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1!!Primary Class 1 Students²²[[foldercontrol]]²²²[[folder: Ebony Blackburn]]²[-Player: @/{{Enirboreh}}-]²[[quoteright:299:]]²²->''"People have been telling me I'm special as soon as I could understand. I don't want that. I didn't work for this. I want to'' '''''earn''''' ''it."''²-->-- A summation of Ebony's [[NoChallengeEqualsNoSatisfaction crisis]].²* '''BrokenAce:''' Ebony is physically beautiful, intelligent, and blessed with the power of telekinesis – and has gotten praise upon praise for it throughout her early life by her parents; who assumed her to be some sort of ChosenOne. Initially having become self-absorbed and prideful, now Ebony only feels hollow from this undeserved pedestal she's been encouraged to be placed on – and as such is desperately trying many other things in an attempt to feel as if she has ''earned'' a skill rather than have it be a natural god-given gift mastered with little to no effort or passion put in.²* '''CripplingOverspecialization:''' ZigZagged. Ebony does seem to have some analytical and mechanical knowledge alongside her telekinesis, but she is lacking in more informal skills such as basic conversation and recreational activities.²* '''ElegantClassicalMusician:''' Downplayed, as musicality is one of the few skills she is happy to say she doesn't naturally excel in. She is a practicing violinist of so-far basic ability.²* '''EmotionlessGirl:''' One of her tactics to deter unwanted attention from herself was to repress all of her major emotions to create an alienating, cold mask. It worked. ''Too'' well.²* '''LonelyAtTheTop:''' Despite how she is now, Ebony genuinely used to believe her parents' words at first, but developed a callous and even vitriolic attitude to the whole "ChosenOne" concept after realising that dedicating your life to one thing is naught but tedious when you are born exceptional at it to begin with.²* '''MindOverMatter:''' Ebony's only supernatural ability is her tremendous potential for psychokinesis – which according to her has been at an advanced level ever since birth. It is apparently developed enough for her to effortlessly use it whilst multitasking.²* '''IJustWantToBeNormal:''' In a fashion. Ebony has little to no interest in her powers, since she views them as a relatively normal gift that she simply happened to be born with and thus not worthy of any praise. While she does have the occasional inclinations of spite towards them and truthfully wouldn't care if they were removed or nullified, a lot of her frustration comes from the ''treatment'' she used to receive for them.²* '''VictoryIsBoring:''' Her main struggle is that she feels as if her amount of power is disproportionate to how much she truly deserves. NoChallengeEqualsNoSatisfaction, after all – and as such she is actively seeking out tedium and work no matter how droll and mundane it may be to her.²²[[/folder]]²²²²[[folder:Hei Lin]] ²[-Player: @/{{Svenorzokarkoff}}-]²²[[quoteright:200:]]²²A young man with the power to control shadows, Hei Lin was abandoned in the city slums as a baby and taken in by a band of homeless beggars and thieves. Over the years, Hei lived a life stealing food and supplies from businesses, evading police and fighting muggers and local gangs. When he was 13, Hei's luck ran out and he was arrested breaking into a pharmacy. The Judge took pity on him and sentenced him to be rehabilitation at Saint Academy, in the hopes that Hei could learn to become a hero.²²* BewareTheNiceOnes: On one hand, Hei's a stuttering ShrinkingViolet with a sweet personlity, and genuinely wants to learn how to become a hero. On the other hand, Hei ''is'' a born criminal who grew up in the worst parts of the city, and does not shy away from more permanent solutions if needed, such as breaking a Nazi's kneecap with a shotgun or shooting an insane version of his girlfriend in the head (though she survived that...)²* CastingAShadow: Broadly speaking, Hei's power is control over darkness and shadow. ²* CombatTentacles: Can form these out of shadow to grapple, smash or impale targets. ²* DarkIsNotEvil: Hei controls shadows, is a kleptomaniac ex-street rat, and is oddly used to things that disturb regular folk. However, he is actively working towards being a hero (albeit as part of his sentence), and normally has the aggressiveness of a duckling. Just don't piss him off...²* KleptomaniacHero: Has been diagnosed with Kelptomania and often gets the urge to steal objects regardless of their value to him. Is currently undergoing therapy to control it.²* LastNameBasis: Mostly unintentional, both in-game and out. Hei's given name is Lin, but by the time the class (and the players) realized this they had already been referring to him as Hei enough for it to feel awkward to break consistency (with the exception of Matten.) Thankfully, he doesn't seem to mind too much.²* LivingShadow: Learned how to turn himself into a sentient mass of shadow.²* ShadowWalker: Can teleport by using existing shadows as "gates".²* NoSocialSkills: Hei is clueless about many concepts which are considered common sense to normal society, and has made more than one accidental faux pas. Overlaps with InnocentlyInsensitive, as he sometimes breaches social taboos without realizing it. ²* ShrinkingViolet: Male example. Outside of a fight, Hei is a timid stuttering mess.²* ShipTease: ''Constantly'' with Lucy, ever since they first met, until they became an OfficialCouple. ²* TheArtfulDodger: A former case.²* ThinkingUpPortals: Hei is able to form shadow "gates" out of darkness, either to travel anywhere he has previously been before, or to access a storage dimension where he keeps a majority of his belongings.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Lucien Bright]]²[-Player: @/{{UndyingPhoenix}}-]²²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder:Lucy Livingston/Inkwell]] ²[-Player: @/{{Enirboreh}}-]²²[[quoteright:299:]]²->''“You failed. You failed in every aspect you set yourself up to be. Every dream. Every aspiration. You threw away your goals based on your perception of how people thought of you. Matten's only fault on that day was that she just didn't have the inclination to know when to stop a certain approach in favour of a new one. I know that now, and I respect it. But you didn't consider that, did you? Instead, you took the coward's way out and lashed out against the only ''[[PrecisionFStrike #$&%ing]]'' people in your life you could dare call friends. All out for self-gratification. Gratification – might I add – that resulted in the extermination of everything you once held dear. By your own hand. Because you stopped fighting. Gave in and became nothing more than a shameful husk of what you could have been. All that growth, all that development you had. And you threw it away, because you couldn't get over yourself. More pathetic than even your lowest point. I feel no remorse for what I'm about to do to you.”''²-->-- Lucy's TheReasonYouSuckSpeech to [[EvilDoppelganger The Empress.]]²²A shy, yet determined and kind-hearted girl with the ability to generate, control, and transform into ink. After a so-called "incident" in her old school involving her attempting to protect her brother David from a group of bullies, Lucy was sent to the Academy in order to work towards becoming a hero. However, as things progress, there appears to be more to that story than initially thought...²²²* ArcWords: "It's not your fault."²* BewareTheNiceOnes: Just because she's shy doesn't mean she's inept. She has enough mental control over her ink to immobilize even ''Godzilla''.[[note]] Granted, said 'Godzilla' was actually a HardLight training exercise, and it was also simultaneously being immobilized by Ever Green, but still rather impressive considering her powerset.[[/note]]²* CombatTentacles: Her primary form of combat is forming these out of ink in order to ensnare her opponents.²* FirstKiss: With Hei Lin. Briefly delayed from happening during their mutual confession due to IncompatibleOrientation from the former's case of [[GenderBender Gender-Bending]], ''finally'' occurred properly after the transformation was wiped from existence via {{Retcon}}.²* HeroicBSOD: Has had a few of these during her time at the Academy, but none were as severe as the one she had after being pulled out of The Entity's control by Hei. The event apparently having resurfaced some repressed memories, she naturally broke down.²* SelfDeprecation: Does this a lot – and even in her page quote above it can be taken as her talking to herself.²* ShipTease: Ever since she met him, ''constantly'' with Hei.²** Underwent a RelationshipUpgrade later on after they both confessed to each other, making Hei Lin and Lucy an OfficialCouple.²* ShrinkingViolet: Has a nervous stutter and a tendency to speak in a nigh-whisper. According to her, she was always shy, but it was heightened significantly after the incident with the bullies.²* TerrorHero: As of late, this seems to be her tactic, taking advantage of her costume's heavy cloak and using her nervous silence to play the part of an intimidating [[TheStoic Stoic]].²* TheDeterminator: Contrasting with her outward timidness, Lucy seems to have an exceptional willpower in dire situations, and only seems to feel the full brunt of the emotional side of a battle once it's over. This also works against her, as she ended up getting so invested in her act as TheStoic that she used full on BodyHorror and other rather brutal psychological intimidation techniques to try and get Liam to surrender in their battle. It didn't work, she lost nonetheless, and it was only once it was nearly over did she realise what she had done.²** Revealed to be a family trait – courtesy of a heritage-born power source known as the “Livingston Willpower”.²* TranquilFury: Displayed this (albeit for a short time) when she stumbled across the pool party gone wrong, the water turning out to transform those who made contact it into what were essentially [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Deep Ones]]. [[StutterStop She even lost her stammer.]]²* TraumaInducedAmnesia: Apparently so. When explaining the details of the aforementioned bully's attack to Rosa, Lucy revealed that she had been knocked out before she could act and only woke up three weeks later with no memory of any events after her unconsciousness. However, it's clear that ''something'' happened between her being knocked out and her reawakening, as it was explained to her while she was in hospital by mysterious MenInBlack that the bullies had been "expelled". She also expresses anxiety over the fact that David "looked like he'd been through hell" afterward and has never told her why.²** Since the reveal of The Entity and its reawakening, Lucy has recovered a portion of the lost memories: the bullies had been drowned, or more specifically had their lungs forcefully filled up with ink to the point where they nearly exploded from the sheer liquid pressure. Lucy now recalls screaming for a full minute after initially seeing the aftermath before she passed out again from lack of oxygen.²* {{Trigger}}: Began to have a panic attack after viewing the body of one of the Killatrons that she had managed to destroy in a burst of adrenaline, the apparent trigger being that her ink was [[BloodFromEveryOrifice disturbingly leaking out of the robot's eye sockets, vents, and orifices.]] After The Entity's reawakening, it is clear why this set her off - it echoes back to the sight of the corpses of the bullies that she had suppressed from sheer horror and guilt.²* VoluntaryShapeshifter: After her week of training, Lucy has learnt how to alter the pigmentation of ink that is under her control. In theory, this means she can become whatever and whoever she likes, further enforcing her scare tactic approach to heroism.²²Lucy's Alters²²Lucy seems to have an incredible willpower - paradoxically for someone apparently so timid and sensitive. Nonetheless, it is enough for her to subconsciously separate traumatic events that would otherwise severely damage her into separate identities that can better shoulder the burden.