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1This is the character sheet for Roleplay/PokemonTheShadowOfNemesis. It's currently under construction, so please bear with us.²²[[foldercontrol]]²²! Player Characters²[[folder:General]]²!! Tropes they all share:²* NaiveNewcomer: They're knowledge of Pokemon is somewhat limited, though some more than others.²* RagtagBunchOfMisfits²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Abigail Blanchett]]²!! Abigail Blanchett²-> ''"Tch. I can introduce myself. Abigail Blanchett! Remember it you two. I'm gonna be the best trainer in the region! And you losers better not slow me down or I'll have my Nidoran here thoroughly thrash you.''"²-->--'''Abigail, introducing herself to her travelling companions'''²²Grumpy, purple-haired tsundere originally from Kalos, who aspires to be the best trainer in all of Johto. She's a bit of a JerkAss, and don't even think about messing with her hair.²----²* BadassBoast: See the above quote.²* PurpleIsPowerful: Her hair, theme colour and favourite colour are purple, and she aims to be the best trainer in Johto.²* TomboyWithAGirlyStreak²* TownGirls: The Butch to Melody's Femme and Peggy's Neither.²* {{Tsundere}}: We're all awaiting the time that Abigail says [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial "Pfft, it's not as if]] [[MemeticMutation I like you or anything,]] [[MoralityPet Melody!"]]²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Melody Avery Hemlock]]²!! Melody Avery Hemlock²-> ''Her name was Melody, and fading into the background was simply a fact of her existence.''²-> ''Also, there was a switchblade in her pocket. For "cooking and self-defense".'' ²²A kind, pretty and possibly psychotic rich girl who immediately proclaims herself as Abigail's 'Best Friend Forever' upon meeting her.²----²* BewareTheNiceOnes: Melody's a rather sweet, polite girl. Most of the time.²* CuteAndPsycho²* ClingyJealousGirl²* CreepyGood: Though how 'good' she is is currently up for debate.²* {{Expy}}: Of Yuno Gasai, although she will probably develop somewhat differently.²* FriendlessBackground: She decides to remedy that by attaching herself to Abigail, her new "Best Friend Forever".²* HopelessWithTech: She doesn't watch TV or play video games... because she doesn't know how to turn the damn things on.²* [[IJustWantToHaveFriends I Just Want To Have A 'Best Friend Forever']]²* ImprobableWeaponUser: Once used a stapler to deal with a boy who got too close to her friend.²* KnifeNut: Never goes anywhere without her switchblade.²* LonelyRichKid²* NoodleIncident: See ImprobableWeaponUser above.²* NoSenseOfDirection: Melody can't read a map to save her life.²--> Melody looked down at the map in her hands and frowned. Was she holding it upside down? What was wrong with it? She rotated it exactly 67.4 degrees to the left. Had that helped?²* PinkIsFeminine: Thanks to her {{Proper Lady}} mother, she's talented in the traditionally feminine areas of cooking and cleaning. Appropriately, her theme color is pink, her favorite color is pink, her hair and most of her clothes are pink...²* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: At least, that's what she's ''hoping'' for...²* RoseHairedSweetie: [[spoiler: Most of the time.]]²* TownGirls: The Femme to Abigail's Butch and Peggy's Neither.²* WhenYouComingHomeDad: Her father, a hard-working businessman who lives in Johto.²* {{Yandere}}: She was created in order to satisfy a certain co-GM's craving for sugary sweet, Yuno Gasai style 'friendship'. And also bloodshed. Enough said.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Ryley Grisdoe]]²!! Ryley Grisdoe²²The group's OnlySaneMan with a keen interest in Pokemon lore.²----²* OnlySaneMan²* GutFeeling: Ryley has really great instincts about people. Upon first meeting Melody, for example, he immediately decides there's something kind of off about her.²* TheStrategist²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Avery Garfield Grant]]²!! Avery Garfield Grant²²A friend of Professor Elm and Alfred. He's a CloudCuckooLander and not particularly bright, and is the source of a good portion of the roleplay's comedy. He frequently has internal conversations with his Brain, and aspires to be a Pokemon Professor.