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1[[center: [-[[{{Characters/Kubera}} Main Character Index]] | [[Characters/KuberaHumanRealm Human Realm]] | '''Sura Realm''' | [[Characters/KuberaGodRealm God Realm]]]]-]²----²[[foldercontrol]]²²!Sura Realm²²[[folder:Suras and Sura Clans in General]]²The enemies of the gods and by extension humankind. They are ageless monsters that develop in stages and possess many powerful and dangerous abilities.²----²* AbusiveParents: It's becoming increasingly clear that this is the norm in the sura world, at least as far as nastikas are concerned. Nastikas' relationships with their rakshasas are guided by the relationship they have with the lovers with whom they had said children; if the daughter resembles the mother, for instance, chances are she will have a good relationship with her father (such as Shakuntala and Gandharva). If it is not the case, such as Maruna, who is said to resemble Garuda, too bad - sura fathers have been known to ''kill'' their sons if they take too much attention from their mothers. As far as mothers go, however, it's not all flowers either; it seems that those like Shess, [[spoiler:who has an absolute demon for a mother]], are those that have it ''lucky''. According to Pingara in chapter 3-126/411, [[spoiler:once a nastika's affection for their partner fades, their child is as good as a stranger. In other words, it wouldn't be out of place for a nastika to completely abandon their kid in the ''very'' dangerous sura world to fend for themselves]]. The person Pingara is talking to, Riagara, is, like them, one of Sagara's children, and the older of the pair, born before Sagara broke up with Vasuki. As seen in a flashback in chapter 1-51/52, Vasuki and Sagara hadn't been together for at least a whole century when Ananta died. It's possible that Riagara would have been abandonned by ''both'' parents if Vasuki hadn't remained in love with Sagara as she grew up. She was ''first stage'' back then.²* ActionGirl: A sura that isn't Action Something doesn't last. Notable cases, however, are a few nastikas that go against the general rule of their kind and are stronger in female form: Shuri, Akasha and (formerly) Vritra.²* TheAgeless: Sura can't die of age.²* AlienBlood: Some sura have normal red blood, and all superior sura seem to as well in human form (with the exception of Yuta), but in sura form others bleed a variety of colours.²* AliensAreBastards: We don't know exactly what planet suras (or humans) are from; given that they were created when the universe began, it's not unlikely that they don't have a single planetary origin. It's undeniable that the vast majority of them are assholes - not only to humans, but also to gods, and also to themselves.²* AnimalisticAbomination: The lesser sura may actually fit this trope better by virtue of looking rather similar to various members of the animal kingdoms (and [[InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons dragons]]). The exception to the rule appears to be the Taraka clan, which definitely is on the more eldritch side of things aesthetics-wise.²* ApeShallNeverKillApe: Downplayed; this only applies to those of the same clan, and even then there are exceptions. Case in point, Maruna argues with Samphati that most Garuda nastikas were against Akasha's plan of killing Garuda's children to wake him up. The exception here being not only Akasha but Samphati herself, whose sole obsession in life is [[spoiler:to make Yuta suffer, with death if necessary]].²* ArchEnemy: Some sura clans have this dynamic between them, such as the Anantas and the Garudas. The Tarakas are this to pretty much everyone.²* ArmorIsUseless: There are enough [[ArmorPiercingAttack transcendentals that ignore armor]] that it's practically worthless.²* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking[=/=]AsskickingEqualsAuthority: How the sura run their clans. If a King dies, the strongest sura (a Nastika) will succeed him/her.²* BeingEvilSucks: ²** Saying they are evil is very much an undeserved generalization and simplification of a very complicated reality. However, most of them normally partake in things that are ''very'' questionable, and it comes at a price. They are the most powerful species in the universe. As a whole, however, they cannot avoid the fact that they must devour each other to survive, they're despised by pretty much everyone else because of their antics, and to top it off, when Visnu separated the realms at the Cataclysm, they got the short end of the stick, while the puny, insignificant humans they screwed over and over again remained in their much less hostile realm. Billions of years of doing whatever they wanted and what they got out of it? Their numbers are dwindling, the few remaining are getting weaker and weaker over time, their clans are being destroyed, and their realm is the one most affected by the Taraka attack. And those billions of years weren't flowers, either. Losing children, friends and partners - or even one's own life - are every day things. One can die simply by angering the wrong foe, and even if they are killed for no reason at all, unless one is strong enough to seek vengeance, there is literally nothing to be done. In short, suras operate under a very different set of morals and rules, which generally put them at odds with everyone else, and makes life in their society in general utterly ''suck''.²** [[TokenHeroicOrc Shess]] lampshades it when he points out that the clans most likely to survive the Taraka attacks are those whom the gods are willing to personally help--that is, the clans who ''didn't'' go around slaughtering humans simply for forsaking fiendish magic.²--->'''Shess''': He who has done less wrong has less to fear.²* BizarreAlienBiology: Sura are (with rare exceptions) carnivores. All sura are descended from the [[MonsterProgenitor Nastikas]] and are weaker the more distant the line of descent. Sura with human forms do not actually wear clothing, but parts of their sura form that take the form of clothing.²** Nastika were [[BornAsAnAdult born as adults]] at the [[TimeAbyss dawn of the universe]]. They have a human form and a sura form. They can switch genders at will (except for the Vritra) and have a degree of control over their appearance.²** Rakshasa are sura with at least one Nastika parent. Like the Nastika, they have a human form and a sura form. However, their gender is determined by the amount of time their parents spent as male or female. They age in a series of five stages with only the first resembling conventional growth. They have to be in their human form to grow into their next stage, which requires the Rakshasa to accumulate a certain level of experience and a trigger of some sort. The growth is abrupt, lasting seconds at most, and can cause dramatic shifts in the Rakshasa's personality.²** Upani are sura with at least one Rakshasa parent. Like the Rakshasa, they grow in a series of five stages, but they do not gain a human form until they reach their third stage.²** Mara are sura with Upani parents. Like their parents and grandparents, they grow in a series of five stages, but only obtain human form when in 5th stage. However, 5th stage maras are extremely rare.²* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Sura place no value on life itself. They think nothing of murder for food or fun and only bother learning not to kill fellow clan members or allies. ²* BornAsAnAdult: The Nastika.²* ButtMonkey: Suras are powerful, numerous, immortal, can't be held accountable for their actions... Must be great to be one of them, right? As it turns out, no. Not only there are the several reasons listed under BeingEvilSucks for one not to wish to be one of them, there is also the fact that they are taking the lion's share of the Taraka attack. Several clans have been stated to be close to extinction, such as the Gandharvas, the Anantas and the Garudas, and even if the Tarakas are pushed back for good due to the gods also fighting them, these losses included several high-rank suras of all clans, and thus will be felt for a ''long'' time. ²* ConflictKiller: [[spoiler:Ancient humans were this billions of years ago. Like today, suras and gods banded together to end what was seen as a common threat.]] [[spoiler:According to Brilith, however, humans were never as dangerous as the Taraka or as the nastikas themselves. Still, this stands.]]²* DieOrFly: The most common way for a sura to advance to the next stage, as survival instinct is a relatively standard key and virtually every sura will be in danger at numerous points in their lives. If it isn't this, it's a TraumaticSuperpowerAwakening.²* TheDreaded: To humans, a sura is an immense danger and an object of hatred and fear. Asha, who is quite possibly the [[WorldsStrongestMan strongest magician on Willarv]], states that she can defeat any Upani easily so long as they aren't fifth stage. Upani are ''far'' weaker than Rakshasa and Nastika.²** Some suras are this to other suras, too. In his prime, Gandharva was feared even by members of his own clan. No sura in their right mind will go around provoking Vritra or Taksaka, even today. You can say that all of the first generation kings were this at some point, given how powerful they are.²* EldritchAbomination: The Kings in particular. They are immortal and powerful beings who have existed since the start of this universe that can kill even gods. Gandharva, even at his smallest size, dwarfs Kalibloom.²* ElectiveMonarchy: Zig-Zagged. The throne in sura clans is not passed from parent to child, but from the strongest sura to the next strongest sura. Shuri of the Yaksha clan, for instance, inherited the throne from Yaksha himself after his passing not because of any connections to him, but because she was the strongest nastika left. However, not unlike the traditional monarchy, this is very much a hit or miss thing: some make good kings, others do not. Shuri herself seems to have been a good ruler; Gandharva, on the other hand, is a terrible one.²* EnemyMine: Gods and suras have allied to defeat the Taraka clan. Yes, things are ''that'' bad.²** Not the first time it happened, however. The two races also fought together [[spoiler:to extinguish the first human race]] eons in the past.²* GenderBender: The nastikas can change their gender at will (the male forms are generally stronger than female). And a Rakshasa's gender is determined by the time each parent (if they are both Nastika) has spent as each gender, which means there are more males than females.²** The Vritra clan used to have both male and female nastikas, but after the deal with Visnu, they all changed to male and lost their gender-bender ability.²* TheGoldenRule: Averted to hell and back. The fact that suras don't uphold this is the root of many, ''many'' problems.²* HealingFactor: They can regenerate very quickly, and it's one of their primary defenses. The other is ''DODGE!!!''.²* HumanoidAbomination: All superior sura have human forms, but all retain at least one sura trait they can't change.²* ImmortalityBeginsAtTwenty: 5th stage (full grown) rakshasa look like young adults.²* ImmortalRuler: The nastikas don't ever age and can only die if they are killed, so most kings end up being this. However, a few clans avert this; the Yakshas and Anantas in particular seem to have a high king turnover rate. Others play it straight, like the Asuras and the Garudas, for instance, whose king has always been the same.²* LittleBitBeastly: Even in human form, every sura has a few non-human traits. Some have fur on their arms and legs, others have fangs or UnusualEars like bird wings, fish fins, animals ears, and so on. The lower the sura's rank, the more traits are retained from their sura form.²* LordCountry: The sura clans derive their names from their first generation kings. So, the first king of the Garuda clan is Garuda, the first king of the Vritra clan is Vritra, the first king of the Yaksha clan was Yaksha and so on.²** Subverted with the Taraka clan; the first king of the clan was Kali, [[spoiler:and Taraka herself was never a true king anyway]]. Double subverted in that "Taraka clan" is not their true name, as that is forbidden knowledge. [[spoiler: If they too follow the pattern, their true name is Yuta's true name, given by Kali]].²* MassivelyNumberedSiblings: The nastikas were alive when the universe began, and haven't gotten sterile since then. Do the math.²* MightMakesRight: The sura society begins and ends on this belief. The king is always the strongest sura of the clan at any given moment. The weak have no rights - if the strong devour them or simply kill them for amusement, no one's likely to bat an eyelash.²* MonsterProgenitor: The Nastika.²* TheNeedless: The nastika don't need to eat at all, they recover vigor by resting, which can be as simple as lounging about for a while. Rakshasa only need to eat to replenish vigor, and even that goes away once they reach their fifth stage. Sura don't sleep.²* NoNudityTaboo: So it would seem. Although usually dressed, suras don't seem to hold nudity in the same way as humankind. Four examples may confirm this:²** Yuta. In one of his flashbacks from his childhood, especifically the time he spent with Taraka, he's naked while in first stage. He's also naked in sura form (at least in second stage). ²** Kali. Yes, she's a primeval goddess alright, but remember that she adopted a nastika name and ruled over the Taraka clan as its first king. When God Kubera approaches her in a flashback, she's completely naked.²** Sagara. When fighting God Kubera at the Temple of Chaos during the Test of the Sword, she takes male form and uses her "King of Toxic Mist" transcendental, which leaves her naked. Yuta later shows up, but no one even bothers to point her nudity out.²** Samphati. Her sura form is completely naked except for the chest area.²* OedipusComplex[=/=]DaddysGirl: The relationship of a sura with his/her father. A male sura will usually compete with his father for his mother's affection, and the father can even kill the son for that. In contrast, a female Sura is usually loved and spoiled by her father, even more if she resembles her mother.²* OneDegreeOfSeparation: Justified. All nastika were born at the dawn of the universe and the rakshasa are their kids. It would be stranger if they didn't all know each other somehow.²* OneNameOnly: Sura don't seem to use any sort of family name. They do re-use names, though.²* OutlivingOnesOffspring: Most if not all nastikas experienced the deaths of several of their children. Those like Shess, that belongs to one of the first generations of rakshasa and is still around, are said to be extremely rare. Given the power gap between generations and how the sura have a dog-eat-dog society, it's possible that most suras suffered this at least once.²* TheRightOfASuperiorSpecies: Played as straight as possible. Some of the nastikas have kill counts right up there in the millions (and some in the billions, and [[spoiler:Gandharva]] in special in the ''trillions'').²* ShapeshifterDefaultForm: Sura with human forms only take their sura forms to hunt or fight.²* SheIsTheKing: The leader of the clan is called the king regardless of their [[GenderBender preferred gender]].²* SmugSuper: They tend to view themselves as inherently superior to humans--a mindset Brilith feels is undeserved, as it stems more from being [[BornWinner Born Winners]] than any real effort on their part.²* TheSocialDarwinist: Is it really necessary to explain this?²* TimeAbyss: The Nastika were born at the beginning of the universe.²* TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth: It doesn't pay to be kind as a sura. Notably, nearly every single named nastika or rakshasa who was known to be nice in general or sympathetic towards humans is dead or [=MIA=], typically because of that very kindness. ²* TraumaticSuperpowerAwakening: A particularly stressful event is generally needed for a sura to trigger their next development, though the severity can wildly vary--suras who've lived mostly uneventful lives will find it easier to advance. Maruna contrasts Samphati and Shess in this regard: the former having had a fairly decent life and unremarkable progression to 4th stage, while the latter is this trope played completely straight, with his trigger to 4th stage having been the death of a loved one.²* VocalDissonance: A rakshasa's voice doesn't drop a la puberty until they reach their fourth stage, meaning that even in their third stage (the sura equivalent of early teens), they still sound fairly young.²²[[/folder]]²²!!Ananta Clan²!!!Clan Attribute: Earth²[[folder:The Ananta Clan In General]]²* DishingOutDirt: Their clan attribute.²* TheFamilyThatSlaysTogether: If Sagara is indeed the mother of the Ananta Rakshasas she leads, as the narrative implies.²* PoisonIsEvil: As a clan of snakes, that they would be comfortable dealing with poison is a given. The "evil" part depends on who's talking, but the [[ArchEnemy Garuda clan]] at least sees them this way.²* TheRemnant: According to Leez, they have been all but wiped out, and the few remaining Anantas the ones that took refuge among the Asuras.²* RenegadeSplinterFaction: The clan is currently split in two, one that follows Sagara, and one that doesn't. It's up to debate which one is this, though. The one currently wreaking havoc in the human realm fits it better, but Sagara, its leader, is the official leader of the whole clan. The other group, currently in the sura realm, is the larger one and the "original", so to say, but they refuse to accept her leadership. Both could fit it, one better than the other.²* RevengeBeforeReason: Averted, much to Sagara's consternation. She resents them for having no desire of avenging Ananta. Sagara being Sagara, this is understandable, but at the same time is... not. Most of the Ananta clan believes, for some reason, that Ananta died either by suicide or by poisoning. Sagara, however, knows the truth; it's to be seen if she was the only one to discover the truth, or if the other Ananta suras discovered it too and decided not to pursue revenge as she believes.²* ScaledUp: They are a clan of serpent suras, so this is obvious. The Ananta Rakshasas in Willarv adopt their sura forms (giant snakes) when they attack Atera.²* SnakePeople: Their animal feature.²* SuccessionCrisis: They had two short ones in the recent centuries. The first one happened following Ananta's death: had sura tradition been followed, Vasuki would have inherited the throne, but he refused it and used of LoopholeAbuse to make Manasvin king instead (as the king is the strongest sura of the clan, and Manasvin's male form is strongest than Vasuki's female form, tradition was ''technically'' followed, but it caused some distress). The second one was the one that put Sagara on the throne: after Manasvin's reign ended (implied to be because he died), Vasuki would have nowhere to run and would have to become king, liking it or not. Or so it was thought: he again refused and backed Sagara's bid for the crown, which made her king despite the fact that are several other Ananta nastikas above her in the power scale. This was ''not'' to the clan's liking; to this day, most Anantas refuse to follow Sagara's leadership, and only haven't killed her because they do not want to anger Vasuki.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Ananta]]²!!Ananta²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Sky²[[quoteright:250:]]²²First King of the Ananta clan. Was said to be the strongest being in the universe.²----²* TheAce: He was good at ''everything''. He was the strongest king, the nicest nastika, and, from Sagara's recollections, the best leader. Deconstructed in that none of his long list of qualities did anything to help him when it mattered most - in fact, one of them got him killed. See FatalFlaw below.²* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: To every other sura. Just look at his page to understand why. Particularly to Vritra, who was only able to ''rival'' - not overpower - him even when in his more powerful female form.²* BadassBystander: ...Apparently? Invoked by him in a really, really confusing way. In a dream, Leez sees someone that looks a lot like Ananta, who tells her he finds "her" (whoever she is) too pitiful for him not to interfere anymore. So it seems he'll do something. There is no questioning his badassitude, of course. The problem with this is that Ananta is, you know. Dead.²* BizarreTasteInFood: In ''the finite'', he seems to enjoy [[LethalChef Kinnara's]] candy.²* FatalFlaw: His niceness. Ananta trusted people far too much - and it ended up costing him his life.²* {{Foil}}: ²** To Indra. ²*** Ananta was the strongest sura, Indra is the king of all gods. When seen in flashbacks or illustrations, both have their eyes covered. Both have Sky attributes. ²*** However, Ananta was famously good-natured, whereas Indra is regarded as a major jerkass by Manasvin. As a god, Indra has ResurrectiveImmortality; as a nastika, resurrecting a fully conscious, rational Ananta is impossible [[note]]Try telling Sagara that, though[[/note]]. Ananta is remembered as a caring and devoted leader. Indra doesn't give two shits if nastikas go around destroying entire planets. And yet, Indra is the king of the species humans worship, and that seem to be humanity's ally most of the time - and all those deaths Sagara caused happened with the goal of bringing Ananta back to life.²** Also to God Kubera. Both have Earth as an attribute and are considered [[TheAce Aces]] of sorts among their peoples. Both have some complicated, mysterious connection to Leez. That's where the similarities end, though. ²*** Ananta's FatalFlaw was his overly trusting nature. God Kubera, on the other hand, has no qualms in betraying the trust people deposit in him. ²*** Ananta's [[TheAce Ace]] status stems from his strengths and charms; God Kubera is not noted to be especially strong if compared to other 5th-zen gods, and only earned said status by killing Ananta in the first place. ²*** Sagara loves one almost to the point of insanity, but is rational enough in her hatred of the other to work with him to benefit herself. ²*** Ananta smiled a lot; Agni has known Kubera for ''eons'' and never saw him smile. ²*** Some theorize that the whole "I-will-help-Sagara-to-this-incredibly-dangerous-and-frankly-stupid-thing" is Kubera's attempt at atonement through suicide. Ananta didn't want to die, but ended up dying anyway. [[spoiler:God Kubera is implied to be disappearing - insights of the future show that Sagara will succeed in ressurrecting Ananta, [[CameBackWrong but exactly the way Agni said she could]]]].²** To Leez too. Both have Earth attributes and have a connection to God Kubera. Both trusted someone that they should not have, and paid dearly for it. Both are stronger than the average of their peers. Ananta was the strongest being of the universe bar none, but his strength did nothing to save his life. Leez keeps [[TookALevelInBadass taking level after level in the badass scale]], but she's still painfully weak when compared to others in the setting. The differences between them are very close to the similarities: ²*** Ananta remained the NiceGuy to the very end; a [[TraumaCongaLine long line of traumas]] led Leez to discard part of her kindness. ²*** Ananta loved eating just because, Leez eats to cope. ²*** Ananta was so trusting that he never suspected the one that came after his life; Leez is smart enough to know better, but refuses to stop trusting because she's afraid of being abandoned. ²*** Ananta was dearly loved by his peers; sadly, Leez has to face the painful lesson that most of those around her care about her because she's useful, or because of her father. Interestingly, those that can be argued to care the most about their well-being in their group of closest acquaintances - Ran for Leez, Sagara for Ananta - are counterparts when it comes how they care: Ran is rational enough to understand and accept that Leez has a short lifespan, and only wants her to live happily in what little time she has. Sagara, on the other hand, simply refuses to accept that Ananta died and is going on an insane crusade to bring him back, body count be damned.²* GeniusSweetTooth: The strongest nastika of all (and that is saying a lot of somethings) loved sweets, even those that were so bad most people wouldn't dare to eat (like [[CordonBleughChef Kinnara's]] cooking).²* TheGoodKing: He was this, by all accounts. Deconstructed somewhat: Ananta was great, yes, but maybe too much. During his lifetime, the Ananta clan enjoyed a privileged position in the sura world, as no one would be crazy enough to defy someone with his power. After he died, however, this same dependence made the clan fall into hard times. We have no reason to believe that they have fully recovered, or that they ever will.²* LargeAndInCharge: Not his human form, but his sura one, which was said to [[UpToEleven dwarf even galaxies]]. He was also king.²* LongHairedPrettyBoy: He looked like a teen with a somewhat feminine face. His hair length is... weird. One flashback depicting his back has it going beyond his hips. Another has it at around the same length of his shoulders. It ''seems'' that the longer one is his "default" form, so this applies.²* MeaningfulName: "Ananta" means "endless", "without an end" in Hindi. Fitting, as his sura form was was larger than entire galaxies.²* NiceGuy: Everyone sings him praises, and from the (very) little we saw of him, there's no reason to believe the opposite. Deconstructed, too: Ananta was so nice that he decided to trust the person that came to kill him.²* ObliviousToLove: He was unaware of Sagara's affections and sincerely congradulated her each time she told him about a new lover. Or seemed to be, anyway.²* OlderThanTheyLook: His favorite form was that of a 17-year-old. He died around five centuries ago, which means he was a few billions of years at least.²* PlotTriggeringDeath: He was killed by God Kubera, which seems to have indirectly kickstarted the plot.²* PosthumousCharacter: He died around 500 years before the start of the webtoon. Even then, he still influences many characters: Sagara's whole plan was created to revert this. There seems to be a connection between said plan and the Kubera name-holders, which also enabled Leez to take part in the plot. Gandharva is helping because he wants to find his daughter, Maruna wants help for his clan, Asha is busy with some nebulous purpose that also revolves around it, and so on.²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Basically everyone agrees that he was the best nastika, not just in terms of strength but also leadership and character. When Taksaka was rampaging through his clan, Ananta (who was strong enough to defeat even Taksaka) instead figured out a way to calm him down without killing him, since the Dragon clan couldn't reproduce and he didn't want to reduce their numbers any further.²* ShipperOnDeck: Not him, but Yaksha, that shipped him and Vritra. Weird, considering that him and Vritra doesn't seem to have been particularly close.²** He ''was'' this towards Sagara, but in a downplayed way. He always congratulated her whenever she got together with someone. [[SarcasmMode Sagara felt elated with that]].²* ShockAndAwe: His source attribute was Sky. Fitting, as the greatest of all suras had the same attribute as the King of the Gods.²* TooDumbToLive: He trusted the one who was after his life. Sagara of all people admit this on one of her thoughts on the matter. Given his personality, however, and what God Kubera implies, this wasn't done out of stupidity, it seems, but rather due to him deciding to trust said person. Which turned out to be a stupid decision.²* WorldsStrongestMan: Even long after his death, the current strongest being in the universe, Vritra, is still only known as the "strongest being in a universe without Ananta." He was said to be capable of wiping out the Taraka clan with ''hand-to-hand combat skills alone''.²** [[spoiler:His strength is why Sagara's plan is so dangerous. There is no way to bring Ananta back as a sane person; at most, he will be a zombie with no mind or self-control. Imagine a guy this strong going berserk. Who would stop him then?]]²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Manasvin]]²!!Manasvin²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Sky²[[quoteright:250:]]²²Second King and Sagara's former lover.²----²* CoolMask: Had one, with horns and everything.²* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: When Ananta died, he encouraged Sagara to leave him and be with Vasuki, the strongest in the clan after Ananta. It turned out to be unnecessary; Vasuki took his female form, which is weaker than Manasvin's male form, so Sagara could have both the power she sought and be with the man she loved.²* NotSoDifferent: See Garuda's entry.²* PosthumousCharacter: Although we don't know how he died. According to the author, he disappeared while trying to form alliances with other clans.²* OppositesAttract: His relationship with Sagara isn't anything if not this. He's a tall, powerful, respected, somewhat [[TheStoic stoic]] nastika; Sagara is short, weak for her kind, hated by her clan, and only shows raw emotion. And yet, he was heads over heels in love with her.²* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Gives an epic one in chapter 2-55 about the hypocrisy evident in the "justice" of the gods and Gandharva and Menaka's "pacifism."²* ShockAndAwe: Like Ananta, his source attribute is Sky. This is one of the reasons why fans believe he's one of Pingara's parents (and that Sagara is the other, as their other attribute is Darkness).²* TranquilFury: In chapter 2-55/157, right after hearing about Gandharva's rejection of the Ananta clan's request for help due to Menaka's pacifism, Sagara begins to complain about Menaka and expresses her desire to kill her. In the conversation that follows, Manasvin's answer is TranquilFury personified:²-->'''Manasvin''': Rather than speaking ill of Menaka, let's think of what we can do, Sagara.²-->'''Sagara''': What the hell, Manasvin? Why are you so calm? Aren't you even angry about this?²-->'''Manasvin''': I... am... [[BewareTheQuietOnes Probably more mad than you, Sagara.]]²* UnexpectedSuccessor: Downplayed and zig-zagged. At the time of Ananta's death, Manasvin was actually the ''third-ranked'' nastika of the clan. However, he ended up becoming king: the number two, Vasuki, changed into his weaker female form, thus falling behind Manasvin in the succession line, as he's stronger in male form.²* TheUnreveal: What happened to him? He went missing as per WordOfGod, but did he die? If he's alive, where is he? Why didn't he came back to his clan, or to cooperate with Sagara's plans? Why did he try to approach Asura and then Gandharva with the hopes of creating an ocean? What was his plan, that his own ally refused and that Gandharva deemed insanity?²* WhatDoesHeSeeInHer: Most people can't understand why he loved Sagara so much. He says it's because she's very honest about herself.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Sagara]]²!!Sagara²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Darkness²[[quoteright:246:]]²²Third and current King of the clan. She is currently working with god Kubera for some unknown purpose.²----²* ZeroPercentApprovalRating: Almost no one in the Ananta clan approves of her being king; in fact, only a single nastika does so. That's actually another reason why she and Gandharva are NotSoDifferent.²* AccuserOfTheBrethren: Very downplayed, but one can see a little bit of this in her interactions with God Kubera. Sure, they are currently allies, but Sagara has ''not'' forgiven him for Ananta's death. Given that there is a heavy implication that he's only working to ressurrect Ananta out of guilt, this could be possible. Sagara has no qualms in throwing his role in the nastika's death in his face, or in using his cruelty to Gandharva against him at one point.²* AllLoveIsUnrequited: Vasuki remains in love with her, but she moved on centuries ago. There's actually a very real possibility that, while she truly cared for him - and still does so -, she was never ''in love'' with him, because she always loved Ananta.²* AmbitionIsEvil: ''Evil'' is a bit of a stretch, but it's not like Sagara is a saint, either. This is how (most of) the Ananta clan sees her: A power hungry bitch that always wanted the throne for herself and stole it by breaking the traditional succession order. It says quite a bit that Vasuki - the true king, had traditional sura succession been respected - is the only nastika backing her, and this happens to be the sole reason why she's still king.²* AMotherToHerMen: She treats her subordinates surprisingly well, often discuss her plans with the Rakshasa and won't put them in suicidal situations just to save her own life, quite the opposite. At least one time she put herself in mortal danger to let Riagara and Pingara escape safely from an opponent they couldn't defeat. ²** She's also heavily implied to ''literally'' be the mother of the Rakshasas she leads. Riagara's attributes and appearance are a mix of Sagara and Vasuki's, while Pingara's attributes and appearance are a mix of her and Manasvin's. Cloche and Clophe's ancestry is a little more unclear, but if Sagara was one of their parents then the other one would have been a Water-Light Rakshasa. As of Season 3, Riagara and Pingara have been confirmed, though the latter two haven't.²* AsskickingEqualsAuthority: Subverted, Sagara is not the strongest Nastika in the clan, Vasuki is, but since she has his backing, no one else can go against her.²* AtLeastIAdmitIt: Her attitude towards Gandharva is basically this. She recognizes her flaws and isn't ashamed of them; in fact, this was one of the things that made Manasvin fall in love with her.²* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: Has been warned of this. Even if she does manage to bring Ananta back, he'll have no soul or mind, and will be simply a mindless zombie. Given how powerful Ananta was, this bides disaster for... everyone, really. She chose to ignore the warning, so it's yet to be seen whether this will become true.²* {{Bishonen}}: Her male form. It doesn't look half bad.²* CannotSpitItOut: Was never able to confess her feelings to Ananta.²* CassandraTruth: In her proper debut, she outright told Gandharva that [[spoiler:his daughter was dead]]. Given the implications that [[spoiler:the Ananta clan saw Shakuntala be eaten by a Taraka sura]], she likely had reason to genuinely believe that.²* ChekhovsGunman: She's first seen in a brief flashback panel alongside Manasvin (Ep. 20) without any indication that she would become one of the ten main characters.²* DidntSeeThatComing: ²** She killed [[spoiler:Brilith due to the fact that even if it pissed off Agni, she didn't care if he rampaged around the sura realm as long as he was no longer able to return to the human one]]. Unfortunately, she didn't take into account the LoopholeAbuse Agni took advantage of in order to come back.²** Asha [[spoiler:casting ''Hoti Visnu'']] put a severe drawback on her plans. Then again, it's not entirely her fault, as it seems Asha did it mainly at the spur of the moment and never planned on doing so.²* DiscOneFinalBoss: Possibly. Sagara was the main driving force behind the antagonist group in the first two seasons, until it call came crashing down on her in season two finale. The Taraka clan (and the creator Kali) seem to be the main problem for the third season, but that is not to say that Sagara has been completely dealt with as a threat yet.²* EnemyMine: She hates God Kubera, but works with him to resurrect Ananta.²** She's also working with the Garuda clan for that same reason.²** [[RuleOfThree Finally]], come season three, [[spoiler:turns out she has also allied herself with Taraka]].²* EqualOpportunityEvil: Sagara doesn't care about clan loyalties or whatever. To get what she wants, she was willing to enlist help from a god, Gandharva suras, an Asura rakshasa, and even a few Garudas, her clan's most notorious foe. She even accepted the interference of a human (Asha) as long as it was beneficial to her plan.²* EvenEvilHasStandards: She utterly hated (and still hates) the Gandharva clan for refusing to help Ananta (since even if they didn't care personally, they should realize that losing Ananta would be a blow to the sura race as a whole). Still, a close look at flashbacks indicate that when the Taraka clan attacked the Gandharva clan, Sagara put her money where her mouth is and [[EnemyMine came to defend them]].²* EverythingButTheGirl: The guy, actually. Sagara got the throne she had wanted for such a long time, but was never able to win his heart.²* EvilHasABadSenseOfHumor: She finds it endlessly hilarious that the last Kubera they needed to kill ended up dead before the attack on Rindhallow even began; as she laughs, she tells Agni: the humans he worked so hard to protect were the ones that betrayed him.²* {{Foil}}:²** To Brilith, who was likewise thrust into a leadership role far beyond her abilities, but who, unlike her, has managed to become a beloved leader thanks to Agni. Needless to say, this ''infuriates'' Sagara. There's even more in common between them than that. ²*** Brilith is weak for a Priest(ess), as Sagara is weak for a king. ²*** Both are deeply loved by a far more powerful person with a fire attribute whose support is key for them to keep their respective leadership positions, but Agni tries to keep his distance from Brilith (failing beautifully, but that's another matter) even if he's head over heels in love with her, whereas Sagara has moved on and no longer wants a romantic relationship with Vasuki. ²*** Both are ''tremendously'' capable of holding grudges, and are willing to [[BestServedCold eat it cold]]: Gandharva in particular is disliked by them both for personal reasons. However, they are both also willing to let go of said grudges to achieve a bigger goal, even if temporarily. ²*** As far as differences go, they also have plenty: Brilith cares deeply enough about the well-being of her people to put her own life on the line for them, Sagara endangers the Ananta suras in the sura realm with reckless abandon. Brilith is kind, gentle and sweet[[note]]Even if she [[TookALevelInJerkass changed a bit]], Brilith still wants the best for others overall, and only became a colder individual due to a ''shitload'' of trauma; Sagara was always a bitch[[/note]] though faking quite a bit due to her mask-wearing tendencies, Sagara is {{Jerkass}} personified and embraces it. Even their color schemes are contrasting: Sagara is dark blue and purple; Brilith, [[ColorCodedForYourConvenience as Priestess of Fire]], wears mostly pink and red.²** To God Kubera as well. See his entry.²* GenderBender: While all Nastika can change gender at will, Sagara is notable for doing it so frequently. This is because she, like most sura, is stronger in her male form. However, she personally prefers her female form.²* GodSaveUsFromTheQueen: She's generally spiteful, jealous, and willing to cause large amounts of suffering to those around her to attain her goals... though as she points out, she's NotSoDifferent from Gandharva.²* HeartbrokenBadass: Why else would she be so hellbent on bringing Ananta back? After his death, the notoriously power-hungry Sagara managed to become a king's lover and then king herself. If he returns, she'll lose her throne, but that doesn't seem to bother her at all. Ananta's death affected her so greatly that she simply refuses to accept an universe without him.²** On an earlier note, she had shades of this even when he was alive. [[ObliviousToLove He]] never noticed (or pretended not to notice) her feelings for him, and congratulated her for every new lover. Apparently, this greatly saddened her.²* HeroKiller: [[spoiler:A surprisingly unlucky example given that she successfully killed Brilith, Leez and Teo only for them to be brought back to life in separate ways.]]²* HopeBringer: She seems to be this for the sura as a whole in season three; or rather, her plan to bring Ananta back is. Apparently, things are so bad in the sura realm that several clans have concluded that ressurrecting Ananta is the only way to drive back the Taraka clan - including, for instance, the previously seldom seen [[spoiler:Yaksha clan]], that has sent her at least [[spoiler:two late-stage rakshasas]].²* {{Hypocrite}}: She condemns both Gandharva and Agni for being willing to neglect their responsibilities and sacrifice others in order to protect the people they care about. Sagara herself is endangering ''an entire planet'' to try and revive Ananta. And while she mocks Gandharva for vainly hoping his daughter is still alive, it's made completely clear that she has no actual chance of reviving a sentient, sane Ananta the way she believes she can.²* IgnoredEnamoredUnderling: What she was for Ananta (not for Manasvin, as they were already lovers when he became king). She actually tried to invoke this, somehow: since she couldn't get over the "Ignored" part, as Ananta had a chronic case of [[ObliviousToLove Oblivious-To-Love-itis]], she tried to remain as close to him as possible without being his lover by becoming one of his direct subordinates. Vasuki is this to her, technically.²* InadequateInheritor: From the perspective of most of the Ananta clan, she's this. We don't know ''exactly'' why, but, save for Vasuki, not a single Ananta nastika backs her reign. There are a few possible candidates for this:²** She's a bad king. But how exactly is never stated, and this shouldn't quite bother most of them that much, as Gandharva also sucked as a king and those that thought so simply left the clan. The whole Ananta thing is madness, yeah, but the suras aren't exactly known for being wise.²** She broke the traditional succession and usurped the throne. That makes sense at first... until one remembers that the, huh, "rightful" king actually wants her to have the throne. And it's not exactly the first time the Ananta clan went through an unconventional route to fill vacant leadership: After Ananta died, Vasuki should have succeeded him, but Manasvin did so, as he's stronger in male form than Vasuki is in female form. However, Vasuki only refused to adopt male form because he wanted Manasvin to rule to benefit Sagara especifically. No one seems to have had a problem with that, though.²** [[MightMakesRight She's weak]]. The strongest contender, given the way the sura world works. As stated above, sura society is driven by power. Kings like Gandharva, who was a crazy psycho and a brutal tyrant at his peak, are admired as rulers by several suras - including Sagara herself - not for their leadership, but for their power. And, as stated by a few characters, Sagara is weak for a nastika. The Ananta clan may see her as this because she makes the clan weak. [[labelnote:According to author notes...]]A sura clan receives a passive power boost based on their king's strength level.[[/labelnote]] That and pride, too: Having a weaker being above you in any sort of hierarchy must not sit well with any sura, even more so with the notoriously prideful nastikas.²* ItsAllMyFault: After the attack on Atera, she admits being at fault for their failure, losing her cool and trying to kill Brilith, even when Riagara wants to blame others. ²* {{Jerkass}}: She is power-hungry, vain, ruthless and cruel. This is actually why Manasvin loved her; unlike other people, she was actually honest with herself, rather than hiding under claims of good intentions.²* JerkassHasAPoint: When she says that she's NotSoDifferent from Gandharva, she has a point; both of them are terrible leaders who are sacrificing the interests of their entire clan for incredibly selfish reasons, as well as being in denial when it comes to seeing their loved ones again, [[{{Irony}} although she probably didn't realize that.]]²** Also, she condemns Agni for killing the God of Death purely to bring a mortal he loved back to life. While the story is romantic and all, when you think about it, she has a point; it was a pretty selfish thing to do.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: She's AMotherToHerMen. Also, she genuinely loved Manasvin and was upset when he told her to leave him and be with Vasuki. She's also hinted to have loved Ananta, regardless of his status as king.²* KarmaHoudiniWarranty: After two seasons of everything going her way, the end of season two got Sagara hit with this, ''hard'': the goal she was so desperate to accomplish got completely thwarted right in front of her eyes, by a human no less, and mere minutes before she could claim success. No wonder she's so pissed when first seen in season three.²* MakeThemRot: Her "Fatal Touch" transcendental makes the target rot. She uses it to try to kill [[spoiler:Brilith]].²* TheMenFirst: Has this attitude towards the Rakshasa following her.²* MoralityPet: Vasuki is other nastika she currently cares about. However, he's in Taksaka's nest, which is quite possibly the safest place in the universe. So, she endangers the sura back in the sura realm anyway.²* MoralMyopia: Her attacking human city after human city it's all fine and good, but Rindhallow deserves to be razed for being "drenched in the blood of [her] people".²* NearVillainVictory: Poor Sagara. She was ''minutes'' away from resurrecting Ananta. If only Asha wasn't there...²* NeverASelfMadeWoman: There's an element of this in her kingship, and she seems aware of this, too. She's only king because Vasuki backs her. Previously, all the power she had stemmed from the fact that she made herself the direct subordinate of two kings - both male. It's not exactly the "woman" thing that keeps her from achieving power on her own, but rather the fact that she's weak, and suras refuse follow that. Deconstructed in that the fact that she only attained the power she has due to sticking close to powerful men made most of her clan resent her and contributed to their decision of not follow her leadership. If her reaction to Brilith's "queen" status is anything to go by, this fact in turn also left her with something of an inferiority complex.²* NighInvulnerability: Her "King of Toxic Mist" unique transcendental gives her the ''Made of Air'' variety.²* NotSoAboveItAll: She generally presents herself as calm and collected, but when facing Brilith she utterly flips her shit.²* NotSoDifferent: Points out to him she and Gandharva are like this: Both hypocritical kings willing to sacrifice their clans for their own selfish goals. It goes even deeper than that, not that she noticed it: They are both very delusional about achieving said goals and refuse to accept it may be impossible even when faced with blatant warnings and evidence.²* OlderThanTheyLook: Looks like a teenager, but has lived for eons.²* OppositesAttract: As stated in his entry, her relationship with Manasvin. They were different in almost every aspect, and still loved each other deeply.²* OutlivingOnesOffspring: She's had a very large amount of children, enough to not remember all of them, and many have probably already died. ²** [[spoiler: It also turns out the bomb Lorraine set off in her car killed the Rakshasas and Upanis who followed her when it went off, including Riagara and Pingara, who were hinted to be her children. Sagara survives the blast and starts calling out to Riagara, asking what happened- only to find a crater and ripped corpses buried in rubble. Her eyes turn [[RedEyesTakeWarning completely red from rage,]] implying that she is going to go on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge.]]²* PintsizedPowerhouse: Her female form is 153 cm; even her male form is only 173 cm. She's perhaps the shortest character in the main cast. Also a nastika.²* PleaseDontLeaveMe: A flashback has her saying something like this to Ananta, when she is trying to persuade him not to do a HeroicSacrifice. It's even sadder as you see everything from her point of view, and the text gets bigger as she starts screaming, and becomes much smaller immediately after, as if she started sobbing.²* ProudBeauty: Is very aware of how beautiful she is, thank you very much.²* ReallyGetsAround: Apparently, she had a lot of lovers and enough children that she can't remember all of them. However, considering her [[TimeAbyss age]], this is likely the case for many Nastika.²* SeeksAnothersResurrection: To be more precise, she seeks to revive Ananta. Deconstructed: Sagara has no chance of achieving what she wants. ''And she's been warned of this''. However, she's so obsessing with bringing Ananta back from the dead that she chose to ignore everyone that ever told her against it, and is willing to push her plan forward at ''any'' cost. In the end, it fails, but even if she manages to succeed in the future, the result will probably be [[WorldsStrongestMan utterly]] [[CameBackWrong disastrous]].²* SlasherSmile: She knows how to do this, no doubt about it. Leez would know: when they meet during the Test of the Sword, Sagara opens the sweetest smile to ask for the Golden Knight, calmly tells Leez she must die, and then shows her fangs in a grin that would make the Joker proud.²* SmugSnake: She's really not as clever as she thinks she is, and most of the rest of the Ananta Nastika consider her a disaster of a King. Despite this flaw, she appears capable of learning from her mistakes and even respecting her opponents to a point, as is evident in her approach with the attack on Kalibloom in contrast to the one on Atera.²* SubordinateExcuse: When Ananta was alive, she was his direct subordinate.²* SuicidalOverconfidence: During the battle at Aeroplateu and Rindhallow, she allows Asha to walk right into her base and doesn't bother with even trying to stop her. At the time, she had almost managed to achieve her goals, it was only a question of time, and what a simple human could do to stop her? As it turns out, a lot.²* TheThreeFacesOfEve: Fits the Sexy Seductress, while the roles of the Wise Wife and Innocent Child are taken by Brilith and Leez respectively [[spoiler: at least, originally]].²* UndyingLoyalty: An interesting case. Most Anantas refuse to follow her lead, but those that do are completely devoted to her. The more we learn about the Rakshasas following her, however, the more complicated this becomes: while they are loyal to her, only Riagara and Cloche are absolutely so, and even the former is getting doubts as of season three. It cannot be denied that she has this towards Ananta.²* UnexpectedSuccessor: There are many other Ananta nastikas that are stronger than her, so she had no chance in hell of inheriting the throne as long as they lived - right? Think again.²* TheUsurper: A weird variant of it in that the main claimant to the throne - that it, the strongest sura left after the previous king - actually supports her. In fact, having said surport is the sole thing that's keeping the crown on her head. However, most of the Ananta clan sees her as such, and thus refuses to follow her leadership. Sagara herself doesn't seem to bother with them that much, and only keeps the title because it's how she was able to forge the alliance with other suras in order to achieve her goals.²* VainSorceress: She loves her appearance so much that she actually spares a human because he calls her beautiful, and prefers to stay in her female form even though it is weaker than her male form. ²** Although possible that she did so in order to stay close to the center of power in her clan, as the sura go by AsskickingEqualsAuthority and the three strongest Nastika were all male, flashbacks indicate she might have truly loved their first king, Ananta, rather than simply desiring a position of power. She remains in female form in the human realm, where it would not be necessary if she only used it for seduction.²* TheVamp: Subverted. Judging by the way the other Ananta nastikas speak of her, you'd think she's this. However, even if Sagara ''is'' power-hungry, this is far from the truth. Her dedication to Ananta was genuine, and it remains so. She was already lovers with Manasvin when he became king, and was shocked by his suggestion that she leave him to be with Vasuki. Speaking of him, if Sagara ''was'' TheVamp, she could easily take advantage of his lingering feelings for her by making the first move, but she didn't even bother with friendliness, and only went to speak to him due to ''Manasvin's'' insistence.²* VillainousUnderdog: While she is the most obvious opponent of humanity, among the non-human characters she is often outclassed, and in general has a relatively small destructive power, with even some of her subordinates surpassing her in strength. [[spoiler:At least until she regains her sealed transcendentals in season 2.]]²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Dark blue, fitting her color palette.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Vasuki]]²!!Vasuki²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Fire²[[quoteright:250:]]²²A former lover of Sagara's, and the expected next in line when Ananta died.²----²* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: Red hair, red eyes, although in different shades.²* GenderBender: Changed into female form to avoid being the king as fem!Vasuki is weaker than male!Manasvin.²* InSeriesNickname: Taksaka and Riagara call him "Huia".²* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: He chose to be female so Sagara could continue to be with Manasvin while having the power she wanted. Once Manasvin died, he backed her up so she could become king of the clan.²* MistakenForGay: When he started living in Taksaka's nest, rumours started flying about them dating until people just accepted it as fact. (Logically, most correctly figured Vasuki was keeping an eye on Taksaka, but fiction is more entertaining than reality!)²* MoralityPet: Deliberately took on this role for Taksaka in the backstory -- although he was more like TheLancer than a traditional morality pet, he was the only one who could keep Taksaka's anger in check.²* OnlyFriend: It's cited that he and Airavata are the only two people who'd care to avenge Taksaka if he ever died.²* PlayingWithFire: His source attribute is fire; Agni even learned how to use one of his transcendentals. Note that one of Riagara's attributes is also fire. This, coupled with her red hair, her other hereditary attribute (Darkness) and the fact that she was raised by him in Taksaka's nest, implies that she's his daughter with Sagara.²* VitriolicBestBuds: With Taksaka. Considering who Taksaka is, it couldn't be any other way.²* TheUnreveal: Sagara is currently pissed off with him because she believes that he deserted Ananta during the attack that killed him; it seems, however, that he was taken wounded by Taksaka to his nest, which implies he got hurt trying to ''save'' the king. As with pretty much everything else involving Ananta's death, we don't know what truly happened.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Riagara]]²!!Riagara²!!!Rakshasa, Hereditary Attributes: Fire + Darkness²[[quoteright:250:]]²²Sagara's greatest supporter, not to mention one of the most powerful Ananta Rakshasa.²----²* CreepilyLongArms: Her arms are very large and end in claws. They are the one thing that she can't change in human form.²* TheDragon: Sagara's. She's her main supporter and second in command.²* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas: If Sagara is indeed her mother.²** Which season three confirmed to be the case. Interestingly, she's fully aware that there is a major chance that Sagara doesn't see her as a daughter anymore, but still choses to be loyal.²* FieryRedhead: Played with. She has red hair and her hereditary attribute is fire, but her personality is very calm.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: Early in Season 1, during the first sura attack in Atera (The Night It Rained Fire arc, chapter 1-73/74), Riagara advises Pingara and Hura to avoid fighting Kasak, for there was a chance of them making an enemy out of Taksaka if they hurt his son. [[spoiler:Come chapter 3-125/410, Taksaka, just as she predicted, damn nearly loses it when he senses that Kasak is in danger due to being approached by Taraka outside of Kalibloom]].²* FormFittingWardrobe: Wears a dark red bodysuit.²* HiddenDepths: Riagara is far smarter than it seems at first. She was quickly able to understand how Kasak could be useful for Maruna and used this to convince the Garuda Rakshasa to deal with him for her.²* InSeriesNickname: Vasuki calls her "Ria".²* PlayingWithFire: One of her hereditary attributes.²* UndyingLoyalty: Sagara does no wrong in her eyes.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Pingara]]²!!Pingara²!!!Rakshasa, Hereditary Attributes: Sky + Darkness²[[quoteright:200:]]²²One of Sagara's followers. A 4th stage Rakshasa.²----²* AmbiguousGender: Their gender has not been revealed. Even in their official profile their gender is listed as "unknown".²* CurbStompBattle: They were on the receiving end of this from Yuta. It was not pretty.²* EnemyMine: All the Anantas have some degree of this, given the enmity between their clans, but Pingara deserves a special mention because of Maruna. As the Garuda Rakshasa mentioned, they have crossed paths before: Maruna tried to eat Pingara several times, but always failed because Pingara's transcendentals are specialized in running away. One wonders what Pingara thought when they discovered they would have to work with Maruna of all people as part of their alliance.²* {{Invisibility}}: One of their transcendentals makes them invisible and immaterial.²* TheQuietOne: They rarely speak.²* ShadowWalker: Can use this to observe without being noticed.²* ShockAndAwe: One of their hereditary attributes is Sky. This is another reason why many fans believe Pingara to be Sagara's child with Manasvin.²* StealthExpert: They have several transcendentals useful to spying and escaping. In the second season they went to observe Teo and her pack of fighter from up close, so that Sagara could devise an appropriate strategy.²* SuperPersistentPredator: What Maruna was to them. [[WordOfGod According to their profile,]] being hunted by Maruna so often left Pingara with deep psychological scars.²* UndyingLoyalty: Averted. Pingara follows Sagara but isn't as blindly loyal as Riagara.