shapeshifting abilities, though she is limited to turning her arms into various weapons.²²* AntiVillain: Deep down, she wants to be more heroic; villainy is just what she's always been used to thanks to how she was raised.²* AnythingThatMoves: Although she's definitely more towards the same-sex end of the Kinsey scale.²* AttractiveBentGender: In her gender-flipped form, she looks like a more muscular version of Talan.²%%* BadassAdorable²* BattleStrip: Frequently strips down excess clothing for a fight.²%%* BoobsOfSteel / GagBoobs²* ButchLesbian: [[TomboyWithAGirlyStreak Compared to Val, anyway.]]²%%* ConditionedToAcceptHorror²* ClingyJealousGirl: Has shades of this.²%%* CryCute²%%* DangerouslyShortSkirt²* DoesNotLikeMen: More specifically, she doesn't so much hate men as distrust them.²%%* EvenTheGirlsWantHer²* {{Expy}}: Bears many similarities to [[Franchise/LyricalNanoha Fate Testarossa]].²* GirlyBruiser: At least in appearance.²%%* GoodBadGirl²* GoodCostumeSwitch: Once she makes her HeelFaceTurn, she switches her default outfit for a less evil-looking one.²%%* TheGunslinger²%%* HeelFaceTurn²** LoveRedeems: She cites her feelings for Val as one of the factors that steered her away from evil.²* HellBentForLeather: Her default outfit is a black leather ensemble.²%%* JetPack: Eventually gets one.²%%* IJustWantToHaveFriends²* IfItsYouItsOkay: For Alderon and Isaac.²* LastHetRomance: She and Alderon were this for each other.²* LeotardOfPower: One of her alternate costumes.²* LittleBlackDress: Wears a black minidress for special occasions.²%%* LivingWeapon²* MakingLoveInAllTheWrongPlaces: If she can have sex in it, she probably will. She even mentions that sex in a library is exhilarating.²* MoreDakka: Her solution to everything in a fight.²%%* MsFanservice²* NoSocialSkills: Finds herself very withdrawn thanks to her upbringing; she never had time for friends until she met Talan and Alderon.²* OfficialCouple: With Val.²* OneHeadTaller: Than Val.²* PolarOppositeTwins / RedOniBlueOni: Red to Talan's Blue.²* ShamelessFanserviceGirl: She often finds herself scantily clad and doesn't even mind.²* ShapeshifterWeapon: She describes herself as a living weapon, and her specialty is shapeshifting into various weapons.²* AThreesomeIsHot: Mentions during a truth or dare game that she holds this idea.²* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The Tomboy to Val's Girly Girl.²* TomboyWithAGirlyStreak: For instance, she's incredibly embarrassed to bring up the fact that she secretly loves the color pink.²* {{Tsundere}}: [[ZigZaggedTrope Zig-zags]] between Types A and B.²%%* {{Tykebomb}}²* WrenchWench: She's a machine/mechanical work otaku.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Alice Solheim]]²!Alice Solheim²->'''Power:''' SuperStrength²²Hailing from Alabama (which in this timeline has been reduced to a monster-infested wasteland following a strange meteor impact), Alice left her home to seek out a new life for herself and her family, after having spent years surviving the hellish wasteland. She ended up finding Val and her companions, joining them in the fight against evil.²²* ActionSurvivor: In her backstory.²* AmazonianBeauty: A downplayed example; she's fairly muscular, but is considered sexy for it.²* BareFistedMonk: In the game, she gains a bonus to melee damage when fighting unarmed. Justified due to her SuperStrength.²* BareYourMidriff: Loves wearing clothes that show off her rock-hard six-pack abs.²* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: Zig-zagged. She has her fair share of scars, [[EyepatchOfPower including a blind eye]], but is still considered attractive for [[AmazonianBeauty various]] [[BoobsOfSteel other]] [[DarkSkinnedRedhead reasons]].²* BestHerToBedHer: Alderon goes through a few sparring matches with her as they grow closer.²* BoisterousBruiser: Played with. She's normally very calm, stoic even, when not in combat. In a fight, however, she unleashes the LargeHam within.