[[labelnote: spoiler]]It's been since revealed that these alternate personalities aren't from a case of traditional DID at all – they were actually formed by Lucy's hereditary abnormal tenacity known as Livingston Willpower – in fact, the diagnosis only ended up making the effect ''worse.'' Inkwell is in actuality a result of her believing her ''apparently'' out-of-character icy rage to be the result of some sort of illness (when in actuality it was just a combination of her aforementioned willpower and an expression of her anger like any normal person would), and the so-called Entity is a much more complex conglomerate of her fears, guilt, fight-or-flight instincts, and suppressed Livingston Willpower, which contains a portion of her ancestor Bahram Sardar's consciousness (which may explain some of its more supernatural elements, such as how it awakens in defense to her being knocked unconscious.) Since a few revelations regarding her family line, plus the added sense of worth from her new relationship with her classmate, Lucy has become confident enough to render these alters obsolete, and if they are still present in any form they are of explicitly minor existence and influence. Instead, she has begun to accept them as part of herself, even fully reintegrating Inkwell's personality back into her own and successfully harnessing the power of The Entity to her own will (although she apparently still feels unable to ''fully'' accept that part of her until she formally repents to the burial sites of its victims. Although considering this involves her basically admitting to herself that she's a murderer, even if it was an accidental case, it's fairly understandable to see why she's having so much difficulty over it.)[[/labelnote]]²----²!!"Inkwell"²²[[quoteright:350:]]²²A dissociated identity recently created by Lucy's subconscious in an attempt to separate her primary identity from the guilt of her mistakes, most prominently her bout of [[TranquilFury ice-cold rage]] in the forbidden pool incident, along with guilt over her most recent stoic act going too far when she thrice attempted to use BodyHorror to goad Liam into surrender during their tournament battle. As such, 'Inkwell' (apparently taking Lucy's superhero name for herself) carries traits of TheStoic with the occasional sprinkling of AxCrazy.²²* AxCrazy: Began to show colours of this when she was fighting Morgoth, getting progressively more detached and unstable from Lucy's normally sweet demeanour.²* TheStoic: When not angered, she comes across as this, showing absolutely no emotional reaction to anything except her primary objective at the time.²* TheDeterminator: Seems to be entirely focused on Lucy's wellbeing, and makes it a goal to constantly remind others of this, most recently during her repeated insistence and urgency for Lucy to be given her medication. When Morgoth attempted to goad Lucy into the Abyss, Inkwell's only words to the demon were a repeated "Take me back."²----²!!The Entity²²[[quoteright:350:]] [[caption-width-right:350:As it appeared on Hei Lin's portrait.]]²²An alter birthed by Lucy's inability to accept the fact that she inadvertently killed the bullies that were attacking her and her brother a few months or so before she arrived at Saint Academy. Unlike Inkwell, this alter manifests as a more incomprehensible EldritchAbomination, a coping mechanism so that Lucy's mind can attach the murder's responsibility onto a feral force of nature rather than a person.²²* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Lashes out at anything that nears it when it is in control, although it briefly showed recognition to Hei Lin, potentially due to Lucy's growing crush on him leaking through. This didn't last though, as it attempted to lash out at him anyway once he approached to pull Lucy out of its mass.²* {{Expy}}: Of ???%, from ''[[Manga/MobPsycho100 Mob Psycho 100]].''²* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane: When it made its first appearance, it was unknown whether it was purely psychological or some sort sort of EldritchAbomination. As of recent, it is ZigZagged. It has been revealed to be a SplitPersonality caused by Lucy's refusal to accept that she accidentally killed people during the bully incident, but it occasionally has moments that imply it is something more than that.²* TraumaticSuperpowerAwakening: Certainly counts as one. According to the deciphered text when Lucy fell unconscious, she actually awoke to see the carnage left by the unknown thing towards the bullies, to which she apparently screamed for a full minute before passing out again from lack of oxygen, suppressing and dissociating the entire incident due to the trauma being too much for her to normally handle.²* UnconsciousObjector: Only seems to manifest when Lucy is extremely stressed followed by being knocked unconscious, which enhances the argument that it is more than just your normal alter.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Mahvash Matten Mattiuza]] ²[-Player: @/{{CenturyEye}}-] \²²[[labelnote: Druj Mahvash]][[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:Cthair by by dark-precipice]][[/labelnote]]²[[labelnote: Unfurled Aura of Druj Mahvash]][[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:wings_of_flight_by_xzendor7-d4ydyat]][[/labelnote]]²²'''Briefly:''' Mahvash being on the side of Saint and his heroes comes more from '[[NobleDemon nobility]]' than 'goodness'. She's both adventurous and charitable, if only because, staying still too long is quite unfulfilling, there's little (materially) that she really wants, and she loves attention[[note]] and gets a sort of selfless glee when she successfully influences people. ''She'' thinks its for the better [[/note]] and projects. None of this indicates [[LackOfEmpathy empathy]] though. \²Mahvash is more than aware of [[{{UsefulNotes/Existentialism}} life as a]] WideOpenSandBox and that she has the might to move mountains her way. She both revels in that power and is constantly refining it and seeking its best outlets. [[ChaoticEvil Random destruction]] she found unfulfilling. Most of the time. For the moment, the daeva considers herself Class 1's GoodShepherd. ²²----²'''A Few Tropes--Bio'''²* [[BizarreAlienPsychology Alien Psychology]]: Besides being ''Matten'' (See below), she's naturally [[note]]that is daeva tend to be, and she's not interested in keeping herself in check[[/note]] attracted to the residue of [[OneOfTheseThingsIsNotLikeTheOthers filth, sex, and death and decay,]] has NoBloodTies, and a grandiose sense of responsibility without any sense of agape. Matten makes an effort to learn whatever morality her present company has, but daeva [[note]]besides being arguably non-sapient[[/note]] [[BlueAndOrangeMorality fundamentally cannot tell good and evil apart]]. On a personal level, she'll happily declare that she's a GodOfEvil [[note]]; though she uses the definition of evil from the Marriage of Heaven and Hell[[/note]], and gives even Saint's sense of morality a critical gaze. ²* [[AscendedDemon Ascended Daeva]]: [[ReformedButNotTamed Almost]]. A good chunk of her story arc is ascending 'the right way.' She's aware that she [[EvilWillFail has to]] 'ascend' and feels responsible for keeping the [[TheWorldIsJustAwesome world]], but does not easily accept others defining either morality and reason. Mahvash joining the school in the first place is less a result of a sudden epiphany or some ShockingDefeatLegacy and more observation of what Saint's achieved and how his side has usually won.²* [[TheAssimilator Assimilator]]: [[HumanResources Why waste what one recovers form a battle]]? Mahvash will happily pick up souvenirs and learn from her foes and 'friends' alike. Most notably, Druj Mahvash uses the magic touch of one of her classmates and variant copies of the others abilities to imbue things without destroying them.²* BrutalHonesty: Has few qualms about telling people exactly what they don't want to hear if they're unwary enough to ask her opinion.²* CombatPragmatist: While she enjoys her conflicts, she does intend to end them in her favor, preferably without giving the other a chance to retaliate. She's not quite a NoNonsenseNemesis though, as [[WarriorPoet she enjoys conversing with enemies and studying the context mid fight]], and enjoys tricks, even developing wings because they looked cool. She'll still cut opponents with their edges--or let them forget that they're flowing poison in the shape of wings.²* ContraltoOfDanger: This and VoiceOfTheLegion (and a Persian accent) characterize her normal voice. ²* CreepyGood: As noted in story, Mahvash is... Mahvash.²* TheDreaded: She seems to make people wary by her very presence, particularly Mikael and later, Lucy.²* DoubleConsciousness: MadeOfEvil (or at least born from it) and revels in it and intent on joining the human club [[superscript:tm]] and being a somewhat respectable deity among them.²* EpicFlail: Matten's WeaponOfChoice is a [[ chain whip]]. She actually uses it most often on people she wishes not to harm too much.²* ForgivenButNotForgotten: Will happily overlook insults and transgressions to 'clear the air'--but she'll never actually forget the incident. She's not one for grudges at all. Mahvash went out of her way to exorcise a corruption from Rosalinda (the one who set her on fire) and welcomes her back without much fuss.²* GhostlyChill: Matten is ''very'' cold to the touch.²* HolyBurnsEvil: [[spoiler: [[FirePurifies Very literally]]. [[KillItWithFire Adar]] [[note]][[Wiki/TheOtherWiki the Zoroastrian concept of holy fire, sometimes described in abstract terms as "burning and unburning fire" or "visible and invisible fire" ...considered to be the visible presence of Ahura Mazda and his aša...]][[/note]] is [[DispelMagic anat]][[PowerNullifier hema]] to her. 'Everyday' fire is hardly better for her. She has a better defense against it than ritual-made atar, but fire attacks are still debilitating, with the exception of HellFire [[note]]which is hardly representing radiating aša[[/note]].]]²* HolyHalo: A perfect black body [[note]]in the physics sense[[/note]], and quite visible, but having a halo doesn't get Mahvash as much pull as one thinks. Complete with [[note]]the inverse of[[/note]] PhosphorEssence, for aside from her halo, she has a constant dimness about her.²* HumanoidAbomination: Mahvash looks human enough in both her borrowed body and her 'familiar form', and even has a pulse, not that it means anything or ever changes. She also obviously doesn't breathe and dove from Godzilla's head to hard tiles, laughing. The nurse cannot heal her, and there's no guarantee, say, a surgeon would see the same internal anatomy each time he opened her up or even during. Oh and there's the halo and the environment dimming in her presence. [[EvilEvolves Mahvash also makes use of the little bits of defeated foes that she decides to carry along to grow as much as possible from every encounter.]]²* ProperlyParanoid: [PlayedWith], but she's often prepared for threats from people who have given her no reason to suspect them, and her history has given her a very quick reaction time to danger. She still thinks Saint Academy will have her killed when she becomes inconvenient. May or may not be appropriate to Saint Academy, but she's rarely troubled by the madness about the place.²* MagicKnight: Matten will enhance her chances by many means and usually supplements her abilities with weaponry.²* MoralMyopia: From the start, goes to great lengths to rescue, care for, and dote on those she considers herself close to (all of class 1--purely for being ''her'' class). She'll rescue others when asked, but that doesn't mean that this is important to her. Rescuing Class 1 is more important as a matter of honor and pride than sympathy for them.²* MyBelovedSmother: Can go a bit overboard babying her companions if she gets half a chance.²* MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch: Daeva aren't generally known for heroics, and Matten's still...Matten after a long time learning. There's a method to her madness (by daeva standards) mostly involving a great deal of patience. She also knows by experience by that her referring to her kin as well 'kin' is rather unusual, what since [[MonstrousCannibalism they prefer to eat each other, even over others, to increase their strength and stature.]]²* NameThatUnfoldsLikeLotusBlossom²* OurGodsAreGreater: Still a [[GodOfEvil daeva]], albeit lower tier, and, accordingly, Class 1 tends to avoid taking her gifts or patronage, much to her chagrin. Mikael confusing her with a demon is a particular aggravation. She can reach souls, create clerics and 'chosen ones', and of course exercise her own innate power, but these all come with troubling twists. Though that covers up the taxonomy problem with mechanics. Matten and her kind are ''[[EldritchAbomination other]]'' things haphazardly lumped into a category with the likes of Yazata, Olympians, Baals, etc. ²* ParentalSubstitute: ''The'' major reason she's as adjusted and grounded as she is. [[labelnote: Bare bones but still a spoiler:]] [[spoiler: She has [[ three parents, the primordial Aka Manah and two otherwise ordinary Elamites from the Bronze Age]]. If not for the latter, she might be as deep in self-destructive calamity as her creator intended.]][[/labelnote]] On the other end, this is her main pursuit in any social circle. [[note]]Displayed prominently when she doesn't take an answer form Lucy without making the girl look her in the eyes and speak surely--for Lucy anyway.[[/note]] Both her own (foster) parents poke fun at her acting the part of Class 1's 'mother', albeit she does 'motherhood' so bizarrely that Class 1 hardly considers her parental.²* PayEvilUntoEvil: Is far from reluctant to hurt her opponents. Again, she loves her job and the [[LovesTheSoundOfScreaming sounds]]. Although, Saint would prefer she emphasize the inspiration part over the smiting part. While Mahvash is not quite as extreme as the first example on that page, she starts of with perhaps the cruelest fighting style. [[note]]Like cutting down the albeit holographic barbarians' legs at the knees as an opening move in the class's first exercise, and tearing a beast's insides out--from the inside.[[/note]] This is also the inevitable result of anyone sending Mahvash on a 'good' task pre-Saint Academy. ²* PhysicalGod: What she works on being, complete [[PhysicalReligion with a following and place in making the world tick]].²* PragmaticHero: When faced with sadistic choices, she's pretty steadfast in hers and will make them without hesitation or regret.²* PoisonousFriend / PsychoSidekick: Matten has a ''peculiar'' moral code [[note]]Makes more sense if you consider her moral relativism and [[ this]][[/note]], but she's quite loyal to her companions and hospitable to her teachers.²* [[RenaissanceMan Renaissance Woman]]: She's picked up more skills than she lets on during her time on Earth.²* SelfConstructedBeing: She has no true form, but maintains her 'familiar' form by borrowing the tulpa creation method. [[spoiler: And her whole personality, is a constructed thing.]] ²* SlasherSmile: Quick to break out into these in the training room and in a battle. The only time she averts this is when against Lucy where she's caught between residual attachment and well, the chance to slay something.²* SlaveToPR: PlayedWith²** It is oh so averted with regard to how classically heroic she wants to be seen. Matten just wants to be the one that saves people and solves the problem, and is properly relied upon for both. She's happy to be a 'beautiful nightmare' in [[WhatYouAreInTheDark broad daylight]] and even alludes to being the devil to Mikael, but as she assures her companions, she's ''their'' nightmare--and better be their favorite too.²** On the other hand, she wants to be her companions' (and her kin's) GoodShepherd, and does ''try'' to offer them spiritual guidance. She rarely plays DarkShepherd though, preferring to be a spiritual guide (however she interprets this). Not that she's above that, but Mahvash [[ForTheLulz prefers to scare people for its own sake]].²* [[SpiritedCompetitor Spirited]] CavalierCompetitor: '''LOVES''' to be right in the middle of [[NightmareFetishist chaos and disaster]], and she loves the challenge in solving it too, so, she'll save civvies at least while she's enjoying herself. [[SmitingEvilFeelsGood Mahvash enjoys her line of work]] and is one of the few trainees not to show even a hint of shell shock upon the first 'test' (read: mob of wild barbarians being thrown at them sink-or-swim style). [[SugaryMalice And she's rarely anything but sweet on the job too]].²* TalentedButTrained: It's not for nothing that one often finds her in the training room, refining her skills through MundaneUtility, studying in the lab or [[AwesomenessByAnalysis on the field]], thinking up applications for her classmates' talents, or copying and notating books. Matten's also been in the thick of adventure, intrigue, and deadly danger [[ExperiencedProtagonist for much longer than the other students]].²* WithGreatPowerComesGreatPerks: Matten has no secret identity, and integrates her power into every fiber of her life from teleporting to Blue Ridge Mountains for evening walks to picking discarded foodstuffs up from farms all over the world and making money by fast tunneling. Smiting evil just so happens to be another perk. As does supporting her kin (and not-quite-friends).²* YourSoulIsMine: Will invoke this on friends and enemies alike. Their treatment will differ of course.²----²'''A Few Tropes--Powers''' ²* SwissArmySuperpower: Matten's [[MasterOfYourDomain mastery of her domain]], including her extended essence, the [[TheSacredDarkness khv]][[CastingAShadow are]][[BattleAura nah]] is her mainstay, and her aura's severe [[PoisonIsCorrosive taint]] isn't even its primary function, just a side-effect of exposure [[WalkingWasteland to anything]]. She's much more apt to use her [[SuperToughness resilient]] [[TheNeedless body]] and aura as a medium for [[VariantPowerCopying power stunts]] and [[HermeticMagic spell effects]]. All of the powers below are just how she typically exercises her two abilities.²** {{Biomanipulation}}: Once granted permission, others' bodies become her domain as well...²** [[SuperSenses Greater]] [[PsychicRadar Somesthesis]]: Matten's dominant senses are somesthetic (touch-based), and she feels people and things and the [[AuraVision auras]] of both in great detail.²*** [[{{Psychometry}} Somesthetic]] [[TouchTelepathy Connection]]: related to her sense of touch above, Matten can read much more into people who give her access to their bodies and souls, not to mention [[SeeingThroughAnothersEyes perceive the world through their senses]]. Or she can just dig into a person's soul (painfully).²** VariantPowerCopying: Matten uses her mediumship to sample attacks thrown at her and add them to her own repertoire. Not that its perfect. Her copy of a flamethrower won't be a fire, it'll be burst of her own aura with similar movements and perhaps heat if she does it right. (She can't change her element, at least not with as by her innate power). Examples include:²*** HarmfulHealing: Matten essentially sewing flesh and power from her own body into someone--which continually and inevitably burns away at the target, but keeps them moving and alive (or at least the soul with the body) until proper help can arrive. Yes, this hurts and feels wrong as its essentially jury-rigged necromancy. [[NoCureForEvil The move is extremely unnatural.]]²*** ShapingYourAttacks: Raw projections of Matten's aura, from CombatTentacles to [[SelfDuplication Doppel]][[DroneDeployer gangers]] to simply cloaking herself in aura in the shape of a wrecking ball. They're no longer solid, since her transformation [[note]]at least without trickery, like using her blood as a medium[[/note]].²*** [[OffscreenTeleportation Warp Ring]]: By her nature, Matten has a tendency to just appear places, and it's an unwary person who lets her out of their sight or expects her to keep out of places where "she couldn't possibly be." ²*** [[DoppelgangerSpin Warp]] [[LightFlickerTeleportation Skipping]]: A short range 'skip' in spacetime, that Matten uses to change her position or make otherwise ordinary movements, while avoiding obstacles. She appears to flicker before appearing elsewhere, leaving a brief phantasm in her prior location. ²** SoulPower: Like going unobserved, a way Matten extends her power, such as transforming her mastery of her domain to full on biomancy over those who she possesses (with their permission) or small [[MagicEnhancement 'bless]][[TheCorruption ings']] (permission not needed). [[spoiler: Also, kind of the reason she is sapient at all.]]²** UnholyNuke: Just a raw blast of her unmaking aura--and hardly benign for its simplicity. [[note]]Matten's wisps of aura are key means of bubbling spacetime, making aura projections, and using small wisps to paralyze foes, but her UnholyNuke is unique in being a concentrated blast. At once a very basic move and a devastating finisher. [[/note]] ²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Mikael Freisch/Memento]] ²[-Player: @/{{Kagescorpionakki}}-] ²²[[quoteright:350:]] ²²A German-American hunter, raised by his elderly (and somewhat paranoid) grandfather. His mother died not long after he was born, and his father ran out before Mikael ever met him. Mikael suspects his powers come from his deadbeat dad, as no one else in his family has powers. He's generally calm and outwardly polite - but he also can be blunt and brutally honest. He doesn't easily trust people. Has the power to empower objects over time, slowly improving them and eventually causing them to gain minor powers. [[spoiler:It turns out that Mikael is actually half-demon. He at first rejects the notion, but soon has an ephihany and accepts his demonic heritage. And even becomes a demon himself. He also gets genderbended on the same day, becoming a sexy succubus. Whether or not all of this will stick, only time will tell.]]²²* ArcherArchetype: Albeit one who hunts a lot²* BottomlessMagazines: Thanks to his power, his quiver never runs out of crossbow bolts.²* CharacterDevelopment: Starts out as a rough-edged, male demon hunter who would stop at nothing to eradicate demons and other such monsters from the face of the Earth. [[spoiler:Ends up a sexy succubus who has accepted her demonic heritage and lives by her desires.]]²* ClothesMakeTheSuperman: Zig-zagged. He has a power, which he uses to make his clothes and weapons, but if separated from the things he's created his power works too slowly to be of use.²* CoveredWithScars: His arms have numerous scars from the animals he's hunted. His face is conspicuously free of them.²* DisappearedDad: He never knew his father, but theorizes that his powers come from the man. [[spoiler:Though as it turns out, Zamael wasn't exactly a man...]]²* {{Expy}}: He's [[{{Anime/Hellsing}} Rip Van Winkle]] with the powers of [[{{Literature/Worm}} Dauntless]]. And he looks like [[{{VideoGame/TheLegendOfZelda}} Link]].²* GenderBender: Mikael ends up a victim of this. [[spoiler: Though she doesn't seem to mind much.]]²* TheMagicTouch: His power.²* NoArcInArchery: Invoked. His crossbows are empowered to ignore gravity in order to better hit their targets.²* PhenotypeStereotype: Invoked - Mikael worries that, being a blonde-haired and blue-eyed German, he'll catch the eye of the school's resident (former) Nazi doctor.²* ShoutOut: In addition to the traits under {{Expy}}, Mikael's costume bears a striking resemblance to the garb of the [[{{VideoGame/Bloodborne}} Good Hunter]]. His last name is derived from {{Theatre/Der Freischutz}}, which he can be heard singing in his introductory post.²* TheStraightAndArrowPath: In Mikael's case, he uses crossbows with blunted or tranquilizer bolts, specifically because they aren't lethal.