²----²* BornUnlucky²* CloudCuckooLander²* TheDitz²* PluckyComicRelief²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Peggy Atkinson]]²!! Peggy Atkinson²²A NervousWreck who originally lived in Orre before her parents got divorced. She's spent most of her time in Johto locked away at home with her mother and grandparents. She's mostly on her journey in order to escape her mother and prove she can live by herself.²----²* ApologizesALot: Due to her GuiltComplex.²* BewareTheQuietOnes: She's shy and easily frightened, but as Sentret found out, she has quite the throwing arm when she's pissed off.²** And quite the [[ArmourPiercingSlap slapping arm]] too.²* ButtMonkey: Poor kid can't catch a break.²* GirlishPigtails²* GuiltComplex: It doesn't take much to make her feel sorry, even when she has done nothing wrong.²* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: She mistakes Melody's devotion to Abigail as the two of them being childhood friends, while in reality they've only known each other for a few minutes.²** She also seems to think of Melody as one of the nicest of the group and is completely blind to how creepy she is.²* IJustWantToHaveFriends²* TheLoad: Worries a lot about becoming this.²* NervousWreck²* OlderThanTheyLook: Upon first meeting her, Avery mistook her for a much younger child. Then again, this is [[CloudCuckooLander Avery]] we are talking about.²* [[AnimalsHateHim Pokemon Hate Her]]: Pokemon seem to actively attack her upon meeting her.²* TheRival: Peggy was already planning on taking the Gym Challenge, but now Abigail has insulted her, she'll probably end up becoming this just to show her up. How well she'll do has yet to be seen.²* ShrinkingViolet²* SpeechImpediment: She tends to stutter a lot when she's especially anxious.²* TownGirls: The Neither to Abigail's Butch and Melody's Femme.²* YouthfulFreckles²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Alexander “Alex” Elric]]²!! Alexander "Alex" Elric²-> "''Dammit! Can this day get any better? I should have stayed in bed...''"²-->--'''Alex'''²----²Crime syndicate member with a HiddenHeartOfGold. He's also very short, and seems to have a bit of complex about it.²----²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold²* TheNapoleon²* TheSyndicate²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Blake Winterhawk]]²!! Blake Winterhawk²-> "''HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU DAD, THE BEAUTY OF ICE TYPE POKEMON ISN'T SOMETHING A DRAGON TAMER WOULD BE ABLE TO COMPREHEND!!!!!''"²-->--'''Blake's first line'''²Son of Blackthorn's gym leader, Joseph Winterhawk, Blake and his father constantly have arguments about whether dragon or ice type Pokemon are better.²----²* AnIcePerson²* BlackSheep: Blake's family mostly specializes in dragon types. Blake thinks ice-types are better.²* OnlySaneMan²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Jackson Grey]]²!! Jackson Grey²²----²* PutOnABus: After his player had to leave.²** TheBusCameBack: Promptly returned, less than a week after leaving.²[[/folder]]²²! Pokemon²[[folder:Abigail's Pokemon]]²!! Abigail's Pokemon²!!! Tropes that apply to all of them: Abigail's Nidoran seems to have a habit of making mischief.²!!! Tyrian the Nidoran/M²* SmallAnnoyingCreature²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Melody's Pokemon]]²!! Melody's Pokemon²!!! Tropes that apply to all of them:²!!! Tesla the Mareep²* KillerRabbit: Well, Killer Sheep, actually. Tesla is cute, cuddly, often sleepy... and has a rather vicious streak.²* TheAntichrist: According to the OOC. You can blame Ogo for this.²!!! LOLBAT the Zubat²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Ryley's Pokemon]]²!! Ryley's Pokemon²!!! Tropes that apply to all of them:²!!! Fern the Chikorita²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Avery's Pokemon]]²!! Avery's Pokemon²!!! Tropes that apply to all of them:²* ColourfulThemeNaming: Avery doesn't seem to very imaginative, so he pretty just names his Pokemon after what colour they are. We have yet to see what will happen once he gets two Pokemon of the same colour.