²* BoobsOfSteel: Among the students, she's one of the most proficient at hand-to-hand combat--as well as very well-endowed.²%%* CoolBigSis: To Valerie and Layla.²* CuteBruiser: An older version.²%%* DarkSkinnedRedhead²* EveryScarHasAStory / ScarSurvey: A mutual case in one scene with Alderon.²* EyeScream: Lost an eye to a vicious monster in the Outlands when she was 8.²%%* EyepatchOfPower²* IndyPloy: During missions, she'll often improvise with the environment (using debris as cover, for instance).²%%* TheLadette²* LastHetRomance: For Corvus, in a way (see below). Though the two were just [[FriendsWithBenefits friends and casual sex partners]], he eventually came out to her--though [[IfItsYouItsOkay he enjoyed their time nonetheless.]]²** ChildhoodFriendRomance: Starts out like this, but is subverted.²* LikeBrotherAndSister: With Corvus--though the two were formerly FriendsWithBenefits.²* LovableJock: An accomplished athlete, and star player for the school's volleyball and dodgeball teams.²* MasculineGirlFeminineBoy: Inevitable in most pairings with her.²* MegatonPunch: Her specialty in a fistfight.²%%* MightyGlacier²* ModestyShorts: Anytime she wears a miniskirt.²* MsFanservice: [[AmazonianBeauty Physically strong and attractive for it?]] Check. Wears outfits that show off [[BareYourMidriff her six-pack abs]] and [[BoobsOfSteel her large chest?]] Check. [[TheTease Loves playfully teasing others?]] Check.²* OfficialCouple: With Alderon.²* SheCleansUpNicely: Alderon already finds her beautiful, but during the school dance, finds her absolutely ''stunning''.²* ShirtlessScene: Often uses her shirt as a rag while doing mechanical work.²%%* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan²* SouthernFriedGenius: When it comes to mechanical work.²* StatuesqueStunner: Notably, the tallest party member.²** HugeSchoolgirl: Shown in flashbacks to be really tall even as a child, making her somewhat awkward. But clearly she's grown out of it by the present.²%%* SuperStrength²* SweetHomeAlabama: Speaks with a distinct Dixie accent.²%%* TomboyishPonytail²* SlipknotPonytail: Has a chance of happening during battle.²* ViolentlyProtectiveGirlfriend: She makes it clear that ''nobody'' messes with her boyfriend.²* WrenchWench: Whereas Gill and Isaac lean more towards the inventive end of mechanical work, Alice is more towards the practical side, focusing on repairing and maintaining things like armor.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Simon Locksley]]²!Simon Locksley²->'''Power:''' Shadow²²The [[TheSnarkKnight snarky but well-meaning]] Simon is descended from a line of magically-sensitive people. In most of his family this affinity is too stunted to be of any significant use, but he possesses great power laying dormant. He has fought alongside Valerie as a crimefighter many times; early on, the two discover a pair of gauntlets that amplify his shadow magic. Simon decides to hang onto them, wanting to keep them out of the wrong hands. ²²With these devastating powers in combat (focusing on debuffing, crowd control and [[GradualGrinder damage-over-time]] spells), he vows to use them for good. He can temporarily switch to a "Dark Side" persona that offers greater abilities [[CastFromHitPoints at a price.]] [[spoiler:However, these eldritch gauntlets are not quite as they seem. They are slowly corrupting Simon over time, and they threaten to irreversibly turn him to evil if he uses too much power.]]²²%%* AccidentalPervert: On several occasions.²* {{Adorkable}}: Played with. He's super suave and talks a good game, but when it comes to actual romance, he quickly turns endearingly awkward.²* AntiHero: KnightInSourArmor variety, [[spoiler:bordering on UnscrupulousHero]]²* ArousedByTheirVoice: Frequently described by the other students as having a sexy voice.²* AttractiveBentGender: When hit with the gender-flip ray; female!Simon strongly resembles Beth, but with red hair.