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1Characters appearing in ''How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?''²²[[foldercontrol]]²²!! Main Cast²[[folder:Hibiki Sakura]]²!!Hibiki Sakura²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Ai Fairouz (Japanese), Creator/MadeleineMorris (English)²[[quoteright:184:]] ²The main protagonist of the series. Hibiki is a Japanese high schooler with [[BigEater a big appetite]]. However, when she sees that she gained weight and she thinks she cannot attract anyone, she decides to go to the Silverman Gym in order to lose weight. ²----²* BigEater: She's often seen eating many types of foods and never really stops eating. The series even begins with her eating. When asked by Akemi about her eating habits, Hibiki says she eats a meal at least six times a day. It's explained to her multiple times that unless she is more careful about what she eats, her impressive gains will be hidden under a layer of fat no matter how strong she gets. The temptation of food is too great for Hibiki, however. Naturally, Akemi [[ComicallyMissingThePoint giddilly assumes that]] Hibiki is actually trying to bulk up by overeating, [[BigNo much to Hibiki's dismay]].²* BornWinner: Hibiki's constantly said to have the perfect body for combat sports or bodybuilding by multiple characters. Her punching form is incredible for an amateur and her ability to eat tons of food with her large build means that if she really went all the way in her training and diet that her body could become incredibly strong. Even Machio's mentor calls her a prodigy. Unfortunately, Hibiki just wants to be thin enough to find a boyfriend and is horrified at the idea of becoming macho. [[spoiler:She starts to change her mind about this later on.]]²* CharacterDevelopment: Hibiki goes from [[spoiler:hating muscular bodies to the point of revulsion to wanting a rock hard six pack herself and being a buff fitness trainer like Machio when she goes to college. She also ends up falling in love with Machio despite how she used to feel about his body and attitude towards bodybuilding at the start of the series.]]²* ClassRepresentative: She won the role through a lottery. Hibiki being Hibiki, she didn't actually perform her duties and even ''forgot'' until Akemi summoned her for a student council meeting.²* ClothingDamage: This happens when she defeats Gina in arm wrestling. She doesn't even notice until it's brought to her attention.²* CuteLittleFangs: She has a snaggletooth.²* DarkSkinnedBlond: She has a cultivated tan, which put her in sharp contrast to her brother, who's paler than a sheet. This makes the relationship between the two even more unlikely to observers when standing side by side.²* DidntThinkThisThrough: Hibiki decides to [[spoiler:follow in Machio's footsteps by going to America to study to be a fitness coach]], but she apparently never considered that she might have to learn to speak and read English to do that. [[ButtMonkey Of course, everyone mocks her for it]].²* ExpressiveHair: Hibiki's [[GirlishPigtails pigtails]] will flair up when she's shocked or surprised, droop when she's fatigued or flap about once she's looking forward to a good meal, or to sexy results from a workout.²* {{Fangirl}}: Of [[TheAhnold Harnold Dogegechonnegger]]. ²* GirlishPigtails: They're very long, reaching her waist.²* HasAType: Hibiki's loud and clear to everyone she talks to that she wants a pretty boy almost every time boyfriends are brought up in a conversation. She's extremely disappointed that Machio is super buff despite his [[{{Bishonen}} good-looking face]] and finds his body off-putting because she finds muscle men bodies gross. [[spoiler:She still ends up falling in love with him.]]²* HiddenDepths: Thanks to her StoutStrength, she has a talent for combat sports.²* InnocentlyInsensitive: Hibiki does this when she tells Satomi how her mother complained about the disadvantages of getting older. This infuriates Satomi. She does it again during Mei's first day at the gym.²* {{Otaku}}: Hibiki and Ayaka became best friends the first day they met and discovered they're both movie buffs with similar tastes in films. Their classmates get a little annoyed over how involved their chats get over trivia and lore.²* RunningGag: ²** Hibiki infuriates an older woman after she inadvertently insults them during their first day at the gym.²** Hibiki suffers a WardrobeMalfunction whenever she's really pumped to do an exercise.