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Mitchell Wedell/Miss Ball the Seal]] ²[-Player: @/{{kablammin45}}-]²²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder:Samuel Aster Everett/Arctic]] ²[-Player: @/{{Blueace}}-] ²²The latest of a line of heroes, a calm and outwardly serious but kind boy. Samuel is able to create ice and snow, and withstand cold that will kill normal people without issue. Striving to be a great hero and making his family proud, he takes on the Academy's challenge.²²* AnIcePerson: His domain.²* BadassLongcoat: His super suit includes one, ironically designed to keep his his body temperature low.²* BewareTheNiceOnes: Regularly rather friendly, if reserved, but truly pissing him off is ill advised. During the fight against the Lethal Legion he pulled some truly brutal attacks.²* CatBoy: After the forest debacle.²* CombatPragmatist: Attacking from behind, causing hindering injuries, impairing their senses...²* {{Expy}}: He's got a lot in common with [[Manga/MyHeroAcademia Todoroki]], with [[WellDoneSonGuy different issues]] with his dad.²* TheFriendNobodyLikes: He feels like this, thinking that because of how often he avoids his classmates, they don't like him that much. They seem to like him just fine so far, though.²* HeroicBSOD: A more or less constant state after the forest incident, not talking to his classmates, acting without energy and with a rather dark inner monologue, even wondering if he'd pull a SenselessSacrifice at some point.²* HeroicLineage: Dating from World War II, his family is full of heroes.²* HeroicSafeMode: During the fight with Victoria, he enters this to deal with his cynophobia, letting him be analytical and composed, even if he was borderline emotionless during it.²* HeroicSelfDeprecation: Every now and then, it shows he expects way too much of himself, and his failures hit him hard.²* IcyBlueEyes: Fittingly.²* MyGreatestFailure: At twelve, he was in the middle of an attack of monster dogs after sneaking away from his father's sight while they were camping. He couldn't do anything to help other campers, and would have died if his dad didn't arrive just in time to catch him from a long fall. He still beats himself up over it and was left with a fear of dogs.²* NervesOfSteel: Keeps pretty composed in a crisis, even after he's about to collapse after Vicky's transformation, he has enough wits on him to take her for help until everything resolves. ²* NiceJobBreakingItHero: During the conflict at the dome, once the base was seemingly under control, he told any remaining nazi to surrender, it ended with someone getting shot dead and him having to be turned in order to avoid war.²* NoNonsenseNemesis: In a fight, he always goes for a quick victory, and whenever he is on the offensive, ''it'll hurt!''²* TheStoic: While he shows a fair bit of emotion, he is generally in control. Deconstructed later, as he has been bottling up a lot of what he feels about every crisis Class 1 has suffered, and what has personally happened to him.²* SpontaneousWeaponCreation: A preferred tactic. Swords, chains, spears of ice...²* TranquilFury: After the fallout of the disastrous pool party, Sam took rather badly at Interceptor's chewing out of the class, and ''muzzled him'' before doing his own ripping on him. His voice was barely above a whisper during it.²* WellDoneSonGuy: Admits to Ever that he wants to make his parents proud.²* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Sam cannot stand to be around dogs, and by extension, werewolves. He froze up when Rachel attacked Victoria, and, after leaving the latter with Laurie, he left to break down.²²[[/folder]]²²²²!!Transferred Students²[[folder:Adrian Erickson/Dr. Dissonance]] ²[-Player: @/{{Mistfader}}-] ²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Alexandra Dmitrievna Glukovich/Automaton Omega]] ²[-Player: @/{{Kaalban}}-] ²²Alexandra used to be just an ordinary girl... before an accident that destroyed everything her body. Fortunately, a seemingly benevolent organization called Progress Foundation prevented her death by putting her brain in a robot body that looked almost like her before the disaster. Alexa applied for the Saint Academy to become a superhero, although it is not for entirely altruistic purposes...²* BladeBelowTheShoulder: Has this as one of her weapons.²* {{Cyborg}}: By the virtue of having a human brain (and robotic rest of the body), she is this.²* EmptyShell: Automaton fears that she may have become nothing more than a husk of former self.²* GenkiGirl: Subverted. See StepfordSmiler.²* LackOfEmpathy: There are moments when she cannot feel anything for others. Omega is afraid that it will become permanent. ²* MaskOfSanity: While calling her insane would be entirely inaccurate (for various reasons), Alexa nevertheless hides her horrible side, which is similar to a sociopath).²* PrecisionFStrike: [[spoiler: After stabbing Elim when he was retreating, she referred to him as son of a bitch... [[HateSink and with reason.]]]]²* RobotGirl: There is so little organic remaining of Alexa that she is essentially a machine.²* ShoulderCannon: Another weapon of hers. Automaton Omega has plasma gun on her left shoulder, while a rubber bullet machine gun on the right shoulder.²* StepfordSmiler: Alexandra attempts to be happy and smile to hide her crippling issues because, according to her, nobody likes gloomy ones. She is a mix of all three types of Stepford Smilers (Depressed, Empty and Unstable). ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Andrew Hansen]]²[-Player: @/{{SomethingRandom113}}-]²²A 15-year-old nerd who had a relatively normal life in rural Wisconsin until he disappeared mysteriously while on a vacation in the [=UK=] when he was 13 years old. He was found 2 weeks later, alive, but infected with a horrible supernatural virus known as [=R-ZV08=], which turns most people infected with it into [[TechnicallyLivingZombie psychotic rage junkies]]. He, however, was one of the few people (15 out of an estimated 30,000 people who were infected since the virus was discovered) that are, due to some bizarre genetic predisposition or for some other, unknown reason, mostly immune to the virus' mental effects (these people are called "saners"). He has a lot off issues and medical needs, but also receives several beneficial effects of the virus. He decided to go to Saint Academy to put the beneficial effects to good use.²²* AbsurdPhobia: Green potato chips, [[AllThereInTheManual apparently]].²* AnAxeToGrind: His weapon of choice when not just punching the hell out of whoever or whatever happens to have really pissed him off.²* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: Due to the symptoms of the virus, he finds it rather difficult to stay focused. He also cannot stay still.²* BadassNormal: Sort of. His virus-enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes ''technically'' aren't a superpower, but they do fit firmly above the physical capabilities of a normal human.²* BigEater: He has to eat twice as much as a normal human.²* CantHaveSexEver: Andrew is infected, and [=R-ZV08=] is transmitted via contact between (non-sweat) bodily fluids. Casual contact is fine, but he can't even kiss someone (well, not full on the lips, anyways). Technically, this is a DownplayedTrope, since he can have sex with infected and non-humans without any problems, but, well, most of the population of planet earth is non-infected human, so his chances of staying a virgin for life are really high.²* {{Determinator}}: Verging on ImplacableMan territory. His virus-enhanced endurance and high pain tolerance means he can ignore pretty much any injury that isn't immediately fatal, even broken bones. He'll still probably have to seek medical help afterwards, though.²* DoingInTheScientist: The virus is repeatedly stated to be supernatural.²* [[spoiler: {{Druid}}: He is revealed to be a member of a clan of them from Scotland, and becomes one during the tournament.]]²* FieryRedhead: Only after getting infected.²* GeniusBruiser: He was very nerdy before he was infected, and that hasn't changed, although his grades have dropped due to his trouble staying focused.²* HairTriggerTemper: Part and parcel of being an infected, even if he is a saner.²* HazmatSuit: Due to an unfortunate incident of falling asleep in class and drooling in class, he has to wear one for the rest of the school year (at least). He is not pleased. [[spoiler: After becoming a {{Druid}}, he loses it, though only time will tell if it will stay gone.]]²* {{Metalhead}}: Even before he was infected, he enjoyed heavy metal.²* MixedAncestry: His father is Scottish-American and his mother is Japanese-American. It also should be noted that his last name is Scandinavian for some reason.²* OnlySaneMan: Although he really isn't when compared to normal humans or other students at Saint Academy, he ''is'' this when compared to more than 99% of other infected.²* SirSwearsALot: Whenever he's angry, he becomes this.²* SuperReflexes: Can react faster than a normal human due to the virus' positive effects. [[DownplayedTrope He still can't do ridiculous things like dodge a bullet, though]].²* SuperSpeed: [[DownplayedTrope Downplayed]]. Due to positive effects of the virus, he runs faster than a normal human, but not to ridiculous extents like most people with SuperSpeed. [[spoiler: Though he did clock in at about ''30 miles per hour'' during the pre-tournament race.]]²* SuperStrength: One of the positive affects of [=R-ZV08=] is enhanced strength, though rarely to superhuman levels, still enough to break someone's jaw with little effort.²* TaintedVeins: One of the symptoms of [=R-ZV08=] is blackened veins, especially on the face, back, chest, upper arms, and legs above the knees.²* TechnicallyLivingZombie: [=R-ZV08=] infectees are this.²* TheVirus: Is infected with it.²* ZombieInfectee: Averted. He doesn't try to conceal the fact that he's infected with [=R-ZV08=].²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Caleb/Harmony]]²[-Player: @/{{FerrousMaelstom}}-] \²²Caleb ''was'' an entirely normal teen boy, before he merged with Harmony, a newborn alien, and lost his memory. Caleb seems to alternate between introvert and misanthrope, though he's entirely aware of his own issues. Harmony is bubbly and looking to make friends and defeat evil, though Caleb's not as enthusiastic. As they can't currently be split, they share the body and attend the academy as one student. ²²* AliensSpeakingEnglish: Harmony learned it through the mental connection.²* EnergyAbsorption: While it's the way Harmony's species feeds, it also proves useful in battles.²* IdentityAmnesia: Caleb lost everything personal (and some but not all of his common knowledge), though it's unclear if this was before or due to the merge.²* LosingAShoeInTheStruggle: As Harmony's ooze comes out of his skin and he refuses a costume, it often tears up his clothes in the progress.²* NoBiologicalSex: Harmony's race has no biological sex but she identifies as female.²* PowerIncontinence: If either of their emotions get out of control, so do their powers. Given that one of their powers can manifest as [[HavingABlast explosions]], this is concerning. ²* PowerLimiter: The stabiliser, a device Overload made to let them use their powers safely. While it makes them weaker, it allows them to use the force blast power without collateral damage.²* ShapeshifterBaggage: Played with - Harmony has only a limited quantity of matter but it still seems to disappear when it goes back inside Caleb.²* ShapeshifterWeapon: Harmony can shape her matter, so often forms tendrils or weapons to fight with.²* SlimeGirl: Harmony's true form, though she can't access it while bonded to Caleb. She is capable of VoluntaryShapeshifting though.²* TheSymbiote: Mutualistic type. Caleb gets healed and to use Harmony's powers, while Harmony gets experience of humanity and matures faster.