²* BroodingBoyGentleGirl: The Brooding Boy to Beth's Gentle Girl.²%%* CastingAShadow²%%* DarkIsNotEvil: [[spoiler:Assuming Simon maintains control, that is.]]²%%* EmpoweredBadassNormal²* [[EverythingSoundsSexierInFrench Everything Sounds Sexier With]] [[UsefulNotes/BritishAccents An Estuary Accent]]: His accent (though leaning slightly more towards RP) is often noted in-universe as highly attractive.²* FieryRedhead: Downplayed; he's not HotBlooded, but is [[DeadpanSnarker prone to cutting remarks]] and can be easily annoyed.²* GoodScarsEvilScars: Has a small scar next to his eye, from the night he first picked up the gauntlets.²%%* {{Guyliner}}²* HeWhoFightsMonsters: [[spoiler:In danger of turning evil thanks to the gauntlets' corrupting influence.]]²%%* IcyBlueEyes²* ImpoverishedPatrician: The Locksleys were once one of Londinium's most affluent families, but fell on hard times a short time before he was born.²%%* KnightInSourArmor²%%* MagicKnight²* MrFanservice: Of the "dark and brooding on the outside/sweet and cuddly on the inside handsome guy" variety. The accent and voice also help, as noted above.²* OfficialCouple: With Beth.²* PeekABangs: Which hide his scar.²* PerkyGoth: Somewhat; he's more sardonic than anything else, but certainly much more optimistic than the stereotypical Goth kid.²%%* PrettyBoy²%%* ShipperOnDeck / TheMatchmaker²%%* TheSnarkKnight²%%** TallDarkAndSnarky²* SplitPersonalityMerge: [[spoiler:Eventually fully merges with Nero in his mind, while remaining the more dominant side.]]²%%* SugarAndIcePersonality²* VitriolicBestBuds: With Swilium.²²!Dark Side!Simon (aka Nero)²%%* AffablyEvil²* AmplifierArtifact: Comes from one.²* ArtifactOfDoom: [[spoiler:The gauntlets were created by Terminus, intended to be used by a suitable [[TheDragon second-in-command]] for her. They just happened to find their way into unlikely hands.]]²* CastFromHitPoints: This form puts a significant strain on the user's endurance, with his most powerful techniques requiring a health sacrifice.²* CharacterNameAlias: Goes with the name "Nero" practically on a whim--and because he thinks "Dark Side Simon" is a lazy and cliched name.²%%* EvilIsNotAToy²* FightingSpirit: [[spoiler:Becomes this once he and Simon fully merge.]]²* LaughingMad: Especially during battle.²* PaintItBlack: His appearance changes in a few ways in this state--his hair grows longer and drops the [[PeekABangs side fringe]], the gauntlets merge into his hands, and his voice becomes deeper and raspier.²* RedEyesTakeWarning: His eyes turn blood-red temporarily in this state.²%%* SealedEvilInACan²* ShipperOnDeck: For Beth and Simon.²* SuperpoweredEvilSide: [[spoiler:At first. At the end of Simon's personal arc he ends up as a neutral summoned ally.]]²* ThisIsYourBrainOnEvil: As a battle goes on, Nero loses more of his self-control, becoming more violent and having fewer compunctions about lethal force.²%%* TrickedOutGloves²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Isaac Ashen]]²!Isaac Ashen²->'''Power:''' None; [[GadgeteerGenius relies on invented gadgets and weapons]]²->'''Unique Ability:''' Mecha Hero (Isaac gains new abilities based on modifications to his powered armor.)²²Val's younger brother by a year and a half, Isaac is a prodigy with a knack for invention, taking after their father Slade. He's fairly selfish for a hero, caring mainly about using his inventions for profit and fun rather than about saving the world--not that he doesn't care about the latter, though. He's constantly looking for ways to show off his intellect, and is currently working on a suit of PoweredArmor.²²* AnArmAndALeg: [[spoiler:About midway through the story, he loses his right forearm in a fight with Eris. This causes a HeroicBSOD for him, since he realizes that no amount of scientific knowledge or technological expertise can make him invulnerable--but he can still use it to protect his friends.]]