²* StoutStrength: Hibiki's a heavyset girl who can achieve incredible feats in things like punching or arm wrestling. She does have some weak areas though because of this, standard chin ups remain impossible (even after she gained a lot of muscle) for her until she can lift her larger body weight. Her large bone structure also makes running harder.²* SupremeChef: She's shown to be a very good cook. This is justified due to her working at her brother's yakiniku restaurant.²* UnskilledButStrong: Hibiki's ridiculously strong, but has zero stamina. Case in point, she has a hard time doing a plank exercise for thirty seconds, but her very first punch thrown against a heavy-duty sandbag sent it flying. After seeing this, Nana declares her intention to turn Hibiki into a world champion boxer.²* WardrobeMalfunction:²** Hibiki gets a split swimsuit after warming up with Akemi's dynamic stretches routine, though it certainly didn't help that she'd gotten bigger since the last time she had worn it. [[ArtShift The look on her face is priceless]].²** Hibiki's shorts are torn when she does the leg curl. Ayaka tries to tells her about it, but Hibiki's too pumped to listen.²* TheWatson: Hibiki's initial attitude about getting in shape reflects the naivete of any first time gym member or "New Year's resolutioner" that would likely say things along the lines of "I don't want to get huge, I just wanna lose some weight" or "How do I get abs?"²* WhatIsThisFeeling: [[spoiler:Hibiki realizes that she felt jealousy after being thankful that Machio and Akemi weren't making out in a shed. Later, Hibiki figures out that she's in love with Machio.]]²* WrestlerInAllOfUs: Hibiki performs the Argentine backbreaker on Machio when she wants him to tell her how to get visible abs.²* ZettaiRyouiki: Usually wears black thigh highs outside of the gym.² ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Akemi Soryuin]]²!!Akemi Soryuin²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/SoraAmamiya (Japanese), Creator/SarahWiedenheft (English)²[[quoteright:162:]] ² ²A schoolmate of Hibiki's at the Koyo Women's Academy who goes to the Silverman Gym at the same time as she does.²----²²* TheAce: She's rich, beautiful, and "accomplished in all she does".²* AmbiguouslyBi: On one hand, she once, specifically, mentions hoping to find her ideal man during an event. On the other, her muscle fetish can extend to other women as well.²* BigFancyHouse: Akemi lives in a gigantic Western-style mansion, with indoor and outdoor fountains and a large chandelier in the entranceway. Even the chairs Hibiki breaks attempting weighted dips turn out to be expensive antiques.²* HasAType: Akemi likes buff men... and buff women, for that matter, if the way she reacts to the idea of Hibiki getting buff is any indication.²* TheImmodestOrgasm: Downplayed as there's no actual sex taking place, but Akemi's heavy breathing during intense workouts border on sexual moans, which tends to creep Hibiki out.²* NiceGirl: She's a polite and well mannered girl. She's a rich girl who never flaunts her wealth and is very approachable. This is shown when she invites Hibiki and Ayaka over to her mansion so they can train and when she tells Hibiki that she can ask the school to take care of her gym expanses since her sister is the chairman.²* PerpetualSmiler: She's often seen smiling.²* RapunzelHair: Her black hair reaches past her waist.²* StudentCouncilPresident: She's the current student council president of Koyo Women's Academy, and has held that post since her first year.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Ayaka Uehara]]²!!Ayaka Uehara²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/ShizukaIshigami (Japanese), Creator/MorganGarrett (English)²[[quoteright:128:]] ²²A high school student at Koyo Women's Academy. She is Hibiki's classmate and best friend.²----²* BareYourMidriff: She's like this almost all the time due to her being a boxer and having extremely toned abs.²* BrutalHonesty: She does not hesitate to tell Hibiki that she gained weight and that she will not get a boyfriend if her waist continues to expand.²* ChildProdigy: She's shown to be a very skilled boxer, so much so that she's referred to as a prodigy.²* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: Ayaka has brown hair and brown eyes.²* {{Fangirl}}: Of Harnold Dogegenchonegger.²* TheGadfly: She likes to tease Hibiki about [[YouAreFat her appearance and eating habits]].²* {{Otaku}}: Hibiki and Ayaka became best friends the first day they met and discovered they're both movie buffs with similar tastes in films. Ayaka even has a good amount of posters pinned up around her room. Their classmates get a little annoyed over how involved their chats get over trivia and lore.