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1[[foldercontrol]]께!{{LightNovel/Lodgeworld}}께[[folder:The Lodge Cast]]께'''Virtuous Cari'''께Cari is one of the three Goddesses created to protect the sacred realm. Sent out with Noble Tamara, she soon discovered how beautiful life was and rejected her mission as a destroyer and instead dedicated it to preserving and inspiring life.께She serves as the landlady of the lodge and makes it her personal business to protect and care for all of its residents.께* AnIcePerson* BlessedWithSuck: Despite all of her Goddess abilities, which she seldom uses, she will never be able to bear a child.* TeamMom: Undoubtedly this for the lodge.* YouGottaHaveBlueHair께----- '''Noble Tamara'''께Sister to Cari and Navi, Tamara is the Goddess of Power and was sent in to the world alongside Cari. Since reaching the lodge she has settled down and become quite the angst muffin, though she has been known to show her warmer side around her sister and boyfriend, Stressed.께* IdentityAmnesia: Briefly had her personality erased by John Doe.* PlayingWithFire께----'''Craig Bayfield'''께The first non-powered citizen to reside in the lodge, Craig is an average and weak 20 year old who often feels overwhelmed by the insane things which happen around him. Eventually he marries his long term girlfriend, Tricia.께* AuthorAvatar* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: Craig's wish in Normal is what triggers the whole story.께----께'''Tricia Greiner'''께The first fifteen years of her life were relatively normal until an accident by the railroads left her with incredible electricity based powers. From there she was inducted in to the underground superhero life of Sega City and secretly became Electrawoman. Over the following years she would meet the man she would marry, Craig, and be invited to the lodge where she lives to this day. After the superhero ban she joined the police force and their Empowered Citizen unit.께* ShockAndAwe께----께'''Ken Ellis'''께A reporter for the Sega City Voice who was once in a very serious relationship and on top of the world until a criminal murdered the girl he loved and sent him in to a despairing depression. In retaliation he took up the mantle of Watchdog and despite his lack of powers, was a predominant hero in the golden age of Sega City. Since the ban he has focused on reporting and aiding superhero affairs.께----께'''Asia Ellis'''께A young child who was stolen away in infancy by a cult who wished to rescue children from abusive families and teach them the evils of parents. She was eventually rescued by Ken and brought to live at the lodge where she slowly adapts to the real world and all of the truths she was hidden away from all her life.께께----께[[/folder]]


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