²* AntiHero: Starts out as a selfish {{Jerkass}}, but [[CharacterDevelopment matures]] into a KnightInSourArmor.²* ArtificialLimbs: [[spoiler:After evil!Helena forcibly amputates his arm in a fight, he creates a special SwissArmyAppendage to help him in combat.]]²%%* BadassBookworm²* BadassNormal / TeamNormal: He relies solely on his intellect and his inventions.²* BiTheWay: A closeted case, at least.²%%* BrainyBrunette²* [[FoeRomanceSubtext Rival Romance Subtext]]: A couple of his journal entries indicate he might be attracted to Talan (who is himself bisexual, albeit leaning more towards women).²* GadgeteerGenius: To the point where prides himself on his inventions.²%%* GlassCannon²* HandsomeLech: Around women, at least. Around men, he's much more shy and reserved.²* IJustWantToBeSpecial: A big part of his motivation, since he feels overshadowed and upstaged by so many superpowered people around.²* InferioritySuperiorityComplex: The reason why he considers Talan a rival. Isaac has spent much of his life learning about mechanics and technology, becoming an accomplished GadgeteerGenius...and then [[{{Technopath}} Talan]], who can near-instantly repair a machine, suddenly appears in his life, as if to upstage him. Has hints of FoeRomanceSubtext as well.²%%* InsufferableGenius²* JetPack: Part of his armor.²* MacrossMissileMassacre: One of the most powerful attacks built into his PoweredArmor.²%%* PoweredArmor²%%* PrettyBoy²* {{Pride}}: His biggest flaw, along with a bit of envy for others' powers.²* SexySpectacles: To him, any attractive person with glasses is instantly sexier. Also applies to him, as Wendy says his glasses make him cuter.²%%* ScienceHero²* ShamelessFanserviceGuy: While working on inventions in his room, to avoid staining his clothes or generating potentially-damaging static electricity. [[HandsomeLech At least, that's his excuse.]]²* ShirtlessScene: Lots of them. He also tends to do mechanical work shirtless to avoid stains.²* SlapSlapKiss: Many of his pairings.²* SpyCatsuit: Isaac wears a tight-fitting bodysuit underneath his PowerArmor; numerous electronic tactile-feedback receptors are built into it for greater ease of interfacing with his armor. It doesn't stop Wendy from commenting on it.²* StoicSpectacles: Without which [[BlindWithoutEm he's quite nearsighted.]]²* SwissArmyAppendage: [[spoiler:Post-amputation. Doubles as an ArmCannon.]]²* {{Tsundere}}: Male example (especially towards Talan and Xavier).²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Sam Grayson]]²!Sam Grayson²->'''Power:''' Telekinesis²²When he was 14, Sam's parents (both psychics) were killed in a suspicious accident--and soon after, Jonathan Knight offered him a chance to live with him and his daughter. The young psychic suspected an obvious connection, but had little choice in the matter. He was intended as an heir to Knight Research and a future husband for Beth; though the two became close friends [[WholesomeCrossdresser (even sharing dresses]]) over the next few years, Sam refused to have anything to do with the company once he learned what they were up to. Upon catching wind of this, Jonathan changed plans and made him a test subject. He was regularly beaten by the company's guards for two months during their downtime. However, he escaped during the mass breakout Eris caused; he has been on the run ever since, eventually coming to the Academy.²²* ArrangedMarriage: Originally had a de facto one with Beth, but things didn't go to Jonathan's plans.²* AttractiveBentGender: PlayedForLaughs with the gender-flip ray. female!Sam looks ''exactly'' the same as her male self, but with slightly longer hair, noticeable breasts, and a clearly (but still soft and breathy) female voice. [[spoiler:It stirs up repressed memories for hero!Helena, however.]]²%%* BadassAdorable²* BerserkButton: When he sees Simon using the gauntlets, he practically ''explodes'' at him, saying that he saw people tortured to death at Knight Research with the kind of power Simon uses.