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Naruzo Machio]]²!!Naruzo Machio²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KaitoIshikawa (Japanese), Creator/StephenFu (English)²[[quoteright:250:]] ² ²A personal trainer who works at the Silverman Gym.²----²²* TheAce: He easily wins the bodybuilding competition, which had competitors from around the world. How? He struck a pose that had so much blinding "macho power" it made the audience feel like their clothes tore off and made all the other competitors kneel to him.²* {{Bishonen}}: He definitely has good looks. While his body seems to be slender, he actually has a HeroicBuild.²* ChickMagnet: Many of the female characters have been attracted to him either because of his face or his muscles. This is downplayed when most of them lose said attraction when they see him strip due to the huge contrast between his face and his body. ²* ChildhoodFriends: He, Nana, and Ibuki went to school together. This is omitted in the anime as Machio and Nana don't interact with each other, while Ibuki doesn't appear at all. ²* ClarkKentOutfit: At first glance, Machio's a slender and handsome young man in a tracksuit. Said tracksuit usually ends up tearing to pieces the moment he strikes a bodybuilder pose, not only [[HulkingOut getting much more muscular but taller as well]], though his face stays the same. He instantly shrinks back down when putting on another tracksuit. As the series goes on, he even selects body parts to hulk out just to keep the gag fresh. At one moment, he's still shown to be pretty muscular underneath the tracksuit, even when he's not going full Machio.²* EveryoneWentToSchoolTogether: He went to school together with Nana and Ibuki. As aforementioned, this is omitted in the anime.²* EyesAlwaysShut: His eyes are mostly kept shut.²* FanDisservice: The combination of his face and build can be considered as such.²* GuileHero: While he's a genuinely nice guy, a lot of the things he says are worded in the best way to motivate his members. This is best seen when he's discussing workout methods to Hibiki, where in addition to explaining how each workout affects each muscle, he also slips in how they can help with developing a sexy body, which works well at getting Hibiki fired up and motivated.²* HeroicBuild: His well-built body is shown whenever he strikes a bodybuilder pose and his tracksuit ends up torn to pieces.²* MusclesAreMeaningful: His muscles aren't just for show, as he can sometimes perform feats of superhuman strength. He mentions early on that he started out bench pressing 100kg (220 lbs) barbells. He also easily beat [[UnskilledButStrong Hibiki]] in an arm wrestling match, though he does admit that he had to get serious to do so.²* NiceGuy: He's a dedicated and kind-hearted person who helps and supports others in the gym. When Hibiki asked him if he would laugh at her for being weak and unathletic after she barely completes three reps of 10 bench presses, he replies that he could not laugh at someone trying their best.²* PecFlex: When triggered by any word that even remotely sounds like a muscle or pose, Machio gets the uncontrollable urge to hulk out, rip his tracksuit and start flexing his muscles while shouting bodybuilding poses. While Hibiki's initially terrified by his antics, she gradually switches to annoyance until she stops paying attention altogether.²* PerpetualSmiler: He's often seen smiling, such as when explaining an exercise or helping others.²* PleasePutSomeClothesOn: Any newcomer not already familiar with Machio's antics will ask this of him.²* PunnyName: Of the phrase "Macho ni naru zou!", which means "Let's get macho!"²* RunningGag: He often bursts out of his tracksuit to show off his muscles. It happens so much that the joke changes from people reacting in surprise to people wondering why no one is reacting to it.²* TinyHeadedBehemoth: He's [[YourSizeMayVary sometimes]] drawn with a body so huge and muscular that he looks like this:²-->'''Hibiki:''' ''Why does he look like a photoshopped head'' '''''on a shaved gorilla's body?!'''''²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Satomi Tachibana]]²!!Satomi Tachibana²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/YuiHorie (Japanese), Creator/LeahClark (English)²[[quoteright:184:]] ²²The World History teacher at Koyo Women's Academy. She likes to cosplay but would like a clean separation between her work life and private life.