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: A strange side-effect of the bond is Caleb's hair going purple and being seemingly immune to hair dye.²²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder:Ever Green]] ²[-Player: @/{{TopGof}}-] \²²An extremely calm and somewhat devious [[PlantPerson plant girl]] of variable appearance. She shows affection to a select few, but is not above pranks nor going out of her way to investigate disturbances. ²²----²'''Tropes'''²* ClothingAppendage: Averted. Ever Green wears human/alien clothing to be more human.²* GreenThumb: Of course. Doesn't quite make her a FriendToAllLivingThings. She burned her EvilCounterpart without hesitation or remorse and barely raised a fuss when she found [[WalkingWasteland Matten]] in the middle of a circle of barren earth.²²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder: Liam Eckart]] ²[-Player: @/{{NickTheSwing}}-] ²²A young man with a strange and ancestral power, his family has seen the "[[AttackReflector Rega]][[LightEmUp lia]]" power passed down generations. Liam is currently, however, the only member of his family that has manifested Regalia, which has been cause for conflict between Liam and his family. About the only member of his family he has a good relationship with is his beloved little sister Ellie. ²²* AbusiveParents: His father was unkind to him, looking the other way and letting him be bullied and beaten to the point of sustaining scars.²* ArcWords: Regalia is itself the cornerstone of Liam's arc - he has to control his power lest it rage out of control, and do...something. There are historical cases of what happened when Regalia went out of control, none pleasant.²* BarrierWarrior: Regalia's first and most well known ability is how it can reflect attacks - the strength varies, either reflecting them back properly...or tearing someone's arms off by amplifying the force times 1000.²* BerserkButton: Transformations, increasingly. Treating them with nonchalance or enthusiasm is a good way to earn his anger.²* BewareTheNiceOnes: Liam is really chill. Just don't mess with his baby sister or his friends.²** However lately events such as the pool incident have battered him down a bit - enough to provoke his darker side to emerge more.²* BigBrotherInstinct: He is protective and provides for Ellie, and his departure to Academy marked a downturn for her. Even still, he provides Ellie with the merchandise of the Youtuber she loves so much - even when Liam himself doesn't particularly like the guy.²* CoveredWithScars: Liam has a lot of scars, mental ones, but especially physical ones - he tries not taking off many clothes because "people just plain don't like thinking where these things come from".²* EvilCostumeSwitch: Not quite evil, but a costume switch to mark starting on a darker path. Instead of his usual punk chic clothes, Liam switches out to a white and black ensemble reminiscent of Manchester Black's Elite.²* LightEmUp: Has been using the more burning and explosive points of Regalia's "skill tree" lately.²* NuclearOption: One of Liam's biggest flaws is jumping right to the nuclear option when smaller scale choices are available.²* PowerIncontinence: Part of the reason for the latter tropes - when Liam does use Regalia, it can get difficult to turn off, and when his emotions run high, it can automatically deploy, and in the darkest emotional states, it can get dangerous to even touch him.²* RazorFloss: Contained in Liam's gloves is a lot of RazorFloss - it is a very versatile weapon Liam can use for a variety of offensive and defensive methods.²* ReluctantWarrior: At first and even continuing on - Liam is very, very cautious about using Regalia, and though The Saint has helped him gain some confidence in using it, he is still cautious in deploying it.²* SanitySlippage: The more Liam goes on in his anti-transformation crusade, he has become more broken over time. From crying at a moment, to furious the next, to now dressing in a new white and black ensemble reflecting a new mindset. This turn includes TheUnsmile, frantic and troubled thoughts, and increasingly harsh rationalizations.²* SlowlySlippingIntoEvil: His transformation phobia is used to push him slowly into evil by The Gaean, who seems to have big plans for him.²* TraumaCongaLine: The pool did a number on him, and he was left basically a despondent wreck by the end. This was the start to a number of incidents that inflicted trauma on Liam. Next was the attack by the Lethal Legion, wherein he was exposed to Sovereign, whose presence seemed to incite the appearance of Monarch in his mind. This resulted in jockeying over his own body, trauma when he realized what caused Monarch to be evil, and even sympathizing a bit despite their conflict. Then Hei gets turned into a girl, and most people just treat it with nonchalance - while Liam remembers this causing a suicide in Monarch's reality...and having vivid memories of said suicide. Then came the race incident, wherein Mikael basically ran off after stopping a conflict involving Vicky and the teacher didn't even care the girl was, again, transformed against her will. And further still, when he tried to do the fight with Lucy respectfully and with nothing personal, she tried to horrify and mentally scar him into quitting - and breaks down into a shrieking mess shortly after being called out on this. Liam then falls into the clutches of The Gaean, who he thinks is a hero, and whom is already having a negative influence on Liam. This all within the first week or so of school.²²'''Monarch'''²²A mysterious voice that has occurred in Liam's head, based on strange ideas and technology. It seems to be an older, villainous Liam from a future AU - during which his Hei committed suicide, Lucy died, and Mikael turned into a malevolent demon called Myrkaan The Darklord amongst other things - which culminated in Monarch becoming overwhelmingly powerful and slaughtering his world's heroes before installing himself as his universe's absolute monarch. Monarch seems to want Liam to acquire the power he has by uniting Sovereign and Regalia. He rules his entire AU, and seems to have aspirations to expand his influence.²²* BadFuture: His future has been likened to something from DarkNightsMetal. Its ''bad'' there, its even bad ''being Monarch.''²* BerserkButton: Violation, and corrupting or changing someone's form outside their consent. Our heroes got an earful from him over that.²* BigBad: Of his own dimension, though his influence in the main universe is limited.²* {{Expy}}: A reference to Armageddon 2001's villain Monarch - though his reason for turning evil is a deal more tragic, and he at once regrets his decisions while at the same time believing they were necessary evil. "Though my Monarchy is built upon skulls, the alternative is worse."²* LifeEnergy: His "Quantum Quintessence" power is this - Regalia + Sovereign unlocked the ability to make use of the LifeEnergy...of the multiverse. By necessity it is extremely powerful and destructive.²* OrcusOnHisThrone: He has been described as "the monarch sits upon his throne, weary and sad."²²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder:Mike Barnes/The Champion]] ²[-Player: @/{{FantasyLiver}}-] ²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Oliver Greene]] ²[-Player: @/{{BismuthOmega}}-] ²²A former space-miner turned space-rebel, Oliver is often described as the OnlySaneMan, and rightfully so. Granted, he did grow up on a uranium mining colony outside of the Solar system, and arrived at Earth through virtue of getting punched through space by a giant robot. He has the ability to act as a catalyst for energy conversion, using metal- like his grandfather's old sword- to attract magnetic energy and convert it to different types of energy, like kinetic energy in the form of a force field or an energy beam.²²* AncestralWeapon: He favors his grandfather's sword in battle.²* ArtisticLicensePhysics: Energy probably can't work that way. The author doesn't care.²* CareerEndingInjury: Was leading a rebellion on his home satellite, until he was punched through space, and the effort to stay alive burnt out most of his powers. ²* CollectorOfTheStrange: Oliver collects various metallic objects, just in case he doesn't have his sword on him.²* DumbMuscle: Subverted. He's definitely muscular, though he's also a tactical mastermind.²* EquivalentExchange: This and the law of Conservation of Energy are how his powers work.²* MetalHead: He likes metal music, and requires metal for his powers.²* NotWearingTights: Despite going to a superhero school for superheroes, he has no plans to join their ranks²* StrangerInAStrangeSchool: Almost, except he's not mundane. See "Straight Man."²* StraightMan: In a world of smarmy goddesses, teenage Lord Helmets, and bundles of anxiety about to explode, Oliver's pretty laid back.²* TechnicolorEyes: His eyes are purple.²* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Oliver has functional gills, that people seem to ignore. They tend to focus on his size or his eyes more.²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder:Rebecca Raleigh/Pollutrix]] ²[-Player: @/{{PossiblyQuiteInsane}}-] \²Rebecca displays of love of superheroes that borders on obsession, and is driven by an intense excitement at becoming one herself. She has desired to be a superhero and idealized them from a very young age, and her response when a swamp spirit bonded with her without her consent, giving her powers in the process, was only of momentary anger before Rebecca delightfully embraced her new opportunity to go superheroing. Rebecca's bond with Elly has given her power of 'anything putrid or filthy', and she had the added benefit of being the only student of Class 1 to arrive with her morals and priorities more or less straight--at least for becoming a superhero in Saint's mold.²²----²'''Tropes'''²* ApocalypseMaiden: The Lethal Legion and some inter-dimensional conquerors show interest in making Rebecca their plaguemaster/ DoomsdayDevice to threaten the world with unstoppable pestilence. ²* BadPowersGoodPeople: Rebecca has never wanted to be anything but a superhero.²* TheCape: The closest Class 1 has to an IdealHero and the only one who attended the school to follow the trail of Saint and the others and be a hero for its own sake. Saint himself said "[Rebecca had] more of a right to be [at the academy] than half of the students [there]." ²* ElementalPowers: Rebecca controls those things filthy and putrid. ²** MakeThemRot: Rebecca's pollution is super effective against plant life--as Ever Green found out. Rebecca being Rebecca, she took the hit almost as hard as Ever Green.²** WalkingWasteland: Rebecca's touch putrefies water, even when she's drinking it. She has to put in active effort not to spoil everything around her, especially at breakfast and lunch hour. She's still not allowed in restaurants these days.²* HeroicBSOD: Not unlike Lucy, is prone to [[ItsAllMyFault self-blame]], no matter her actual culpability in an incident. As late as the tournament arc she blames herself for the lost people in the Outdoor Pool incident. [[note]]see: Poor communication kills on the main page, as well as the fact that Liam and Mike set up the party and she was just an invitee--without whom things may have gone much worse.[[/note]] At the tournament itself, she blames herself for Victoria being bitten by a werewolf--whom Rebecca had never met that just happened to cross the finish line at that time and go into a frenzy at Rebecca's very smell. Said werewolf, Rachel, had also missed her shots, which were supposed to prevent the whole spread of lycanthropy thing.²* TheLeader: Shows traits of this around the Outdoor Pool arc, and not of a soft leader either. Even before and after this incident, Rebecca is Class 1's biggest cape. While Matten has already dubbed Rebecca 'captain', Victoria [[note]]herself determined to gain fame in the hero business [[/note]]does not buy Rebecca in the leader role, and refers to her, disdainfully, as 'Garbage Girl.'