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Cloche]]²!!Cloche²!!!Rakshasa, Hereditary Attributes: Darkness + Light²[[quoteright:250:]]²²One of Sagara's followers. A 4th stage Rakshasa, her older sibling is Clophe.²----²* BigLittleBrother: GenderInverted: Despite Clophe being older than her, she still appears older and more mature than him due to his slow development- she’s in fourth stage while he’s still in third.²* CripplingOverspecialization: She has powerful transcendentals, but she is helpless if her opponents are fast enough to prevent her from using them.²* GuysSmashGirlsShoot: She is more focused on transcendentals, while Clophe is focused on hand-to-hand combat.²* KickingAssInAllHerFinery: She wears a yellow gown in human form, even while going into battle.²* TheMcCoy: As part of a trio with Hura and Clophe. Cloche is the most openly emotional of the three, the one more clearly devoted to Sagara, and the one that has the easiest time interacting with Pingara and Riagara. You could even say that she's the one among the Ananta rakshasas with the best relationships among the group.²** TheSpock: Curiously, she's also this when compared to Cloche post TimeSkip. [[spoiler:While he lets himself get carried away by his interest in Airi, Cloche still has their plan clear in mind]].²* RegalRinglets: Pulled back into GirlishPigtails.²* SiblingTeam: Confirmed with Clophe; she may also possibly be this with Riagara and Pingara if Sagara is really their mother.²* StrongFamilyResemblance: Compare her face to Clophe's. They're so similar they could be twins.²* YinYangBomb: Downplayed, but her hereditary attributes are this: one is Light, the other is Darkness.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Clophe]]²!!Clophe²!!!Rakshasa, Hereditary Attributes: Darkness + Water²[[quoteright:200:]]²²One of Sagara's followers. A 3rd stage Rakshasa, his younger sibling is Cloche.²----²* CuteMute: As with all Rakshasa, he cannot speak out loud; he takes this UpToEleven by refusing to speak even in sura speech unless he is alone with Cloche.²* GuysSmashGirlsShoot: Is much better at hand-to-hand combat than his transcendental-focused sister.²* HandHidingSleeves: His sleeves are very long and loose, concealing his blue, clawed hands.²* LittleBigBrother: People often assume that he is the younger sibling because he's in his third stage and thus looks younger than Cloche, who is in her fourth stage.²* PunchClockVillain: It's implied that Clophe only follows Sagara because of his sister. It can be said at least that he does not trust the other Ananta Rakshasas - he only speaks when he's alone with Cloche. He also doesn't seem to hate humans that much either, even if he's willing to destroy their cities: he takes an interest in Airi, after all.²* SiblingTeam: As with Cloche, confirmed with her, maybe with Riagara and Pingara. Not that he seems very comfortable with it.²* TheSpock: When compaired to [[TheKirk Hura]] and [[TheMcCoy Cloche]]. Clophe is the quietest and the most serious among them; he also has very little of Cloche's emotional attachement to Sagara. As a result, despite being a SiblingTeam and quite close to each other, the two of them are often at opposite ends of a discussion.²** TheMcCoy: Post TimeSkip, however, it's different. [[spoiler:While Hura and Cloche are still focused on reuniting with their clans on the sura realm, Clophe very easily lets himself get carried away by his interest in Airi, putting their whole party in jeopardy]].²* StrongFamilyResemblance: With Cloche, as they look almost the same.²* VillainTakesAnInterest: Downplayed, but it seems he finds Airi quite interesting, even post-TimeSkip.²[[/folder]]²²!!Asura Clan²!!!Clan Attribute: Darkness²[[folder:The Asura Clan In General]]²* CastHerd: Invoked. They are, as a general rule, weaker than other suras; since they have such a huge population and weaker skills, most Asuras make up for it by always moving in groups.²* CastingAShadow: Their shared attribute.²* EatenAlive: Like the Taraka clan, Asuras have a tendence of eating their prey alive. Other suras are freaked out by this.²* ExplosiveBreeder: They are this. Not surprising, given their insectoid characteristics.²* {{Foil}}: To the Vritra clan. See their entry.²* InsectoidAliens: They are suras with insect features. Downplayed, as they have human forms too. The only active Asura in the series, Hura, doesn't look too insect-like in human form.²* LetNoCrisisGoToWaste: There is a bit of this to them. The Asura clan has no problem in accepting suras from other clans if they wish to defect. Not only does this strengthens them militarily, but also benefits them by weakening the clan said refugee defected from. The Gandharva clan is a prime example: Hura mentions that many of them have been accepted into the Asura clan after leaving their own. According to Leez, due to the Taraka attack, the only ones that survived out of the Ananta and Gandharva clans were those that took refuge among the Asuras.²* MassivelyNumberedSiblings: Out of all clans, the Asura clan takes the trophy for this. As it would befit a clan of insect suras, they are known for having a very high reproduction rate. It's said that when the universe was at its beginning, there were a hundred Rakshasas for every Nastika.²* NoBiologicalSex: Every Asura has a 50% chance of being this. Hura is an example.²* QuantityVsQuality: They side with quantity; they have to. The average Asura is weaker than the average of other clans. In exchange, they have the most members out of the eight clans, which gives them the largest military force of all suras, if not the best.²** However, season three came to use this to bite them in ass. [[spoiler:The Taraka attack obliterated everyone from the Rakshasa level down. Most of those left are Asura nastikas, of which there are still a considerable number]].²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Asura]]²!!Asura²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: ???²²The first and current king of the insect clan of suras. After Yaksha's and Ananta's deaths, Asura is now the second-strongest king, behind only Vritra. He's an ally of the Ananta clan.²----²* AmicablyDivorced: Well, it's not known if they ever got married, but Ravana and Asura were lovers once. He's still fond enough of him for it to be one os his few known weaknesses.²* TheAlliance: His clan has one with the Anantas, but, as it has been lampshaded in-story, he's not doing much work to uphold it. He also proposes one to Taksaka in exchange for him sparing Ravana's life, promising him help if the dragon ever decides to overthrow Vritra. Tak declines.²** [[spoiler:He seems to be fond of alliances, as he forced one of these upon Willarv's humans a long time in the past: if they didn't help him kill Yaksha, he'd destroy them. They complied]].²* AlwaysSecondBest: Implied. Yaksha, his nemesis, was the strongest king behind Ananta and Vritra, and was said to have brought Asura very close to death a few times; it's never mentioned if Asura ever managed to return the favor. Nowadays, he's the second-strongest king after Vritra.²** Apparently, he was aware enough of his inferiority to Yaksha to resort to [[spoiler:forcing Willarv's human population to help him kill the other king]].²* ArchEnemy: He was Yaksha's. They fought several times, and Asura almost got himself killed at the other king's hands in many occasions. Not only that, but their clans are also enemies, as the Ananta-Asura alliance was created to counter the Yaksha-Gandharva-Garuda one. [[spoiler:In the end, Asura hated him enough to ally with the humans in Willarv to have Yaksha killed. Considering [[PunyEarthlings most nastikas' opinion on humanity]], it seems theirs was no gentle rivalry]].²* ArmorIsUseless: Is it really? He wears one. May be simply for aesthetics.²* DistractedByTheSexy: He's very fond of his second-in-command, [[AlphaBitch Ravana]], whose female form is said to be stunning. That's why he allows him to cause so much trouble, and even saves his life after Ravana decides to defy luck by provoking Taksaka. It also helps that the two of them had children together.²* FairWeatherFriend: There's a suggestion of this in his relationship with the Anantas. When he allied with them, Ananta was alive, and his strength gave his clan a privileged position in the sura world. After he died, Asura didn't prove to be that great of an ally: not only did he reject Manasvin's plan for creating an ocean, he also only sent Sagara a single Rakshasa to help her out. And it's not like he's in a bad situation, as his clan is the largest of the eight.²* {{Foil}}: To Vritra. ²** Both are first generation nastika kings that managed to retain their throne since the beginning of the universe until the present day. ²** Both were AlwaysSecondBest to another first generation king (Asura to Yaksha, Vritra to Ananta). Both are considered to be among the strongest suras alive today, and were still in the top 5 when Ananta died. ²** Both proved themselves to be bad allies: Vritra broke the alliance with the Kinnara clan after losing his emotions, thus rendering them vulnerable to attacks, while Asura is, as described above, a FairWeatherFriend to the Anantas. ²** Both have another nastika as their ArchNemesis. However, Asura was weaker than Yaksha, while Vritra can be argued to be superior to Taksaka. Speaking of Tak, his relationship with Vritra as his second-in-command is the opposite to the one that Asura has with his own NumberTwo: Vritra and Taksaka dislike each other immensely, while Asura is so fond of Ravana that he allows him to do as he pleases. ²** Vritra is deeply uninterested in running his own clan, which is the smallest of the eight; Asura, on the other hand, is the king and direct ruler of the largest sura clan. ²** Their relationships with their former lovers are also completely opposite to each other: Asura remains fond of Ravana even after breaking up with him, whereas Vritra had no qualms about breaking Kinnara's heart. Finally, as the king of a clan of [[ExplosiveBreeder Explosive Breeders]], Asura probably had several children, while Vritra, as king of the OneGenderRace of [[EmotionlessGirl Emotionless Dragons]], probably never had any.²* TheGhost: Only seen once as a shadowed form in a flashback in the webtoon. Averted in the novel, where he shows up last second to bail Ravana out after he provokes Taksaka.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Hura]]²!!Hura²!!!Rakshasa, Hereditary Attributes: Resurrection + Wind²[[quoteright:205:]]²²An Rakshasa on loan to the Ananta Clan to cement their alliance. His (or her; he has no actual gender) trollish nature and self-resurrection ability mean the others let him get killed far more than he would like.²----²* AnAdventurerIsYou: He's the Tank, of course; unusual for a tank, his human form is slender and unassuming, and his Sura form is far smaller than most, but he makes up for it with regeneration that makes him almost impossible to kill and transcendentals to redirect magical attacks to himself.²* AmbiguousGender: His appearance is entirely androgynous, which makes sense when you find out that he actually has NoBiologicalSex.²* AnimalMotifs: Cockroaches: small, multi-armed, hard to kill, ''annoying''...²* AutoRevive: He comes back to life automatically when killed -- up to ''twelve times a day''.²* BewareTheSillyOnes: He comes across as a complete goofball, if a clever one. [[spoiler:Then he forces Cloche to retreat with him by knocking out Clophe, taking him as a hostage, and threatening to kill him. When he decides how things should go, he does ''not'' screw around.]]²* ButtMonkey: That's almost his official role in Sagara's ensemble. As he is able to tank almost any kind of hit, he's frequently being send to taste an enemy's power, and it often ends up painfully for him.²* TheFriendNobodyLikes: Nobody in the Sura alliance likes him, since he spends all his time needling them. Not that his bothers Hura, mind you; if anything, he spends his time making people hate him ''more''.²* GoodThingYouCanHeal: Invoked; his two main powers are the ability to regenerate from almost anything (including, up to twelve time a day, death) and the ability to redirect attacks to himself. Needless to say, he gets blown up a lot while tanking for everyone else, and is frequently shown dying instantly (sometimes multiple times) to underline how powerful a particular attack is.²* HealingFactor: In addition to his ridiculous regeneration, Hura's unique transcendental allows him to come back from the dead up to twelve times in rapid succession, making him almost impossible to kill.²* TheKirk: He's this as part of a trio with Cloche and Clophe. Despite his endlessly needling and buffonery, it's quite clear that more than a bit of this is only a show, and that Hura is actually quite aware of everything that is going on around him. He frequently takes the leadership when paired with any of (or both) the siblings, and thinks more clearly and strategically than either of them - after all, without him, Cloche and Clophe might have ended up being affected [[spoiler:by Asha's ''Hoti visnu'' as well]].²* LovableRogue: Subverted. Hura's a jokester and frequently serves as comic relief during the often-tense sura scenes, but he's not lovable. He's a {{Troll}} that delights in pushing people's buttons and would love nothing more than to see the already weakened Ananta clan (his allies, mind you) lose another nastika and several of its later-stage rakshasas. His rogue talents are put to use only to benefit himself, such as when he forces Cloche and Clophe to run away with him as soon as he sees that things are going south where Sagara is. He's somwhat charming as a character, yes, but you may find yourself in hotter water as his ally rather than as his enemy.²* MultiArmedAndDangerous: He has four arms, although he normally keeps two of them concealed under his cloak.²* NoBiologicalSex: Although others use male pronouns for him, he (like half of the members of the Asura clan) is physically sexless; it's unclear whether he identifies as male or whether members of other clans refer to him as that purely for convenience.²* ObfuscatingStupidity: Although he seems like a goofball and a layabout, his effectiveness at needling the others make it clear that he's smarter than he lets on.²* TheStarscream: Not exactly, as he never betrays Sagara, at least not in actions. When it comes to words and thoughts, however, it's different. He doesn't have any problem with the thought of the Ananta king dying - he actually hopes this happens at some point. He even tells Maruna that either her death or Agni's (when they fight each other) is a victory for both of them. He doesn't seem inclined to actually do the deed, however.²* {{Troll}}: Hura delights in needling the people around him; this actually suits his abilities well, in that he's mostly ineffectual offensively but is incredibly good at trolling opponents into wasting their time attacking his nearly-invulnerable regenerating body.²[[/folder]]²²!!Gandharva Clan²!!!Clan Attribute: Water²[[folder:The Gandharva Clan In General]]²* TheAlliance: With the Garuda and Yaksha clans. It's implied Gandharva was the one who formed it, as in a flashback he's seen joining Garuda and Shuri's hands together.²* EnclosedSpace: They were forced into one post-Cataclysm. Gandharva's purification skills didn't allow him to create a space big enough to house the whole clan comfortably, much to their despair.²* FishPeople: Their race's general appearance.²* AnIcePerson: Their element, as an extension of their Water attribute.²* JustBeforeTheEnd: So it seems when we see their adaptation to the sura world post-Cataclysm. The toxicity of the environment is bad for their bodies, especially for the weakest and youngest among them. [[spoiler:This was confirmed by Sagara, that claimed that the Gandharva clan was all but destroyed. According to Leez, only the Gandharvas that survived the Taraka invasion are those that took refuge among the Asuras]].²* MakingASplash: Their clan attribute is Water.²* OurMermaidsAreDifferent: Just like mermaids in real-life, the Gandharva clan is famous for its beauties. While some of them ''do'' devour human, those are the weakest of them - the strongest just go around destroying planets by the dozen, like every other sura clan. None of them was seen singing, and they resemble more Cthulhu than mermaids in their true forms.²* WeaksauceWeakness: Because they're FishPeople, they need water to thrive. As a result, they got the short end of the stick when the sura were banished to the sura realm, as the lack of an ocean causes their decline. They're also the only clan vulnerable to poison, which is a problem in the poisonous sura realm.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Gandharva]]²!!Gandharva ²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Resurrection²[[quoteright:200:]]²²First and current king of the clan. He is one of the major players in the current plot.²----²* ZeroPercentApprovalRating: Downplayed. His extreme mood swings made him not very well-regarded by many Gandharva nastikas, who chose to leave the clan rather than endure his reign.²* AccompliceByInaction: Manasvin and Sagara consider him - and, by extension, the whole Gandharva clan - to be this regarding Ananta's death.²* ActuallyPrettyFunny: After Parr violently denies Teo's suggestion that she may be interested in Maruna, Gandharva can be seen having a laugh (at his disciple's expenses). Which is a pretty rare thing, considering all the shit he goes through.²* TheAlcoholic: Has some shades of this. Some of Maruna's flashbacks from when he was living with the Gandharva clan show him with a bottle in his hand at several moments; not so much in the present storyline, when he [[DrowningMySorrows mostly drinks as a way to cope]]. While he was depressed at the time, in Maruna's flashbacks he seemed quite joyful, which implies this trope.²* AntiVillain: He just wants to find his daughter. Sagara mocks this attitude given the hypocrisy evident in it. See NobleDemon.²* TheAtoner: He eventually sets down this path, with encouragement from Agni. Unfortunately, he's hindered by his lingering loyalty to Maruna, being ReformedButRejected, and his still deeply flawed personality, making it a very rocky process.²* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Maruna has broken Gandharva's promises for him (Season 1), accidentally ruined his life on more than one occasion (Season 2), and made it clear how pathetic he thinks Gandharva's become (Season 3). Gandharva's certainly resented him for this at various points, but he also won't hesitate to look out for him nevertheless. (Maruna likewise returns the sentiment.)²* BadassDecay: In-universe, Gandharva suffered from a heavy case of this - and it's getting worse, as in season three he's nowhere near as powerful as he was in season two due to taking sura form in the human realm seven years before.²* BecauseYouWereNiceToMe: The basis of his attachment to Agni. Considering Gandharva's past (and present...), Agni treats him far better than he deserves and he knows it.²* BerserkerTears: This is actually one of his abilities. His unique transcendental "Frozen Tears" can only be used when he is crying.²* BeyondTheImpossible: He took his sura form in the human realm, something that should've been impossible for a nastika after the Cataclysm. It left him severely weakened; so much so, in fact, that seven years later he's yet to fully recover, and likely never will.²* BigDamnHeroes: If Maruna's in trouble and Gandharva's exact whereabouts have been unclear for several chapters, there's a very good chance the latter will show up to save the former.²* BirdsOfAFeather: The parallels between his situation with Shakuntala and Teo's situation with her parents are what initially make him start sympathizing with her.²* {{Bishounen}}: His human guise has a slight, delicate appearance. He's perfectly happy to take advantage of this.²* BloodKnight: He rather enjoys combat against stronger gods, and his attitude toward such fights is akin to a cat playing with its prey. In the past, a request for assistance in a war to save Ananta from the gods actually piqued his interest before Makara and Menaka intervened with their respective suggestions.²* BreakThemByTalking: While it's suggested there was some external influence forcibly making him hurt, [[spoiler:Taraka!Shakuntala does this to Gandharva, pointing out that no matter what he does, everybody hates him and/or looks down on him and that he will never be accepted by them.]]²* ButtMonkey: Not on Leez's level, but very much so. Let's just say that the present story line is not kind to Gandharva and leave it at that.²* CantKillYouStillNeedYou: Why Agni would rather redeem him than kill him, in spite of all the atrocities he's committed: [[spoiler:according to Visnu's insight, he's needed for the best possible future. In every other, even the second-best, Kali wins.]]²* CassandraTruth: [[spoiler:When a Taraka in Shakuntala's form shows up, everyone realizes that Shakuntala is officially dead, and this is effectively a parasite in her corpse. Of course, Gandharva isn't convinced and insists he can still feel ''something''... and it turns out he may have been completely right, as Shakuntala's consciousness wasn't quite as gone as people assumed.]]²* CryCute: Despite all the terrible things he has done, it's hard not to pity him when he cries for his daughter.²* DeathSeeker: After his HeelRealization, he's pretty much just waiting for someone to kill him as he knows he deserves, and grows increasingly disappointed that Agni ''won't''.²* DeconstructedCharacterArchetype: ²** Of the NobleDemon. Most of his attempts to PetTheDog backfire on him in some way--see the section under that trope for more details.²** Then, of TheAtoner. It's what he desperately wants to be, but among other obstacles, it turns out that a HeelFaceTurn brought by crossing the DespairEventHorizon means that [[spoiler:he regresses as soon as he's given hope again]] and he's at his best when, unfortunately, he's kept depressed because at least then he's obedient and less likely to go and screw something up.²* DespairEventHorizon: [[spoiler:After Sagara kills Teo, making him realize how he caused the death of countless innocents for a void hope.]]²* TheDitherer: Often finds himself hesitant when forced to make difficult choices. This backfired badly on him in the past when his hesitation apparently led to Menaka's death as well as in the present day, when his failure to choose one side or another in time [[spoiler:got Teo killed, at least temporarily]].²* DotingParent: As far as parents went among the sura, he in particular had a reputation for being this.²* TheDreaded: Was this before marrying Menaka, when he was still at full power. They say that even the strongest among the nastika were afraid of him. Also lampshaded by Cloche when Sagara was about to press his BerserkButton. To an extent, he was still this even after Menaka pacified him: apparently, some suras came after Maruna, fearing how strong he'd become after developing, but the sight of Gandharva sent them fleeing.²* DrillSergeantNasty: Averted. Maruna initially saw him as one, because he made him endure harsh training to develop, but later, when faced with the brutality of Samphati's training, he actually realized that Gandharva was going quite easy on him.²* EveryoneHasStandards: Even he--a former psychopath with a direct kill count in the ''trillions''--thinks Kali is batshit insane and deserves to be sealed away for constantly trying to destroy the universe.²* EyepatchOfPower: He wears an eyepatch in his human guise to conceal his missing eye, which he tears out and deliberately does not restore as it's the one sura trait he can't change when in human form (and therefore it'll set off sura radars).²* FamedInStory: As a nastika and a king, Gandharva is quite well-known even to humans. It would be difficult for him to not be it due to his LordCountry status.²* FatalFlaw: Emotional weakness. He knows that he's done absolutely horrible things (and that he should feel bad, even if he admittedly doesn't), which for a sura is a ''remarkable'' understanding of human morality. The issue is that this does nothing to help him make the right decision when he needs to; he always inevitably caves to insecurities and selfish desires. This pushes people away from him, which in turn keeps him at an emotional low, and thus the cycle repeats...²* {{Foil}}: To Maruna. See his entry.²** To Varuna as well. See her entry.²** Also to Agni. See his entry.²* GoingNative: [[spoiler:He's more depressed than anything, but honestly, compared to the rest of the series, the seven years he spent pretending to be a Half are probably the happiest he's been in the present.]]²* TheGoodKing: Good gods, ''no''. Gandharva is a ''painful'' aversion of this trope; see his ReluctantRuler entry for more details.²** Interestingly, though, he might have once fitted the ''sura'' definition of this: he was remarkably powerful. Sagara herself states that she once admired him for being such a powerful nastika, and laments he no longer fits this as he's only got weaker since then. Note that his peak in terms of power coincided with the time he was at his worst morally and personally, massacring ''trillions'' of people for futile reasons.²* GoodParents: [[KnightTemplarParent It's to the detriment of everyone else]], but Gandharva is, if nothing else, a terrific father (overprotective, maybe, but when most sura parents lean [[ParentalNeglect the opposite way]], that could be considered an upside).²* HandicappedBadass: As a nastika in the human realm, he cannot take sura form, something that severely diminishes his power. Even when he manages to take sura form, it costs him gravely. Still, he's powerful in his own right and can tank quite a few hits.²* HappilyMarried: He and Menaka were this.²* HealingFactor: His is extremely powerful and why he's basically been unkillable until now. He's not the strongest being offensively, but you can make a good case for defensively.²* HeelFaceDoorSlam: A self-inflicted one given that he thinks himself unworthy of being Agni's ally given all the terrible things he's done. It's more psychological than anything given that his following actions are pretty standard for a HeelFaceTurn and his thoughts on the matter suggest that he might have become TheAtoner.²* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: ''Gods.'' There's a reason Agni is at the end of his rope with him by Season 3. Post-HeelFaceTurn, Gandharva usually means well, but when he has attachments to all sides, there's no telling whom he'll be supporting at any given moment. [[spoiler:Now that he's (probably) fully convinced that Shakuntala is dead, though, Agni is hopeful that his allegiance is firmer now.]]²* HeelFaceTurn: Several signs through the whole story imply that it is going to happen eventually. [[spoiler:It seems this finally happened after the Frozen Tears arc.]]²* HeelRealization: [[spoiler:While there had been moments where he clearly felt uncomfortable, Teo's death and Maruna's slaughter of the humans who confront him after his conversation with Agni make him realize just how horrible his actions have been until that point.]]²* HeroicBSOD: When his clan was on the verge of destruction. While Makara and Shakuntala argued, he was in shock, wondering why Visnu did nothing to prevent this. He snapped out of it soon enough--so that he could attempt a HeroicSacrifice.²* HeroicSacrifice: He survived, but when Taraka came to attack the clan, [[spoiler:he resolved himself to create an ocean to save everyone, which they all knew would likely kill him. Down to him leaving Shakuntala in Maraka's care as a LastRequest,]] the entire thing would read like a death scene if the reader didn't know that Gandharva is very much alive in the present.²* AnIcePerson: He prefers to use ice in battle.²* InterspeciesFriendship: Subverted. He's fond of "Miss Riche" but [[spoiler:their reunion comes with the revelation that he's a nastika, not a Half as he pretended to be, and was likely involved in the attacks on the cities. Leez makes it immediately clear that she despises him for this]].²* IntriguedByHumanity: Although SmugSuper, Gandharva seems a tad fascinated by human culture. He's quick to like humans who are nice to him, has Leez explain curry mushrooms to him, is interested in buying gloves for Maruna (even though sura typically dislike wearing human clothes), and when Teo offers to sponsor the two of them during their Half masquerade, he tells Maruna it'll be a good chance to experience city life (that doesn't end in blowing said city up).²* KarmaHoudini: Deconstructed. The fact that he never had to face any direct comeuppance for his atrocities means that he never had to bother with thinking about the true weight of his actions, or about their consequences. And when he ''does'' begin to learn that what he did was wrong, not because it saddened Menaka but because his actions were intrinsically rotten, no one believes him when he says he wants to help or choses to accept him as an ally, precisely because they know very well how bad he used to be.²* KickedUpstairs: Confessed to Visnu in a flashback that he never had any desire to be king, and would feel happier otherwise.