²----²* AdaptationalEarlyAppearance: She doesn't appear in the manga until Chapter 8. In the anime, however, she appears in the first episode.²* AintTooProudToBeg: Once Gina identifies her as the cosplayer Yulia Riko, she immediately [[PoseOfSupplication throws herself to the floor]] to grovel and bargain for Gina's silence. Gina is chagrined by this display and reassures Satomi that her secret is safe with her. [[spoiler:Satomi does this again when Mei finds out she's Yulia Riko.]]²* BeautyMark: Has one below her left eye. [[spoiler:It helps clue Gina in that she is the cosplayer Yulia Riko.]]²* BerserkButton: Satomi doesn't take well to any banter that brings up [[ChristmasCake her age]], and she's surrounded by her students once she signs up at the Silverman Gym:²-->'''Satomi:''' I tried doing basic exercises at home on the weekend, but I was sore for four days straight and I can't work like that.²-->'''Hibiki:''' I totally know what you mean! My mom is always complaining about how your body doesn't heal as fast and that it's harder to lose weight when you get older.²-->'''Satomi:''' ''[[CreepyMonotone Fight me, bitch]]. [[DeathGlare Do I remind you of your mom now?]]'' ²* ChristmasCake: A bit of a sour point, but it certainly doesn't help that the friends she makes at the Silverman Gym are her students who are over a decade younger than her. ²* ClosetGeek: Satomi's secretly a famous cosplayer. This is something she doesn't want her students to find out. [[spoiler:It becomes an important plot point when Gina ''finally'' makes the connection.]]²* CrackOhMyBack: When Satomi overhears the ab wheel exercise's benefit on the abdomen, she enthusiastically comes over and goes straight for the workout without paying attention to the warning that it's not a suitable exercise for people with back problems. Before she even starts a single rep, a loud snap can be heard from her back, and she ends up paralyzed, leading the other teachers to carry her out on a stretcher:²-->'''Hibiki:''' Getting old's scary...\²'''Ayaka:''' I wonder if we'll end up the same...²* DiesWideShut: A non-death example. While the girls play a game of Chicken in Silverman Gym's sauna, Hibiki thinks Satomi is [[BadassArmFold stoically outlasting everyone]]. She's perceptive enough to realize while tapping out that Satomi isn't responding and promptly drags her to safety on her way out.²* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: When she's hanging out with her fellow single coworkers. Nana and Mei are later added to the group.²* HotTeacher: She's a history teacher who's often subjected to fanservice moments thanks to her training and cosplay hobby. ²* NotWhatItLooksLike: She usually tries to obfuscate any hints of her cosplay hobby only for the girls or Machio to assume something even more outlandish.²* OlderThanTheyLook: At 29, she's over 10 years older than her students. However, she doesn't look that much older than them. At one point, she dresses up in a school uniform while at at amusement park, realizing she can [[{{Joshikousei}} still pull this look off]].²* OnlySaneMan: Satomi won't take part in her students' antics unless she's forced to, and is overall the most relatable member of the main cast when addressing the setting's comical obsession with machismo. ²* RunningGag: An early gag has Satomi running into her students when she least expected it. ²* StraightMan: She's usually the ''tsukkomi'' to nearly the entire cast. She even refers to herself as such during fourth wall moments, seeing as how she's weirded out by everyone's wackier quirks. She also lampshades the lack of reaction to Machio's antics as the series progresses.²* TaremeEyes: Has a bit of a sleepy look to her eyes compared to the rest of the group.²* TemptingFate: She has a tendency of running into people she knows when she least expected it after previously hoping that this doesn't happen.²* WardrobeMalfunction: She and Rumika suffer one when their skirts rip at the same time.²* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: She turns into a nervous wreck once she thinks someone might make the connection between herself, her work life and her cosplay hobby. Whenever she goes along with Gina's zany schemes to try and make a name for themselves as idols, Satomi often obscures her face with a mask or a kendo helmet.²* WrestlerInAllOfUs:²** Junji Hirata's Super Strong Machine mask is one of many articles in Satomi's cosplay wardrobe. She can also do a no-hands variant of the wrestler's bridge.