²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Remix ("Edgar De Meijer")]]²[-Player: @/{{nman}}-] \²A raver who adheres to Peace, Love, Unity, Respect when it comes to performing. ²²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Rosalinda Martinez Garcia]] ²[-Player: @/{{RAlexa21th}}-] ²²[[quoteright:200:]] ²²Daughter of a Cuban Military colonel. Rosalinda is a normal human with no superpowers. One day she is hired by an international military group called Corinth Army and receives a device called [=ReliKON=]. She enrolls into the Academy in order to test out its powers.²²* ByThePowerOfGrayskull: "Henshin! Ready! Go!"²* ChildSoldier: Downplayed. While she is a member of an army, she is not a combatant, just a weapon tester.²* ColossusClimb: Attempts to do it on a HardLight Godzilla in her first day's training, which backfires on her when Godzilla vanishes.²* GratuitousSpanish: She sprinkles Spanish words and phrases in her speech.²* HenshinHero: Normally a human with no superpowers, but she can gain superpowers by activating the [=ReliKON=]²* InstantArmor: She gains chainmail, helmet, and gauntlets after henshin.²* LatinoIsBrown: Is described as having dark hair and skin.²* MadeOfIndestructium: Her armor and weapons cannot be destroyed without deactivating the [=ReliKON=] first.²* MilitaryBrat: As a daughter of a military officer, she tends to act like a soldier.²* TheNicknamer: She calls The Saint "''El Santo''", Victoria "Dreamgirl," and Doctor Konoe "Doctor K."²* NotWearingTights: She has no codename and her "costume" is merely her military uniform.²* SpontaneousWeaponCreation: Her power is to create solid objects, which she uses to create weapons such as swords, chains, hammers, etc.²* TransformationTrinket: The [=ReliKON=], which takes the shape of a wristwatch.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Victor Eh-Ah Shird/Lord Shird]] ²[-Player: @/{{Nodrog}}-] ²²* {{Expy}}: Of [[Film/SpaceBalls Dark Helmet]].²* GeekPhysiques: He is short and lanky.²* NerdInEvilsHelmet: An nerd in black armor.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Victoria Richter/Break Girl]] ²[-Player: @/{{UndyingPhoenix}}-] \²Victoria showed up as a lazy bum who managed to sleep in on the first day--and fall from the roof soon after roll call. However, she shows her drives quickly. Victoria has every intent of showing off and being recognized as a great hero and will put great effort into complex fighting moves and flashy entrances if she can emulate the impressive heroics from pop culture and potentially become a star hero herself.²²²----²'''Tropes''' ²* CallingYourAttacks: Victoria has a distinct tendency to do this.²* DynamicEntry: Victoria saves Rebecca by appearing out of nowhere and [[OneHitKO one-shotting]] Pacifer with a single MegatonPunch.²* GlorySeeker: Victoria got the idea to become a superhero from a show about celebrity heroes. Doesn't mean she's not motivated to become the most renown hero of them all. ²* MoreThanMeetsTheEye: Besides, not being hopelessly lazy so much as very selective in applying herself, she sells her powers short as but SuperStrength to keep expectations low. She's very skilled in her vibrokinesis and is quickly awakening to powers as an earth elemental. ²* TrainingMontage: In a sign of her resolve, she enlists Matten and Rebecca to help her train for the tournament.²* WolfMan: Victoria gains lycanthropy after being bitten by Rachel [[note]](a werewolf who was driven into a frenzy by Rebecca's aura and had missed her meds, the ones that prevent the spread of the condition)[[/note]] during a bit of ruckus at the finish line of the race event of the tournament. ²²[[/folder]]²²²²!!Staff & Faculty²²[[folder:The Saint]] ²[-Player: @/{{Kkhohoho}}-] \²The principal of Saint Academy [[note]]It ''is'' named after him[[/note]] and a founding member of the Protectors, Saint is a powerful and very experienced hero whose idealism matches his strength. He founded Saint Academy not just to raise mighty heroes but icons of hope that will light the way to the future. ²* AchillesHeel: Achilles Heart in this case. While the students of Class 1 miss an aside where he shows symptoms of heart trouble, Leon [[AttackItsWeakPoint attempts to exploit this]].²* TheCape: The Saint serves a s a community role model as well as a role model for generations of heroes, despairs at harm even done to villains, and very much demands that his students work to be [[IdealHero ideal heroes as well]].²* CloseRangeCombatant: Notable in that this distinguishes him from most of Class 1 (who by and large prefer to blast or tentacle grapple things from afar). When pitted against Leon, he kept punching until he got through.²* FeelingTheirAge: As noted in DT, Saint is pushing 60 physically, has well over 100 years behind him, and as he reveals to Matten and Mikael after dispatching Leon (in what was intended as BadassBoast), the hero is far past his prime strength.²* FlyingBrick: Aged or no, Saint broke through a shield designed specifically to resist him and [[MegatonPunch punched]] [[OneHitKill a villain clear out of the city.]]²* GoodIsNotSoft: Saint is the affable, caring, and expectant principal of Saint Academy, and also fired Interceptor (a longtime friend and comrade) on the spot for helping cause a disaster; tore Class 1 a new one for their excessive GoodIsNotSoft behavior (and worse); and punched the villain who led the invasion of his school clear out of town. ²* PassingTheTorch: Saint founded Saint Academy for this exact purpose, and to make sure the new generation of heroes came up not only strong but right.²* ThouShaltNotKill: Of course; though one wonders if all of Class 1 would have gotten the message had he and Interceptor not made the direction explicit.²* WeHelpTheHelpless: The Lesson that Interceptor hints at and Saint makes explicit in Class 1's first time in the Training Room is the priority of protecting civilians while being ready for any job that requires a hero. Beating up the 'bad guy' helps little when civilians are [[JustForFun/DyingLikeAnimals dying like animals]] or there is nothing around to punch.²* WhatTheHellHero: Delivers quite the withering speech to Class 1, for some of their 'creativity' in their first confrontation with supervillains, even prompting to both Lucy and Hei Lin [[note]]though they're prone to this anyway[[/note]] to offer their own necks on the chopping block. ²** GoAndSinNoMore: The main targets of the speech avoid expulsion (mostly), but Saint demands they learn and adopt heroic morality. And yes, there's a class for that, which is pass or leave school.²²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Interceptor]] ²[-Player: @/{{Kkhohoho}}-] \²²TheCowl to Saint's Cape, and another founding member of the Protectors. Initially a BadassNormal, he has long experience dispatching evil with cunning and martial arts. Interceptor eventually began to feel the weight of his years, and, still dedicated to suppressing crime, had Armada upload his brain into a robot body. Still, fatigue set in and he left the front lines to teach future heroes. He's gained something of a reputation for being a hardass who never gives his students a break...²²* BadassAbnormal: Interceptor has had his brain transferred into a robot body.²* BreakTheHaughty: Seems to have this attitude towards students.²* BrokenAce: Has suffered a tragedy related to a former sidekick in the past, and has never forgiven himself for it. One way he responded was to insist on absolute obedience from any students of his--without explanation. This ends up leaving the students unaware of something rather important. (See PoorCommunicationKills on the main page).²* TheCowl: Interceptor utilizes the classic StealthHiBye (having been hiding in the classroom undetected during Class 1's entire introduction); is stern toward his students, demanding unquestioning obedience; and seems to be (or have been) Saint Academy's hand-to-hand, stealth, and general combat pragmatism expert.²* FiredTeacher: Saint fires Interceptor without ceremony when he arrives ready to punish Class 1 for the pool incident--at a horrible time. Not to mention the whole thing was partly the fault of his poor communication.²* ThouShaltNotKill: One of the first lessons that The Interceptor teaches Class 1.²* WeHelpTheHelpless: The Lesson that Interceptor hints at and Saint makes explicit in Class 1's first time in the Training Room is the priority of protecting civilians while being ready for any job that requires a hero. Beating up the 'bad guy' helps little when civilians are [[JustForFun/DyingLikeAnimals dying like animals]] or there is nothing around to punch.²²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Armada]] ²[-Player: @/{{Kkhohoho}}-] \²²The school's resident Chief Engineer and head of Tech Support. Also a founding Protector. Formerly Ben Holland, he was an engineer and inventor working on his latest and greatest invention, a fully functioning android. However, when a group of mercs broke into his house to steal his work and accidentally shot him in the gut, he had no choice but to activate an emergency transfer process and upload his brainwaves into the android. Once successfully uploaded, he kicked the merc's arses, but now he had to deal with his current situation. Which was even more complicated due to the fact the android was female. \²²Eventually, (s)he managed to sort things out and became a founding member of the Protectors. Over the years, she continued to serve with the team, upgrading her body all the while, but never shifting into a male body. After being stuck as a female for so long, she couldn't think of herself any other way. That said, like Interceptor, she eventually began to feel the weight of her years and desired a change of pace. And Saint Academy was the perfect outlet. Now the school's Chief Engineer and head of Tech Support, she keeps the school and it's defenses in tip-top shape while also teaching classes on engineering, computer science, and similar topics Cool, calm, collected, and almost always in a good mood, she's also a voice of reason and a foil to Interceptor, who is... not. ²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Dr. Bozo]] ²[-Player: @/{{Kkhohoho}}-] \²Teacher of magical defense, founding Protector, and a talented sorcerer, Dr. Bozo dresses like a 1930's hobo, drinks like a fish, and used humanity's #1 defense against the dark forces of the Outer Worlds. He has hardly slacked off since then, still proving himself to be a powerful sorcerer and putting his talents into teaching the next generation of heroes.²* DrunkenMaster: Oh yeah. Dr. Bozo's powers are fueled by booze, and he's always at least somewhat sloshed, but at least two members of Class 1 underestimate him at their own expense.²* BewareTheSillyOnes: Dr. Bozo proves nearly as stern as The Interceptor when something catches his attention, and exceeds ''Matten'' in his intolerance for insults to his ability.²* WaxOnWaxOff: Has a tendency to demand favors or tests in exchange for extracurricular lessons. The latest example being his asking Mikael to mow his lawn in exchange for the good doctor teaching the new demon to put up a human glamour. This may or may not be covert training in itself. With Bozo one never knows.