²* KillTheOnesYouLove: [[spoiler:It's unclear as to how convinced he was that the Taraka!Shakuntala was really her, but regardless, he ends up stabbing her for Agni's sake.]]²* LongHairedPrettyBoy: Long, loose hair, and he's just about as pretty as his wife.²* TheLostLenore: Menaka is this to him. [[spoiler:If his ShipTease with Teo go anywhere, he may grow out of it.]]²* LoveMakesYouEvil and [[LoveMakesYouCrazy Crazy]]: Just see what he can do for Menaka, Shakuntala or Teo.²* LoveRedeems: A pattern for him.²** Before marrying his wife, he was cruel and even feared by other Nastika due his power and [[BloodKnight behaviour]].²** Getting to know Teo makes him consider if he can really justify what he's done.²* MakingASplash: The king of a clan whose element is water. His source element would likely be better for healing, possibly explaining why his attacks are water based.²* MasterOfDisguise: Of sorts. He's pretty much the only sura who takes full advantage of his shapeshifting abilities and therefore has taken on more appearances than any other character.[[note]]His normal appearance, his human guise when infiltrating cities, three variations of his child appearance so that he's not recognized as Kalibloom's assailant, and a blue version of his adult appearance so far.[[/note]] ²* TheMenFirst: Or disciple first, at least (mixing in with a PapaWolf attitude, given his secondary role as a ParentalSubstitute). Even though their relationship is at an all-time low and Maruna ''just'' finished giving him a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech--when Chandra suddenly shows up? Gandharva's immediate reaction is to teleport Maruna to safety, leaving himself at Chandra's mercy.²* TheMentor: A combination of this and ParentalSubstitute to Maruna.²* MisunderstoodLonerWithAHeartOfGold: So it would seem, right? People hate and avoid him, but he's just a father driven to desperate measures while looking for his daughter. As it turns out, this is subverted: Gandharva is indeed a sympathetic character, but the heart of gold is not there. People have ''many'' reasons to expect the worse of him, as he has given them exactly that for a very long time.²* MoralMyopia: He just wants to find his daughter. Never mind the body count. He later grows out of this.²* MotiveMisidentification: Others assume his attacks on Kalibloom and Rindhallow/Aeroplateau to be the usual outcome of his disregard for life/him assisting Sagara. In reality, the former was [[spoiler:out of grief over Teo's death]] while the latter was only as a favour to Maruna, and Gandharva actually made ''not'' harming the city itself or any of the people as a strict condition.²* TheMourningAfter: Has yet to remarry after Menaka's death. In fact, rather than find a new mate, he decided to focus on caring for and protecting their daughter instead.²* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: His reaction to Maruna [[spoiler:violently killing all the humans threatening Gandharva (who was trying to talk them down)]], as he realizes this pretty much applies to all the bad things he's done just to find Shakuntala, and implicitly even before then.²* NobleDemon: He will pay his debt and keep his promises (as far as the situation allows). Sagara repeatedly mocks him for this attitude, and events in the Frozen Tears arc deconstruct this trope in regards to Gandharva.²* NoSell:²** When Gandharva takes sura form and approaches the city, Maruna is initially concerned because that means he'll activate the turrets... only to realize how silly that was, when they proceed to do no damage whatsoever to Gandharva.²** In the past, Menaka deliberately orchestrated things so that Agni's Paradisial Flare--the only hope the gods had for overpowering Gandharva's HealingFactor at the time--would be ineffective.²* NotEvilJustMisunderstood: Downplayed, since everyone has good reason to doubt Gandharva, given his long history of actually being as terrible as everyone thinks he still is. Nevertheless, whenever he tries to help out with good (or at least non-terrible) intentions, people believe he's secretly plotting against them. They also take his actions in the latter half of Season 2 as proof he hasn't changed one bit, unaware that his motivations by then were completely different.²* NotHelpingYourCase: In season three, [[spoiler:he has allowed himself to be captured by Agni and Chandra in Kalibloom and seeks to be their ally. However, at the time Brilith had already recovered her memories, and remembered of all the times he killed her without Agni's knowledge. He's desperate to gain the fire god's approval, which means getting Brilith's. When she demands he repent from his past slaughters of human beings, he... absolutely refuses to do so and remains firm on his position that humans are below him.]] [[spoiler:And that's talking to someone who remembers when nastikas helped the gods extinguish the human race once.]] Not your best move, Gandharva.²* NotWhatItLooksLike: When [[spoiler:Shess, BrainwashedAndCrazy thanks to Frozen Tears even without Gandharva's doing,]] inadvertently breaks Gandharva out of prison, he knows he has to find a way to undo it ''now'' or people will think he's trying to escape. When he tries to do so, just as he feared, Mirha immediately accuses him of orchestrating the entire thing.²* ObliviousToLove: He's completely oblivious to Teo's crush.²* OddFriendship: With Makara. See his entry.²* OlderThanTheyLook: He's a nastika, which means he's as old as the fucking universe itself, but he looks like the could be in his twenties. Later forms look even younger.²* OverprotectiveDad: He didn't even try to hide his hostility when Shakuntala expressed her fondness for Maruna. However, the trope is played more seriously otherwise. Given that his wife was killed and Shakuntala had previously been kidnapped, his attitude was rather justified, even if said daughter was all too well aware of how much she burdened him as a result.²* PapaWolf: He'd do absolutely anything to ensure Shakuntala's safety, to the extent of being a KnightTemplarParent. [[spoiler:It's shown in full effect in Season 3, where despite recognizing the Taraka!Shakuntala as a fake, he still chooses to protect her and turns against Agni.]]²* ParentalSubstitute: He seems to be a bit of one towards Maruna, who shows more concern about Gandharva being missing for a few days than his own father's coma.²* PetTheDog: He is willing to spare certain humans in targeted areas if they amuse him and aid Halfs being transported by Half hunters (although this was also in part out of pragmatism).²** As with many other things, this is also deconstructed:²*** He spared Leez due to finding her amusing, and in doing so unknowingly allowed his quarry to escape, although Maruna is more thorough in his approach.²*** When he attempts to do the same with [[spoiler:Teo, she points out that she has no desire to be spared if the rest of Kalibloom is slaughtered, finding such behavior cowardly. This, and Sagara's own comments about the situation force Gandharva to confront the fact that, in the end, engaging in this trope does not make him the slightest bit innocent of his role in the massacre of countless humans.]]²*** Brilith mocks him for this, commenting on how [[spoiler:the one time where he spared her, due to her being Agni's lover, he must've felt gracious... without realizing that he'd already killed her in several other lives]].²*** After learning about Shess's [[DarkAndTroubledPast backstory]], Gandharva makes one of his first apologies in the series, for how he's treated Shess in the past... except as Shess points out (though appreciative), ''everyone'' has a backstory. If Gandharva genuinely wants to become TheAtoner, he has to learn to extend that same sympathy to even people he doesn't know. (After all, if you've done something for kindness to be considered this trope, that means you've still got some ways to go.)²* {{Pride}}: Oh so very much. Fittingly for a nastika - and a king - Gandharva considers himself to be completely above petty beings like humans. [[spoiler:So much so that he refuses to ask for Brilith's forgiveness when he needs it the most.]]²* PsychopathicManchild: In the past. Menaka recognized that he didn't kill because he was pure evil; he was too immature to fully understand the weight of his actions. [[spoiler:Brilith even compares him to a child pouring water into an anthill.]] Billions of years later, he's mostly dropped the psychopathic part [[LoveRedeems thanks to her influence]], though he's admittedly still a {{Manchild}} at times.²* RealityEnsues: The path from a raging OmnicidalManiac PsychopathicManchild to a better person is not an easy one. True atonement will often be painful, unrewarding and harsh, especially if you refuse to let go of your pride to apologize to your victims and lets yourself be distracted by more pleasant things like Gandharva does so often. That he is mistreated, belittled and hated is no surprise.²* RedOniBlueOni: Flashbacks show him as the wild Red to Makara's gloomy Blue.²* ReformedButRejected: [[spoiler:In Season 3, he's sincere about wanting to fight alongside Agni, but at this point, Agni's too wary of Gandharva's HeelFaceRevolvingDoor tendencies to take him at his word--to say nothing of Chandra or the humans, who don't want to give him a chance, period. It's not entirely unjustified, given that Gandharva ''does'' then pull a FaceHeelTurn, though only briefly.]]²* ReluctantRuler: Deconstructed. Gandharva never really had any wish for kingship, but, being the strongest nastika in his clan, he was made king nevertheless. However, he was incredibly unfit for it; many of his decisions only helped weaken his people and make their lives harder than it had to be. Even those that ''are'' fit for ruling and did give him good counsel - such as Makara - can't do much because he's king, and if he refuses to listen to them, that's it. He came to listen to Menaka, but this created another problem, in that he began to do whatever she told him to without even thinking about it. His attitude drove many nastikas to leave the clan - which left the Gandharva clan lacking in power. This would come to bite them in the ass when Visnu separated the realms and his clan became a victim. He continued to trust Visnu, but as Visnu's promise ultimately was never upheld, his clan suffered for it. And, what perhaps is the cherry of the cake: even when everything in the sura clan has gone to shit in season three, he refuses to go back and help them. Maruna even points out that he has no right to be called a king anymore, but one wonders, did he ever had?²* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: See Maruna's entry. He's the former to the Rakshasa's latter.²* StarKilling: He once did the killing some time in the past. How, you ask? By ''swallowing'' the star. While Agni was sleeping there.²* ThatManIsDead: Or rather, ''will'' be dead, as he told Shakuntala. [[spoiler:When she begs for him to flee to safety even as she's willing to die, he asks her whom she wants to live: the king or her father? The former may survive, but if Shakuntala dies, Gandharva as a father will die with her.]]²* ThenLetMeBeEvil: He's constantly reminded that he's a horrible person and isn't as reformed as he thinks he is, and everyone's just waiting for him to prove them right. [[spoiler:And he does... but when made to choose between them and his daughter (however obviously fake), it's fairly obvious what was a deciding factor.]] In the same vein, [[spoiler:he then pulls yet another HeelFaceTurn for Agni, the one person still willing to see any good in him]].²* ThinkNothingOfIt: [[spoiler:His response after Elwin unknowingly thanks him for keeping her company before she returned to Kalibloom.]]²* TookALevelInKindness: Seems so, as he's not longer the psychotic slaughterer the once was, but isn't exactly a saint, either. In season three he decides to side firmly with humanity.²** Except that maybe not. [[spoiler:As Brilith points out, his change of heart only came after he lost most of his powers and grew severely weakened. She states that his choice to help humankind is meaningless if it's based simply on his inability to kill them in the same scale as before.]]²* TragicBromance: See Agni's entry.²* TragicVillain: Unlike Sagara, he's not malicious, and unlike Maruna or numerous other antagonists, he's not even convinced of his righteousness. He knows he's in the wrong and hates it (even if his guilt is less for his victims and more that he's not the person his loved ones thought he could become). Unfortunately, his FatalFlaw keeps him in a vicious cycle of this.²* TheUnapologetic: Despite his change of heart in season three, he remains this. When Brilith demands he repents [[OmnicidalManiac his pasts exploits]], he utterly refuses to do so. [[PunyEarthlings Humans are just ants, after all]].²** Ultimately played with: Gandharva ''is'' capable of feeling bad over his deeds (Teo being a prime example), but as Shess gently chides him for, it's only for those in his circle. Otherwise, he has no sympathy for anyone he doesn't personally know. Gandharva's pensive silence, however, does seem to indicate that he took Shess's words into consideration.²* VillainousFriendship: With Maruna. They have their ups and downs, but even after Gandharva's HeelFaceTurn, he tells Maruna that he doesn't want to be his enemy. Unfortunately, come Season 3, their increasingly different values make this difficult to keep up.²* WalkingShirtlessScene: His typical outfit includes an open robe.²* AWolfInSheepsClothing: Though normally an emotional {{Manchild}}, he can be a remarkably good actor while infiltrating cities in human guise, where he plays the part of a harmless gentleman.²* WorthyOpponent: With Agni. It gets into some really convoluted and complex [[FriendlyEnemy frenemy]] territory centuries ago, and just keeps getting more... solid. It's arguable that Gandharva currently feels closer to Agni than he does any other Nastika or Astika, despite technically being on the "wrong" side to keep their relationship as cordial as he might like to.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: He has bright green hair. It's blue in his sura form, and later switches to blue in his human form as well.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Menaka]]²!!Menaka²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Wind²[[quoteright:250:]]²²Shakuntala's mother and Gandharva's late wife. She was killed long before the story began.²----²* ActualPacifist: Convinced Gandharva to not get involved with matters that didn't concern their clan. It's worth noting, though, that she was by no means weak (as, according to the creator, was a common false assumption among fans)--she was one of the strongest nastika of the clan.²* AllLovingHero: She wished for mercy for Gandharva, who was a raging PsychopathicManchild at the time, while also despairing over all the humans he was slaughtering and that Visnu accepted them as an acceptable price for the universe as a whole.²* BelligerentSexualTension: How she and Gandharva got together. She constantly showed up to get him to stop killing, while he'd make a face and hide from her (i.e. it was very much not LoveAtFirstSight for them). It seems that eventually, they did this so often that by virtue of being a prominent fixture in each other's lives, they fell in love.²* BewareTheNiceOnes: Menaka was one of the gentlest characters in the whole cast, but she was also one of the most powerful nastikas of the Gandharva clan. If Visnu's word are anything to go by, [[spoiler:at the time of her deal with Kali]], her male form was only second to ''the king's'' power.²* BirdsOfAFeather: [[spoiler:She, an outlier among nastika, was friends with Agni, an outlier among gods.]]²* BlowYouAway: Her source attribute.²* TheChosenOne: Zigzagged. ''She'' was actually supposed to inherit the name of Gandharva, but despite that not going as planned, Visnu rolled with it and saw that she could be the first nastika to achieve enlightenment and be the one to defeat Kali. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, Kali managed to deceive her, ensuring her death, and thus the role of becoming Kali's bane fell onto Gandharva, whose chances are far less than Menaka's were due to being nowhere ''near'' enlightenment.]]²* {{Foil}}: To Anna Haias. See her entry.²* FriendToAllLivingThings: Well, as much as a nastika can be. She was genuinely troubled by Gandharva's senseless slaughter of humans.²* GenerationXerox: With Shakuntala. Both have wind attributes, both tried their best to not make Gandharva turn back to his old ways, both were deeply loved by him, enough that their absence is enough to send him into serious emotional turmoil. Both were [[AllLovingHero All-Loving Heroines]] that cared for the weak and didn't use the power they had to cause suffering just because. Both were good friends with a guy with a fire attribute. Both asked Gandharva to avoid fighting Agni. Sadly, both died well before their time [[spoiler:in circumstances connected to Kali and the Taraka clan]]. [[spoiler:And both managed to meet Gandharva again after their deaths: Shakuntala as a node in the Taraka clan neural network and Menaka in one of Shess's recollections]].²* GoodIsNotDumb: Menaka has a genuinely kind, selfless, and pacifistic nature; although the latter has lead to many criticisms by members of other clans, namely Sagara, who despise her and consider her a clueless pacifist. [[spoiler: However, Menaka had the best knowledge of the future and what was to come out of all the nastikas, and her influencing Gandharva was done for the sake of the universe's best possible future. Menaka was even aware of her own finite time, and accepted it as she considered it her own fault and ultimately, her destiny. So she was not as clueless as many suras believed.]]²--> '''Menaka''': [[ItsAllMyFault It's all my fault]] for failing to understand the will of Visnu, and allowing myself [[spoiler: to be tempted by Kali.]] So... I can't blame anyone but myself.²--> '''Agni''': Why is that all your fault? What about Kali, [[spoiler: who deceived you]] and Gandharva, who slaughtered so many..!!²--> '''Menaka''': Dividing the blame is meaningless now, Agni... Please, remember what I said to you, [[spoiler: even after I'm dead.]] [[{{Tearjerker}} '''I trust you... you who have not abandoned your compassion.''']]²* GoodParents: Like Gandharva, she was a loving mother to her daughter for the short time they had together.²* HappilyMarried: She and Gandharva were this.²* HiddenDepths: She's gentle and maybe too pacifistic for her own good, yes, but she was also the nastika closest to enlightment and the one originally set to kill Kali (not to mention one of the strongest members of her clan). She also seemed aware of far more things than her husband: [[spoiler:after all, she knew that Visnu secretly despised Gandharva, and knew the reason for it.]]²* ICanChangeMyBeloved: Zig-zagged and deconstructed. Although it didn't start this way, over the process of trying to redeem Gandharva, Menaka ended up falling in love with and marrying him. However, despite her efforts and his love for her, Gandharva himself admits he never really changed - he simply stopped acting in a way that troubled her. This is trope is deconstructed in the sense that it's clear that Menaka's influence - or Shakuntala's - was never enough. For Gandharva to ''truly'' change, it can't be through the efforts of someone else, but ''through his own''.²* KarmaHoudini: Not her, but Gandharva. Her deal with Visnu [[spoiler:(actually Kali)]] was to ensure that he ends up as this, with her bearing the sin of this crimes instead.²* LadyMacbeth: Inverted. Menaka tried to persuade Gandharva ''away'' from his worst impulses, not to commit them. And it's not like she gained anything from it either - if anything, she lost a lot. However, not unlike the traditional LadyMacbeth, her actions eventually helped doom befall her people. Menaka's mistake was not in her intentions, but in her execution; instead of teaching him how to be a good person, she actually taught him how to be the person she wished him to be. It may seem the same, but there's a big difference here, as without her around, Gandharva, being the awful king that he is, lost his last guiding light, and things went downhill for the Gandharva clan from there onwards.²* [[LikeFatherLikeSon Like Mother, Like Daughter]]: Shakuntala inherited both her looks and personality, [[spoiler:as well as her duty of helping Gandharva get it together]]. She only didn't inherit one thing: Menaka's power. And it proved fatal to her.²* TheLostLenore: Gandharva has yet to remarry since her passing, and at some points thinks back on her.²* MessianicArchetype: [[spoiler:As part of her deal with Kali, her soul bore the weight of Gandharva's sins (therefore being purged with her death), which was her way of saving him from Paradisial Flare.]]²* MoralityChain: To Gandharva; he was extremely vicious before meeting her. It's eventually revealed that she actually invoked this, albeit, with the intent of being his MoralityPet, believing Gandharva could change and essentially volunteering herself for the task. The reality though is that given his actions after her passing, she fell into this trope instead.²* PacifismBackfire: Unfortunately, her influence was [[NiceJobBreakingItHero one of the first steps in what would lead to her clan's downfall]].²** The whole thing gets verbally deconstructed by Manasvin during a flashback to the incident, namely [[spoiler:the Gandharva clan's refusal to aid in the rescue of Ananta, leading to the latter's death]], with him commenting on how such behavior is nothing more than undeserved self-righteousness during times when [[ViolenceReallyIsTheAnswer action might actually be needed for the sake of others in need of help]].²* PosthumousCharacter: Apparently, she was killed by the gods a few centuries before the present time.²* RapunzelHair: Well, she's a nastika.²* StrongFamilyResemblance: Her daughter Shakuntala inherited most of her looks.²* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: To save Gandharva from one day being killed by Paradisial Flare, she struck a deal with Visnu, only to discover later that [[spoiler:it was actually Kali in disguise, therefore preventing the initial best possible future from occurring]]. On a much larger scale, her deal with [[spoiler:Kali]] placed the duty of destroying [[spoiler:her]] in Gandharva's back, which seems rather unlikely - and given said person's goal of destroying the universe...²* WhatDoesSheSeeInHim: Not even Menaka herself knows. When someone expresses shock that she married Gandharva of all people, even Menaka admits she's not quite sure how she ended up falling in love.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Shakuntala]]²!!Shakuntala²!!!Rakshasa, Hereditary Attributes: Resurrection + Wind²[[quoteright:250:]]²²Gandharva's daughter, known for looking and acting much like her mother. Most sura assume she is dead; Gandharva has practically sold himself into slavery on the slim chance that she's not.²----²* AchillesHeel: She was Gandharva's, hence why the gods once tried to take her hostage. She was aware of how much she burdened him as a result, and took steps to not have him sacrifice others (or himself) for her; ultimately, he never listened.²* ActionGirl: She's not this, despite the fact that both her parents are top ranking nastikas of their clan. Played for Drama, as Shakuntala's weakness means she has a lot of trouble surviving in the sura realm. [[spoiler:She ultimately refuses to abandon the children and weaker members of the clan when they seek asylum with their Garuda allies, as she thought it was unjust that she, weak as she is, be allowed to live simply because she's their king's daughter]]. This ends up with Gandharva losing track of her whereabouts, which kickstarts the whole of his participation on the plot.²* ActualPacifist: She took after her mother in this regard, though unlike her, Shakutala had no real combat ability in any case. [[spoiler:When Agni uses Paradisial Flare against her, it fails, confirming that from start to finish, she never took a single life]].²* AllLovingHero: Like her mother. Her father, the rest of the clan, humans [[spoiler:like Siera when she possesses him]]--she loves everyone deeply. {{Deconstructed}} by Gandharva, who pointed out to her that there will be times when she has to choose between what she loves. Namely, [[spoiler:if she wants her clan to live, then the most practical option to save them would be for Gandharva to make an ocean, even if it kills him.]]²* BecauseYouWereNiceToMe: She liked Agni because he saved her life as a child when he could have had her killed. She even asked Gandharva to not ever fight him because of this.²* CameBackWrong: [[spoiler: Assuming that the Chaos sura possessing Siera really did assimilate her being into the clan's network.]] [[spoiler: It didn't; Shakuntala was faking it to convince her father to kill her for good]].²* DaddysGirl: She was Gandharva's little princess and she adored him just as much as he did her.²* {{Foil}}: To Leez. See her entry.²** Also to Maruna:²*** Both are the children of first generation nastika kings. Just like their fathers were good friends, Shakuntala and Maruna were also rather close.²*** Both hail from allied clans that found themselves in abysmal living conditions when the realms were separated at the time of the Cataclysm. Said clans have lost several of its strongest members and are currently close to complete extinction.²*** Both needed abnormal periods of time to develop from one stage to another. However, while Shakuntala took a short time, Maruna took very long.²*** Shakuntala is abnormally weak for a rakshasa, especially if one takes into account how powerful were her parents. Maruna, on the other hand, is extraordinarily strong for his kind. Shakuntala's parents were rather close in power, while there was a huge gap between Garuda and Vinata.²*** Shakuntala and Gandharva got along famously well; if his words are anything to go by, Maruna's relationship with Garuda is quite the opposite.²*** She inherited her mother's kindness and compassion, [[spoiler:never having killed a single soul by the time she finally died]]. Maruna, on the other hand, has the typical sura mindset regarding other people's lives, and was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in the red sky attacks in both Willarv and Carte (and who knows what other planets).²*** Akasha, the Garuda clan's NumberTwo, was a mentor of sorts towards Maruna, even if she was quite harsh towards him. On the other hand, Shakuntala was never especially close to her own clan's second-in-command, Makara. The two nastikas also happen to be [[{{Foil}} Foils]] to each other.²*** Shakuntala was a pacifist by nature, and seemed to have held Agni in high regard. Maruna doesn't hesitate before joining a fight and was taught by his parents, like most other suras, to fear and hate gods.²*** [[spoiler:Both ended up with an indirect connection to Kali that endangered their lives. Shakuntala inherited her mother's duty of being the one to redeem Gandharva, only because Menaka was fated to met an early end after having fallen victim to Kali's trickery. Maruna, on the other hand, felt so despaired by his clan's awful situation at the time of the Taraka attack that he chose to use the Eye of Perishment to develop to Fifth Stage, despite the fact that it would certainly lead to him paying a heavy price]].²*** Finally, [[spoiler:both have a close connection to a member of the Taraka clan's royalty. Maruna's younger brother is Yuta, Kali's son, which makes him a Taraka prince,]] [[spoiler:later revealed to actually be the king.]] [[spoiler:Shakuntala's mother was remade by Kali into Taraka, the figurehead king and Yuta's caretaker]].²* FriendToAllChildren: Often seen taking care of the clan's children in flashbacks.²* TheGadfly: Often teased Maruna over his slow development.²* GenerationXerox: With her mother. See Menaka's entry.²* GoodIsNotDumb: She knew very well how much of a burden she would become to her father if his [[OverprotectiveDad overprotectiveness]] went unchecked. So, she did what she could to ensure he wouldn't go back to his old ways because of her: she healed herself in the sura realm to avoid showing how much the hostile environment distressed her body, she told him to avoid fighting Agni because of his kindness, and, most of all, she knew [[spoiler:to fake being a Taraka so that Gandharva could kill her and not betray Agni]].²* GreenAndMean: Averted. She's green-haired and green-skinned, but you would have trouble in finding a nicer girl.²* HiddenHeartOfGold: [[spoiler:Using the last bit of control she has, she tries to convince Gandharva that she's a fake so that he'll finally give up and kill her, and when he does, she keeps it up so that he can believe she already died and moved on to Paradise.]]²* IllGirl: She spent an abnormally short amount of time in each growth stage, which made her very weak. The poisonous air in the sura realm (and lack of an ocean) certainly didn't help.²* InnocentFlowerGirl: Often seen in flashbacks in flower fields, or making flower wreaths.