²** She and Rumika perform a brainbuster on Jason when he tells them that girls with big butts are popular in America.²[[/folder]]²²²[[folder:Gina Boyd]]²!!Gina Boyd²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/NaoTouyama (Japanese), Creator/AlexisTipton (English)²[[quoteright:158:]] ²²A foreign transfer student from Russia who goes to Koyo Women's Academy.²----²* BareYourMidriff: She often dresses like this due to her being in combat sports.²* EntertaininglyWrong: Whenever Gina observes Hibiki to find out the secret of the latter's strength, she assumes that Hibiki's either ObfuscatingStupidity or is on a strict regimen. In reality, Gina's simply overthinking things.²* ForeignCussWord: She often swears in Russian when frustrated. An especially common swear from her is "blyat", which roughly means "fuck" in English. Needless to say, the internet had a field day with this trait.²* FunnyForeigner: She occasionally shows signs of this since she's a OccidentalOtaku from Russia. This fact is frequently brought up by the other characters. A yonkoma has her intentionally asking for the other characters' stereotypical views of Russia, so she may play them out.²* GratuitousRussian: She'll occasionally use some Russian words depending on the situation.²* HorrifyingTheHorror: When Gina gets [[spoiler:possessed by the vengeful spirit of Tadakatsu Toyoda, the latter peers into her memories and can only find moments of her obsession with Prime Minister Petin. In short, Toyoda thinks he just possessed someone who's ''already possessed''.]]²* InterchangeableAsianCultures: She makes some mistakes concerning Asian culture. For example, she thinks Hong Kong is in Japan.²* NamedAfterSomebodyFamous: She's named after two Russian porn actresses, Gina Gerson and Krystal Boyd. ²* OccidentalOtaku: Aside from her self-proclaimed rivalry with Hibiki, Gina traveled to and eventually stayed in Japan full-time because of her obsession with its pop culture, learning the language from anime, and having dreams of becoming an idol with the rest of the gym girls plus Satomi. Not that her ideas of what is or is not Japanese are particularly accurate; she names both kung fu movies and yoga as Japanese things she likes, and believes that both Hong Kong and Macao are in Japan. The other characters have noted how shallow Gina's knowledge of "Japanese culture" is. ²* PhenotypeStereotype: Per the trend of Russian characters in anime having white hair and light eyes. ²* SecretKeeper: Gina knows about Satomi's cosplay hobby but she keeps it a secret from the others.²* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Her name can be translated as "Gina Boyd", "Zina Boyd", or "Zina Void". ²* SpinOffspring: She's the niece of Ivan Karaev from ''Manga/KenganAshura''. Her much more serious uncle is not amused ''at all'' when he finds out what she's been up to.²* UnknownRival: She ''thinks'' that she's a rival of Hibiki after the latter manages to defeat her in arm wrestling, but Hibiki couldn't care less.²[[/folder]]²²!! Teachers, Colleagues, and Family²²[[folder:Harnold Dogegenchonegger/Barnold Shortsinator]]²!!Harnold Dogegenchonegger/Barnold Shortsinator²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/TesshoGenda (Japanese), Cris George (English)²²A famous movie star and world-class bodybuilder.²----²* AdaptationalLateAppearance: Harnold appears at the end of Episode 8 in the anime adaptation, which focuses on the school mountain hike that happens much later than his first appearance in the manga.²* TheAhnold: He's a parody of Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger. He even gets mistaken for him by Satomi when he first shows up at the gym.²* BigDamnHeroes: [[spoiler:In the anime, he's the one who rescues Jason and Kutaro when they're stranded at sea, as he received an SOS from Jason's smartphone. In the manga, they're rescued when a ship spots their boat.]]²* DarkIsNotEvil: He wears dark clothing and his presence gives him a dark and malevolent looking aura. Underneath all of this, however, is a GentleGiant.²* DubNameChange: In the English dub, his name was changed from "Harnold Dogegenchonegger" to "Barnold Shortsinator". ²* GentleGiant: Though he's a massive and intimidating man, he's very generous with the girls. During the bodybuilding competition, he invites them to the VIP section and he gives some of them a piggyback ride on the way there. ²* InSeriesNickname: "Doge-chan". In the English dub, it's "Barnie".²* LargeAndInCharge: Machio's usually the biggest guy onscreen when he's in his muscular form. As Machio's mentor, however, Harnold is shown to be even bigger.