²%%* BewareTheNiceOnes²* BiTheWay: Although it's just as likely that he's demisexual, as he finds himself attracted to Beth long after forming an emotional bond with her. Women tend to be the exception rather than the rule for him though.²* {{Bishonen}}: To the point where he is sometimes [[DudeLooksLikeALady jokingly referred to as a she]]. Though he thinks of himself as male, he's nonetheless amused when he's accidentally referred to as a girl.²%%* BrokenBird: Male variant.²%%* CrazyJealousGuy²* DarkAndTroubledPast: Suffice it to say that his life ''sucked.''²* ElegantGothicLolita: Once he ditches the Knight Research jumpsuit, this becomes his default outfit.²* EvenTheGuysWantHim: Often gets this reaction; it helps he makes a very convincing (and cute) girl.²* FakeBoobs: Downplayed; he wears a padded bra to look more womanly.²* FriendlessBackground: Beth was his first real friend.²* GirlyBruiser: A male example, being a WholesomeCrossdresser and all.²* HotBlooded: Has his moments, but becomes especially evident once he comes out of his shell.²* IfItsYouItsOkay: A female PC can romance him, but it is very challenging to do so. Additionally, Beth, Wendy and Alice are exceptions for him.²%%* InTouchWithHisFeminineSide²* IncompatibleOrientation: Subverted. When Jonathan took him away, he was intended to be a boyfriend for Bethany, but at the time he was less interested in her and more interested in her dresses. She didn't even mind. In the present day, however, he mentions that he'd be willing to date her.²* MasculineGirlFeminineBoy: Played straight with Alice and Wendy, downplayed with Beth.²* %% MiniDressOfPower²* NiceShoes: A pair of black low-heeled Mary-Janes.²* ParentalAbandonment: The dead kind, killed in an "accident" arranged by Jonathan.²%%* PerkyGoth²* PsychicPowers: Mentioned by Alderon as one of the most powerful psychics he knows.²* RedOniBlueOni: Red to Drake's Blue.²* ShrinkingViolet: Starts out this way, but gradually comes out of his shell over time.²* SlapSlapKiss: At the start of the game, he and Drake are constantly bickering with each other. If the player persuades them to stay together, they eventually work their problems out, becoming more LikeAnOldMarriedCouple.²%%* SquishyWizard²* WholesomeCrossdresser: Goes out of his way to look and dress like a girl.²%%* ZettaiRyouiki²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Willow [=DeWhisp=]]]²!Willow [=DeWhisp=]²->'''Power:''' Psychic powers, mainly telepathy²²Willow is an escaped test subject from Normco, a company that performed brutal experiments to learn what makes mutants and psychics what they are. She has spent her life on the run, avoiding the company's pursuers while she goes on adventures. Thanks to her psychic powers, Willow also serves as the host for many of her ancestors; however, she has no idea that Gill, one of her ancestors, has traveled forward to the present day.²²In addition to her [[LeParkour parkour]] abilities and psychic powers coming in handy, Willow's fighting style changes depending on which ancestor[=/=]persona is currently taking hold (five in total).²²%%* AntiHeroine: KnightInSourArmor variety.²* BelligerentSexualTension: She tends to go after people she can bounce her [[{{Troll}} trolling tendencies]] off of.²* {{Bifauxnen}}: Can easily pass for a young man.²%%* BoyishShortHair²* CoolShades: During missions, she'll often switch out her glasses for these.²%%* DeadpanSnarker²%%* FromNobodyToNightmare²* GenkiGirl: Has a goofy sense of humor and is always trying to lighten the mood--especially around Dahlia.²%%* GlassCannon²* HellBentForLeather: Wears a leather jacket over her jumpsuit.²* JekyllAndHyde: Her personality changes greatly with a persona switch.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold²* LeParkour: A master of it; her skills have gone a long way towards helping her evade the authorities.