²!!! Blue the Phanphy²!!! Green the Pineco²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Peggy's Pokemon]]²!! Peggy's Pokemon²!!! Tropes that apply to all of them:²* JerkAss: Both Pokemon Peggy has acquired at this time have not be particularly nice to their new trainer. However, Jasper seems to be warming up to her.²!!! Jasper the Houndour²* CastingAShadow: As being part Dark-type.²* DefrostingIceQueen: She started off being rather mean to Peggy and always biting her, but slowly seems to be warming up to the kid.²* EvilDetectingDog: Doesn't seem to be all that fond of [[{{Yandere}} Melody.]]²* GenderBlenderName: Despite her name, Jasper is female.²* PlayingWithFire: As a Fire-type.²!!! Sentret²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Alex's Pokemon]]²!! Alex's Pokemon²!!! Tropes that apply to all of them:²!!! Eevee²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Blake's Pokemon]]²!! Blake's Pokemon²!!! Tropes that apply to all of them:²!!! [[ Swinub]]²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Jackson's Pokemon]]²!! Jackson's Pokemon²!!! Tropes that apply to all of them:²!!! Totodile²[[/folder]]²²! Gym Leaders²[[folder:Hansel Larch]]²!! Hansel Larch²* FarmBoy: Well, he's a farmer. What do you expect?²* GreenThumb: Specializes in Grass-types.²* GentleGiant: Despite his height, he's a total pushover.²* LimitedWardrobe: Only wears overalls. Because he's a farmer.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:William Shank]]²!! William Shank²* {{Expy}}: Of Rooster Cogburn from Film/TrueGrit.²* NonElemental: Uses Normal-type Pokemon.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Wendy Wildstorm]]²!! Wendy Wildstorm²* AlliterativeName²* BattleInTheRain: Like her father, she enjoys spamming Rain Dance in order to heal her Ludicolo and Lombre.²* {{Catchphrase}}: [[PreAssKickingOneLiner "Let's rock this joint!"]]²* DarkIsNotEvil: She's a punk girl with piercings and a mohawk, but is actually a very nice person.²* DelinquentHair: Has a pinkish-purple mohawk, though she's not really a delinquent. ²* [[LikeFatherLikeSon Like Father, Like Daughter]]: She has a lot in common with her father, [[Videogame/PokemonColosseum Miror B.]]²* MakingASplash: Uses Water-type Pokemon.²* NoIndoorVoice²* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: The TM she gives out for beating her is [[BattleInTheRain Rain Dance]] which, while it does have its uses, may comes across as this...²** HeartIsAnAwesomePower: Though considering how she was able to use it with the help of her Ludicolo and Lombre's Rain Dish, it could turn out to be more useful than the group hoped.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Joseph Winterhawk]]²!! Joseph Winterhawk²* DragonRider: Uses Dragon-type Pokemon. Whether he will actually ride a dragon is yet to be seen.²[[/folder]]²²! Team Nemesis²[[folder:General]]²!! Tropes that apply to all of them:²* ThemeNaming: They are all named after [[Myth/ClassicalMythology primal Greek deities.]]²** OddNameOut: Except for team leader Nemesis, as Nemesis was more of a [[AnthropomorphicPersonification personified concept]] in Greek mythology rather than a proper god.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Admin Nyx]]²!! Admin Nyx²* DarkIsEvil: She is named after the primal Greek goddess of the night, and is a member of the villain team.²* OneSteveLimit: [[AvertedTrope Averted.]] She has the same name as one of the Lumiose City Gang members from Videogame/PokemonXAndY.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Admin Aether]]²!! Admin Aether²* LightIsNotGood: He is named after the primal Greek god of light, but is still a member of the villain team.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Admin Chaos]]²!! Admin Chaos²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Leader Nemesis]]²!! Leader Nemesis²[[/folder]]


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