²* LargeHam: In the manga, [[PaintingTheMedium all of his speech bubbles are punctuated with rumble and its contents are written in a very aggressive bold font]], reflecting his overwhelming presence. ²* MentorArchetype: He was Machio's mentor while the latter was studying in America.²* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed. As aforementioned, he's a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is acknowledged constantly in the series. ²* PoorCommunicationKills: Downplayed as Machio was lead to believe Harnold didn't want anything to do with him since he hasn't communicated in years, but Harnold explains that he just accidentally [[CellPhonesAreUseless dropped the phone with all his contact information in a pool]]. Harnold gets in touch with Machio again after seeing the latter in a commercial for the Silverman Gym and comes to personally invite him to a bodybuilding competition overseas. In the anime, the competition takes place in Japan instead.²* TinyHeadedBehemoth: Even more so than Machio.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Nana Uehara]]²!!Nana Uehara²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/RinaSato (Japanese), Creator/MollySearcy (English)²²Ayaka's older sister who works as a boxing coach at the Glory Gym.²----²* ChildhoodFriends: She, Machio, and Ibuki went to school together. This is omitted in the anime as Nana and Machio don't interact with each other, while Ibuki doesn't appear at all. ²* DrillSergeantNasty: This is her training method at the Glory Gym.²* EveryoneWentToSchoolTogether: She went to school together with Machio and Ibuki. As aforementioned, this is omitted in the anime.²* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: When she's hanging out with Satomi, Rumika, and Mei.²* SheCleansUpNicely: Due to her wearing a tracksuit most of the time, Hibiki doesn't recognize Nana at first when she sees her hanging out with Machio.²* TranslatorBuddy: Because [[{{Chuunibyou}} Ibuki]] uses extraordinarily flowery wording when talking, Nana is the one who has to pick up the slack and translate Ibuki's gibberish into more mundane sentences.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Rumika Aina]]²!!Rumika Aina²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/HarukaTomatsu (Japanese), Jessica Cavanagh (English)²²Hibiki and Ayaka's homeroom teacher.²----²* ChristmasCake: Like Satomi, she's single.²* ClosetGeek: Like Satomi, she's secretly a cosplayer. When the two of them run into each other at the TDL amusement park in their {{joshikousei}} cosplay, they agree to [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain pretend like nothing happened]].²* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: When she's hanging out with her fellow single coworkers. Nana and Mei are later added to the group.²* InnocentlyInsensitive: She does this when she says that Yakusha's the oldest among the group and is a middle aged star.²* WardrobeMalfunction: She and Satomi suffer one when their skirts rip at the same time.²* WrestlerInAllOfUs: She and Satomi perform a brainbuster on Jason when he tells them that girls with big butts are popular in America.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Yakusha Kure]]²!!Yakusha Kure²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/SayakaOhara (Japanese), Creator/NatalieHoover (English)²²Akemi's homeroom teacher.²----²* BeneathTheMask: Occasionally, her inner nature as a Kure slips out, usually when she's exercising, concerned, or [[BewareTheNiceOnes pissed]].²* BerserkButton: She doesn't like it when someone mentions that she's the oldest among the group or refers to her as being middle aged, retorting with terrifyingly passive-aggressive threats while keeping up her smile. Just ask Rumika:²-->'''Rumika:''' Seriously? Are you smiling and slinging threats?²* BewareTheNiceOnes: At one point Jason manages to actually enrage her-and Yakusha starts choking him one-handed [[NeckLift while lifting him]].²* BlackEyesOfCrazy: When an impressed Satomi asks if she's done sports before, Yakusha briefly opens her eyes with a gleeful smile. It turns out she possesses black sclera and white irises like the rest of the Kure Clan of assassins, making her smile more terrifying than intended. This intimidates Satomi into thinking she shouldn't pry any further.²* EyesAlwaysShut: She very rarely opens her eyes.