²* {{Meganekko}}: Sports a pair of glasses, which a few characters describe as making her look more attractive.²* MindOverMatter: As her present-day self.²* PerkyGoth: A recurring motif for all her incarnations.²* PetitePride: She believes being so petite helps her blend in as a guy.²* PunnyName: For "will o' the wisp".²* SavvyGirlEnergeticGirl: Energetic to Dahlia's Savvy.²%%* SpiderSense²* SplitPersonality: Many of her ancestors inhabit her mind and body via the psychic link they share.²* SpyCatsuit: Wears a skintight blue-and-yellow jumpsuit. By her admission to the player character, [[LampshadeHanging she agrees that it's rather revealing.]] She even playfully teases people by [[{{Fanservice}} leaving it slightly unzipped]] every now and again.²** VaporWear: And by appearances, she doesn't wear a bra underneath.²* StraightGay: She has a very...close relationship with Dahlia, and mentions to Talan she's not that into guys.²* SuperpoweredEvilSide: [[spoiler:One that is slowly erasing her other personas. The ones she uses in-game? Those are just the ones that are still left.]]²* TheTease: See above.²%%%%* {{Telepathy}}²* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The Tomboy to Dahlia's Girly Girl.²* {{Troll}}: To an extent; she uses her powers to screw with people's minds for fun, but it's intended as a harmless joke.²* YouAreNumberSix: You Are Number v101-3.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Fogron Cannus]]²!Fogron Cannus²->'''Power:''' SuperSpeed²->'''Unique Ability:''' Sharpened Senses (Has a 15% chance to dodge attacks. Immune to damage-over-time attacks. Can craft items and equipment.)²²A distant relative of Jackal, Fogron was born with a rare disease. His father Franklin, a great scientist, came up with a cure...which caused much of Fogron's skin to be horrifically burned and scarred below the neck. To stop him from burning, his father panicked and threw an experimental solution at his son's face. Although his disease was [[spoiler:apparently]] cured, he ended up with a glowing throat and eyes, having to wear a fake skin and contacts to conceal them in addition to the scars. As he got into crimefighting (alongside his friends Talan and Alderon), Fogron has been forced to clean up the mess of Jackal's evil shenanigans--not that chasing after him is hard, given his powers.²²* {{Adorkable}}: Especially seen during his interactions with people he's romantically attracted to.²* AcquiredPoisonImmunity: As a result of the makeshift cure his father created for him, Fogron is immune to most poisonous effects.²%%* BaldOfAwesome²* BlackAndNerdy: Mostly seen when he's talking music theory in a couple of scenes.²* BodyHorror: Much of his skin has been horrifically burned, and he has a glowing throat; he wears a fake skin to cover it up.²* FindTheCure: One of his core motives is to find a cure for his condition. [[spoiler:Especially once he finds that his father's cure simply prolonged his lifespan rather than curing him altogether.]]²** In a sidequest, Subject Zero finds that Vilhelm has been doing extensive research on the same condition Fogron has. The data can be copied and passed on to him to help expedite the cure.²%%* FlashStep²%%* FragileSpeedster²* FreakinessShame: He believes he looks like a freak, but the player character can tell him otherwise.²* GutturalGrowler: As a result of his vocal chords being damaged by the cure administered by his father. However, he can use his SuperSpeed to soften his voice's tone via modulated vocal chord vibration.²* HyperAwareness: Not only can he move really fast, but his brain can process images at a much faster rate than most other people.²* IJustWantToBeNormal: Above all, he wants to cure his scars.²* LeadBassist: In the band he, Alderon and Talan have going.²* LivingOnBorrowedTime: [[spoiler:His father's "cure" didn't cure him entirely--it merely prolonged his lifespan.]]