²* IOweYouMyLife: Or rather, We Owe Agni My Life, So Please Don't Fight Him, Dad.²* [[LikeFatherLikeSon Like Mother, Like Daughter]]: She's as gentle and pacifistic as her mother Menaka, and even inherited her looks to boot. She also shares her respect and liking for Agni. The only thing Shakuntala didn't inherit from Menaka was her power.²** On a much lesser note, she also had her father's habit of teasing Maruna, but her version of it was far kinder (and much less violent).²* LivingEmotionalCrutch: She was the only thing that kept Gandharva from reverting to his old ways after Menaka's death, and in the present, the idea that she might be alive is all that's keeping him from crossing the DespairEventHorizon.²* MoralityChain: Maruna sees as one to her father while ruminating on the apparent hopelessness of Gandharva's quest to find her.²* MoralityPet: Takes on this role for Gandharva after Menaka's death. [[spoiler:Notably, she was ''destined'' to fulfill this role: after Menaka was tricked by Kali into a deal that would end up with her dead, Brahma instructed the nastika that she should focus on redeeming Gandharva, and that her child should take on the role after she died]].²* NeverFoundTheBody: The fact that she was this was for a long time her father's sole source of hope, as it meant that she could not be dead. [[spoiler:As it turns out, this happened because she was turned into a Taraka]].²* [[NiceGuy Nice Girl]]: Shakuntala is right up there with Agni in this regard. She's so nice that even when she [[spoiler:possesses Siera as a Taraka, she tries to use the least amount of vigor possible in order to not damage his body]].²* NoSell: [[spoiler:When she possesses Siera's body, that Paradisial Flare does no damage causes Agni to realize who the Taraka sura must be.]]²* PrecociousCrush: PrintBonus material suggests that she had one on Agni, who saved her life as a child.²* SmallRoleBigImpact: InUniverse. Human biographies of Gandharva barely acknowledge her and Chandra forgot Gandharva even had a daughter. Even Agni doesn't remember her name at first! And yet, she's the sole reason for Gandharva even be taking part in the plot (at least at first).²* ThouShaltNotKill: It's telling that when Agni and Shess discuss the possibility of a rakshasa who's never killed a human in their life (when every rakshasa would've at some point, even if only on orders), the ''only'' one Shess can think of is Shakuntala.²* TragicMonster: [[spoiler:Her ultimate fate, as she's taken over by a Taraka.]]²* UncertainDoom: While she's widely believed to be dead, it's unconfirmed precisely when or how she might have died.²** [[spoiler: It's later revealed that she has passed, likely having been eaten by a Chaos sura, as she seemingly reappears as part of that clan's neural network.]]²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Green, actually.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Makara]]²!!Makara²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Darkness²[[quoteright:250:]]²²Second in command of the clan and Gandharva's right hand man.²----²* ZeroPercentApprovalRating: Despite being the one most worried about keeping the clan's collective head above water, Makara was never a celebrity among his fellow clanmates. Gandharva has not talent at all for kingship, but even then they would rather have him rule than Makara.²* AntiquatedLinguistics[=/=]YeOldeButcheredEnglish: Or some Korean equivalent.²* DarkIsNotEvil: Despite his appearance, he appears to have been loyal to his king and a source of good counsel.²** [[spoiler:Implied to not fit the bill from a human perspective. When Leez remembers all the despicable nastika she met during her seven years in the sura realm, what appears to be Makara's silhouette is one of the largest ones seen. Given that Brilith's tells Gandharva the two of them met while Leez was among the sura, this is very much a possibility.]]²* {{Foil}}: To Akasha:²** Both fill the role of the NumberTwo in their respective clans, that are allied. As such, they are the ones to take a leadership position when said clans' kings are unable to rule directly. Speaking of ruling, their moments of greatest authority comes with the their clans' direst moments, in no small part thanks to their very kings[[note]]Garuda's comatose state plus the Cataclysm reflects poorly on his clan when the Taraka clan begins their attack, while the Gandharva clan was already bad enough when Gandharva decided to go looking for Shakuntala[[/note]].²** Both are somewhat unpopular among their peers; as said here in this very page, Makara is so disliked by his own clanmates that he thought of him succeeding the throne is enough to defuse a potential rebellion. Akasha, on the other hand, is fully willing to carry on with her plan of killing Garuda's children despite opposition from the other Garuda nastikas.²** Akasha was a mentor of sorts towards Maruna, and, if his expression when they meet again in season three is anything to go by, he cares for her to some degree. Makara, on the other hand, was never really close to his king's child, Shakuntala, and only took her along to the Garuda stronghold because Gandharva wanted it.²** Makara is, as said below, TheGoodChancellor, and doesn't seem to have any desires of power. We don't ''really'' know when it comes to Akasha, but if Sagara's implication is anything to go by, she wants the throne to herself.²** Last (and least), their color schemes are contrasting: Akasha is mostly white and yellow, while Makara is mostly purple and black.²* TheFriendNobodyLikes: His gloomy personality means, despite his loyalty and competence, few people actually like him. He defused a potential rebellion by reminding everyone that if they overthrew Gandharva, ''he'' would become king, a prospect they found unnerving enough to back down.²* TheGoodChancellor: As seen below, Makara is the one actually handling the governance of the clan. In fact, he would make a far better king than Gandharva himself. His skill doesn't translate to popularity, however: Makara is not loved by his clanmates.²* HypercompetentSidekick: It's telling that after the Cataclysm, Makara was trusted to handle dealing with an unruly crowd of fellow clan members unhappy about the clan's situation. Manasvin and Sagara even go as far as state that Makara was king of his clan in all but name.²* InTheHood: Wears a hooded cloak, adding to his already somewhat dark and sinister appearance.²* NumberTwo: To Gandharva.²* OddFriendship: With Gandharva. Makara is the perpetually gloomy and ruthlessly pragmatic second in command of their clan. Gandharva is not exactly a walking lightbulb, mind you, but he's generally more upbeat than Makara is (at least until recently) and was the sort of king that put his family above even the clan. The only thing that they seem to have in common is their low popularity even among Gandharva suras.²* RedOniBlueOni: Gloomy, serious Blue to Gandharva's moody and irresponsible Red.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Urvasi]]²!!Urvasi²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Sky²[[quoteright:209:]]²²A Nastika from the Gandharva clan. He was a longtime friend of Menaka and helped look after Shakuntala.²----²* {{Bishonen}}: Fittingly for someone who's the WorldsMostBeautifulWoman in female form, he's very pretty even as a male.²* HornedHumanoid: Supplementary materials state he has small horns hidden in his hair.²* IntergenerationalFriendship: With Shakuntala, Menaka's daughter.²* MulticoloredHair: He has purple tipped blue hair.²* OddFriendship: With Menaka. While Urvasi himself [[DeadpanSnarker is rather hotheaded and prone to making sharp comments]], Menaka was a [[AllLovingHero pacifist and had a gentle personality]]. It's telling that despite Urvasi being one of the three great beauties of the sura [[GenderBender in female form]], Menaka was still far more [[ChickMagnet popular with men]] than he was. Despite their different personalities, Urvasi was still very loyal and protective of her, and this care extended to Menaka's daughter, Shakuntala.²* PosthumousCharacter: As revealed by [[spoiler:Sagara's transcendental]], Urvasi is dead.²* WorldsMostBeautifulWoman: In female form, Urvasi is one of the great beauties of the suras.²[[/folder]]²²!!Garuda Clan²!!!Clan Attribute: Sky²[[folder:The Garuda Clan In General]]²* TheAlliance: Have one with the Gandharva and Yaksha clans. However, with the kings that formed the alliance - Garuda, Gandharva and Shuri - all unable to rule, it's stated to be shaking.²* EnemyMine: Are currently loosely allied to the Ananta clan faction that follows Sagara. Birds and snakes have been bitter enemies for ''eons'', so you can assume that things are quite bad for them.²* LightningBruiser: As a clan, they are the fastest suras.²* NobleBirdOfPrey: Quite self-explanatory. The Garudas more proeminently portrayed in the series (Maruna and Samphati) take on both bad and good qualities of the trope: powerful, intense, fast, but also merciless, prideful and aggressive. As a sura clan there is no reason to believe most Garudas are different.²* ShockAndAwe: Their shared attribute.²* SuperSenses: All Garuda have spectacular vision.²** While unconfirmed, they also appear to have superior hearing.²* VestigialEmpire: They are currently heading to such fate, and are aware enough of it to desperately try to avoid it. Even before the Cataclysm, the Garuda clan had already lost most os its strongest nastikas; as of season three, [[spoiler:the last nastika that can still resist the Taraka clan is Akasha]]. Things got so bad that they even teamed up with [[ArchEnemy Sagara]] to try to find a way out of this.²* WingedHumanoid: As a clan of bird people.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Garuda]]²!!Garuda²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Light²[[quoteright:250:]]²²First king of the clan. Father of Maruna, Yuta, and Kalavinka. Went into a coma after the Cataclysm.²----²* FisherKing: It's pretty much stated that the state of a king reflects on their clan. Garuda went into a coma after the Cataclysm, and the Garuda clan only weakened since then. During the seven year timeskip, the Tarakas attacked full-force, and the Garudas were one of the clans that bore the heaviest casualties, [[spoiler:so much so that they only have a single nastika in fighting shape, Akasha]]. What became of him is unknown.²* KingOnHisDeathbed: He went comatose at the Cataclysm, but his whole clan is desperately trying to avert this trope.²* MysticalWhiteHair: Nastika, king, white-haired, mysterious connection to Kali? You can't get more mystical than that.²* LargeAndInCharge: Pretty darn tall in human form and king of the Garuda clan to boot.²* NotSoDifferent: With Manasvin of all people. Let's see, long white/gray hair? Check. Mask? Check. Powerful nastika? Check. King whose comatose state - or implied death in Manasvin's case - put his clan in a difficult situation? Check. Said clan decided to ally with a god to escape that predicament? Check. Had a lover far below him in the power scale? Also check. The main difference lies in their relationship with said lovers: Garuda had two children (that we know of) with Vinata, but also had a kid with Kali ''after'' getting together with the other nastika. Manasvin, on the other hand, loved the ambitious Sagara so much that he suggested she leave him for Vasuki when it seemed he would become king following Ananta's death. It should be noted, however, that flashbacks hint that Garuda wasn't exactly happy with Kali and may have joined her plans for some reason that's not lust (as it certainly wasn't love, as far as one can tell).²** Even their clans' attributes are contrasting: Earth for the Anantas, Sky for the Garudas.²* ParentalNeglect: He ignored Yuta, and Maruna doesn't seem to miss him that much. Neither has demonstrated much care for him particularly.²* YourCheatingHeart: Well, sorta. He had a kid with Kali while he was together with Vinata. She must have forgiven him, as Kalavinka is younger than Yuta, but even then it was a sensitive issue. However, it's implied that he took part in Yuta's creation not exactly out of desire, but for some nebulous purpose.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Maruna]]²!!Maruna²!!!Rakshasa, Hereditary Attributes: Light + Fire²[[quoteright:200:]]²²Garuda's eldest (living) son. His father sent him to the Gandharva clan to be raised by by their king, as they were friends.²----²* AintTooProudToBeg: For all his haughty behavior, he can put aside his pride for the sake of his clan.²** He doesn't hesitate to beg for Gandharva to save Samphati.²** When earning the favour of the gods--his mortal enemies--becomes necessary, he offers up his mind for insight so that Agni knows his intentions are sincere.²* AloofAlly: To God Kubera and the Ananta clan. Especially with the latter, since he feeds on the lesser sura to replenish his vigor. The Ananta rakshasas despise him for it; one of them even comments once that it would be the best for them if he dies, since they'll go back to being enemies after everything is over.²* AloofBigBrother: To Yuta. It's not that Maruna doesn't care for him, it's just that his way of showing it is... sura-like.²* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Samphati, if the psychological transcendental in season three is anything to go by (ep 3-79/364). When it tries to take Gandharva's form, Maruna quickly dismisses it, having lost any respected he used to have for the king. Samphati's form, however, is firmer. The fake Samphati also claims Maruna will never be able to beat her. It is the way he manages to win that seals the deal, however - after remembering the original Samphati's words, he grabs the fake by the throat and remarks before killing it:²-->'''Maruna''': You're not good enough to be Samphati.²* AuthorityInNameOnly: Subtly implied, but it's there. Ever since Garuda went comatose, Maruna, as his eldest living child, was given temporary authority over the clan. Sure, it's unquestionable that he is the one in charge of the Garudas cooperating with Sagara and the Ananta clan, but that doesn't seem to be the case for the clan as a whole. It seems pretty clear that the one truly running the show is Akasha, the current NumberTwo. She's the mastermind of the plan to recover Yuta and Kalavinka from the human realm, which she managed to enforce despite opposition from other Garuda nastikas; it's also clear that Maruna was sent to help Sagara at her behest. And as soon as Samphati shows up in Willarv, what happens? She flat-out ignores Maruna in regards to Yuta and goes after him anyway, as she had agreed with her mother previously. Besides, in season three, [[spoiler:one of the reasons for Maruna to chose to use the Eye of Perishment is because she was the one that gave it to him]]. Considering that he's only a rakshasa and that the sura clans are not hereditary monarchies, it would make much more sense for his power to be inferior to hers, Garuda's son or not.²* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: He really cannot tolerate (or understand) Gandharva's behaviour most of the time, but he's as protective of him as he is towards his other loved ones, and as much as he looks down on Gandharva's [[spoiler:false life as a Half]], he still goes out of his way to help Gandharva maintain the masquerade.²* BerserkButton: Don't insult Gandharva. He's broken jaws and then some for calling Gandharva's eye stupid.²* BigBrotherInstinct: He went through TrainingFromHell so he could retrieve his younger siblings safety. That doesn't mean he's unwilling to harm them if that's what it takes to bring them back to the sura realm.²* BloodKnight: Averted, surprisingly. With his [[NobleBirdOfPrey behavior]] and [[BlueAndOrangeMorality moral beliefs]], one would expect Maruna to enjoy the thrill of the battle. He does not; in fact, whenever he displays any sort of emotion towards fighting and killing, it is, almost always, a desire to fulfill his duty.²* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Very, very much on display. From seeing nothing wrong with destroying an entire human-held planet (because they're only human, duh), attempting to decimate another, eating Sura allies (non-mission-critical ones) when he needs a boost, going out of his way for others he finds enjoyable to be around, having a rigid honour system he sticks to... Maruna displays every Sura trait Yuta has ever described.²* CantKillYouStillNeedYou: His dynamic with Kasak in a nutshell: as the half-dragon may have information regarding Kalavinka, he cannot bring himself to kill him, despite how much of a nuisance Kasak becomes - which, as Samphati points out, is a mistake from their plan's point of view.²* ChildhoodFriends: Since he grew up with the Gandharva clan, he and Shakuntala became this, much to [[OverprotectiveDad Gandharva's]] chagrin.²* TheComicallySerious: Him with Kaz's cat is a sight to behold. Especially when, after Maruna's dramatic monologue about survival of the fittest, it just... pees next to him. Because it's a cat.²* ConflictingLoyalty: As Gandharva points out, this is why Maruna can't be AFriendInNeed for him. If forced to choose between him and Kubera (or rather, his siblings), Gandharva knows Maruna won't choose him.²* [[CoolBigSis Cool Big Bro]]: If flashbacks are anything to go by, he was a literal example of this to his younger siblings. However, as of the present time, this gets increasingly subverted in his interactions with Yuta: their clashing loyalties and worldviews mean they end up opposing each other more and more as time goes on, and Maruna's view of Yuta takes several blows as time goes by.²* DeadpanSnarker: He can have a rather sardonic tongue, though it mostly comes out around people he doesn't care for (namely, Sagara and her merry band).²* DealWithTheDevil: [[spoiler:Despite Gandharva's best attempts to dissuade him as no good can come out of using Kali's item, Maruna's determined to use the Pledge Token to reach fifth stage and save his clan.]]²* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: He's not evil per se, merely antagonistic, but he loves his younger siblings dearly and clearly worries about Gandharva.²* EveryoneHasStandards: He's visibly enraged by slavers and considers them to be filth. He also doesn't feel comfortable with harming suras of allied clans, even if they are half-human; however, he's also willing to do so if it is truly necessary.²* EnemyMine: He's in things to protect his clan, and thus will work with any side that furthers said goal.²** He's only working with Sagara as part of a deal to find his siblings. Otherwise, they're [=enemies/prey=]. Actually, he treats the lower-level Ananta suras as prey even as he works with them.²** When he needs Kaz's goodwill (and, by association, the gods'), combined with the fact that the Ananta clan had left Samphati to die previously, he turns to working with the humans instead. He's by no means had a change of heart, but he's willing to put aside his prejudice for pragmatic purposes.²* FantasticRacism: He looks down on humans, but views Halfs like sura.²* {{Foil}}: To Shakuntala. See her entry. ²** Also to Gandharva. Where Gandarva appears relatively gentle but is heavily flawed, is intrigued by humanity, wants nothing to do with his clan by Season 3, and is severely depressed, Maruna is antagonistic but surprisingly noble, looks down on humans, is fiercely loyal to his people no matter the personal cost, and can't understand Gandharva's lack of motivation.²** To Shess as well. See his entry.²* AFriendInNeed: When Gandharva's on the brink of a DespairEventHorizon, Maruna tries to bring him back by assuring he's still there for him. Unfortunately, it doesn't stick as Maruna has no idea why Gandharva's acting this way, and because circumstances may turn them into enemies.²* ImpliedDeathThreat: Likes to give these.²** When he demands to know why Gandharva's in Kalibloom:²--->'''Maruna:''' Answer me quickly, Cloche. I'm hungry.²** As he tells a captive Elwin, he dislikes killing Halfs of allied clans... but that if it comes down to it, he's willing to go against his morals for the sake of a greater good.²** When Hura is needling him a bit too hard about the Garuda clan's secrets, Maruna pauses, and then [[TranquilFury calmly informs Hura that he'll tell the others it was the humans who killed him]].²* JerkassHasAPoint: While his treatment of Yuta may seem horrific at first glance, there's more to it than simply Maruna's "suraness". The Garuda clan has been stated several times to be near extinction. It's understandable that Maruna wouldn't accept a "no" from Yuta when it comes to returning to their peers, if Yuta is the key to saving the clan. It could involve Yuta's death, no doubt, and it was very jerkish of him to never even imply to his brother that he could be in danger from his own clanmates. But who can say that Maruna ''could'' tell Yuta all about them? We've seen several instances of Maruna finding evidence of Yuta having betrayed his trust. [[note]]In chapter 2-103/205, we see a flashback of Maruna learning about the fact that "Jatayu" is not Yuta's true name - not through Yuta himself, but through Akasha. Not to mention the fact that Yuta openly chose Leez over him when he was forced to make the choice. As far as Maruna knows, Yuta feels no concern at all about the Garuda clan's circumstances, and given what we know about Maruna's opinions on loyalty, it seems pretty obvious that he wouldn't take it nicely. His disappointment with Gandharva in season three is there to show what he thinks about suras that abandon their clans.[[/note]] Finally, he never told Yuta anything about Samphati, but why would he? Clan loyalty aside, the Garudas' circumstances are so dire that losing her would be a huge blow to them. And Yuta has a Taraka half that Maruna knows little about. There was no way he could be sure that Yuta wouldn't be capable of seriously incapacitating - or maybe outright killing - her.²* KnownOnlyByTheirNickname: "Maruna" isn't his real name.²* LightIsNotGood: His color palette is on the lighter side, and even his attributes (Sky, Fire and Light itself) have light associations. To say he is evil or good would be incorrect; Maruna is a [[BlueAndOrangeMorality sura]].²* NobleDemon: As long as he's dealing with Halfs or other Sura, at least. He went out of his way to keep Kasak's daughter safe while fighting him (even when ''Kasak'' didn't seem to care), and tried to treat Elwin well despite holding her as a hostage.²** Notably, he doesn't kill for no reason. He derives no pleasure from the act of killing and only does so for food or some nebulous purpose.²* TheNoseKnows: How did he know that Ananta suras had been called through the gate?²-->'''Maruna''': I smell the scent of prey.²* NoSympathy: While Maruna's strict adherence to his beliefs can make him more noble than some other suras, it also means that he has little empathy to offer if your plight falls outside of his worldview.²** He cannot understand at all why Yuta is conflicted between him and Leez--a mere human who tried to kill him. When Yuta asks him to see things from her perspective, Maruna tells him they should not be in the habit of trying to understand humans' feelings.²** Though his criticisms of Gandharva in Season 3 are certainly valid, they also disregard the TraumaCongaLine Gandharva's been through. To be fair, Maruna doesn't really know the details, but he also doesn't seem to particularly care.²** When Kaz (whether genuinely or faking it) seems shaken after [[spoiler:Brilith nearly kills him while trying to get at Maruna]], Maruna simply thinks that Kaz should've expected it, given that Kaz is only the backup Priest and therefore expendable.²* NotSoAboveItAll: He hates anything to do with humans, but can't help but be intrigued by the tablet that allows Shess to talk... and on the childish end of this trope, he huffs and denies said interest when Shess reminds him that he's too proud to use human devices. As Shess notes, he's still a child.²* NotSoDifferent: As Maruna acknowledges, he's ultimately in no position to judge Gandharva for losing sight of reason when it comes to family, given what he's willing to do for his own.²* NotSoStoic: He drops his cold attitude in front of his siblings and (to a lesser extent) Gandharva.²* OlderThanTheyLook: Even by sura standards. He developed especially slowly, with the younger Shakuntala consistently reaching the next stage before him. Even Kalavinka--his ''little'' sister--developed to third stage first, meaning at one point he would've been her LittleBigBrother.²* PetTheDog: He saved Elwin from becoming Upani food even after the sura had gotten what they wanted by catching her.²* PlotRelevantAgeUp: [[spoiler:In Season 3, he develops to fifth stage.]]²* {{Pride}}: Even more so than Gandharva, whom he actually chides for not being proud ''enough''. His FantasticRacism means he refuses to use any kind of human creation ([[PetTheDog aside from the gloves Gandharva gifts him]]) and is utterly baffled by [[TokenHeroicOrc Yuta and Shess's willingness to empathize with humans aka lower life forms]]. Even that aside, it's telling that Maruna's trigger to develop to his third stage (and possibly fourth stage as well) was ''humiliation''.²* PunchClockVillain: He takes no pleasure in killing and only does so because he has to. Deconstructed, however, in that this by no means makes his actions more palatable, nor does it ease the suffering he caused; the fact that Maruna felt no enjoyment while executing the red sky attacks does not mean ''at all'' that he is blameless.²* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Gives a few of these to Gandharva in Season 3, disappointed by Gandharva's implicit decision to abandon his clan.²* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: He's somewhere over 1000.²* RedOniBlueOni: The Red (the more emotional of the two, not that this is hard in this case) to Samphati's (completely uncaring) Blue.²* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: The Manly Man to Gandharva's Sensitive Guy, but downplayed. While Gandharva is emotional, driven by his fatherly instincts and capable of sympathizing with (very few) humans, Maruna is stoic, motivated by loyalty towards his clan, and sees humans as being below ants. Deconstructed in that their differing personalities and honor codes often lead them to clash, puts a damper on their teamwork, and ultimately leads to Maruna losing most of the respect he had for Gandharva, who himself decides to throw Maruna under the bus to gain some points in Kalibloom.²* SkilledButNaive: Mildly. While very strong for a rakshasa, he's still fairly young (by sura standards) and one of the more straightforward characters around, and therefore doesn't always grasp complexities well. He's LockedOutOfTheLoop at the start of Season 2, Gandharva and Shess both view him as still a child, and for all of Maruna's confidence, [[ObfuscatingStupidity Kaz]] plays him like a fiddle.²* TheStoic: He's very reserved, though as Gandharva notes, he does [[NotSoStoic have a playful side]]. The more we see of Maruna, the easier it becomes to see that this is not the whole truth about him; season three in special does an spetacular job in making him show emotion.²* StrongFamilyResemblance: Implied to have this with Garuda. In chapter 1-42/43, during a talk with Sagara, Maruna quotes something his father used to say about the Asuras and the Anantas, and a flashback shows an standing Garuda next to the current Maruna. Not long afterwards, Sagara makes the following comment: "They look so damn alike. It's confusing." Given the sort of relationship male suras tend to have with their fathers (especially if they don't take after their mothers), this would explain some of Maruna's comments that seem to indicate a bad relationship between the two. ²* SuperPersistentPredator: Towards Pingara, apparently. Maruna tried to eat them several times in the past, but never managed to because of their escape-focused transcendentals. One would think that Maruna would give up after a few attempts, but apparently not.²* UndyingLoyalty: Towards his clan, and also to his family. Which proves to be a problem for him, as he finds himself thorn between the two: Yuta doesn't want to go back to the sura realm, but the Garuda clan desperately needs him there to wake up their king. [[spoiler:Maruna choses his clan]].²* VillainousFriendship: With Gandharva, though it gets increasingly strained as time goes on when Gandharva starts subverting the "villainous" part. Still, even at their worst, [[AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther they show consideration for one another]].²* WarriorPrince: As a sura he had no option but to be this. Being Garuda's son doesn't exempt him from fighting.²* WhamLine: He drops one in Season 3, when [[spoiler:Samphati expresses concern for whatever wish he made on Kali's item to develop]], disproving the assumption the audience had been led to make:²-->'''Maruna:''' [[spoiler:I didn't make a wish. I didn't use an item to develop.]]²* YouAreInCommandNow: Given how similar they are, he ended up as the de facto leader of his clan after his father fell into a coma.