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Nurse Hello]]²Nurse Hello or Hello, Nurse! as some call her, she's the school's Head Nurse, and is able to heal any injuries with a kiss. That said, the worse the injury, the more energy it takes out of her, and there are some injuries she just can't heal. (Such as an arm being lopped off for instance.) Given that there's a fair amount of fighting in a school like this, it's safe to say that she more than earns her keep. Also teaches Health and similar studies. ²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Flora]]²Botany teacher and caretaker of both the gardens and the forest. Also a founding Protector. Originally a plant elemental from a dimension full of sentient plantlife, she decided that being part of one big Hive Mind collective wasn't enough for her. She wanted to be her own person, free to live her own life and make her own choices. And also do something other than sit around in the dirt all day. Not that it isn't refreshing to just stand in the grass and let the sheer overwhelming beauty of nature overwhelm you, but there had to be more to life than that. So when the Saint found himself tossed into her dimension in an early adventure, she didn't hesitate to go back to Earth with him. After that, she became a founding Protector, but eventually grew tired of all the fighting and longed to do something else with her life. Cue Saint Academy. As if embodying nature itself, Flora is usually very calm and serene but can turn deadly if provoked. Her moods also depend on the season. She's at her best during the summer, warm and full of life, but God help you if you catch her on a bad day in winter. (Interceptor learned this the hard way.) ²²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder: Doctor Rienbach]]²Science teacher. Formerly Dr.Nazi and an actual Nazi (WWII vintage!), the good Doctor has since renounced both his name and former ideology for... obvious reasons. Formerly a Mad Scientist for the 3rd Reich during WWII, he promptly offered his services to Uncle Sam at the end of the war in exchange for clemency. After working on numerous projects for the US Government for several decades, they considered his debt to humanity paid in full and gave him a full pardon. Soon after that, he sought somewhere where he could work on his own personal projects while also getting out of the public eye, and Saint Academy — or rather it's basement — seemed like the perfect place. He gets to work on his experiments without being bothered — in the basement, miles underground, where no-one can see him — and all he has to do is teach punk kids some Science and Biology. \²Of course, one has to wonder what he's really doing down there... (He's also given himself superpowers by experimenting on himself. Namely flight, superstrength, electrical blasts, and extended longevity. It's why he didn't keel over years ago.) ²²²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder: Jasmine]]²Teacher of the Power Control course. However, not many students attend that class, so she spends most of her time assisting Flora, tending to the gardens, and watching over the forest. Jasmine used to be a student at the Academy years ago. That's all most people know about her. (Officially.) The most striking thing about her is her appearance. Covered in thick fur from head to toe with the hooves and horns of a goat, she almost looks like a female satyr or fawn. And yet, in her junior photo, she appears completely human. She also has a habit of absentmindedly pulling a lute from a rope around her waist and playing it for a moment before looking completely lost. She then hastily puts the lute down and goes back to whatever she was doing, hoping no-one noticed. No-one's quite sure what happened to her, but rumor has it that she ventured off into the forest one day despite not having clearance. When she returned, she was never the same. (And has never aged a day.) If there is any truth to the rumor, one has to wonder what could have done this to her. And if it's still lurking within the forest after all these years... \²In any case, Jasmine has a superhuman strength, a holdover from when she was a student at the school. Ever since her transformation, she can also use her lute for various effects, ranging from controlling plantlike to instilling various moods within those who hear it. These moods can range anywhere from sleepiness to calm to rage to anywhere in between, and can be very effective when used right. She also knows something about control. Since that fateful day years ago, she has had to learn to keep a certain amount of control over herself, or else she risks losing herself. Which is what makes her a perfect fit for the Power Control course. She knows how to control herself and her abilities, and teaches others how to do the same. And yet, as anyone who attends her course will discover, there's a bit more to it than that...²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Mr. Clean]]²Mr.Clean is SA's Janitor and looks exactly like you think he does; bald, middle-aged, and buff as hell with a warm, constant smile. He tried his hand at the Superhero games years back, but unfortunately, his powers just weren't very well suited for hero work. What they were suited for was janitorial work of the highest order, and he quickly became SA's most renowned janitor. Mr.Clean himself is all smiles and sunshine on the surface, but do NOT fuck with him. He has absolutely no fucks to give, but he never really gets all that angry or mad, oh no. Rather, he gets passive-aggressive as all hell. He's one of the most polite people you'll ever meet, but being polite doesn't necessarily have anything to do with being nice. \²²Mr.Clean's powers are self-explanatory. He can clean just about anything. All he has to do is create a thick layer of super-foam and it will instantly dissolve all dirt, grime, germs, and anything else they come in contact with. He also has minor telekinetic powers that allow him to lift small or light objects. He can't really do anything heavy duty, but it's perfect for serving as a makeshift vacuum or broom, along with perhaps a few other uses.²²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder: Laurie (The Therapist!)]]²Laurie is the school therapist. Like Mr.Clean, her powers weren't always well suited for hero work, but she soon found another use for them as SA's therapist. (After getting the proper degree of course.) Laurie herself is a kind, sweet, fun-loving gal, but also somewhat introverted at times. But she's able to be more forward when it comes to helping her students. \²²Laurie is able to produce pheromones which are capable of affecting all sorts of different moods and emotions. She can make people feel sad, angry, nervous, happy, or just about anything else. This helps her in her therapy work in that it allows her to tap into certain emotions or feelings that might otherwise be hard for her patients to deal with, or make them confront certain parts of themselves they aren't always comfortable with bringing out. However, she also understands that using such powers can make people feel uncomfortable, so she always gives her patients a full disclosure before beginning her sessions.²²* BunnyEarsLawyer: Trying to psychoanalyze Matten turned her into this. She's still a trained therapist, but she acts like a wild teen with almost zero impulse control.²* CriticalPsychoanalysisFailure: Laurie used to be the very model of sanity. Then she met Matten. It didn't end well.²* {{Expy}}: Of Harley Quinn. Imagine if Harley stayed a therapist instead of becoming a full blown psychopath. That's Laurie in a nutshell.²* ManChild: Trying to get inside Matten's head only served to bring her own issues to the fore. As a result, she has all the sensibilities of a 16 year old wild child despite being in her twenties and is basically living out the teen years she never had. Seeing as her dad never let her have any fun.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Killdozer]]²Killdozer is the school's football coach. A former member of the Protectors, he was one of the group's strongmen back in the 80's, 90's, and early 00's before calling it quits. But before any of that he was a quarterback, so when he finally did settle down, he put both of his careers to good use and became SA's football coach. Killdozer is the epitome of Good Is Not Nice. He's rude, crude, and one mean SOB. He was also best friends with fellow Protector Drill Sergeant Nasty, which tells you all you need to know. That said, he does have his students' best interests at heart and does care about helping people. He just doesn't always do a good job of showing it. \²²Killdozer is incredibly strong and durable, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. He also has a suit of Powered Armor made by Armada that strengthens his powers while also giving him other bells and whistels. He has jet propulsers on his feet that let him fly, but he also has a couple of giant bulldozer claws covering his hands that can also fire laser beams or shoot out hard light missiles. He can also whip out a couple of tractor wheels that let him steamroll anything in his path. Of course, he doesn't use the armor during football practice, but even without it, he's still a force to be reckoned with.²²[[/folder]]²²!!Villains²[[folder: The Lethal Legion]]²* FiveManBand: The legion do not fit neatly into their roles and there are more than five of them, but roughly we have:²** TheBigBad: Leon (supposedly)²** TheDragon: [[CastingAShadow Elim]] [[note]]The legion has no obvious chain of command, but he did much of the heavy lifting, was the first to appear, and became a psychological and physical threat to most of Class 1 above and beyond just his counterpart.[[/note]]²** TheEvilGenius: [[GreenThumb Never Green/Deciduous]]; [[PowerNullifier Pacifier]]²** TheBrute: [[RobotGirl Alpha]]; [[PlayingWithFire Lord Burner]]; [[SpontaneousWeaponCreation Yvanna]]; Sovereign²** TheDarkChick: [[OurDemonsAreDifferent Morgoth]]; [[FallenAngel Reverie]]; Ms. Hei²* ThePsychoRangers: They're a collective team of evil counterparts of Class 1 (save a few, like Mike). Said counterparts are:²** '''Leon''', the apparently powerless counterpart to [[FlyingBrick Saint]] who makes up for it with advanced technology²** '''Elim''' is peculiar. He is technically ''Lucy's'' EvilCounterpart, but his powers are more reminiscent of Hei Lin. [[spoiler: His attack causes 'the Entity' to awaken, which was apparently part of his plan. The experience also helps Lucy recover lost memories--which is not helpful in the short term.]]²** '''"Ms. Hei":''' Speaking of Hei Lin, his counterpart is apparently his mother. Albeit, all we have to go on is her word. She didn't attack Hei Lin, so her power set is largely unknown.²** '''Never Green/Deciduous''' is, incidentally enough, the counterpart of Ever Green. [[note]](Albeit, the name is so on the nose, because its a guess. She herself gave no name to Ever Green when they fought).[[/note]] Never Green uses her GreenThumb and psychological operations to fight, not unlike our Ever Green.²** '''Pacifier:''' A prim and proper woman who apparently believes she is bringing discipline to Rebecca Raleigh. Incidentally, her powers aren't a direct counter to Rebecca's. Pacifier's PowerNullifier makes her a more general threat. Not to mention her aversion of WhyDontYouJustShootHim.²** '''Alpha''', the counterpart to Omega (Alexandra), has much the same powerset--and a BloodKnight attitude whose bubbling emotions excited Alexandra's envy.²** '''Lord Burner:''' A counterpart to Sam, and yet another BloodKnight...and pyromaniac.²** '''Yvanna:''' The counterpart to Rosalinda who uses a very similar weapons system and seems to know Rosalinda's own benefactor. While not as much of The Heavy as Leon or Elim, she did manage [[spoiler: to indirectly catalyze Rosalinda's expulsion.]]²** '''Sovereign:''' A wielder of a power by the same name, he battles Liam (and his Regalia) during the second cafeteria incident. Not unlike Yvanna, he has a permanent effect on his counterpart, by [[spoiler: potentially triggering his StartOfDarkness. It was only after this fight and Liam's exposure to Sovereign that 'Monarch' began to appear, seeming to demand that Regalia and Sovereign, the two powers, join together...]]²** '''Morgoth:''' The sister to Mikael--or so she says--whom she does attack, but eventually she ends up helping him use his [[spoiler: newly arisen demonic powers to his advantage, first and foremost to escape the abyss]].²** '''Reverie:''' A fallen angel aiming to [[KillEmAll 'purify' all the souls on the Earth]], in this case, Matten. Notable in that Matten and Revrie have no personal connection, and Matten treats Reverie like a mook if not a potential pawn.