²* OfficialCouple: With Wendy.²* PhysicalScarsPsychologicalScars: The scars and glowing parts have made him somewhat self-conscious.²%%** ScarsAreForever²* TheSmartGuy: As noted under HyperAwareness.²%%* SuperSpeed²%%* ThroatLight²* TinyGuyHugeGirl: Inevitable if romanced, given his short height. Especially prominent if he's in a romance with [[StatuesqueStunner Beth or Alice.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Helena Mychro]]²!Helena Mychro (Heroic)²->'''Power:''' [[ExtraOreDinary Metal-bending]]²²This is an alternate version of Helena who crossed over from an alternate universe. Unlike [[AxCrazy the one that the heroes]] [[OmnicidalManiac are familiar with]], this Helena has vowed to use her powers for good after experiencing great tragedy. First, the Talan and Swilium of her world ended up killing each other during a heated fight. She later found love and solace in the form of Samantha, a gender-flipped Sam, but that didn't end well either--albeit for different reasons. A few months after they met, an unstoppable demonic force invaded and attacked the city they lived in--led by Eris. The two repelled the attack, but despite Helena's attempts to save her, Samantha ended up being killed in the fight.²²Distraught, she began wandering between worlds to stop such a tragedy from occurring again, eventually finding her way to our heroes' dimension. [[spoiler:It is later revealed that her universe was conquered by Terminus some time after she left.]]²²%%* BadassAdorable²%%* BewareTheNiceOnes²* BiTheWay: Has had feelings for both men and women in her home dimension. Neither ended well, though.²* CycleOfRevenge: [[spoiler:Ends up averting this; she's about to kill her demonic self, but ends up choosing not to go through with it.]]²* DoomMagnet: At least, she's convinced she is one.²* EarthyBarefootCharacter / DoesNotLikeShoes: She always goes barefoot, and needs to be in order to use her powers.²%%** FootFocus²* EvilMeScaresMe: She's horrified when she sees her evil self living in this universe.²* ExtraOreDinary: Just as powerful at metalbending as her evil self.²%%* FriendToAllLivingThings²* GayOption: For female player characters.²* HeartbrokenBadass: She had feelings for both the Talan and Swilium of her universe, and each loved her. However, the two ended up killing each other in a heated fight. And then she lost Samantha later.²* ILetGwenStacyDie: She blames herself for not being able to save Samantha.²* JackOfAllTrades: In terms of power and ability variety.²** TheBeastmaster: One of her later powers involves creating a scrap metal minion to fight alongside the party.²* LastGirlWins: If romanced. She only first appears in the middle of the first chapter, when everyone else in the party has already been introduced.²* LovingAShadow: During her romance arc, it turns out she hasn't gotten over Samantha's death yet. This is even more apparent if a female PC is romancing her.²* MiniDressOfPower: Often seen in a simple sundress.²%%* MysticalWhiteHair²* PoweredArmor: Can create an improvised suit of armor out of metal scraps, increasing her melee damage and defense until it is broken through.²* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: [[spoiler:During the fight in Hell, she's utterly tempted to kill her demonic self on the spot once she's been defeated--but then she remembers Samantha once saying that getting revenge doesn't solve anything. Helena ends up sparing her, leaving her fate to Alderon.]]²* SurvivorGuilt: Experiences this after the incident with the Talan and Swilium of her universe. And then again with Samantha's death. [[spoiler:And then yet again with Terminus' destroying her home dimension.]]²* ThouShaltNotKill: Takes this vow in memory of her universe's Swilium.²* TriangRelations: See HeartbrokenBadass. [[ForegoneConclusion It didn't end well.]]²[[/folder]]


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