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Jatayu]]²!!Jatayu[=/=]Yuta²!!!Rakshasa, Clan Attributes: Chaos + Sky, Hereditary Attributes: Light + Unknown²The middle child of Garuda.²----²For more information, see his entry under "Taraka Clan."²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Kalavinka]]²!!Kalavinka²!!!Rakshasa, Hereditary Attributes: Light + Fire²[[quoteright:200:]]²²The youngest child of Garuda, and Maruna and Yuta's younger sister. When the three siblings split up, she went with Visnu to Willarv.²----²* ChekhovMIA: Her whereabouts are one of the mysteries of the series.²* KnownOnlyByTheirNickname: "Kalavinka" isn't her real name.²* LongLostRelative: Neither Maruna nor Yuta have seen her since they split up. [[spoiler:According to Taraka, she's somewhere in the human realm.]]²* StatuesqueStunner: Tall? Check- it's even noted by the author that she has always been tall for her age. Attractive? Well, the higher-ranked a sura is, [[InhumanlyBeautifulRace the more beautiful they are.]] Kalavinka is a rakshasa, the second-highest rank. The beauty of a sura also increases from stage to stage (excluding nastikas, as they are born fully grown), so there's no harm in concluding that Kalavinka is likely beautiful.²* YoungerThanTheyLook: The author actually addressed that Kalavinka has always been tall for her age. When we see her in Kasak's flashback, she's still third stage, despite some mistaking her for being in fourth stage.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Samphati]]²!!Samphati²!!!Rakshasa, Hereditary Attributes: Light + Darkness²[[quoteright:200:]]²²An emotionless 5th stage Rakshasa, who seeks revenge for her sister's death. Currently aiding the Ananta Clan to achieve her goal.²----²²* BestServedCold: She waited ''300 years'' for her chance. [[spoiler:And it was denied her]].²* BrokenBird: Her sister's death absolutely destroyed her. Yes, she lost her emotions as a result of using the Pledge Token, but she had to decide to use first. And it's not like the effects of it are a surprise either - everyone knows that things connected to Kali are not good. Samphati pretty much gave up on herself after Jatayu died.²* TheBully: A weird, downplayed example of this towards the Ananta clan. She's surprisingly respectful towards Sagara, even bowing to her when they first meet - most of ''Sagara's clan members'' don't have this much respect for her, and Samphati comes from an enemy clan. On the other hand, she treats the Ananta rakshasas following Sagara like dirt, going out of her way to rub their uselessness and her power in their face, aware that, since she's a 5th stage rakshasa and necessary to the plan, they can't do anything to her. It's brief, but she did it for no reason other than she could. And it hit them. Hard.²* DealWithTheDevil: She used the Pledge Token, a God-Level Item created by [[MadGod Kali]], to facilitate her early development to 5th stage.²* EmotionlessGirl: Her abrupt development to 5th stage left her mostly emotionless.²* EmotionsVsStoicism: Her dynamic with Maruna presents an interesting case of this. Samphati's use of the Eye of Perishment made her emotions so numb that her own mother recognizes that she barely has any personality left. Maruna himself is not exactly open to expressing his feelings, either; however, when put together, both of them represent the two sides of this trope. Maruna is driven by his loyalty to his family: he refuses to kill Kasak because he could know about Kalavinka's whereabouts, despite the fact that the half-dragon is a ''major'' obstacle to their plans. Samphati, on the other hand, is cold, uncaring and unemotional. However, they also invert this: despite loving his siblings, Maruna puts his clan before them, and thus is willing to temporarily maim [[spoiler:Yuta]] if that's what it takes for him to go to the sura realm. Samphati, on the other hand, only lost her emotions because of a burning desire for revenge, and is willing to sacrifice the chance of her king ever waking up to get it - and she's fully aware of how bad is the situation of the clan ever since Garuda went comatose.²* FlowerInHerHair: Pink flowers with feathers. The feathers belonged to her sister.²* HumanoidAbomination: Her sura form is a gigantic WingedHumanoid. She's so big, Kasak looks like a small lizard on her forearm.²* IceQueen: Very much so, and not of the [[DefrostingIceQueen defrosting]] kind.²* ItsPersonal: Boy howdy, yes. She ''hates'' her sister's killer with a passion that not even the victim's own mother (Akasha) matches. It wouldn't be too farfetched to say that hate has driven her crazy - and, if she's not nuts yet, she's well on the path to be. As Akasha herself states, Samphati's hatred for the killer is the last thing holding the little pieces of personality she still has together.²* NervesOfSteel: Seems so at first; it's only when Kasak [[spoiler:opens the Crescent Gate that this is averted]].²* OhCrap: When [[spoiler:Kasak opens the Crescent Gate during their battle, Samphati is visibly scared.]]²* PerpetualFrowner: She hardly ever shows anything other than a bland face. Even when she smiles, it's not openly.²* TheQuietOne: Not very talkative. One flashback even has Maruna wondering about it, and trying (and failing) to break the ice.²* RedOniBlueOni: Her relationship with Maruna may be seen this way, with Samphati being the unemotional Blue to Maruna's (relatively more) caring Red.²* {{Revenge}}: Seeks to avenge her dead sister.²* RevengeBeforeReason: When her mother tries to talk her into finding the true culprit behind [[spoiler:her sister's]] death, she mindlessly repeats that it was [[spoiler:Yuta]]'s fault and no one else's.²* RevengeByProxy: She plans to kill [[spoiler:Leez to make Yuta suffer]].²* SanitySlippage: Shows signs of this, most notably when Akasha tries to discuss Jatayu's death with her; Samphati ''refuses'' to accept that [[spoiler:someone other than Yuta]] (most likely a nastika) might be involved in it, as it would make impossible for her to get the revenge she so desperately wants (or, one might even say, needs). There's more than a little indication of her having gone off the deep end in that scene.²* SelectiveObliviousness: Akasha tried to argue with her several times about Yuta's culpability in [[spoiler:Jatayu's]] death - not that he was blameless, but that ''someone else'' also had a part in it. Said someone, however, is most likely a nastika. [[spoiler:As Samphati herself admits]] in episode 3-135/420, her revenge-driven mind refused to believe this and blamed it all on Yuta because she would never be able to get her vengeance on a nastika. [[spoiler:She's now freed of it.]]²* ShamelessFanserviceGirl: Her sura form is a giant winged humanoid that's naked save for the chest.²* StatuesqueStunner: Shorter than most examples, but Samphati is 178 cm tall. That's 1 cm taller than Maruna.²* ATasteOfTheirOwnMedicine: What she intends to inflict on [[spoiler:Yuta]]. He killed someone dear to her, she'll kill someone dear to him - that's right, poor [[spoiler:Leez]] got another target on her back.²* TookALevelInKindness: Or lost a level in jerkass, more accurately. In season three, [[spoiler:after returning as a Taraka]], Samphati reveals that she no longer feels so [[spoiler:compelled to avenge Jatayu, or, at least, not so obsessed with killing Yuta. She believes that this is because the Tarakas are naturally resistant towards harming their king]]. For the most part, she seems to have been freed from the mental symptons of the Eye of Perishment, even arguing with Maruna that they should make the survival of their clan their utmost priority. [[spoiler:Of course, she believes that the way to save them is by bringing back Ananta so he can get rid of the Tarakas]], but Samphati does seem easier to reason with [[spoiler:after escaping the Taraka neural network]]. Only time may tell if she truly recovered a wider emotional spectrum.²* TrainingFromHell: Inflicts one on poor Maruna. He later thinks that, in comparison, training under Gandharva was like heaven.²* UncannyValleyGirl: She looks like a beautiful woman, but her mind is eerily off kilter, and she seems to barely think beyond her obsession with making [[spoiler:her sister's killer]] suffer.²* UnknownRival: Yuta didn't even know she existed when she showed up near Rindhallow. Deconstructed in that this left him completely vulnerable to her attacks, as he had no clue about ''anything'' related to her.²* WingedHumanoid: Her sura form.²* YinYangBomb: Just like with Cloche, downplayed in the sense that her hereditary attributes are Light and Darkness.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Akasha]]²!!Akasha²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Unknown²[[quoteright:200:]]²²A Garuda Nastika who's currently the second strongest of her Clan. Samphati's mother.²----²* ActionMom: She's one of the strongest remaining Garuda nastika and Samphati's mother.²* FacialMarkings: Her eyes have vein-like markings around them.²* {{Foil}}: To Makara. See his entry.²* HadToBeSharp: According to Samphati and Maruna, this was a creed of hers that she imparted onto them: in a society with a strict power hierarchy, suras cannot afford compassion.²* HairDecorations: Wears many golden decorations with red jewels.²* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Samphati implies that Akasha died protecting her, leading her to question exactly who the Akasha Maruna supposedly met was.]]²* InTheHood: Just like her {{Foil}}. Akasha wears a white cloak, covering her eyes.²* LastOfHisKind: Downplayed. In season three, [[spoiler:she's briefly seen when Maruna crosses the portal to the sura realm. Then, she reveals to him that during the seven year timeskip, the Garuda clan suffered heavy casualties at the hands of the attacking Taraka clan, and that she's the last Garuda nastika in fighting shape.]] It's not known exactly if she is the last [[spoiler:Garuda nastika]] or if the others are just unable to fight.²* MouthOfSauron: Of the Garuda clan as a whole, as she's the sole Garuda nastika seen in the present timeline.²* NotSoWellIntentionedExtremist[=/=]WellIntentionedExtremist: Weeeeell... Akasha blurs the line. She's desperate to find Yuta and Kalavinka, as one of them is - she hopes - the key to wake Garuda up from his comatose state. If simply bringing them to the sura realm doesn't work, however, she's perfectly willing to kill them - a plan most Garuda nastikas are not fine with. But, well, given the awful situation of the clan, can you really blame her for taking drastic measures to wake up its most powerful nastika? She's only thinking of helping her people. ''However'', Sagara implies that one of the reasons Akasha agreed to an alliance with her was to learn her "trick" to become king. So there's that. And Samphati's words in a flashback support this too. Given the mechanics of the Power of the Name, there is a chance Garuda will die if his name-holder kick the bucket - something that didn't bother Samphati ''at all'' when trying to kill one of the two possible candidates (and the only one whose location was known). So, yeah, until we see more of Akasha herself, it's hard to say.²* TheRemnant: [[spoiler:The last Garuda nastika who can still put up a fight against the Tarakas.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Jatayu]]²!!Jatayu²!!!Rakshasa, Hereditary Attributes: Unknown²²A Garuda Rakshasa who died many years ago. Yuta's friend, Samphati's sister, and Akasha's daughter.²----²* CuteLittleFangs: They look slightly more vicious than the usual fair, but she's still very cute.²* EatenAlive: Considering [[spoiler:Yuta's]] dining habits and that she's confirmed to have been eaten, this is likely how she died.²* OnlyFriend: She was likely Yuta's very first friend.²* PosthumousCharacter: She died long before the narrative picked up, but has a large impact on the storyline.²* UnwittingPawn: Akasha believes she was this. How could a young rakshasa like Jatayu he able to survive alone in the sura realm, let alone in Taraka territory, every time she went to play with Yuta? She believes that someone, probably a nastika, deliberately cleared the way for her to reach Yuta, probably so he could [[spoiler:eat]] her.²[[/folder]]²²!!Kinnara Clan²!!!Clan Attribute: Wind²[[folder:The Kinnara Clan in General]]²* BlowYouAway: Their element.²* EnemyMine: Briefly allied with the gods in season three in an emergencial status to keep the Tarakas at bay. It seems Vayu, the God of Wind, helped them by creating an environment more suited to their needs. [[spoiler:Later developments imply this alliance doesn't stand anymore.]]²* GoodIsNotDumb: Being unwilling to bother humans and other suras just for kicks on the most part, the Kinnaras are the closest the sura realm has to outright good. However, like Shess himself states, that doesn't mean they have to take shit from anyone.²* LittleBitBeastly: They take after horned/hooved animals.²* MartialPacifist: As a neutral clan, the Kinnaras don't have feuds with anyone, and are often sought after by other clans in times of need. That doesn't mean they don't know how to defend themselves, or that they won't if they feel necessary.²* NeutralNoLonger: Seems to be the case in season three, as Chatan was a Kinnara rakshasa sent to help Sagara with her plans. This should tell you how dire is the situation in the sura realm.²* StatusQuoIsGod: Shess makes it understood that the Kinnara clan strives to keep balance between factions, which often means interfering in conflicts that are too one-sided to cooperate with the losing side.²* TeamSwitzerland: Once their alliance with the Vritra clan ended, they decided to withdraw from the other clans entirely and rarely get involved in others' conflicts. This seems to extend to their relationship with humans as well; out of all the clans, Leez notes she's never seen a Kinnara sura, implying that they're rare.²* TokenHeroicOrc: They, the Vritra clan, and the Yaksha clan were the only ones not to retaliate against humans during the fiend magic incidents. Thanks to that, the gods come to their aid when the Taraka clan becomes a threat.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Kinnara[=/=]Airavata]]²!!Kinnara[=/=]Airavata²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Unknown²²First and current king of the clan. She obtained her current name of Airavata under certain circumstances.²----²* AbusiveParents: She was one to Shess, going by flashbacks. Recent memories of Leny's indicate that she hasn't gotten any better, either. As she herself puts it to Leny in chapter 3-114/399:²-->'''Kinnara/Airavata''': I have countless children. Why should I care about the hopes of one?²* ActionMom: She's Shess's mother and powerful enough that (albeit thanks to elemental advantage) she can consistently beat [[WorldsStrongestMan Taksaka]].²* BitchInSheepsClothing: She puts up a kind face around other suras, as noted by Leny, and in ''the finite'', Hanuman, after praising Shess for his niceness, says that Shess takes after Airavata. It could very well be sincere, but even if you disregard her being an AbusiveParent, the way she treats Leny in private makes it clear she's far more cold-hearted than her son. [[spoiler:It's possible that some of her niceness is not hers actually, but inherited from the original Airavata]].²* ChekhovMIA: Of sorts. As far as the reader could tell, Airavata has been the acting leader of the clan for a long time and yet Kinnara, who's never mentioned until the reveal (aside from in ''Literature/TheFinite''), is noted to be alive [[AllThereInTheManual according to the author]]. Thus, it's clear that ''something'' is going on with the clan's nastika.²* EvilFormerFriend: She considers [[spoiler:the original Airavata]] to be one to her, given that they used to have a good relationship before Shess was born. However, given that she [[spoiler:killed Airavata and stole her name]], it can be argued that ''she'' was the one filling this role at the end.²* TheGhost: She's mentioned a few times early on, but doesn't start making appearances until Season 3.²* HeartbrokenBadass: She wanted to believe that, even after losing his emotions, Vritra would still love her. Unfortunately for her, that didn't turn out to be the case.²* HypercompetentSidekick: Lover, actually, but she's the one who finds Vritra's cue cards for him when he's trying to make a speech.²* InsaneTrollLogic: Oh no! Her NumberTwo gets so embittered towards her that she leaves the clan with a faction of her own and takes the king's badly abused son along? The kid must be to blame. ²* JerkAss: Let's see, abusing Shess so badly he ran away from her? Telling Leny to die to for him? [[spoiler:Killing a very dear person to him ''right in front of his eyes''? Taking her form to ''abuse him further''?]] [[SarcasmMode By no means, she's a sweetheart]]. ²* LethalChef: Implied. She gives candy to Ananta that he offers to his clanmates... but they're all wary when they hear it's from Kinnnara. (And make a face while eating it.)²* OnlyFriend: To Taksaka, alongside Vasuki. The two of them are stated to be the only ones who would care to avenge him if he ever died.²* VitriolicBestBuds: It's suggested she and Taksaka fight often. And due to her attributes [[spoiler:that she stole from the original Airavata alongside her name]], she wins whenever things get physical.²* TheWomanWearingTheQueenlyMask: What Yaksha advised her to be. After Vritra dumped her, she got terribly saddened and went to him for consolation; he gave it, but also told her to be careful with her feelings, as it would affect the whole clan. Besides, the Kinnara clan was now completely lacking in allies, and thus vulnerable; as ruler, Kinnara should neglect her own pain to not cause her clanmates any.²* WouldHurtAChild: As she implies to a very young Leny, there's nothing stopping her from killing the half whenever she wants, as not even Shess would dare to defy her. The only reason she's keeping Leny alive is because she hopes [[spoiler:she will be the key to Shess' development into 5th stage]] - in other words, because she's waiting for the right moment for Leny to die.²* WorldsMostBeautifulWoman: Of the three great beauties among the sura, alongside Shuri and Urvasi.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Airavata]]²!!Airavata²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Fire²²The NumberTwo Nastika of the Kinnara clan.²----²* BadassAndChildDuo: Used to have this dynamic with Shess, being the badass.²* DiedInYourArmsTonight: [[spoiler:In Shess's]], which triggered the development to his current stage.²* TheGadfly: That, or Agni just made an unusually good target.²* MamaBear: Towards Shess. She was a better parent to him than his ''actual'' mother.²* NiceGirl: Yes, very much. She took Shess in to protect him from his mother's abuse, and agreed to help humanity [[spoiler:in creating a defense system against hostile nastikas]]. If only her kind were the same...²* PlayingWithFire: Her attribute, which she seemed to favour in battle. Her Wind + Fire combination allowed her to, as Menaka stated, "beat dragons with her bare hands". [[spoiler:It's in fact ''her'' strengths that allow the current Kinnara/Airavata to do the same]].²* {{Retgone}}: [[spoiler:Brahma wrote her out of people's memories after Kinnara took her Name.]]²* SorryThatImDying: [[spoiler:Her last words were apologizing to Shess for leaving him all alone.]]²* WalkingSpoiler: There's initially no reason to think there was another Airavata at all.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Shess]]²!!Shess²!!!Rakshasa, Hereditary Attributes: Light + Unknown²[[quoteright:229:]]²²The son of Airavata, a Nastika of the Kinnara Clan. He was born shortly after the universe was created, making him the oldest 4th stage Rakshasa alive. Due to circumstances, he hasn't been able to reach 5th stage.²----²* BadassAndChildDuo: With Leny. He may not seems much of a badass on first glance, but he is one. In the past, he used to be the child to [[spoiler:the original Airavata's]] badass.²* BewareTheNiceOnes: Very polite and calm, and would rather avoid killing... but he also makes it clear that really, he's doing ''you'' a favour by acting peacefully, so don't push him.²* BrutalHonesty: As far as suras go, Shess is one of the nicest you'll meet. With that said, he has no qualms about calling people out on their bullshit.²* EstablishingCharacterMoment: In his proper debut, he calmly tells (a very moody) Gandharva that he doesn't care what Gandharva thinks of him, but asks that if he wants to discuss something, then if he could do so with more cordiality. [[BewareTheNiceOnes After all, the Kinnara clan may be neutral, but that doesn't mean they're obliged to welcome hostility.]]²* {{Foil}}: To Maruna, as becomes evident whenever they interact. Though both are in similar positions as prominent fourth stage rakshasas, their views on the world (in particular, humans) couldn't be more different. And though, strictly speaking, mental and physical age correspond to stage, Shess's millions of years of experience over Maruna are ''very'' apparent when it comes to maturity levels, no matter how adult Maruna pretends he is.²* FriendToAllChildren: Helped look after/played with both Kasak and Agwen during their respective childhoods, has adopted Leny, and goes out of his way to rescue Ran's sons when they're swept out to sea.²* HealingHands: He's able to transfer his vigour, which essentially heals when it comes to beings with less vigour (i.e. humans).²* HeroicNeutral: Technically, as per his clan's way, he's neutral. While many of his actions are meant to help Sagara and co. (given his ideology of helping the weak and Sagara's status as a VillainousUnderdog, and his mother's secret orders to be on God Kubera's "side"), he also likes humans, is well-liked in return, works towards a greater good, and all in all tends to act as the universe's errand boy, even if not always happily.²* HolyHandGrenade: At the start of Season 3, he blows up a group of sura with a presumably light-aligned transcendental (given that it's one of his known attributes).²* HornedHumanoid: He has a pair of dark horns poking out of his hair.²* MartialPacifist: When he can, he'll settle things with words first, a fight second. If you've reached the latter step, you're about to get your ass kicked.²* NervesOfSteel: As Agni notes, Shess seems to have a stronger mind than even most gods and nastika. [[spoiler:Thus, that Shess falls to Frozen Tears as easily as he does is a sign that something fishy is going on.]]²* NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished: When he and Agni swapped favours, the one Shess was meant to do increased exponentially, and yet Shess agreed to carry it out (what he wanted from Agni wasn't even for himself!). In return, [[spoiler:he gets MindRaped and ends up BrainwashedAndCrazy thanks to a mixture of Frozen Tears and Taraka]].²** His whole damn life, actually. he went along with [[spoiler:the original Airavata]] to test weaponry that would allow [[spoiler:the original humans]] to defend themselves against even [[spoiler:nastikas]]. What did he got out of it, you ask? Getting abused by his mother for the rest of his long-as-fuck life after seeing her kill the person he loved the most, as punishment for the crime of running away from her abuse. Oh, and she likes to torment him further by [[spoiler:''taking said person's appearance'']] while she does it.²* OlderThanTheyLook: Aside from [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld standard sura fare]], he was this in the past. During his third stage, he was still small and young-looking enough to easily be mistaken for a second stage rakshasa.²* PapaWolf: Towards Leny. [[spoiler:This puts everyone in an awkward position when she's the only one who can save him, but in a way that endangers her: they know that if Shess wakes up and she's dead, they're in trouble.]]²* ParentalSubstitute: To Leny, whose father was killed during the Cataclysm.²* PleaseDontLeaveMe: [[spoiler:Begged this of a dying Airavata, as she was the only person in the world who cared about him and he felt he hadn't repaid that debt to her.]]²* RealMenWearPink: Has pink hair and eyes, and wears pink clothes. And, love kids! Sura, half, quarter or human, Shess is a kid-magnet.²* SecretKeeper: PlayedForLaughs. Ran needs transportation to Kaliboom, thanks to a request from Chandra that he's not allowed to tell anyone else about, so...²-->'''Shess:''' [[DeadpanSnarker You think it's okay to tell a sura what you're not allowed to tell any other human?]]²* SeenItAll: Why he's unable to advance to his fifth stage. He needs an experience more intense than anything he's been through... which isn't easy when he's been alive for so long and gone through so much that almost nothing fazes him anymore.²* SuperSpeed: In sura form, he's as fast as some Garuda clan members, though not as fast as Maruna. Even in human form, he can run halfway across the planet and back within a single night.²* TimeAbyss: He was born near the beginning of the universe.²* TokenHeroicOrc: He and Yuta are the only suras whose presences on Willarv are sanctioned by the gods. He's not without shades of BlueAndOrangeMorality, but he's much better in this regard than Yuta.²* TookALevelInBadass: Nowadays, he's one of the strongest rakshasa around with NervesOfSteel and, according to Taksaka, famous for his combat skill. You'd never guess that he used to be a ShrinkingViolet, the weakest of his mother's children, and below average in general.²* TheUnfavorite: His mother's. She blames him for her loss of power following his birth, and was abusive enough towards him that he left her [[spoiler:to be with the original Airavata. After stealing her name, Kinnara even used the original Airavata's appearance to torment him]]. Poor Shess.²** It seems to be the other way around nowadays--he's noted to be "favoured" by Airavata. With that said, given the sort of parent she is, that doesn't necessarily mean what one thinks it would.²* WildCard: Thanks to his clan's well-known neutral stance. Neither side can count on him as an ally, but as he's not in the habit of screwing people over and is open about his motivations, they'll also rely on his help when he gives it. ²* WouldHurtAChild: When he interrupts Kasak and Maruna's fight, he mentions having beaten a young Kasak. Considering how nearly ''everyone'' save for the nastikas and the oldest gods are younger than him, this applies to most people.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Chatan]]²!!Chatan²!!!Rakshasa, Hereditary Attributes: Unknown²²A Kinnara rakshasa that debuts in season three.²----²* AnArmAndALeg: One of his arms is badly injured during the confrontation in Mistyshore.²* BadassAndChildDuo: Briefly pretends to be Sagara's older brother when she takes on a child form in Mistyshore.²* BadWithTheBone: His sura trait is something that looks a lot like a horned skull covering his head.²* BigBrotherBully: Somehow implied. [[spoiler:Chatan is, like Shess, one of Airavata's children.]] When Hura asked him if he worried about his brother, Chatan answered that he wished he would simply die.²* BodyHorror: Lorraine is certainly creative with ''Bhavati Brahma''.²* {{Jerkass}}: Not the nicest guy around, although his rudeness could simply be because he's focused on solving the matter at hand and has no time for pleasantries. That being said, his comment about his sibling imply he's like this in other situations as well.²* MasterOfIllusion: Seems to possess a transcendental that allows him to impose his will on other's minds. It seems, however, that the target retains a certain level of pre-existing personality.²* PsychoticSmirk: Briefly in chapter 3-139/424.²* StrongerSibling: [[spoiler:Shess's]], as he is a Fifth Stage rakshasa.²* StrongFamilyResemblance: Completely averted. Chatan and [[spoiler:Shess]] look absolutely nothing alike, which makes the revelation of the relationship between them surprising.²* UndyingLoyalty: Implied. He claims to hate Shess, [[spoiler:but leaves him alone because their mother is fond of him]]. It seems he joined Sagara's plot because she ordered him as well.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Leny]]²!!Leny²!!!Half, Hereditary Attributes: Earth + Water²[[quoteright:200:]]²²A Kinnara Half adopted by Shess.²----²* BadLiar: She quickly tries to backtrack on her comment about the sura realm being unpleasant, which Shess calls her on.²* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: Unusually for a half, she has purple hair and eyes.²* HalfHumanHybrid: Half Kinnara.²* HappilyAdopted: She's doesn't like the Sura realm very much, but she's happy under Shess's care.²* HornedHumanoid: She's depicted with short, blunt horns on the sides of her head in Season 3.²* InterspeciesAdoption: While not officially Shess's daughter--she's referred to as his follower instead--he's pretty much been raising her since the Cataclysm, despite the language barrier.²* IOweYouMyLife: Airavata invokes this for her, citing that because she'd be dead if it weren't for Shess, she must repay the favour. On Leny's end, she's willing to die to save Shess's life, but not so much for other purposes.