²* NaginatasAreFeminine: When Karla briefly introduces her "[[BlatantLies very normal family]]" in the omake of Chapter 201 of ''Manga/KenganAshura'', Yakusha is presented as wielding a nanigata and smiling, in contrast to Karla's father and brother, whose faces are framed in shadow and are using more practical assassination weapons.²* PerpetualSmiler: She's almost always seen smiling.²* PunchClockVillain: She's a calm, friendly schoolteacher, but as a Kure, she's also a highly trained assassin. Omake material from ''Kengan Ashura'' explicitly lists her occupation as "Assassin and Teacher".²* RunningGag: People asking questions whose answer would be the truth about the Kure Clan but being intimidated into not prying further with a smile.²* SpinOffspring: Inverted. Yakusha is the mother of Karla Kure from ''Manga/KenganAshura''.²* StrongerThanTheyLook: Despite her petite figure, she can lift the heaviest dumbbell with ease and do the more intense version of the side bend with it. She can also bench press 100kg easily and perform a NeckLift on Jason. ²* TranquilFury: She never changes her facial expression and tone of voice even when she's angry. Seeing this terrifies Rumika.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Kutaro Deire]]²!!Kutaro Deire²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/HiroyukiYoshino (Japanese), Creator/ChristopherBevins (English)²²A TV director who works for Muji TV. ²----²* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: During the ''So Cool! Public Idol Audition'', he cynically monologues about how idols are all the same nowadays, and that a group should try to do something with more "bang." [[spoiler:Enter Hibiki, Akemi, Ayaka, Gina and Satomi, half-naked in swimsuits, being carried around by masked, ''absurdly'' buff regulars of Silverman Gym, whose performance largely consists of lifting absurdly heavy weights.]] "Too much bang" indeed.²* CheshireCatGrin: He has one whenever he's scheming about ways to get ratings thanks to his job as a TV director.²* CoolShades: He wears a pair of pink sunglasses.²* NothingButSkinAndBones: He's very skinny, and mentions that he never played any sports nor tried bodybuilding. In fact, he almost has a heart attack when the idol talent competition takes a turn for the wackier with the introduction of Hibiki's group. His producer seemingly gets on this by giving him a shirt with the words "Weakling" on it.²* PunnyName: When quickly pronounced in Japanese, "Deire Kutaro" sounds an awful lot like "Director", which happens to be his job.²* {{Schemer}}: As a TV director, he always concerns himself with ratings, and will capitalize on exploiting any talent that gets the crowd going. Unfortunately, that includes the wacky muscle antics from Hibiki's group; even though he thinks their performance is plain, the ratings ''still'' go up, so in a sense he gets what he wants, just not in a way he can stomach.²* SpitTake: When he sees Hibiki's group enter the talent competition in a ''really'' unconventional setup, he's shocked at the contrast between them and the earlier idol groups, not helped by his earlier rant [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor about wanting non-normal idols]]:²-->''"These girls are way too unconventional!"''²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Jason Sgatham]]²!!Jason Sgatham²!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/YuuichiNakamura (Japanese), Ray Hurd (English)²²An actor who works as Harnold Dogegenchonegger's secretary. He later becomes a trainer at the Silverman Gym on Harnold's orders to assist Machio and keep an eye on him.²---- ²* AdaptationalLateAppearance: Like Harnold, Jason first appears at the end of Episode 8, whereas in the manga, he had already become a recurring character by the time the school mountain hike occurs. He's even replaced by a generic bodybuilder when Machio runs out of protein powder and said bodybuilder gives him some that he bought in bulk.²* ButtMonkey: Most of the time, Jason gets relegated to the background and stays ignored there regardless of his attempts to gain attention. Additionally, whenever something bad and/or embarrassing happens to him, the main cast is usually apathetic when they're aware of it.²* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: He's a parody of Creator/JasonStatham.²* OutOfFocus: When he becomes part of the supporting cast at Silverman Gym, he invokes this by claiming that he'll always be in the background so that no one pays too much attention to him. Unfortunately for him, he's largely ignored by the main cast as a result of this choice.²* {{Schemer}}: He becomes one when he teams up with Kutaro so they can set the girls up for a candid camera show during the Nikunoshima trip and at the Brawny Meat Temple.