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: "Strange Old Man"]]²A 'strange old man' who appeared before Rosalinda [[spoiler: following her expulsion]]. None of the other students saw him in a hallway full of people. His description is reminiscent of a sage or even a holy man[[note]] One of his first acts was brainwashing Rosa into attacking Matten, but then, he used a holy weapon and Matten. The brainwashing part still makes the holy man idea very debatable... [[/note]]of some sort; though time will tell. [[note]]Evidence of that brainwashing is all over Rosa herself, and even Bozo couldn't repress it.[[/note]]²²* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: Not the man himself, but he seems to exploit this--or cause it and then exploit it.²* PhysicalGod: The man is dressed in Golden Robes decorated with runes and Bozo speculates, to his horror, that a god may have claimed Rosalinda.²* {{Telepathy}}: He responded to one of Rosa's idle thoughts when he first appeared, and beyond mind reading...²** MindManipulation: He is able to brainwash others. It is ''how'' that's unclear. Rosa responded as if the man had a CompellingVoice, but the lit eyes and other symptoms she showed later clue toward [[DemonicPossession other causes]].²²[[/folder]]²²²!!Others²²[[folder: Saint Solutions]]²An organization, founded by The Saint, which is responsible for a number of things, but chief among them is giving much of the hero population a stable paycheck. They scout promising and capable heroes and give them stable paychecks in exchange for doing hero work full time as well as working with SS closely. This means in addition to fighting the bad guys, you'll also have to attend public events, do rescue work and natural disaster relief, and play nice with the law. But SS also has a lot of clout with the international community, and working with them also means you have a lot more room to move and a lot more chances to really do some good.²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder: WATCH]]²WATCH is an American para-military force that keeps an eye on superhuman conflicts, though anyone putting on a cape and cowl is subject to scrutiny. Needless to say, they aren't very popular, but they do their job and help keep America and occasionally the rest of the world safe. They and SS are constantly at odds due to their differing ideologies, though they still work together when need be.²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder: The Protectors]]²The Protectors are one large team composed of whoever happens to be the World's Mightiest Heroes (TM) at the time, or at least the most competent. The Saint and other notable heroes were founding members back in the day. They're funded by Saint Solutions as many heroes are, and are the world's first line of defense against any major threat. \²The Current Line-Up of Protectors includes:²* '''[[BadassNormal Soldier of Fortune]]''' [[note]]The current leader of the team, he has no powers to speak of, but he makes up for this with grit, gumption, a hefty dose of idealism, and some amazing leadership abilities. He may not have any fancy abilities, but he knows how to manage those that do, and it makes him a hell of an asset. [[/note]]²* '''Abomination''' [[note]]This massive horror movie reject is in fact an exile from an alien world, banished to Earth after attempting to overthrow the corrupt dictatorship that had enslaved his home. He eventually grew to care for Earth just as much as his home planet and protects it with every fiber of his being. Additionally, he may look like a monster, but he's actually a charming, sweet gentleman. As for his powers, he possesses massive strength but can also toss out energy blasts if need be. He's one of the team's firstmost powerhouses, and they all know it. [[/note]]²* '''Gilgamesh''' [[note]] The mythological hero reborn. A mighty hero in his time, Gilgamesh eventually faced the cold hand of death despite having done everything his power to vanquish it. However, Enki, god of water and wisdom, decided that in this new ages of heroes, the world needed a reminder of the best of the heroism of old to balance out that of the new. To that end, he resurrected Gilgamesh, though not without some... alterations. \²As it turns out, Gilgamesh had to be reborn in a human host, and Enki didn't have any real say in who that host would be. And that new host just turned out to be a woman. In any case, having come to terms with her newfound womenhood and lease on life, Glighamesh has since vowed to be a mighty hero on today's terms while still holding onto the best aspects of the past, and is one of the Protector's most fearsome members. She possesses great strength and invulnerability as well as extended longevity, though as she knows all too well, death eventually comes for all. [[/note]]²* '''Imagine''' [[note]] Imagine was originally a dull, near lifeless girl named Doris Dreary who may or may not have been suffering from depression. That all changed when an imp from another dimension decided to turn her frown upside down. As it turned out, the 'imp' was actually a refugee from another dimension that runs on imagination. The problem was that his dimension had been overrun by their nextdoor neighbors from the next dimension over; a cruel race of bureaucratic monsters in cheap suits that run purely on logic and reason and destroy every speck of imagination they come across.²* Unfortunately, there's also another problem; namely that the imp couldn't survive in our dimension for long without a host. You'd think he'd want to infest someone already filled with imagination, but the truth was that choosing someone already full of life and ideas would overload the both of them. He needed someone with barely a speck of real imagination whatsoever; a dry well he could fill up and fully influence. But when he saw Doris, he also took pity on her. He could have possessed her fully, wiping out any trace of her and taking control. Instead he settled for more of a Regeneration, altering her personality but leaving her memories and sense of self intact. Dorris was now the life of the party; peppy, upbeat, and full of laughs with a more vivid imagination than anyone around.²* That said, there were also additional benefits. Aside from now having rainbow colored skin and being much longer lived, she could also create anything she wanted out of thin air. (Within reason.) If she wanted a banana, she'd have a banana. If she thought of a shotgun, she'd have a shotgun. And if she cooked up a gigantic containment field with literal bells and whistles, she'd have that too. She can also turn herself into just about anything. If she wanted to swat away her foes, all she'd have to do is turn herself into a giant flyswatter and that would be that. Since then, Imagine has used her powers to protect her city and the planet she lives on, and is a valued member of the Protectors not just for her powers but also for being The Heart. [[/note]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: The Ghost of Hangman's Swamp/Elly]]²Just outside Super City lies a swamp where the Spanish colonists used to hang criminals. For rather obvious reasons, this place has been the epicenter of quite a few urban legends over the years. As a result of this, the average person usually stays as far away from Hangman’s Swamp as possible.²²For a while, a large company known as Embyron Industries took advantage of this and used the swamp as an illegal dumping site for the putrid byproducts of their manufacturing processes. That changed 6 years ago, with the first appearance of the Ghost of Hangman’s Swamp. Actually a filth elemental created as a result of the swamp’s concentrated putrefaction, her attempts at contact scared off the company’s men.²²The Ghost of Hangman’s Swamp quickly became one of Super City’s most prevalent urban legends, helped by the several eyewitness accounts, and was exaggerated to the point where it was said that anyone that entered the swamp never returned.²²The Ghost herself, quickly became lonely and bored of her swamp home, but was bound to the area and unable to leave until the fateful day Rebecca entered the swamp on a dare, giving her an unchained soul to bond with. Rebecca was the one to bestow the Ghost with the name Elly, a rather uncreative play on elemental.²²Despite her wanderlust, Elly still considers Hangman’s Swamp her home, and it’s the only place she can manifest in her true form, something only Rebecca has seen. Rebecca, for her part, considers the swamp something of a home away from home, and often returns there to relax and kill time.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: The Technology Corporation]]²* Vague, yet menacing name?²** Check.²²* Power that spans galaxies?²** Check.²²* Led by a greedy crook?²** Check.²²The Technology Corporation, or as it's commonly know, "Techcorp," is an intergalactic company dedicated to innovating and developing in the field of nuclear computing, and arms development. The current CEO is Francis "The Rat" Kraskovich, a human from the wastes of Kepler-242c, who has ties with the mob, which ran rampant in the Kepler 240[[superscript:1]] systems when Kraskovich was a kid. Their affairs in mining uranium deposits are handled by Gr'hes-lin,- "Gresh," as some refer to him- a ruthless Linoruan[[superscript:2]] from Orion's belt[[superscript:3]]. Techcorp's base of operations is a space station usually orbiting kappa Cr B b[[superscript:4]], though it often travels to large areas of commerce during technology expos.²----²# Kepler 240 is notorious for having large gang wars between families of mobsters, the most prevalent one being the Marsuchi family.²²# Linoruans are an alien species closest resembling the mixture between a gorilla and a fly. They're known to be excellent businessmen, crimelords, and lawyers.²²# Orion's Belt is the homeland of the Linoruans, and contains one of the 16 inter-planetary megalopolises, Hunter's Haven.²²# Kappa Cr B b is generally referred to the tech capital of the universe, for good reason, think the Silicon Valley of space. It is the center of another megalopolis, commonly referred to as The Crib.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:[[spoiler: Mikael's Family]]]]²'''WARNING: UNMARKED SPOILERS AHEAD'''²²A [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters rather large]] family of demons headed by the demon lord Zamael, Mikael's father.²* DepravedBisexual: ''Every single'' demon the characters have met so far has been bisexual. It probably has something to do with lust being one of the seven deadly sins and stuff...²* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Zamael loves his family.²* WhiteSheep: Mikael is the only good member of his demonic family, at least as far as he knows.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:[[spoiler: Andrew's Family]]]]²'''WARNING: UNMARKED SPOILERS AHEAD'''²²Andrew says that he doesn't have a very large family, but his player, Tropers/{{SomethingRandom113}} has implied a much different story on the group's discord. Not much is known about them, except maybe by [=SomethingRandom113=] and kkhohoho, the group's [=GM=], but one gets the feeling that they'll be important, though in what way only time will tell.²²* AllThereInTheManual: The only reason we know of their existance is because of a cryptic post by [=SomethingRandom113=] on the My Superhero Academy Discord server.²-->'''Scorpio Retindar''' [=(SomethingRandom113's Discord Name)=]: ''Yup''²--> ''Mikael has a bigger family than Andrew.''²--> ''And that's not counting distant relatives on Mikael's side.''²* {{Foreshadowing}}: The only reason we know about their (possible) existence.²* MagicalAsian: Andrew mentioned that his family wasn't on the best of terms with his extended family on his mother's side, so this is probable. {{Subverted}}. They're Scottish [[{{Druid}} druids]].²²[[/folder]]


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