²* AnOfferYouCantRefuse: [[spoiler:Undergo a suicidal task to save Shess, or Chandra will kill him because he's too much of a threat to leave BrainwashedAndCrazy.]] Chandra, when Laila said to get Leny's consent, ''guilt-tripping the little girl was not what she meant''.²* SatelliteCharacter: Both in-universe and out. She's an ordinary Half, and thus inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand, Shess is a fourth stage rakshasa, and one of the only ones who's willing to protect humanity to boot. Thus, Airavata and Chandra primarily view Leny as a potential key to trigger Shess's development to fifth stage, with the former explicitly telling her that to die for Shess is her sole purpose now.²[[/folder]]²²!!Vritra Clan²!!!Clan Attribute: Fire²[[folder:The Vritra Clan in General]]²* AmicableExes: A (sort of) platonic version with the Kinnara clan. While it's unknown how Kinnara feels about Vritra now, their clans still seem to be on good terms with each other even after the dissolution of their alliance, as they're seen cooperating in Season 3 and Airavata and Taksaka are still good friends.²* BrilliantButLazy: Individually, Vritras are in average the strongest suras. However, their emotionlessness makes them completely uninterested in nearly everything aside from sleeping. Most sura clans are in a constant battle for supremacy; the dragons couldn't care less.²* DyingRace: Vritras are considered to be this due to the fact that they cannot reproduce if not by fathering halfs, and most dragons have no interest whatsoever in having kids. They number the smallest of the eight sura clans. However, the fact that most Vritra nastikas are far stronger than the average of other clans makes up for their lack of numbers.²* {{Foil}}: To the Asura clan, just like their kings are this to each other. The average Asura is weaker than the average sura; the average Vritra is stronger than the average nastika. Due to their weakness, the Asuras tend to move in groups. The Vritra clan, on the other hand, scattered after they lost their emotions. The Asuras are [[ExplosiveBreeder Explosive Breeders]], while the Vritras can't have children between them, and may only enlarge their numbers by fathering halfs. Thus, the Asura clan is the largest of the eight, while the Vritra clan is the smallest of them. Even their animal motifs are contrasting. When you think of large, strong, powerful creatures, you think of dragons. When you think of small, numerous, weak creatures, you think of insects.²* InhumanlyBeautifulRace: Subverted, although it's true for most nastikas in other clans- making the Vritra clan the odd one of the bunch, as most of the nastikas in this clan are said to [[InformedDeformity have below average looks.]]²* IWorkAlone: Vritras only fight solo. In fact, they are a clan almost in name only, as they scattered after their emotions were lost and their king has zero interest in ruling them.²* TheNeedsOfTheMany: Why they took the deal that stripped them of their emotions and forced them all into their male form. Sure, it sucked for those who liked having feelings or preferred their female forms, but it was for the good of the clan as a whole. (That Utpala ''couldn't'' accept this marked her as unique.)²* OurDragonsAreDifferent: They are Sura and share most Sura abilities and attributes, including shapeshifting; in dragon form, they appear somewhere midway between Eastern and Western dragons.²* OneGenderRace: The power of the dragon's breath was balanced out by the unexplained but highly consistent deaths of any two dragons that fell in love. Due to that, the dragon clan was dying out very, very quickly at the beginning of the universe. Since the Primeval Gods didn't want the clan to go extinct, they agreed to fiddle with the laws of reality a bit. In exchange for dragon Halves having the full power of rakshasa, the clan all lost their female forms and became almost entirely emotionless.²* PlayingWithFire: Their clan attribute. Well, they ''are'' dragons.²* PowerAtAPrice[=/=]EquivalentExchange: At the beginning of the universe, the Vritra made a deal with Visnu. Because the dragons had such powerful breath weapons, they couldn't have children and would die if they tried. Visnu fixed this for them, but at a price: All the dragons had to become male permanently, and any Half that lives past a hundred years would have the power of a 5th stage Rakshasa. The catch here is that along with losing their gender-bender ability, the dragons also lost their emotions and thus no longer had much interest in expanding their dominance, preferring to sleep in their nests. Even worse is that the mothers of Halfs would have to lose eighty years of their life to give birth, deceasing the dragons' desire to have children even more.²* StarCrossedLovers: Whenever a couple of nastikas fell in love and got pregnant, both would die not long before the delivery. Due to this, most Vritras looked for lovers in other clans. Vritra and Kinnara are an example.²* TheStoic: In ''addition'' to being made a single-gender race, dragons were stripped of most of their emotions so they wouldn't reproduce. Some of them kept one emotion very strongly, though, like Taksaka's anger or Vritra's obsession with fighting Taksaka.²* TeamSwitzerland: They're not as explicitly neutral as the Kinnara clan, but they presumably have no alliances either (given their last one was said clan), prefer sleeping over conquering, and didn't take part in the fiendish magic incidents likely out of, again, laziness.²* WingedHumanoid: Kasak, Taksaka and Kadru have all been shown to have wings in human form.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Vritra]]²!!Vritra²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Unknown²²First and current king of the clan. Also the strongest being in the universe after Ananta's death.²----²* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Ananta is this to him. Even now that Ananta is ''dead'', Vritra's title is only "strongest in the world without Ananta."²* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: Vritra is easily distracted. In ''Literature/TheFinite'', he can't finish giving a speech without Kinnara's help.²* BloodKnight: To strip the dragons' of their emotions, Brahma created a spell that ended up being imperfect. Their emotions were numbed, except for the most proeminent one, that was strengthened instead. Vritra's sole remaining emotion in life is his love of ''fighting Taksaka''.²* BrilliantButLazy: Even by the standards of his clan. Vritra is ''the'' strongest being in the universe nowadays, but so lazy that Agni complains about how even Taksaka put more effort in their fights than Vritra does.[[note]]Which is saying a lot--Taksaka's strongest transcendentals require mutual killing intent to activate, which Agni lacks towards him, and so Taksaka doesn't bother to go all out against Agni either.[[/note]] Vritra literally just hands over his [[StoryBreakerPower strongest transcendental]] to Agni so that he'll leave him alone to sleep in peace.²* {{Foil}}: ²** To Agni. ²*** Both have a fire attribute, are counted among the oldest and most powerful of their species, are loners among their own kind (Agni for being too different, Vritra by choice), are at the opposite ends of the emotional spectrum when it comes to other members of their species. However, they are also at the opposite ends of the spectrum relatively to each other: Agni is the kindest and most compassionate of all gods, Vritra is the most unemotional of all suras. ²*** Both have a love-hate relationship with another wildly powerful nastika: Vritra's sole remaining emotion is his love for fighting Taksaka, Agni has a [[TragicBromance damn]] [[{{Foil}} complicated]] [[FriendlyEnemy relationship]] with Gandharva. ²*** Agni is a ObliviouslyBeautiful {{Hunk}}, Vritra, as a dragon, looks below average. ²*** Agni's nickname is [[{{Adorkable}} Babo]] [[ObfuscatingStupidity Kim]] and he plays it straight; Vritra is described as having an intimidating aura. ²*** Both refused to take part in [[spoiler:the extinction of the ancient human race]], although for very different reasons: Vritra couldn't be bothered to take part in it; Agni is, well, [[GodIsGood Agni]]. ²*** At some point, both fell deeply in love with someone who belonged to a group wildly different from theirs: Vritra loved Kinnara, king of the homonymous clan, and Agni loved [[spoiler:Brilith, an ancient human]]. Whereas Vritra let go of Kinnara, though, Agni has been unable to let go of his love.²** To Asura as well. See his entry.²* KarmaHoudini: To this day, Taksaka is still unaware that he, [[spoiler:and not Utpala, was the one that destroyed Ian's village while impersonating him]].²* ReluctantRuler: Vritra never liked to be king, and tried to find loopholes to pass Taksaka the throne on many occasions. Unlike Gandharva, however, he didn't suck at the job despite hating it, and always tried to do the best for his clan (such as sacrificing their female forms, even though his was stronger than his male form, because the opposite was true for most Vritras).²* SelfFulfillingProphecy: Knowing that dragons in love hide and avoid fighting, he did what he could to avoid Visnu's prophecy about Taksaka falling in love with a child of Utpala's line becoming reality, such as [[spoiler:destroying Ian's village]], which forced her to move to Mistyshore. Guess who she met there.²* StoryBreakerPower: [[spoiler:He has a transcendental that could kill any sura, no matter how powerful. Only Ananta was exempt, by virtue of being too large.]] However, he'd rather sleep than fight.²* WillfullyWeak: Even though he is the ''strongest person in the universe'', he was even stronger in his female form - enough to give [[WorldsStrongestMan Ananta]] a run for his money. He gave it up (agreeing for all dragons to be made male when it was necessary for them to become a OneGenderRace) because most other dragons are stronger in their male forms, so it was better that way for the clan as a whole.²* WorldsStrongestMan: Now that Ananta is dead, he's the strongest sura alive, and possibly the strongest ''being'' alive, too.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Taksaka]]²!!Taksaka²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Destruction²[[quoteright:244:]]²²The Destruction Dragon, second-in-command of the clan. Kasak's father and Agwen's grandfather. His only emotion is anger. He is one of the two protagonists of ''{{Literature/The Finite}}'', a side-novel.²----²* AbusiveParents: He was one to Kasak, who recalls being beat by him frequently.²* {{Adorkable}}: Though he has a long list of flaws, Ian finds Taksaka's [[NoSocialSkills clumsy nature]] to be endearing.²* AffectionateNickname: Tak, to the extent that ''only'' those closest to him are allowed to use it. If anyone else tries, they should expect to be dead very soon.²* AntiRegeneration: One of his transcendentals prevents everyone within a certain radius from healing. It's one of the powers Agni copied for his "to kill Gandharva, if needed" plan.²* BigBrotherInstinct: Towards Utpala, in the past (especially since she usually looked like a child). She approached him during the early days of the universe and monopolized his attention since.²* BullyingADragon: Literally! After Ian's death and Taksaka's return to the sura realm, Ravana got the great idea of mocking him over it. It went about as well one might expect.²* BystanderSyndrome: The Vritra clan was the only clan aside from the Gandharva clan who was in a position to lend aid to the Ananta clan when Ananta was in danger. They did send Taksaka... who was only there to watch the show.²* ConflictingLoyalty: He faces this in ''the finite'', upon realizing Utpala is likely responsible for Ian's DarkAndTroubledPast. To clear his name, he needs to give her the true culprit, but he can't just ask her to forgive them--at the same time Taksaka doesn't want to kill Utpala either. [[spoiler:Ultimately, when Utpala seemingly threatens Ian, he makes his decision.]]²* CrazyJealousGuy: He is VERY possessive of Ian and gets jealous of almost any guy near Ian - even his own son who was [[AbusiveParents endangered of getting killed]] almost everyday.²* DarkIsNotEvil: He's the '''Destruction''' Dragon, but as much as he's feared for his temper (and rightfully so), he's actually one of the better nastika to run into, if you must. Though Utpala ruined his reputation, he's rarely killed humans (no one who knows him believed that he wiped out Ian's village), and while not nearly as heroic as his son, he has some partiality towards humanity, having married one and left behind descendants.²* DealWithTheDevil: It's heavily implied that the price for him to be sent through [[spoiler:one of Taraka's portals]] is highly disadvantageous to him in some way - after all, as another nastika pointed out, [[spoiler:out of their kind, only Kadru had agreed to it before Taksaka]]. It's unclear whether that's because of the process itself or [[spoiler:because Yuta asked something else of him]]; it appears he believes in the latter at least a little bit [[spoiler:("How like Kali's son")]].²* DestructiveSavior: LikeFatherLikeSon. Chandra knows he can't afford to let Taksaka fight unsupervised, as he thinks nothing of the collateral damage he causes (and being what he is, that's a ''lot'' of potential damage).²* DisproportionateRetribution: [[spoiler: "If something happens to him, I'll blame you. I don't care if the universe is destroyed. None of it matters if my son dies."]]²* DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength: He accidentally breaks Ian's arm in one of their first encounters.²* TheDreaded: Kasak claims the only thing he fears is his father, aka Taksaka. Chandra tells him that's understandable. It should tell you quite enough about his reputation that Riagara simply mentioning the possibility of a connection between him and Kasak is enough to make several rakshasas give up on fighting the half.²* HappilyMarried: Despite all the obstacles, he ended up as this with Ian, even without his earrings.²* HiddenDepths: He's a good gardener. Of all things!²* HiddenHeartOfGold: The irony of his PapaWolf side is that no one ever bothered with using his loved ones as a hostage against him because they thought he wouldn't care.²* HowDoIShotWeb: How do I deal with emotions far stronger than what I'm used to? Visnu's earrings allow him to feel just like any other creature, which confuses the poor guy a lot. After all, even before Vritra sealed the deal with the primeval gods that stripped the dragons of their emotions, the clan as a whole was less emotional than others.²* HugeGuyTinyGirl: Ian's small, Taksaka is very much not. When he goes off to rescue Ian in adult form--which Ian has yet to see--Shess actually recommends he switches to a younger appearance, knowing Ian might be intimidated by the significant difference in stature.²* InnocentlyInsensitive: Thanks to his inclination towards BrutalHonesty. He doesn't mean anything by it when he tells Ian that her dreams are unrealistic (only afterwards does he realize why that upset her), and though telling Kasak, after Ian's death, that he still blames him comes off as rather cruel, Taksaka wasn't actually trying to rub it in--to him, it was merely a statement of how he felt. (And with the earrings off, Kasak didn't exactly care either way.)²* InterspeciesRomance: With Ian, a Quarter.²* LikesOlderWomen: Subverted. Ian is a myriad of years younger then Tak and he only [[SingleTargetSexuality has eyes for her]].²* [[LittleMissBadass Little Mister Badass]]: His preferred form is that of a young teenage boy.²* TheMentor: To Riagara who stayed in his nest. He taught her how to fight, and thus she moves more like a dragon than a snake.²* LoveAtFirstSight: He tells Ian that this was how it was when he confesses to her. It also shows in how, after meeting Ian in the sea, he immediately [[CrazyJealousGuy shows a possessive nature to her]] - making her stay by his side while he sleeps. He then let's her call him [[AffectionateNickname by his nickname]], starts [[StalkerWithACrush following her around afterwards]], and is already talking about the aspect of kids with her to Visnu shortly after he meets her.²->'''Tak''': Whether these are because of the earrings, or are my real feelings, it's just fooling around and passing time. Since the beginning, Halfs have been born between Dragon clan Nastika and humans, so in retrospect it isn't really surprising. There's no reason for me to be an exception.²->'''Visnu''': Oh? So Tak is thinking about Dragon Halfs now...²->'''Tak''' ''[angrily roars]'': What are you implying!?²* TheMindIsAPlaythingOfTheBody: Though physical age generally doesn't change mental age, Taksaka claims that the age he takes on appearance-wise influences his personality. Fittingly, as an adult, he's better at restraining his temper than he is in his child form.²* MistakenForGay: With Vasuki. See his section.²* MoralityPet: Deliberately invoked by Vasuki, who chose to live with him to try and control Taksaka's UnstoppableRage.²** Played straight with Ian Rajof, who calmed his anger and made him promise not to get into too many fights.²* NoSocialSkills: In ''the finite'', where he's not used to dealing with human society--or people in general when he has functioning emotions. Nard has his hands full with keeping Taksaka from accidentally breaking every law there is, and Ian, who thought he was some sort of WildChild at first, has to inform him that people don't usually appreciate surprise visits in the morning.²* PapaWolf: Believe it or not. In season three chapter 3-125/410, [[spoiler:he nearly flips out when he senses Taraka approaching Kasak (who was using his powers at the time) near Kalibloom. He even goes as far as to state that he doesn't care about the state of the universe if his son dies.]] One wonders if the two of them managed to fix things between them during the seven years Kasak spent living in the sura realm; [[spoiler:Taksaka was the first Vritra to agree to lend him his powers through his new earring, after all]].²** In a much more limited sense, it appears he also worries (at least a little bit) about Agwen's safety, as shown in chapter 3-132/417 [[spoiler:when he agrees to fight another Vritra nastika to protect the city of Atera where she is]]. If this is because of Kasak or out of concern for Agwen herself wasn't specified, but his speech about protecting humans regardless of how short-lived they are indicates the latter.²* PetTheDog: Despite being in an earring-less and pissed off state, when he takes off from a field and decimates the area (by virtue of being him), he leaves one spot untouched: where Shess is standing. Shess silently thanks him for this bit of consideration.²** An implied instance happened in chapter 3-143/428. Despite it being heavily implied that he did indeed see through Hura's concealment, he chose to ignore the rakshasas, including Riagara who lived on his nest during the early stages of her life.²* ThePromise: ²** When Utpala vowed that after the dragons lost their emotions, she'd do whatever it took to get his attention again, he promised that he'd forgive whatever she did. It didn't take long before he regretted that decision. [[spoiler:In the end, he broke it, though she was also counting on that.]]²** He made one with Ian--complete with removing his earrings to ensure full sincerity and writing it down--to look after both himself and Kasak after her death. Understandably, she was concerned about what would happen if she was no longer there to mediate. With that said, they actually seemed to get along ''better'' once she was gone (though possibly because of said promise).²* TheQuietOne: People notice when he says more than a few curt sentences at once, and it weirds Agni out how Kasak is so much more talkative in comparison (and mind you, Kasak's hardly a chatterbox himself).²* RedEyesTakeWarning: Taksaka isn't evil per se (he doesn't care enough for it), but he is in the universal top five in terms of strength, and has red eyes. Angering him is a ''bad'' idea - and an easy task, too.²* RejectionAffection: At first with Ian [[DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength for]] many [[InnocentlyInsensitive good]] [[CrazyJealousGuy reasons]]. It's even stated multiple times how lucky he is to be a relationship with someone like Ian given [[UnstoppableRage how he is]].²* TheResenter: Hated Kasak both for costing Ian 80 years of her life and for getting her attention after being born. They've reconciled somewhat, as Taksaka would occasionally visit him and Agwen before the Cataclysm.²* SingleTargetSexuality: Shows no interest in any girl besides Ian - not even Shuri, who is known as one of the great beauties. Visnu even lampshades this is one of their conversations.²->'''Visnu''' ''[to Tak about [[StalkerWithACrush following Ian]]]'': Oh dear, you're trying to enter the city. Just half a day ago, you were still the boy who'd even address the beautiful Shuri as just "female", without any interest. How marvelous you are!²* SignatureMove: His invisible fire, which Kasak inherited.²* StalkerWithACrush: To Ian, much to her dismay. At one point he even lampshades it himself to Ian.²->'''Ian''': What are your plans for now?²->'''Tak''': Huh? Uh...? Well I was thinking that even if [[NoSocialSkills I spent the whole day here just watching you...]]²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: The second-ranked nastika of the notoriously powerful Vritra clan, the guy that can make primeval gods rethink their opposition of him has as his favorite drink... milk.²* UglyGuyHotWife: Downplayed, but it's worth noting that Ruche, regarding Kasak's not-drop-dead-gorgeous looks, comments that a nastika wouldn't have been unattractive, so his mother must have been ugly. In reality, it was the other way around: Taksaka is average-looking, while Ian was considered to be pretty.²* UngratefulBastard: At the beginning of the universe, not long after the dragons lost their emotions, Taksaka, unable to cope with the change, went into a rampage around the Ananta clan. Ananta could have easily killed him, but sent Vasuki in to calm his anger, thus sparing his life. When Ananta himself was in danger, however, Taksaka, who was sent by his clan to help, didn't move a muscle.²* UnstoppableRage: Constantly and with almost no need for provocation. His only emotion is ''anger''.²* TheUsurper: Averted, Taksaka has no desire for the Vritra throne whatsoever. Vritra himself hoped he would someday defy his rule and take over, but he never tried, not even when they were discussing the conditions proposed by Brahma to allow their clan to keep their Breath. Asura even offered him an alliance if he ever wished to become this, but Taksaka promptly refused.²* VitriolicBestBuds: With any of his friends, aka Vasuki and Airavata.²* WhoWantsToLiveForever: Hinted. Ian asks him if he feels old, given how long he's lived, and he replies by telling her that at this point, there's nothing interesting about the world.²* WorldsStrongestMan: Funnily enough, ''The Finite'' side story actually says Taksaka is now the strongest being in the universe because Vritra has been somehow weakened. Taksaka has enough power that he can threaten Visnu, one of the ''Primeval Gods'', and make the god of ''resurrection'' afraid. ²** Subverted by WordOfGod, as Taksaka possesses abnormally powerful transcendentals, but is weaker than the original kings, and can be countered by a sufficiently powerful being (such as Airavata) whose attributes give them a type advantage.²²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder:Utpala]]²!!Utpala²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Water²[[quoteright:200:]]²²At the beginning of the universe, Utpala was female and in love with Taksaka; she protested the strongest at the demand that all the dragons become male, and retained more emotions than most afterwards. Her strongest emotion, however, was ''envy'', leading to constant conflict with anyone else who Taksaka got close to. She's a major character in ''Literature/TheFinite'', but is dead in the main timeline and does not appear in the webtoon proper.²----²* AllLoveIsUnrequited: She knew that Taksaka couldn't return her feelings due to the circumstances of the Vritra clan, but was satisfied with the promise that she would always be "the dragon closest to him."²* ExactWords: When Taksaka starts living with Vasuki (who was the only one who could stop him if he went on a rampage) she is extremely upset because he promised that she would always be the one closest to him; he, however, points out that he said she'd always be the ''dragon'' closest to him, and Vasuki is not a dragon. This leads to their falling out.²* GreenEyedMonster: Her driving emotion; she is bitterly envious of anyone else who gets close to Taksaka. [[spoiler:Or not. In reality, she managed to get over her envy generations ago when she realized she had sired a half-dragon.]]²* IncompatibleOrientation: In addition to suffering from being forced to become permanently male, she found that Taksaka no longer tolerated her in that form.²* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: [[spoiler:Contrary to the envy we're initially led to believe, seeing Taksaka with Ian actually makes her happy, since Ian is her descendant; and she ultimately chooses to die without revealing the truth of the attack on Ian's village to Taksaka, in order to protect him from the person who is really responsible.]]²* LukeIAmYourFather: [[spoiler:She is actually Ian's ancestor.]]²* PeacefulInDeath: [[spoiler:In her last moments, her hair returns to its original blue, indicating that she dies free from the negativity that'd plagued her entire life.]]²* PosthumousCharacter: She's dead by the time the main story takes place.²* RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver: Visnu once warned her that as her heart grew uglier, her beautiful blue hair would turn black (and red).²* ReformedButRejected: [[spoiler: This is mostly self-inflicted by the time of ''the Finite'' (see TakingTheHeat), but despite her reputation as Taksaka-obsessed, she had actually gotten over her envy years ago and hadn't caused trouble for generations. Despite this, she is still framed as the one who tried to destroy Ian's village, meaning her atonement has been ignored or is unknown.]] ²* TheScrappy: InUniverse. Nobody, within the Vritra clan or outside of it, liked her due to her behaving as a SpoiledBrat for Taksaka (which, in turn, just made her cling to him even more). After losing all his emotions but anger (therefore finding Utpala annoying as well), Taksaka had to publicly announce that people still weren't allowed to kill her, knowing that they'd jump at the chance otherwise.²* SpoiledBrat: How she (previously) behaved. Fittingly, before being forced into her male form, she usually took the appearance of a young girl.²* TakingTheHeat: [[spoiler:She allows Taksaka to believe that she was responsible for destroying Ian Rajof's village, and lets him kill her so she can die with the knowledge of who is actually responsible, because if she found out who really did it he would seek revenge on them and she believes he'd get killed in the process.]]²* {{Transgender}}: Played for drama. She was forced to take a male form forever, against her will, near the start of the universe, and this is at the root of much of her bitterness towards the gods and the rest of her clan.²* WalkingSpoiler: Her actions, backstory, and motivations in ''The Finite'' are key to the story.²* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: Her backstory gives her a lot of reasons to act the way she does; she was forcibly assigned to the wrong gender when the Dragon clan was made a OneGenderRace, her beloved had his emotions stripped away and later rejected her, and [[spoiler:she eventually dies, hated by him, after letting him believe she was responsible for destroying Ian's village. Only Ian knows the truth, and Utpala specifically asks her to never tell anyone. Worse, by the time of ''The Finite'', she's not actually causing trouble anymore and hasn't for generations; but nobody will ever know.]]²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Kadru]]²²!!Kadru²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: ?²²A Vritra nastika seen in Season Three [[spoiler:as one of the new members of Sagara's alliance]]. Their goals are in so far unknown, but they seem to have some sort of past with one of the gods in Willarv.²²* BadassLongcoat: Wears one in their [[spoiler:older]] human form.²* BloodKnight: Implied in their first appearance in chapter 3-121/406. The SlasherSmile entry below happened after they concluded that [[spoiler:Atera should be hosting a god]]. In chapter 3-131/416, they even lament the fact that [[spoiler:Atera]] isn't much of a challenge.²* DealWithTheDevil: They were the first nastika sent through the portals to the human realm. If the price they paid is the same [[spoiler:Taksaka paid]], then it means that they will [[spoiler:disappear from the universe at some point in the future]]. It's up in the air as to why they agreed to such a thing, but it seems that involves a "wish" related to a god.²--> '''Kadru''': If it's going to end anyway... I want to fulfill my wish.