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Ibuki Sakura]]²!!Ibuki Sakura²Hibiki's eccentric older brother.²----²* AdaptedOut: He doesn't appear in the anime. Instead, he only receives a couple of passing mentions from Hibiki.²* {{Bishonen}}: This is played straight as he fits the mold completely. He's so handsome that the older women in the group start fighting over marrying him, [[{{Chuunibyou}} despite how damn weird he is]].²* ChildhoodFriends: He, Machio, and Nana went to school together. This is omitted in the anime as Ibuki doesn't appear at all. ²* {{Chuunibyou}}: He's so into it that he doesn't seem to be able to talk normally and wears a black robe with demon horns in public. He's also way too old to still be acting this way, which makes the girls think stupidity must be a Sakura family trait. Despite the older single women in the group being freaked out and turned off by it, he's still so absurdly hot that they end up fighting over him.²* EveryoneWentToSchoolTogether: He went to school together with Machio and Nana. As aforementioned, this is omitted in the anime.²* HiddenDepths: He's a very good singer. Ayaka and Gina are surprised when they find out while they're hanging out with Hibiki in his karaoke bar.²* SecretlyWealthy: Despite his eccentric personality, Ibuki's actually very rich as he owns a yakiniku restaurant, an apartment building, a karaoke bar, and he sponsors both a bodybuilding and karaoke contest. This is lampshaded by Ayaka when she wonders why no one else notices that Ibuki owns the apartment building when Hibiki gives him a birthday present.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Mei Sakaguchi]]²!!Mei Sakaguchi²A pro cosplayer who seeks to be a big star.²----²* AdaptedOut: She doesn't appear in the anime. Most noticeably, her appearance during the Nikunoshima trip is omitted. Instead, she's replaced by Yakusha.²* BerserkButton: She snaps when Hibiki inadvertently insults her for being 26 during her first day at the gym.²* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: When she's hanging out with Satomi, Rumika, and Nana.²* SecretKeeper: [[spoiler:She became another person who knows about Satomi's cosplay hobby, after she finds out about it at the end of Chapter 83.]]²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: She has pink hair.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Tadakatsu Toyoda]]²!!Tadakatsu Toyoda ²A vengeful spirit who is freed after he was sealed at the Brawny Meat Temple.²----²* TheDreaded: He was an infamous warlord during the Sengoku period when he was alive.²* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:He joins the Silverman Gym sometime after he's purified when Machio performed an "exercism" at the temple.]]²* HorrifyingTheHorror: [[spoiler:When he possesses Gina, he peers into her memories and can only find moments of her obsession with Prime Minister Petin. In short, Toyoda thinks he just possessed someone who's ''already possessed''.]]²* NamedAfterSomeoneFamous: He's named after Honda Tadakatsu, a samurai who was one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Tokugawa.²* {{Samurai}}: He was one from the Sengoku period when he was alive.²* SpinOffspring: {{Inverted|Trope}}, to an extreme degree. Tadakatsu is the ancestor of Idemitsu Toyoda, who appears in the second series of ''Manga/KenganAshura'', ''Kengan Omega''.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Koharu Utsunomiya]]²!!Koharu Utsunomiya²A trainer who works at the Silverman Gym's Kyoto branch.²----²* AmazonianBeauty: A bit more homely than most other examples. If her muscular legs didn't tip you off, you'll know she's buff when she flexes off her jumpsuit.²* DistaffCounterpart: She's this to Machio, with their penchant for jumpsuits and flexing out of them.²* {{Fangirl}}: Of yakuza movies, so much so that she'll occasionally use a Hiroshima dialect when she speaks and she buys a bunch of [=DVDs=] while she's in Tokyo.²* HeroicBuild: Her well-built body is shown when she strikes a bodybuilder pose and her tracksuit ends up torn to pieces. ²* KansaiRegionalAccent: This is her real accent since she's from Kyoto. However, she'll occasionally use a Hiroshima dialect as well. ²* WhatTheHellIsThatAccent: She uses both a Kansai dialect and a Hiroshima dialect when she speaks. She later reveals that her use of the latter dialect is due to her love of yakuza movies.²[[/folder]]²----


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