²* EldritchAbomination: [[spoiler:They are capable of assuming the form of something that looks a lot like the lovechild of a dragon and a tapeworm... that is able to grow tentacles]]. All nastikas are capable of this, but Kadru is special because [[spoiler:Taksaka's words]] suggest this is not simple suralization, but some other transcendental, [[spoiler:as he does not recognizes it as Kadru's sura form]].²** Given Kadru's abnormal surafication and the new skills that come with it, Chandra theorizes that Kadru is actually a [[spoiler:new type of Taraka sura]]. Notably, their human form looks exactly like it did before.²* HoistByTheirOwnPetard: [[spoiler:They devour Chandra, resulting in a mental struggle between the two. It seems, at first, that Kadru has the upper hand... only to discover that in a mental battle, there's absolutely no contest between a sura and an enlightened being.]]²* LightIsNotGood: Judging by their transcendentals, their source attribute is either Light or Sky; one of their attacks looks remarkably like Asha's Indra spell cast with help from the vajra item. They are first seen [[spoiler:attacking Atera]], and, if Chandra's words are anything to judge by, are not of the very loyal kind. Also, [[spoiler:they are cooperating with Sagara for some nebulous reason]].²* PintsizedPowerhouse: Their first human form, which seem to be on the younger side appearance-wise, is shorter than even Ari. [[spoiler:Subverted later on as they take an older form.]] As for their power, well:²--> '''Sagara''': It's one in a different class, after all.²* {{Pride}}: Oooh, boy. They ''did not like it'' when they thought that the [[spoiler:god and humans in Atera]] weren't taking them seriously as a threat.²* SlasherSmile: Within ''less than ten panels'' since they first showed up.²* UndyingLoyalty: Subverted according to Chandra. According to him, in the past Kadru used to go from clan to clan "without a shred of loyalty". They don't disagree (but don't agree either, so who knows what are their thoughts on the matter).²* UngratefulBastard: Ari, mistaking them for a lost human being, leds them to the safety of a department store in Atera. [[spoiler:Their response is to wipe out everyone inside with a single transcendental attack]]. Subverted from their perspective, [[spoiler:as they let Ari live for "easing [their] boredom for a moment"]]; they were never there to protect the city, after all.²* WhamLine: Wham Dialogue, essentially. Up until that point, [[spoiler:those working with Sagara]] had only been rakshasa. Then, Kadru ''speaks'', and in that moment, the reader knows things have gone FromBadToWorse, as a nastika has appeared on the scene.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Green.²²[[/folder]]²²!!Yaksha Clan²!!!Clan Attribute: Light²[[folder:The Yaksha Clan in General]]²* TheAlliance: With the Gandharva and Garuda clans. Despite Shuri's disappearance, they still take it seriously enough, as Hanuman helps defend the Gandharva clan from the Taraka clan and the inferior sura left on Willarv assist Maruna as needed.²* LightEmUp: Their clan attribute.²* LittleBitBeastly: They take after non-hooved mammals.²* SuperStrength: Yakshas are physically gifted, to the point that their partially human offspring are considered to be the strongest among halfs and quarters.²* TokenHeroicOrc: As with the Kinnara clan and Vritra clan, they didn't retaliate against humans for forsaking fiendish magic. They are generally pacifistic and look down on eating humans; halfs and quarters of Yaksha ancestry are thus the most common types. Although Yaksha sura are among the sura attacking cities in the present, it's because of their alliance with the Garuda (and Gandharva) clan.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Yaksha]]²!!Yaksha²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Unknown²[[quoteright:131:]]²²First king of the clan.²----²* ArchEnemy: With Asura. They fought often, and Yaksha came to the brink of killing the other king not once, but several times. [[spoiler:In the end, Asura got so fed up with Yaksha that he conspired to kill him, and succeeded]].²* BadWithTheBone: Zig-zagged, as it wasn't Yaksha exactly. Rather, his bones, that were scattered throughout Willarv, are commonly used as [[PowerNullifier Power Nullifiers]].²* BewareTheNiceOnes: Perhaps the nicest nastika among the first generation kings, but still involved in a violent rivalry with Asura.²* CoolOldGuy: While he usually took on the form of a preteen, it's stated that his mental age was that of an old man, and accordingly he acted rather grandfatherly.²* EtTuBrute: Yaksha was kind and considerate [[spoiler:towards humans, but they still allied with Asura to kill him in Willarv]]. Very much downplayed in the sense that their only option was obliteration, as pointed out by one of Yaksha's own clan members that was with him at the time.²* FatalFlaw: [[spoiler:It seems Yaksha was far too trusting for his own good. The humans he liked so much ended up playing a key role in his downfall, even if they were forced to. However, it's unknown if Yaksha was aware of it.]]²* FriendToAllChildren: He loved to play with children.²* IntriguedByHumanity: He (and the rest of his clan) is friendlier to humans than most sura clans. As a result, Yaksha Halfs are the most common type of Half.²* NiceGuy: By reputation, Yaksha was a pretty chill guy. He even comforted Kinnara after she got heartbroken by Vritra's newly gained emotionlessness. Deconstructed, as his kindness eventually got Yaksha killed.²* PosthumousCharacter: Died long before the story began [[WordOfGod because he was too good to humans]]. This is yet to be properly explained.²* PowerNullifier: His bones nullify Half transcendentals, and are used by Half hunters. Agwen, as an activist for Half rights, has destroyed most of them by the present.²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: When Vritra and Kinnara's alliance dissolved, he advised Kinnara to do what she could to protect her clan, now that they were ally-less, and promised to try and keep his own clan members from attacking hers.²* ShipperOnDeck: He apparently shipped Ananta and Vritra, for whatever reason, and was left pretty disappointed after learning about Vritra's deal with the primeval gods that made his whole clan emotionless (and Vritra in particular the most of them all).²* TheWomanWearingTheQueenlyMask: Counseled Kinnara this way, claiming that, as a king, she should not allow her emotions to go out of control, as her whole clan would be affected. This was right after Vritra sealed the deal with the primeval gods, and she was left heartbroken because he no longer loved her.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Shuri]]²!!Shuri²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Unknown²[[quoteright:236:]]²²Second king of the clan. Garuda entrusted her with Yuta.²----²* TheAlliance: She was the king of the Yaksha clan that sealed an alliance with the Gandharva and Garuda clans, because of the friendship between the their three kings.²* AllLovingHero: She gave Yuta a chance even after witnessing his HorrorHunger, and she encouraged him not to eat humans.²* BoobsOfSteel: Nature was very kind to Shuri in both the chest and power departments.²* {{Foil}}: To Taraka. ²** Both are kings, but unlike Shuri, Taraka [[spoiler:and was never the true king, only a figurehead]]. ²** Both served as Yuta's mother figures - however, Shuri chose to do so and kept the role despite opposition, while Taraka was created to fulfill said purpose and fell in despair every time she learned about it. They tried to instill their own philosophies regarding kingship in Yuta, with not much success; Taraka told him that kings could do whatever they wanted, Shuri taught him that kings must never waver, lest it affect their whole clan. They also tried to do the same in regards to his diet: Taraka defended that he could eat whatever he wanted, while Shuri told him not to eat humans and to only eat suras that attacked him first. Again, in both instances said beliefs were not completely absorbed. ²** Both are remarkably beautiful women; Shuri was deemed one of the greatest beauties of the sura, but Taraka's beauty is fake. ²** Both were once close to [[spoiler:Gandharva: Shuri was one of his closest friends before she went missing]], [[spoiler:while Taraka was originally Menaka, his wife]].²* TheHighQueen: Shuri fell squarely in this trope.²* LoveRedeems: Of the familial/platonic variety. She loved Yuta, despite his ingrained eating habits, as she believed he could change with the proper guidance (and affection).²* MissingMom: She was a mother figure to Yuta until she vanished in N0. Hanuman claims she's "no longer in this world", which implies Shuri died, but it was never confirmed.²* ParentalSubstitute: For Yuta.²* OddFriendship: Refined, regal, kind, understanding Shuri was good friends with... Gandharva, the one who killed the most humans out of all suras. She was also friends with Garuda, which is why he entrusted her with taking care of Yuta.²* RoseHairedSweetie: Hair was very pink, heart was very kind (maybe the kindest nastika seen in the series, alongside Menaka).²* StatuesqueStunner: One of the beauties of the sura realm, and stood at 179 cm.²* TheWomanWearingTheQueenlyMask: Advocated this attitude to Yuta.²* {{Workaholic}}: Not by choice, mind you. After she became king, Hanuman became the number two, but due to her prefference to stay away from her clan's affairs, she left all the work to Shuri.²* WorldsMostBeautifulWoman: Is said to be one of the great beauties of the sura.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Hanuman]]²!!Hanuman²!!!Nastika, Source Attribute: Unknown²[[quoteright:250:]]²²Third and current king of the clan. Lutz and Ran's grandmother.²----²* AmazonianBeauty: She's muscular and described as beautiful.²* BlindAndTheBeast: She jokes in ''Literature/TheFinite'' that Nard only loves her since he's blind and doesn't use ''hoti surya'' to. However, she's an AmazonianBeauty.²* GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe: Has blue skin.²* InterspeciesRomance: With Nard Lehn, Ran and Lutz's grandfather.²[[/folder]]²²!!Taraka Clan²!!!Clan Attribute: Chaos²[[folder:The Taraka Clan in General]]²* AntiMagic[=/=]PowerNullifier: The Taraka can seal off all mortal magic and the vast majority of sura magic with their open eyes.²* ConflictKiller: Suras from different clans generally do not see eye to eye, and it's even worse with the gods. The Taraka attack is so bad that they have put aside their differences, because otherwise (and even then, actually) the literal end of the universe is very, very possible.²* TheDreaded: While physically weak ([[spoiler:although they are getting stronger now that their King has developed]]), their ZergRush tendencies and the fact that Nastika transformations into sura form are considered transcendentals (therefore, sealed by the Chaos eyes and handicapping the strongest fighters of any clan) makes them dangerous when they get serious.²* TheHorde: The Tarakas have no minds or culture to speak of, but their actions - overrunning a relatively more civilized group, coming seemingly out of nowhere, the brutality of their attacks - fit the bill.²* HordeOfAlienLocusts: Downplayed, as they don't devour anything indiscriminately, but rather go after prey they find more attractive (stronger than them, but weakened at the moment for some reason). However, that's all they do. The Taraka clan [[HungryMenace eats, eats, and keeps on eating]].²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Kali]]²²See her entry under [[Characters/KuberaGodRealm God Realm]] for more information.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Taraka]]²!!Taraka²!!!???, Source Attribute: Unknown²[[quoteright:250:]]²²Yuta's mother and the 2nd king of the clan.²----²* AbusiveParents: Played with. She's initially painted in a rather negative light in regards to Yuta, but in the end, she isn't the one with power in their relationship--''he'' is, because he knows the full truth and sees her more as pitiful than anything. He's not all that upset about her attitude in itself, but more that every time, it forces him to raise his hand against her, as well as tell her the AwfulTruth.²* BerserkButton: Separating her from Yuta is... not recommended. Including when he's done it himself. [[spoiler:Justified: she was built to be this way.]]²* CombatTentacles: Her true form is an enormous, monstrous-looking, vaguely-female black outline descending into countless tentacles.²* TheDreaded: To her own people and everyone else.²* {{Foil}}: To Shuri. See her entry.²* HealingFactor: She can regenerate indefinitely even after death, although she loses her memories in the process. Combine this with her AntiMagic, and she is an extremely dangerous opponent.²* HiddenDepths: While she initially seems to just be [[MyBelovedSmother Yuta's antagonistic mother]], not only is their relationship more complicated than that, but Taraka has quite a few secrets even she doesn't know. First, that she's [[spoiler:just a creation by Kali who serves no other purpose]], and second, revealed to the audience ''much'' later, that [[spoiler:her soul is Menaka's]].²** Taken a step further later on when it turns out that [[spoiler:after Taraka was killed by Kasak on his way to Kalibloom, Menaka's soul was freed from the burden of serving as Yuta's surrogate mother. Unfortunately, the new soul placed in the body was that of Teo Rakan]].²* LieToTheBeholder: She appears to Yuta as looking just like Kali, but to everyone else is a tentacled EldritchAbomination.²* MyBelovedSmother: She wanted to groom Yuta into the image of a king, and a king by the twisted standards of the Chaos Clan at that. She constantly insisted that he shouldn't have friends or stay in his human form. She also claimed that he should view everyone and everything as food, and those who taught him otherwise (like Shuri) would just weaken him. She even followed him into the human realm to take him back home.²* PowerLimiter: Her eyes can temporarily seal the transcendentals and magic of anyone within her range of vision; and she is able to ''permanently'' (or at least, for as long as she lives) seal the transcendentals of even a Nastika.²* ProudBeauty: She's well aware that she's beautiful and doesn't realize why [[LieToTheBeholder why no one else thinks so]].²* ResurrectiveImmortality: When Taraka is killed, she comes back to life, if missing a few key memories.²* TheScapegoat: Yuta has blamed her for certain traumas he himself caused, while Taraka lets him turn her into the bad guy if it helps him cope.²* WeakButSkilled: She is weaker than a Rakshasa, but her other abilities make up for it.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Yuta[=/=]Jatayu]]²!!Yuta/Jatayu²!!!Rakshasa, Clan Attributes: Chaos + Sky, Hereditary Attributes: Light + Unknown²[[quoteright:250:]]²[[caption-width-right:250:[[labelnote:Click to see his third stage appearance]][[/labelnote]]]]²²A Half-Garuda-Half-Chaos Rakshasa. He was stranded in the human realm during the Cataclysm and is looking for his siblings. He joins the party on their way to Mistyshore after developing a crush on Leez and learning that they too are going to Kalibloom to try to draw the Sword of Return.²----²* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: For all Yuta can be very sweet, he can be really stubborn and, when he is, he can become quite obnoxious when he puts his mind to it. Just ask Maruna (not that he's one to talk about being a pain). Ran, however, ''doesn't'' find Yuta to be annoying, and acts something like an older sibling despite being over 200 years years his junior.²* AstralProjection: How he returns in Season 3, while his real body is BoundAndGagged.²* BewareTheNiceOnes: He is a perfectly nice and gentle young boy...until he gets hungry and/or angry. He's fond of torturing and killing his prey slowly (usually by eating them alive and forcing the others to watch) and taunting his enemies about it.²* BigEater: Unlike other sura, who eat mainly to replenish vigor and don't need to otherwise, Yuta ''must'' eat regularly to survive.²* BigGood: He takes on this role of sorts in Season 3, being the one in most direct opposition to Kali. All the more so because he's forced to be stationary, he's responsible for giving info and guidance to the other characters.²* BigotryException: Downplayed in one case and subverted in another. The downplayed instance happened among humans: they don't ''like'' him, but they want his help because they feel he might help protect them. The fact that they very clearly want to use him bothers Yuta to no end.²** Subverted when it comes to Leez. Asha at first chastises Leez for her hypocrisy (oh, the irony) in being friends with Yuta despite her absolute hatred of high-rank suras. However, Ran is quick to point out that the only one Leez knew as "high-rank sura" was Maruna, the one that destroyed her village, and that she would have no problem with being Yuta's friend. She later confirms this while talking to Yuta himself, and fully accepts him regardless of what he is.²** ...Or maybe not. When he sees the memories she recovered in Season Three, Yuta remarks that there are other reasons for Leez to hate Garuda rakshasas so much. If, like with Maruna, this applies to a single individual or to the group as a whole is yet to be seen. Regardless, this fact in specific doesn't seem to have changed her relationship with Yuta all that much.²* BitchInSheepsClothing: To an extent after reaching third stage, where he still tries to play nice with humans, but Asha (his confidant) and Kasak (who can hear sura speech) know that he's not quite empathetic or benevolent as he pretends to be.²* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Even compared to other sura, his mind is ''very'' alien. He has no concept of clan loyalty and will eat "allies" if he feels hungry and doesn't know them personally. He also treats humans like sura, only with the caveat that he can't eat them.²** Even more pronounced in his [[PlotRelevantAgeUp Third Stage.]]²* BoundAndGagged: Deliberately has this done to himself in Season 3, due to his HorrorHunger and to weaken the rest of the Taraka clan.²* BrattyHalfPint: Mainly to Kasak.²* CantHaveSexEver: He and Leez tried. It went about as well as one would expect.²* CategoryTraitor: Maruna isn't exactly happy that Yuta's helping humans instead of his own clan, and thus considers him to be this. Downplayed, though.²* ChildOfTwoWorlds: Taraka mother, Garuda father. Notably, by definition, ''Yuta shouldn't exist'' - suras from different clans can't produce children between them, so the method of his conception remains a mystery. It might be somewhat explained by the fact that Kali is a primeval goddess even if she adopted a nastika name. Much of Yuta's inner conflict stems from his attempts to conciliate his two halfs: he ''does'' love Taraka in his own way, but despises the part of himself that wants to eat others. As a kid, he even ran away from Taraka to live with his Garuda siblings. There is the not-so-subtle implication that his conflicting loyalties between Leez and Maruna embody those two sides: when he grew up to third stage, it was basically out of a choice he was forced to make between the two of them, and it was framed a him choosing between his Garuda and Taraka halves.²* CreepyGood: His HorrorHunger is usually a detriment, but he's also willing to use it to freak out the enemy.²* TheConfidant: To Asha, Leez, and Ran to varying degrees.²* CoolMask: In his sura form, he has a domino mask like Garuda's. [[spoiler:In his third stage, it covers his face]].²* CuteMute: To humans.²* DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength: Played with. Yuta is well aware of his own strength and has fine control over it. However, he can be careless at times, and can break a man's arm by bumping into him. He also overestimates the strength of humans. If Leez weren't MadeOfIron, he could've killed her with a hug.²* EatenAlive: His preferred way of eating.²* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: His skin is so pale it can look gray at times.²* EyeColorChange: His eyes are normally grey, but they turn red with black sclera when he's using his eye-based AntiMagic ability, [[spoiler:and teal when he's using insight]].²* FisherKing: The strongest yet, in terms of how much he influences the rest of his clan. It seems to be the point behind his birth, as his rise in power means the Taraka clan's rise as well, whether Yuta himself likes it or not.²* FriendOrIdolDecision: Yuta realizes he will have to choose between his brother and Leez when he finds out that the latter wants to kill the former for destroying her village. [[spoiler:He chooses Leez... at least for now, although he still hasn't told her the Sura she's hunting is his brother.]]²* FullFrontalAssault: He's completely naked in his 3rd stage sura form. It wasn't played for fanservice or horror however.²* TheGadfly: When he occasionally lets his mischievous side out, it's usually fairly benign and often cute. [[spoiler:Once he hits Stage 3... Let's just say he starts to take after his mother's BlackComedy ItAmusedMe attitude a bit more frequently.]] It's more prominent in his interactions with Kasak, who's ability to speak and understand the sura tongue means there's no filter in their interactions.²* HatesBeingAlone: A trait he shares with Leez. He was on his own for a long time, and he's blatantly terrified of returning to that life again. At one point, he breaks into Ran's room even just to watch him sleep (as he at least had the sense to realize better Ran than one of the women).²* HeIsAllGrownUp: Once he reached his 3rd stage.²* HeinzHybrid: He appears to be an odd mix between Garuda and Chaos. [[spoiler:Then he displays abilities only gods' should have.]]²* HorrorHunger: For pretty much anything that moves.²* HowDoIShotWeb: How do I use [[spoiler:insight]]? Even after the timeskip he has yet to completely master this skill.²* ItGetsEasier: He admits that he's not unfeeling over having to feed on other sura--they ''are'' his own kind, after all--but that he's had to do it so many times that he had no choice but to get desensitized.²* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: [[spoiler:After he loses control of himself and bites Leez, he vows to stay away from her and only protect her from afar so that it never happens again. It doesn't last, as he returns in order to give her the newly modified Hide of Bondage, and decides to stay with her at her request.]]²* KnownOnlyByTheirNickname: Yuta nor Jatayu are his real name.²* LackOfEmpathy: He doesn't really care about anybody he doesn't know personally. [[spoiler:This is one of reasons he wasn't bothered by Asha's [[SerialKiller past]].]]²* LoopholeAbuse: He made a promise with Shuri that he would never eat humans. When he saw the Half-hunters strike down the woman he was helping, he decided that he would just chew them up and spit them out. Similarly, he's not to eat sura who don't attack him first, meaning he goes around deliberately provoking sura into targeting him and at one point almost justifies Elwin ''tripping'' into him as an attack.²* MaleGaze: To Leez on multiple occasions.²* MissingMom: [[spoiler:His mother Kali left him under the care of his fake mother, Taraka]]. Shuri is also this to him, of the adoptive mother type, as she vanished during the Cataclysm.²* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: And their cousins, and their neighbours. Right behind his first set of fangs are more sets, and behind those there are more still, even on his ''tongue''.²* NeverLiveItDown: InUniverse, if Yuta is getting too stubborn, Kasak is happy to remind Yuta that ''he accidentally destroyed Kasak's extremely important earrings''.²* ObfuscatingStupidity: While he doesn't act particularly stupid, his childish behavior and crush on Leez makes it hard to tell how much he knows. Even those who know full well how old he is, such as Asha, can forget his age and experience.²* OutOfFocus: Hasn't shown up much in season three so far, and [[spoiler:was possessed by Kali]] for the much of the duration of the sole arc in which he's a major player.²* PetTheDog: InUniverse, others take his kindness towards Leez as this. The primary reason Kasak didn't kill him where he stood was because Yuta cared enough to protect Leez's reputation, and among Lutz's reasons for trusting Yuta even after realizing he's Kali's son, the deciding factor was that Yuta chose Leez's safety over his own hunger.²* PlotRelevantAgeUp: As standard for sura. To his intense annoyance, he's been stuck in 2nd stage for a couple hundred years. He finally advances into 3rd stage [[spoiler:to prevent Maruna from killing Leez]].²* PowerIncontinence: He can't control when he's using [[spoiler:insight]] and can't seem to recognize when it activates.²* PowerNullifier: Part of the reason he's so powerful is because his eyes nullify any magic or transcendentals in his range of vision; even in his second stage, he says he would have no trouble defeating a fourth-stage Raksaka if they were transcendental-focused. When he faced the Ananta rakshasas, his use of this resulted in a curbstomping for the history books.²* ThePromise: He promised Shuri that he wouldn't eat humans, and that he would only eat sura who attack him. He's serious about keeping these promises, but more of the letter than the spirit.²* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: As a Sura, he doesn't age the way humans do, and has lived for hundreds of years.²* ResurrectiveImmortality: It's eventually revealed he has this, though no one wants to confirm it as [[spoiler:losing his memories of this life will likely turn him into the monster Kali wants]].²* SdrawkcabName: His alias is "Yuta", which is similar to the name given to him by his Garuda family (Jatayu). Considering that the person who gave him the alias (Leez) had no way of knowing his real name, he was pretty surprised.²* SecretKeeper: Asha eventually spills everything she [[TongueTied could]] to him.²* SingleTargetSexuality: For Leez. The narration even describes him as "the Rakshasa who only has eyes for one girl".²* SpannerInTheWorks: [[spoiler:He severs the connection between the Taraka node and its host, allowing Shakuntala's consciousness to return and ultimately saving Gandharva from Agni.]]²* StarCrossedLovers: The whole "wants to eat her" thing has thrown a giant wrench in any romantic prospects with Leez, suffice to say. As of season three, they have given up on it entirely.²* ThatCameOutWrong: Usually he's able to avoid this since he needs to write it out. However, he at one point tells Leez he doesn't like to wear clothing... (He's referring to human clothing rather than sura, which is actually altered body parts)²* TomTheDarkLord: Kali's son, [[spoiler:the true king of the Taraka clan]] is named... Yuta.²** Not actually, as Yuta is an alias created by Leez. His true name hasn't been revealed yet.²* TookALevelInJerkass: His third stage comes with an increased LackOfEmpathy, and he admits to Asha that all of his previous lessons in restraint seem utterly pointless now. Though...²* TookALevelInKindness: ... by Season 3, it's less pronounced, whether because he's mellowed out, the situation's gotten more serious, or because he's trying to not be what Kali wants, or some combination of the above, etc.²* VengeanceFeelsEmpty: In volume 2, Yuta unexpectedly reveals [[BlueAndOrangeMorality he would not seek revenge if someone were to kill Leez. He would just leave without a single regret]]. A pretty stark contrast to Leez and [[spoiler:Asha]], who are both strongly motivated by revenge.²** However, God Kubera implies this might not be exactly the truth.²* WalkingShirtlessScene: After he develops to third stage. Leez is eventually able to get him to wear shirts that she buys for him. He doesn't really ''likes'' the clothes she gives him, but wears them because they are a gift from her.²* WillfullyWeak: This is how he hunts. He suppresses his transcendental value to appear weak, then when other sura attack him he takes sura form and eats them.²* {{Yandere}}: After his PlotRelevantAgeUp, he starts thinking things like how [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou he wants to be the one to kill Leez]], though this trait calms down after [[spoiler:he tries to leave for her own safety]]. He also admits to himself (and to Asha) that he has no problem in absolute with her decision to leave Leez, not because Asha is as abusive as they come towards her, but because it allows him to have Leez all to himself.²** It should be noted that Yuta goes out of his way to refrain said tendencies when he believes they might harm Leez or maker her unhappy. As he admits at the end of season two, he thought several times about abduc - huh, running away from it all with her to the sura realm, but never did so because he believed she would never forgive him.²* YoungerThanTheyLook: Not in terms of [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld years]], but rather his growth stage. He looks older then most Rakshasa do.²[[/folder]]


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